Buy the Best Gift for Boyfriend's Birthday Online, Over a Dozen Ideas to Get You Started!

Buy the Best Gift for Boyfriend's Birthday Online, Over a Dozen Ideas to Get You Started!

The easiest way to find out what the latest, most popular and the best products for men currently are is to search online. Best Present Guide already did all the hard work for you and picked out the most special online birthday gifts for boyfriend. If you're looking for new and unique gifts for men, this is where you will find them.

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Shopping Guidelines for When You Are Purchasing Gifts Online

Shop From a Website That is Reliable

Nowadays while buying gifts for our loved ones we often choose to order them online. Buying gifts online presents many advantages. But, the main reason that we choose to shop online is that it’s incredibly easy. By shopping online you can save money by availing huge discounts on products and also by eliminating transportation charges.

But while shopping online we should always be careful about a few things. It’s wise to shop only from reputed websites. There are plenty of fraudulent sellers on the internet who aim to cheat customers of their money. Reputed websites have their own customer care service who you can complain to if something like this happens. Read customer and Google reviews before ordering anything from a particular website.

Make Sure it Gets Delivered on Time

We shop online due to various reasons. You can find a wide variety of products all in one place which you will seldom get in physical stores. Secondly, there is practically no physical exertion. You don’t need to visit twenty different stores to find the perfect gift. In fact you don’t need to venture out of you house at all. Everything gets delivered right to your doorstep, sometimes for free and sometimes with a small shipping charge.

When you are buying a gift for your boyfriend online, you must be doing so for a particular occasion. For example if you are ordering a birthday gift for your boyfriend them you would like for it to arrive well in advance so that in case of any defects or discrepancies you have enough time to order a replacement. Most reputed websites give you an estimated delivery time and try to stick by it. That way you can plan for your gift to arrive on time for the occasion.

Compare Rates on Different Websites

Shopping for gifts online lets you take advantage of the various discounts and special offers that most websites present nowadays. You can get the same brands that you know and love at heavily discounted prices; sometimes you only have to pay as less as thirty percent of the original price. If you are regular customer on a particular website, they also provide you with special coupons and gift vouchers from time to time. There are also special discounts on credit and debit cards of certain brands. Before buying your gift, we would suggest that you check out a few different websites. That way you always get the best price for the same product.

10 Best Online Gifts for Boyfriend's Birthday



Watches are a classic gift for one's lover and also something we would definitely recommend that you buy online. When you search for watches online, the sheer variety in price and styles would amaze you. For your boyfriend pick the Titan Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch from The watch has a silver dial made of brass and brown leather band. It has a quartz movement type. It’s water resistant for up to a depth of 50 meters, and has a 2 years manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects. Buy it for Rs.3,200.

Fashion Wear

There are various brands that offer fashion wear online which can be selected in no time. If your boyfriend is a bit of a clothes horse then a good idea would be to gift him something trendy that will upgrade his style quotient, Buy this super cool Tommy Hilfiger jacket from This navy blue casual jacket is made of polyester with stripes and colour block patterns on the top panel and a zippered closure. It has the brand logo on the chest, side pockets with snap button closure and ribbed cuffs and hem. Buy it for Rs.5,130.


Sneakers can be a fashionable option for your boyfriend. Sneakers have slowly transitioned from sportswear into casual wear and are now paired with everything from jeans to chinos. If your boyfriend is a fan of sneakers then buy him these stylish black sneakers from sports brand Puma. These high-quality sports shoes can be worn to the gym and also paired with your cool party wear. These are easy to clean; you just have to wipe them with a cloth and maybe some shoe cream to maintain their shine. Buy the pair for Rs.1,999 from

His Favourite House Plants

Gift your boyfriend a plant. You don’t need an occasion to do it. A plant is a gift which can liven up any living space. You don’t need a garden to grow a plant. There are plenty of indoor plants which need little space and minimum amount of water to survive. Buy a Peace Lily Plant for your boyfriend. It is a very popular indoor houseplant which produces creamy white flowers which look like the hood of a cobra. Buy it for Rs.199 from

Leather Jacket

A warm and fashionable option for his birthday. A leather jacket is a classic fashion item. Having one of these in their closet is every young man’s dream. Buy your boyfriend a smart leather jacket to make him feel like his favorite movie hero. This Black Leather Racer Jacket from Next is made of genuine leather with a polyester lining. Buy it for Rs.7,915 from

Bag of Chocolates

If he loves chocolates, then this can be the best birthday gift. Give your boyfriend a sweet surprise by gifting him the Five Seasons Chocolate Bag from This black and white striped bag contains some delicious chocolates for your boyfriend to enjoy. We are sure that he will share these sweet treats with you or maybe not! Buy it for Rs.190.

