10 Heart-Winning Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend and 3 Unique Ways to Celebrate His Special Day. Make His Birthday an Epic One (2019)

10 Heart-Winning Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend and 3 Unique Ways to Celebrate His Special Day. Make His Birthday an Epic One (2019)

Make his birthday a celebration that he will never forget by choosing the perfect gift. Your search will be made easier with our guide which has the widest array of birthday gifts that includes edgy accessories, cool clothing and thoughtful knick-knacks, taking into account different price categories and styles. Make your gift speak to how much you love and cherish him.

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Finding the Perfect Birthday Gift for Your Boyfriend

It’s your boyfriend’s birthday, so it means you have to put your shopping shoes and start looking for the best birthday gifts for boyfriend. However, the process of buying a birthday gift for your sweet and caring boyfriend isn’t that easy, you have to think little harder to make your boyfriend’s birthday special. You have to think from your heart as well as from your brain to buy the gift for your boyfriend. The gift for him has to be romantic and useful at the same time. Confused, so let’s just help you with the method of buying a perfect birthday gift for your boyfriend.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Gift for Your Boyfriend

Before buying the gift for your boyfriend, you have to do some research on the preferences of your boyfriend while considering your budget. Suppose, if your boyfriend wants Mercedes for his birthday, now that’s doesn’t mean that you have to buy a brand new car for him! So, start with the day-to-day requirements of your boyfriend like if he always falls sleep on the couch while watching TV, gift him couch blankets. This gift will fit your budget as well as shows your caring for your boyfriend. So, birthday gift for boyfriend should have three traits; usefulness, thoughts, and budget-friendly.

How About Handmade Gifts?

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Keeping the three traits of the birthday gift for a boyfriend in mind, we can suggest making handmade gifts for your boyfriend. In the handmade gifts, your affection and hard work can be seen plus handcrafted gifts are very durable to use. Like, if you want to buy a woolen scarf for your boyfriend to keep him warm this winter season, then, instead of buying a scarf from the market, you can knit one for your boyfriend on his birthday. However, if knitting isn’t your thing, then you can search for numerous art and craft ideas online on Pinterest. So, just make some sweet and meaningful for your boyfriend on his birthday and help him realise how much you love him.

Tips to Remember While Choosing Birthday Gifts for boyfriend

Be Creative with Your Ideas

To buy birthday gifts for your boyfriend try to be little creative and bold. Don’t just pick the first gift that you see for your boyfriend. Like, if your boyfriend loves chocolates, then instead of giving him a simple box of chocolates, try to be a bit unique with your gift and present it in a new way. Such as you can make chocolates at home for your boyfriend, you can make a bouquet of chocolates for him or you can order personalized chocolates for him online. So, you see ladies, the gift is a simple chocolate, but it can be made creative in numerous ways.

Look on the Internet to Know What Most Boys Look for

Well, the basic ideology and preferences of the boys and girls are totally polar apart. So, if you have no clue about the likes and dislikes of the boys, then doing some background research is a good idea. You should go over the Internet and search for the likes of guys. You can look up for the latest men’s fashion trends and other different tastes of boys in the gifts. You will definitely get some ideas for the birthday gifts for your boyfriend after searching online.

Buying Him a Gift Certificate Or Voucher Can Be a Wise Decision

If after searching for hours and observing the preferences of your boyfriend, you still are clueless and don’t know what to buy for your boyfriend’s birthday. Then, do one simple thing, just give him the Amazon gift voucher and let him buy the gift for himself. This might look unromantic gift idea, but at least your boyfriend can have something for his birthday that he actually wants. So, that’s a good thing rather than wasting money on some useless romantic gift.

Cool Birthday Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love

So, lovely girlfriends, to swoon your boyfriend on his birthday and to make him fall for you a little bit more, you can take inspiration from our gift board. You can order any of the following birthday gifts for your boyfriend as they are highly cost-effective and romantic in every sense. So, go and order these gifts for him rightwards.

Graphic Tee

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For the birthday of your boyfriend, you can gift him the stylish and funky graphics t-shirt. The slub jersey fun quoted a notch up in the cutesy of t-shirt with graphic print and crew neck styling, your boyfriend can regularly wear this relaxed fit t-shirt and can enjoy the comfort of your love. This gift is useful and thoughtful both, the branded Ajio t-shirt is available on the ajio.com. This funky t-shirt can be delivered to your home for just Rs. 499 only.

Edgy Pair of Sneakers

Every man needs a cool pair of edgy sneakers in his wardrobe. The sneakers can be worn with the stylish blue denim by your boyfriend to create the vogue statement. This birthday gift for a boyfriend is very useful. So, if you know the feet size of your boyfriend, then you can order numerous different styles of sneakers for your boyfriend online from the Amazon India.

Sports Watch

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An edgy and stylish looking sports watch is a yet another birthday gift that would be appreciated by a man. You can order the edgy and rustic looking sports watch for your boyfriend on his birthday. There are numerous different sports watch brands available online. However, the sports watch which can suit your budget would be this Sonata Ocean Series III Analog digital watch. This sports watch can be ordered from Amazon store for Rs. 2,055 for your boyfriend.

