11 Gifts for Boyfriend on His 25th Birthday That Won't Bore Him, Plus Loads of Ideas to Make it a Day to Remember

11 Gifts for Boyfriend on His 25th Birthday That Won't Bore Him, Plus Loads of Ideas to Make it a Day to Remember

The 25th birthday is significant, so what are you to give him? Find here lots of birthday gifts for boyfriend's 25 birthday - Useful, funky, romantic, cool - we have it all, so check out our list. We also have tips to ensure he has a great day! So go ahead!

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You Must Ask Yourself Before Picking a 25th Birthday Gift for Your Boyfriend

How Long Have You Been Together?

Giving a gift to your boyfriend on his 25th birthday is really special. You should look for the best gift that he will love and cherish! However, in order to select the right gift, the number of years that you have been together plays an important role. If you have been dating for a long time then you probably know his personal style and about his likes and dislikes. However, if you have started dating just now then you will have to understand the kind of gift that he would like. You can ask his friends to know better about the things that he likes and then choose the gift. It's alright to spend lavishly on a gift if yours is an old relationship, however, if you two haven't been together long, think twice before splashing out on something expensive; you will be better off giving him a thoughtful yet inexpensive present.

Do You Like to Be Creative or are You Practical?

You need to ask a few questions of yourself before buying a gift for your man. You need to figure out what kind of gift do you really want to give him. The trick is to figure out your own personality - whether you are creative, in which case you can go for an awesome personalised or DIY type of gift; if you pay more attention to the details, then giving a practical gift is a great idea. The trick is to give something that you can relate with. If you like making handmade gifts like a greeting card or collages then you can make a personalised one for him.

11 Great Gifts for Boyfriend's 25th Birthday

Amazon Echo

If your boyfriend is mad over gadgets then he will love this gift. Amazon Echo is a hands-free smart speaker that he can control using his voice. It connects to Alexa and gets a lot of jobs done. Echo has powerful speakers and its immersive 360° omnidirectional audio works perfect for listening to news and music. One can easily play any kind of music, as one has to do it is ask for a song, artist, or genre from their favorite music services like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, and TuneIn. This device even lets the user controls lights, plugs, etc with compatible connected devices from companies like Syska, Philips, TP-Link etc. You can purchase this item from amazon.in for Rs. 7,999.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

If your boyfriend loves binge watching TV shows then he would really appreciate this gift. All one has to do is connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to his smart TV and start streaming movies, TV shows, and content from Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Gaana etc. Since this item is pre-registered to one's Amazon account, all one has to do is plug it into their smart TV and start streaming. The best part is this device is voice enabled so one can say what they want to see, and the same is played on the TV. The output resolution is supported for 720p and 1080p up to 60fps. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and comes with 1GB of internal storage. You can purchase this item from amazon.in for Rs.3,999.

Kindle E-Reader with 6" Touchscreen Display

If your boyfriend is a bookworm or likes to read in his free time, then he will fall in love with this gift. The all-new Kindle E-reader is 16 per cent lighter and 11 per cent thinner than the previous generation, thus making it easy to hold in one hand. The Kindle causes no strain to eyes as it uses actual ink particles and custom-built fonts to create crisp text similar to one present in a physical book. Since this Kindle display emits no light, one can read anytime without suffering from sleep deprivation. The high contrast touchscreen display of the E-reader eliminates the glare of any kind in any setting – even direct sunlight. It also comes with a huge battery life that can last for weeks. You can get this item from amazon.in for Rs.5,999.

Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

If you find your boyfriend going on those long office trips and complaining about his phone's battery backup then this will turn out to be an amazing gift. This Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank has all the features a massive 20000mAH lithium-polymer battery, which is just huge and seems to never run out of charge. The device is compatible with a wide range of devices, it even adjusts power output so as to match the device’s requirement. One can even charge 2 devices simultaneously with this power bank. This device also supports Quick Charge 3.0 when you are charging using a single port. All in all this device is a must-have for people who are out on the road a lot. You can purchase this item for Rs.1,499 from amazon.in.

Movie Tickets

Recently, cinema halls have revamped the entire experience of watching movies and now you can book ultra luxury gold class tickets to watch a film. With the gold class tickets, you get a personalised and over-the-top experience of watching movies, right from separate waiting areas to sofa type seats, watching a movie has become a lot of fun these days. Hence, you can have an awesome time with your boyfriend while watching a movie. You can even order food and drinks right from your seat and the order will be brought to you by a server. There are lots of ways you can buy these kinds of tickets, you can use apps like bookmyshow.com to book tickets or try the premium class experiences offered by multiplex chains like PVR.

Book a Romantic Dinner at a Fine Dining Restaurant

This one is a classic and always gets great results. There is nothing better than going to a romantic dinner date with your partner. This gives you a chance to reconnect and re-bond and even gives you a chance to immerse in your childish self. Now there are loads of places offering romantic dinner date options, but we suggest you do a little bit of research before picking a place. It is always a good idea to search for good romantic fine dine restaurants using apps like Zomato so that you have full information as to what you can expect from a particular restaurant. Now, if you want to take things up a notch and happen to live in a metro city, then we suggest booking table at one of the 5-star hotels, as they will always have an amazing atmosphere along with great hospitality.

