Looking for Ways to Your Boyfriend's Heart? Here Are 10 Best Gifts for Your Korean Boyfriend to Make Him Go Head Over Heels for You! (2019)

Looking for Ways to Your Boyfriend's Heart? Here Are 10 Best Gifts for Your Korean Boyfriend to Make Him Go Head Over Heels for You! (2019)

It can become quite a daunting task selecting the perfect gift for your boyfriend, especially if you belong to different cultures and ethnicity. Worry not! We've compiled a list of some of the most amazing gifts which you can present to your Korean Boyfriend and make him fall in love with you even more!

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Best Gifts for Korean Boyfriend

All hail the love you have found yourself overseas. Ethnicity, race, caste and creed have bent knees in front of your love. Looking to sweep the love of your life off his feet with a gift? It is relatively easier to pick up gifts, for people of the same ethnicity. You have better chances at guessing their tastes, the gifts that would be appropriate and handy, and most importantly with the Indian culture you have plenty of choice. But when it comes to your ‘Korean Boyfriend’, it could get a bit daunting. This is where, we come in with expert assistance.

Tips on How to Present a Gift to Your Korean Boyfriend

When you intend to gift your Korean Boyfriend, there are lots of aspects to be taken into understanding. From knowing their taste, to putting up a little bit of India and yourself finding out what fits is the most complex part. When it comes to gifting a person from a different country, firstly accept, anyone could gift them all the common stuff, anyone! It's not a big deal. The big deal comes in, where you stand out and blow his mind in the most unaccustomed way. Turn every gift unique, or make every common gift unique in your own way, adding a twist of Indian spice. We assure you, he will be surprised, ecstatic and blown away.

The Korean Way of Gift Exchange

Before going off on a shopping spree, take a breath to understand a little of the Korean way of gifting. We are here to help as we have already done the homework.

Gifting has a great role to play in Korean lifestyle. It is so very closely related to keeping respect or good ‘kibun’ (good feeling or comfort) and being chivalrous. Always carry flowers, gifts or wine during first meetings. And the key part is that, gifts are never opened in front of the giver. Hence, do not insist on doing so. You can check whether he likes it or not later, but do check his preference.

'Note of Thanks' Do Not Follow Gifting

Among Koreans, gifting has a very unique place in their life. From showing gratitude, to appreciation and congratulating, each circumstance demands a gift. However, thank you gifts and notes are not as appreciated as the others. There is no system of putting up a thank you note, or giving a return gift. In fact, some would take it as offensive. So, even if you are gifting your boyfriend, after he has gifted you something, make sure to not put in a note of thanks or earlier acknowledgement. None of these gifts need to be connected. But you can always write some sweet notes to convey your wishes and heartfelt feelings.

Wrapping of Gifts

Make sure all your gifts are cleanly and attractively wrapped. Even if you are gifting him the tiniest of things, make sure it is neatly packed, and wrapped to perfection. The size of the gift or value does not matter if they are not presentable. The aesthetic appeal while handing over, and the first look of the whole present has a great deal in the minds of Koreans. And so, make sure to put equal efforts in the presentation of your chosen gift. In short, everything needs to be perfect.

The Brand Power

Koreans are big quiet on brands. The brand value and fame of the particular product matters a lot. It is actually connected proportionally to the importance of the receiver in the minds of the giver. That is the most elite and premium gifts will be given for the best. So, make sure to get your hands on something unique and branded like your unique boyfriend. It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on multiple things, but spend wisely on a single branded and sought-after product. This really matters. There is no need to feel disheartened, there are plenty of brands that are pocket friendly too.

10 Gifts to Give to Your Korean Boyfriend

Here we have shortlisted the top ten gifts that you can give your lovely Korean boyfriend. Each gift selected has a touch of style that they would relish and as a twist, it has a touch of Indian Tadka. All the above factors have been kept in mind while choosing each gift. Hence, your job has almost been done. All you need to do is to choose your favourite and gift away. Wishing you lots of love!

1. Traditional Kurta with a Twist

How about you gift your man, a quirky piece of Indian clothing. A piece that crosses regional barriers of every kind. A kurta that is traditional, yet funky and easy breezy for your man to flaunt, even casual settings.

The aqua Lotus Kurta from the houseofmasaba.net is an unusual piece of traditional wear that he would be happy to put on anytime. Masaba as a designer has always played with funky prints. This soft white kurta has soft pink coloured lotus buds and flowers printed all over. This unique piece is one, that he can wear to traditional Indian functions and to a casual comfy day out as well. And if you can get a little creative, this delicate piece can be worn even to the beach. All you need is a little imagination. Put on a pair of sunglasses and jean, and add a dash of dapper to tradition. This lovely designer kurta is priced at Rs.10,000.