Smartphone Camera Accessories

If your boyfriend loves to take pictures of the special moments of his life, then you can gift him the camera accessories to enhance his experience. There are plenty of different camera accessories available online that you can gift your boyfriend. According to the gadget guide of NDTV, you can buy the following camera accessories for your boyfriend;

You gift your boyfriend cool pair of VR Headsetsto give him little virtual experience. Coolpad's VR headset is affordable and offers a good entry point into the world of VR, this headset is available for Rs.999.You can order the Optical Smartphone Zoom Lens for your boyfriend. The 8x optical Telescopes mobile lens can be a cheaper option for you at Rs. 800.

Travel Document Organizer

You can make your boyfriend’s travel trips relaxed and stress-free with this personalized travel wallet. Thud travel wallet suits the needs of every travel essentials like it has pockets for the passport, airline ticket/boarding pass, cards, cash & coins. Moreover, synthetic leather gives the perfect look and durability. Your boyfriend can make this birthday gift from you as his travel buddy. This travel wallet for your boyfriend can be ordered from the themessycorner.in for mere Rs. 775.

Messenger Bag

This handcrafted leather messenger bag and laptop bag will ensure that your boyfriend won’t lose his important stuff. This extremely high quality and the functional leather bag will make your boyfriend look stylish with the appeal of the vintage leather. This leather really gives the messenger bag’s signature flap much more character because of its deep, natural tan color and its tactile nature. From the craftshades.com, you can order this leather messenger bag for Rs.1,499.

Funky Blanket

If your boyfriend is a lazy hag and always fall sleep on the couch while watching TV. Then, you can gift him the couch blanket to keep himself warm during the cold night. Your boyfriend can always keep this throw blanket spread on the couch so he won’t have to move from the comfortable position. This soft and comfortable sporty blanket can be ordered from the Amazon for Rs. 1,000.

Leather Belt

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Your boyfriend would appreciate an extra pair of leather belt to receive on his birthday. As wearing leather belts gives the edgy and smart look to the person. From ajio.com, you can order the brown genuine leather belt with the copper tone buckle for your boyfriend. Moreover, the belt comes with the one year warranty against manufacturing. For this leather belt, you have to pay Rs. 699 only.

Fun Phone Case

Make your boyfriend’s iPhone Stylish with the Blooming Garden Gold iPhone X Case. This is the most stylish phone case made from TPU with a 3D print and slim fit edge has a transparent body and a soft bendable structure. This quoted iPhone cover will safeguard your boyfriend’s expensive iPhone X and always remind him about you. This is a small and sweet birthday gift that you can easily fit your budget. From the chumbak.com, you can order numerous other cool funny phone covers from this site, but to order this cover you have to spend Rs. 895.

Bomber Jacket

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You can buy your boyfriend a cool bomber jacket for his birthday as well. The designed with a stand collar and insert pocket, this bomber jacket can be ordered from the ajio.com. Bomber jacket with a quilted design and pintucks is a winter layering essentials item. This 100% poly nylon and ribbed hems bomber jacket is available in three different sizes; M, L, XL. It is also available in three different color shades. To order this cool bomber jacket, you just have to pay Rs. 1,050.

Unique Ideas to Make Your Boyfriend's Birthday Memorable

Memories are the most precious and beautiful gifts. So, on your boyfriend’s birthday, you can create a new memory with your boyfriend that you both can cherish your whole life. There are plenty of different ideas available that you can try out on your boyfriend’s birthday. Like, massage him, go on an outing, star gazing, etc., are few ideas to create new memories with your boyfriend. However, the top three ideas which always works are mentioned ahead;

Plan an Early Morning Picnic

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Have you ever experienced the starstruck view of the sunrise? If not, then together with your boyfriend on his birthday do that. Plan an early morning picnic with your boyfriend to the nearest park, hill or any other place from where the sunrise can be seen clearly. Just cook a light picnic breakfast for your boyfriend and together enjoys the magnificent view of the sunrise with him.

Cook Him Special Themed Dinner

Okay, so if you and your boyfriend both are big time foodies, then to make his birthday special you can cook for him. Don’t just cook anything for him, cook him the giant themed meal. Like, you can cook him Chinese, Italian, Indian or any other cuisine for him. If your boyfriend likes spicy street food, then you can create the street food stall for him inside the home.

Arrange to Take Painting Or Cooking Classes Together

Learning something new together on his birthday. You can book the class for the art and craft hobby which you both don’t know, but always want to learn together. As learning together something new in the open environment helps you both to know new things about each other. You can join cooking, painting, photography or any other class together. This could be your tradition that you can follow on his or your birthday every year. Just spend some time with your boyfriend on his birthday, it doesn’t matter you to learn something new or just lazy around the home. What matters is your love for your boyfriend, and everything else comes second.

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