Customised Frosted Glass Beer Mug

ThisYuBingo Designer Frosted Glass Beer Mug makes drinking even better! It is made from high-quality glass and holds 500 ml drink. The beer mug is specifically printed for you and you can also add the initials or the name of the person who you wish to gift it to. Using heat transfer technology and permanent ink of high quality, the desired color is achieved. Personalise it according to your wish and gift it to your boyfriend on his 25th birthday. You can shop this from Amazon for Rs.645.

Amazon Gift Card in a Blue Gift Box

This is perhaps the best way of giving your boyfriend exactly what he wants without having to know what it is. Amazon Gift cards are redeemable on all the products except for the apps. These cards are valid for 365 days from the day of purchase and have no fees. They can be redeemed on all products including branded gifts such as Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Westside, Big Bazaar. The beneficiary can apply the 14 digit code on the gift card and then add the gift card balance in his/her Amazon account. This balance then gets applied at the time of the next purchase. Shop this from Amazon for Rs.2,000.

Pranjals House Leather Journal

Everyone loves a kickass diary and we are sure your boyfriend will love this diary. This item is handcrafted with the finest quality of leather that gives a premium look to the product. This diary comes with 100 pages of unruled handmade papers and is handcrafted by skilled artisans of Rajasthan, India. Once can use this decorative diary as per their needs right from writing to sketching, doodling to recording personal activities. You can purchase this item from amazon.in for Rs.499.

Monogrammed Luxury Turkish Bathrobe

Lounge in this plush and comfortable Monogrammed Luxury pure Turkish Cotton Terry Bathrobe. It is made of pure Turkish cotton. It also features embroidery of an adorable black dog on the robe. It is safe to be machine washed for maximum convenience and is also a thoughtful holiday gift. You can choose the size of the robe from small to medium. Give this to your boyfriend on his 25th birthday and pamper him. You can buy it from Amazon, prices start at Rs.8.892.

Set of Cute Superhero Socks

Usually, we purchase socks from the market as and when the need arises. And you are right to think that socks are boring, let alone be considered something you can gift your boyfriend on his 25th birthday. But we don't recommend you get any old socks. No, we suggest you buy these Justice League Men's Character Socks. These feature a cute rendition of three different superheroes in each pair and your boyfriend will look for excuses to kick off his shoes so he can show them off.

They come with the usual benefits of wearing comfortable socks such as keeping feet dry. These socks are breathable, cause no itching or irritation and tend to eliminate odor. The blended cotton fiber will keep his feet cool and comfortable. These cotton rich socks are made from one of the finest kinds of cotton so as to suit his attire on all occasions. He can wear these socks for all kinds of occasions and parties. You can purchase this product from amazon.in for Rs.499 only.

Tips on How to Make Your Boyfriend's 25th Birthday Extra Special

When you are dating someone, it becomes very stressful for you to think about him especially when his birthday is coming up. You're constantly trying to figure that one perfect birthday gift for him. But what about the other little things? Cute surprises for your boyfriend are always an awesome idea. It’s a great way to show your affection to him. Surprises leave a strong, emotional impression and can even seem to stop time, shaking up expectations and making you both feel good. In order to make the birthday more special, there are some tips which even makes his day more special.

Make a Scrapbook with Lovely Pictures

You can always make cute gestures for your boyfriend on his birthday! All you have to do is to make a scrapbook that has lovely pictures on it. You can choose pictures of the two of you and write lovely notes next to it. Feel free to doodle around as well and to add as much personal touch as you can to make this scrapbook special. He will be touched to see your effort and it will definitely make him feel very special.

Homemade Food and Snacks

On his 25th birthday, why not make some homemade snacks as well as food for him? You can cook his favorite dish and take the recipe off the internet! He will definitely love some food cooked by none other than his girlfriend. This will make him feel loved and you can see him smile after your present it to him.

A Photo Shoot to Celebrate the Day

Make his 25th birthday ultra special and celebrate this day with a photoshoot just for him! Of course you can click pictures together but if you have a photoshoot exclusively for him he will feel special. So ask him to pose like he wishes to and grab a nice camera to take amazing pictures of him. You can also ask some professionals to help you with it if your budget allows. Go on some scenic location nearby and get your pictures clicked on his birthday.

Homemade Crafts and Art

There are plenty of DIY crafts that you can make! Bring out your creative side and make something artsy for him. You can make DIY paint bottles with cute notes inside it. You can also make a love jar that holds all the sweet nothings that you want to say to him written down on pieces of paper.

Write a Romantic Love Note for Him

It is always a good time to spoil your bae with love. Bring on the sparkly and glittery stationery items and write a love note to your boyfriend. You can pour your heart out in this letter and tell him how much you love him and what he means to you. He will definitely be touched to read this letter.

Go on a Road Trip

Plan a fun-filled road trip with your boyfriend on his special day. Choose the spot well in time and surprise him at his doorstep on his birthday. Make sure that you play awesome songs while you are on the go and enjoy your road trip with your beau.

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What will he enjoy?

A big part of giving gifts is pleasing the person we're giving them to, and your boyfriend's birthday should be all about him. No matter what gift you buy or what plans you make for this day, always keep in mind how he will react and whether he will enjoy your present. You may love the idea or the gift it's him whom you really need to please.