2. Two Toned Gold Ring

Source Candere

Men do not usually show it, but they love accessories just like us. Gold accessories tops the list for majority human beings. This exquisite metal has its own importance when it comes to gifting. But, choosing the perfect accessory for a man can be tricky. It has to be subtle, something that can be worn without being put out like a drug lord.

The Dailey Gold Two toned band from candere.com is however an elegant number. Candere, a Kalyan Jewellers company, brings you gorgeous rings with minimalist designs. The 18 carat two toned band weighs around 6.65 grams. Each piece of jewellery also comes with hallmark, authenticity certificate and warranty. The ring can also have customised free engravings and gift boxes. This would be a perfect piece of jewellery to gift your man. Something he can look on to and wear every single day. And we highly recommend this ring if you are looking to get on one knee for him. This lovely band is priced at Rs. 26,117.

3. Funky Sunglasses

Source Myntra

No man can have enough pairs of sunglasses. Find the perfect pair of branded sunnies, to protect you man from the harsh sun. The right pair can always elevate any look from drab to fab. A pair of sunglasses has become, as important as clothing. From being a part of a particular look, it can easily become an accessory, that he carries and wears every day. He would definitely appreciate you for this gift if you turn out to be successful in finding and gifting the right pair.

Look into the Tommy Hilfiger Men Square Sunglasses from myntra.com. The square sunglasses with golden detailing is simply drool worthy. It has Brown UV protected lens with a full rim. From brand to looks, this cool pair satisfies every demand. It comes in the signature Tommy Hilfiger hard case with a one-year warranty. Your darling boyfriend would definitely fall in love with this gorgeous piece. It is priced at Rs. 4,140.

4. Watch Gift Set

Source Myntra

In our opinion, every man looks a million times more attractive with a nice watch fastened around his wrist. Unlike women, very subtle elements are what that makes a man look attractive. Gift your boyfriend a nice pair of watch that can be worn in both formal and casual settings. Let it be symbolic of the gratitude, that you feel for the valuable time he gives you, or it could also be a gentle nudge that you wish to spend more time with him.

Either way, check out the Daniel Wellington, men watch gift set from myntra.com. The gift box consists of an elegant black leather strap, tang closure analogue watch and a signature Daniel Wellington golden cuff. The classic Sheffield was designed to stand with timeless beauty. And the darkest of straps, most beautifully complements the gold. The allure and true craftsmanship of this captivating beauty, is simply impeccable. This would be the perfect gift for your love, we assure you. This classic piece is priced at Rs. 18,099.

5. Curios and Showpieces

Source Pepperfry

For the man who loves collectables, or unique pieces, find a curio or showpiece that has the true essence of India. It is quite difficult to find pieces that are quirky. It always ends up things being cliche and boring. But we have got you covered in that department too. We aim at bringing you unique pieces that would satisfy your taste, and something that would let your Korean boyfriend think of you and your homeland as his second home.

Put your bet on the Black & Gold Brass Autorickshaw Miniature by Zahab from pepperfry.com. This fusion curio is something that could revamp the look of your other half’s home or office. It is a unique blend of something both antique and funky. This Black and Gold auto rickshaw is made of brass and weighs 1.2 kilograms. The dimension includes a length of 5 inches, width of 2 inches and a height of 3 inches. This piece is handcrafted and is made by combining both contemporary and traditional methods. This little piece is sure to remind him of you and this fabulous country. Let it be a reminder of all the rickshaw rides together. If you still haven’t gone together in a rickshaw, we highly recommend you to do so. It will be worth it. This curio is priced at Rs.1,199 only.

6. Leather Kolhapuris

Men are crazy about footwear just like us. They are just better at hiding it. How about gifting your bae, something unique for his feet? And when that something is from India, there is nothing else that would pop in anybody’s mind but the classic Indian Kolhapuri. These sandals are indigenous, and extremely regal. These have been around for ages, and its value has increased like the demand for fine aged wine.

