Planning a Dreamy and Romantic Date in Mumbai? Here are 10 Best Restaurants in Mumbai for Couples in 2019

Planning a Dreamy and Romantic Date in Mumbai? Here are 10 Best Restaurants in Mumbai for Couples in 2019

Mumbai sees a footfall of many travelers every year. Its a hub for the aspirational. However, Mumbai doesn't disappoint when it comes to accommodating the love-birds. Check out these best dining places in Mumbai for a cherish-able experience.

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Mumbai: The City of Dreams and Aspirations

Mumbai is rightly called the Mayanagri or the City of Dreams. The city never disappoints anyone who steps into its periphery with a heart full with dreams. There is nothing that the city does not have to offer. The beautiful visuals the city has to offer with its amazing sea line, the popular sunsets, and the iconic buildings, it is a sight for a human eye.

The city, like what it promises to feature, never sleeps. Being the popular economic hub of India with the Bombay Stock Exchange, to the very dreamy Bollywood side, Mumbai is a blend of corporate and art.

When it comes to Bollywood, we know the city is the house of India’s largest film industry. Moreover, this is where you would spot the best of studios, the artists and the shooting spots of your favorite movies.

You will also find some iconic spots in Mumbai, like the Gateway of India, Art lanes like Kala Ghoda, fully lit streets like those of Colaba, making the city everyone’s favorite. Mumbai also has been a city with a lot of firsts like the first ever five star hotel - The Taj Mahal Palace and the first ever movie premiere, it has offered a way to so many beginnings, providing that perfect blend of rich culture and history, and a transitory modern city.

When in Mumbai, go to Marine Drive late at night, enjoy the iconic cafes like Leopold and unforgetful bars like Gokul, enjoy the beaches and eat some chaat at the very popular chowpatty.

Dreamy Romance in the Heart of Mumbai

When Mumbai has so much to offer, how can it be any less when it comes to spending some romantic time with your better half?

Mumbai is a city which offers the perfect set up for some romantic time with your partner - the pristine views, the best of restaurants, and late night peace. This article is an ode to loving in this dreamy city.

In this article, we’ve listed down some great restaurants for the romantic couples out there. Keep reading and find some tips on how you can make a date with your loved one extra special!

Best Restaurants in Mumbai for Couples

In today’s hectic and super virtual life, it is extremely important to ensure that we communicate with our loved ones and tell them what they mean to us, to pave and continue a healthy relationship with them - especially our partners. Even though a lot of things have become virtual, some things cannot be tainted like that and always require the physical presence of the other person, keeping things raw, simple and romantic.

And what better than a great romantic meal with your partner? Especially with so many restaurants in the city - where every place is offering something new and unique, there is so much more you can do. Even though nothing can replace a great meal, but there is no harm in adding that extra tinge of charm, right?

Which is why we have specially curated list of our 10 favorite restaurants when it comes to a romantic meal for all you lovers out there.

We’ve created a diverse list, with restaurants offering unique food experiences, great ambiance and some drinks on the side, read below to know more about spending some quality time filled with romance at these restaurants in Mumbai:

Romano's by JW Marriott

An authentic restaurant serving italian delicacies, Romano’s is a perfect place for a romantic date with its crisp and exquisite design and set up with leather sofas, high ceilings, brilliant lighting, dark decor and an open kitchen.

They offer a wide range of Italian Delicacies to choose from, along with some Romano’s classic cocktails and secret barrels as great accompaniments.

If you’re looking for a calm, beautiful date experience where the two of you can feel like you’re in a different world altogether, then Romano's is the place to be.

Pali Village Cafe

Popular for its rustic decor and romantic feel, Pali Village Cafe is a great option for a romantic dine, with its dark atmosphere with dim lighting, offering you and your better half a very charming atmosphere.

They serve Continental and Italian food, offer vegan friendly dishes, some great wine and scrumptious desserts for you to end your date.

Slink and Bardot

A french restaurant blossoming in a heritage colonial bungalow is all you need to get your romantic date started. Slink and Bardot offers an exquisite Food and Bar menu with all things french and tasty.

With an elegant ambience and minimal yet classy decor, it is a perfect french set up for a date away from home, for you and your partner to spend some great quality time together.



An exclusive European themed restaurant, this one has to be one of our favorites in the list because of the entire thought behind the restaurant and its offerings. The entire food offering at Luna is based on the phases of the moon and is reflected through its inventive drinks and exquisite dining.

This one is a great option if you’re looking at an extravagant option, which gives you fancy and fun, both on the same platter.

Pick Luna if you’re looking at a very unique and super thoughtful experience.