Gift Card From Amazon


Send him a gift card booked online which can be used for purchasing things of his choice. A perfect gift for couples in a long distance relationship, the Amazon Gift card will let you pamper your boyfriend even from afar. Buy the Amazon Email Gift Card from Just choose your card with a design of your choice, input all the details including your boyfriend’s email ID and the denomination of the card and voila! The card will be emailed to your boyfriend sin no time at all. Values start at Rs.500.

Personalised Online gifts

If you are thinking of gifting your boyfriend something which is personalised to make him feel ore special, then the internet is the perfect place for you. There are a number of reputed online platforms which sell a variety of personalised gifts to suit every taste. We have a few best selling items that your boyfriend is sure to love.

Personalised Coffee Mug

A personalised coffee mug can remind your love of you every morning. Get your boyfriend a personalised mug to brighten up his morning coffee session. Visit to order your very own photo mug with your favourite picture or even a collage of pictures. The printing quality is very good and also long lasting. The mugs are made of ceramic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They cost you around Rs.300.

Monogrammed Bathrobe

At the end of a long tiring day all your boyfriend would want is to take a long shower and lounge around in something comfortable. Well nothing is more comfy than a soft robe and what makes it even more special is if it’s personalised. Get him the Premium Range - Monogram Bathrobe in blue. This ultra soft bathrobe is made of pure cotton terry towel and comes with an attached hood. You can pick from nine different monogram styles and even add your own text. Buy it for Rs.1,999 from

Photo Keychain

A personalised key chain with special message can be the best and simple online birthday gift. If you are looking for a gift idea for your boyfriend which is special as well as pocket friendly then go for a personalised keychain. Small and sweet, this gift is something which he can carry with him at all times. These oval photo key chains are made of wood and therefore very lightweight. You can get it personalised with the photo of your choice for around Rs.199. Get them on

Simple Online Gifts for Boyfriend's Birthday

If your boyfriend is a man of simple and classic taste, then we would suggest that you stick to these tried and tested gift ideas. As they say, old is gold. So you can never go wrong with these.

Flower Bouquet on the Special Day


If he is a person who loves flowers, then go for it. Flowers can bring a smile to any one’s face in a moment. Gift your boyfriend a beautiful flower bouquet for his birthday to make him feel like a king. Get him this bright yellow bouquet of Asiatic Lillies to brighten up his day. The bouquet contains 8 flowers beautifully wrapped in yellow paper. Buy it for Rs.1,549 from

Order a Birthday Cake


Book a cake online from his favourite bakery to make his birthday special. What’s a birthday without some delicious cake? Well, as his girlfriend you are the one responsible for that. Get the Chocolate Royale Truffle Cake from This 1 kg round cake is smothered with delicious chocolate frosting and serves 10 to 12 people. Buy it for Rs.1,099. There are several options online for theme cakes as well as photo cakes and customised cakes, find one he will like.

Tickets to a Movie, Concert or Sporting Event

Book online tickets to his favourite show or movie on his birthday. A great way to treat your boyfriend would be to take him for a movie, play or concert of his choice. You could turn it into a date by going for dinner afterwards. You can book tickets to movies as well as a variety of other events through

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Be clear about what you want

The world wide web is a great place to get new ideas for gifts but the flip side is the choices are endless, and unless you have some idea of what you want to get for your boyfriend, you run the risk of not being able to make a decision. If it's ideas you're looking for, start early, and then after a point stop and decide whether you want to buy him gadgets, a book, clothes, etc. Then you can continue your hunt with a specific focus. Try not to go chasing rabbit holes or you may not have a gift in time.