We have found the perfect sandals. The Kora Kari Handcrafted White Color Six Braided Broad Belt Leather Kolhapuri Men’s Chappal from kolhapurichappal.co.in is an exquisite piece in off-white. This would be the perfect sandal to be worn for all casual occasions. Your man would find occasions to skip the shoes and slip these babies on. The classic design and elegant hand stitch with the six braided straps make it an extremely attractive pair of sandals. These can be worn with jeans, Kurtas, shorts and smart casuals. The Kolhapuri would indeed be an asset to his footwear collection. And as an added bonus, it is made of pure leather. This pair is also eco-friendly, sturdy and durable. These smart sandals are priced at just Rs.1,399 only.

7. Branded Perfume

Source Myntra

A man who smells good, immediately becomes a million times more attractive. It is the trait of a well groomed and put together man. And a perfume is a great choice as a gift for any man. But when we take the brand value into consideration, make sure to gift him a perfume that is highly sought after, and of course something that smells divine. Make sure to always opt for subtle scents while gifting, as they have lesser chances to go wrong. A strong smell is a put off to a vast majority of people.

We have chosen the Police, Men Legend Eau De Perfume from myntra.com. Perfumes from Police are a favourite among men all over the world. The basic idea behind this particular perfume is to provide a unique and provocative fragrance for a man of charisma and resolute personality. The top note of the perfume includes lavender and pepper, with a lovely heart note spiced with star anise. The most important is the masculine base note of burnt leather and Amber wood. The perfume has a mild floral scent that is ideal for day wear. The rich scent is extremely sensual, long lasting and soothing. This perfume is priced at Rs. 1,600.

8. Luxury Beauty Gift Set

Source amazon.in

It's a world known fact that Koreans are big into beauty regime. Their skincare treatments and methods are gaining popularity day by day. And this is common to both men and women. How about this time, for a change, you gift them a new beauty regime? A regime, with our thousands of year-old goodness, jam-packed in the form of Ayurveda. If he is settled in India, Ayurveda is also the best way to ward off skin troubles in our equatorial and humidity infused climate.

Gift him the Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials from amazon.in. The first product is the Himalayan deodar face cleanser, which is a mild and calming face wash filled with natural ingredients. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated and prepared for a shave. The pure vetiver water refreshing face mist is an organic astringent that balances the pH balance of the skin and adds essential moistness. It also tightens and clarifies the pores. Thirdly, the mint lip balm is a refreshing lip treatment that cartels a rich blend of natural butters and oils to prevent and soothe parched and dehydrated lips. The Pure essential oil of mint along with a nutrient rich base, form a protective barrier and helps to seal in moisture. The hydrating ayurvedic face cream for men, is a nourishing day cream that moisturises, relaxes and protects for soft, smooth and flawless skin. Finally, the khus natural soap is a brisk and cooling body soap that softens, relaxes and resuscitates a tired mind and body. The ingredients have renewing and regenerative properties that rouses the skin and keep it supple. This luxury beauty gift set is priced at Rs. 2,400.

9. Grooming Kit

Source Flipkart

A well-groomed man, with a trimmed and maintained facial hairdo, will definitely grab eyes. If your man is a beard and moustache lover, then think no further and gift him an efficient and branded grooming kit to tame his facial hair.

The Braun Corded & Cordless Trimmer for Men, from flipkart.com is the perfect grooming kit for your man. It comes with one trimmer and seven attachments, for precision trimming. And this product is not only for the facial hair, but also for grooming the entire body. It helps remove unwanted hair, trim a hairdo and also maintain the perfect beard. This grooming set is a must have for all modern men out there. Hence, this would make a perfect gift for your man. The kit is priced at Rs. 3,019.

10. Tie & Cuff-Link Gift Set

This is a gift for the workaholic man, who loves to walk in perfectly dressed, or also for a man who loves to brush up and deck himself in a nice suit and go all the way. For such a man, with impeccable dressing style, the safest and the most elegant gift to be given is a Tie and cufflink set. This is one such gift that is not easily thought of, but is extremely classy.

The Tossido, Men Toned Accessory gift set from myntra.com is an extremely attractive gift box. It includes, a blue printed tie with small hot pink detailing, a woven pocket square with similar design and the highlight being the steel-toned blue square cuff-links with bullet back closure. Each piece of the gift set can be used separately and together to form a complete look. It is an extremely versatile piece that would add on to your look. Tuck in and it oozes sophistication and style. This gift set is price at just Rs.1,199.

Happy Gifting!

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Appreciate Your Boyfriend's Love

Whether your boyfriend is Korean your not, he's always there for you for your every up and down. A little token of appreciation in the form of a gift for his love and care that he bestows upon you is definitely going to make him go more head over heels for you. Decide the perfect gift for your boyfriend and show your love and support for him and make your bond stronger than ever.