266 - The Wine Room and Bar

What’s better than some fine wine and delicious food on the side for a romantic dinner date? Well, if this is your idea of a date too, then head to 266 - The Wine Room and Bar in Bandra West.

They offer an exquisite range of wine collection from around the globe and also serve some signature European and Italian food.

The place is also designed very elegantly with some minimal and pastel interiors, with white curtains, a beautiful bar and huge windows.

Moreover, they also offer candlelight dinners every Saturday, 7 pm onward, so make sure you reserve a table here and enjoy your romantic night.

Boardwalk by Flamboyante

Located at Alibaug, Boardwalk by Flamboyante is close to the Mandwa Jetty. A waterfront restaurant with all white interiors, this one is a perfect place for a romantic brunch getaway.

The setting it offers is beautiful and the view is romantic, allowing you and your partner to spend some quality time.

It serves different cuisines ranging from Asian, North Indian, Lebanese, Italian and Seafood with some great cocktails for you and your partner to sit, relax and unwind with the breathtaking views.

You can also book this place for a private setting, if that is what you’re looking at.

You can reach Boardwalk through Gateway of India either on a Speed Boat or a Ferry Ride. Another alternative route is to take your partner on a long drive to get here which although takes around 3 hours, but creates a set up of a full day out with a long drive followed by a delicious meal with some great views.


With Bright and quirky interiors, Veranda is a perfect place for you to take your partner for a relaxing meal with some refreshing and positive set up. It serves a Modern Indian cuisine which is a fusion take on Indian delicacies, while they keep the authentic flavor intact.

They also use best of food gastronomy to make their food and serve it in an artistic manner in an European fashion. Rest assured, this place would offer a food experience which you could enjoy with your partner.

They also have great offers for Sunday Brunch and also organise a lot of eventful evenings on the weekend, so you can check with them to know what’s brewing before you visit.

Dome - Inter Continental

An open air lounge and a terrace restaurant which opens only in the evening, Dome by InterContinental is a beautiful rooftop lounge, restaurant and sky bar which offers spectacular view of the sea and is great for a romantic dinner date.

It serves North Indian, Japanese, Italian and Asian cuisine and some great drinks for you to enjoy the picturesque skyline. They also have live music evenings, which definitely adds to a romantic set up.

We’d suggest visit this one before sunset, and enjoy the colorful skyline with your partner and spend the night together eating some delicious food at Dome.

Souk - The Taj Mahal Palace


An exquisite restaurant serving Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines at the very popular The Taj Mahal Palace, this one has to be a must for a romantic time with your partner.

With a luxurious set up, some great drinks, exquisite food and wonderful views of the city’s own landmark - The Gateway of India and the sea, Souk will ensure that you have the best of your time in a lavish manner.

You can go here for dinner for a dim light candlelight set up while you enjoy the night sky with some great view or for a Sunday Brunch with some champagne as a great accompaniment.



Well, here is another take on romance - enjoy a great time when you hog into your food especially if you both are food lovers, especially pizza lovers. If you and your partner love your pizza a lot, then this is the place you should pick without a second thought. Gustoso is a pizzeria, a hidden gem for pizza lovers out there, offering a 40 inch pizza. Yes, you read it right. Sounds a perfect place for a pizza date, right?

They offer wood fired pizzas and amazing and super cheesy pastas as well, tossed in a bowl of cheese.

So, take your date for a unique experience and enjoy a fulfilling meal at Gustoso!

Tips to Make That Date Extra Special

Now even though you know the best places in the city for a romantic meal, but there of course are some things you will have to keep in mind, to avoid any last minute troubles and for some extra charming tips.

Check the Weather


This is Mumbai that we are talking about, so you know how tricky the weather can be here, especially the rains. So make sure you keep a check on the weather when planning for a romantic day out, because you would not want to start on an irritating note with a bad weather.

Make a Reservation

This one is important, especially if you’re looking at a weekend. All the great places usually are pre-booked and offer tables based on reservations. So make sure you reserve a table in advance, so that you do not have to wait for your table.

Also because if the table is not available, you can always be prepared and pick another restaurant in due time.

Add Some Bonus Elements to your Dinner Date

A meal is ofcourse a beautiful way to spend some quality time with your partner, but you can always go an extra mile and add some unique elements to your date. You can either pick a place which already offers such experiences like live music, or unique food experience, or add some extra elements, like let’s say planning what happens before or after the meal, addition of candle lights, pre-ordering your date’s favourite food and similar things to make your time with them extra special.

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Book a Romantic Experience in the Mayanagari in 2019

A little consideration and a small step is all it takes to make a simple date special. Now that you know all about the best of places in the city for some romantic time over food and drinks, it’s time to book that table and prepare for some quality time with your partner!