Cherish These Souvenirs Forever from the Capital of India: What to Buy in Delhi + Where to Buy in Delhi (2019)

Cherish These Souvenirs Forever from the Capital of India: What to Buy in Delhi + Where to Buy in Delhi (2019)

Your trip to Delhi would be incomplete without getting something amazing back to keep this place's remains with your forever. We present to you the complete shopping guide for Delhi, which includes the best markets around Delhi to get the most unusual souvenirs back home. Make sure you shop your heart out from the capital!

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Best Shopping Places in Delhi

Every shopaholic knows that Delhi is one of the best places to shop in the country. From the hustling bustling street bazaars to the best swanky malls, it is a shopping paradise for women. This region of the country is famous for a lot of things from handicrafts to spices and textiles. We will discuss in details some of the famous bazaars of the city. These markets are budget-friendly, so your pockets also remain happy.

Dilli Haat

Developed under the Delhi Tourism Department, the city offers three haats panned in different areas. The first one is spread over a six-acre space opposite the INA station which was first established in 1994. Artisans from all over the state come to this place and showcase their best products. The second one is located near the Netaji Subash metro station, and the third one is located at Janakpuri.

The ambiance of this haat is similar to the traditional rural haat. These bazaars are famous for their Indian culture, handicrafts, and ethnic cuisine. If you want to experience Indian craftsmanship hands on, this is your place to need to visit! The market is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.



Located in Central Delhi, this is one of the most popular markets of Delhi. The market opens early in the morning and closes at around 9 in the night. If you are looking to bargain for textiles, books, hookah or handicrafts, Paharganj is the perfect place! Most of the shops sell wholesale goods, which makes your bargaining easier if you buy products in bulk. The area is open on all days except Mondays. These chaotic markets are a perfect way to find different products.

Chandni Chowk

Every Delhi guy loves to be part of this old Delhi vibe. This ancient shopping paradise is an adventure tour for the newcomers. Chandni Chowk is known to serve the best street food to almost every purchasable item. You can buy textile, jewelry, books and even electronics from this market. Recognized as the most popular market place for shopping, Chandni Chowk should make your must-visit list, for the first time travellers in Delhi. For silver articles, Dariba Kalan region is the perfect place. The market is open on all days except Sundays.

Sarojini Nagar

Located near South Delhi, Sarojini market is famous for cheap and budgeted products. This market is filled with rejected export goods. If you are good at bargaining, this is the right place for you. But ensure that you don’t visit on Sundays if you want to enjoy a quality shopping time. Some of the most popular things you can buy here are designer lehengas, accessories, and kitchenware. The market is open on all days of the week except Mondays.

Lajpat Nagar


Started back in the 1950s, Lajpat Nagar is one of the oldest heritage shopping places of the capital. Also known as the central market, this place offers budgeted shopping things who want to shop for fabric, jewellery, or food. Even if you are looking to spend some quality time with yourself doing some window shopping, this is a great place to stroll in the evenings. This place offers some of the best eatery places. Visit sites like Ching Wah, Gopal Sindhi Restaurant, and Aunty Momos to relish different cuisines.

Choicest Things to Get from Delhi

Handmade Collection - Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani form of art is one of the ancient forms of Indian Art. These paintings are inspired by the areas of Bihar & Nepal. These paintings typically represent religious rituals or particular occasions. The use of natural colours is quite prevalent in these paintings. Artists do not use contemporary use of brushes, they use objects like twigs, matchsticks or even fingers to create their masterpieces. Madhubani Painting depicts nature or Hindu religious impressions in these paintings. This skill is handed over generations. Some of the markets near INA Metro station offers beautiful Madhubani paintings. Their price can start from something as low as Rs. 100 to as expensive as Rs. 50,000.

You can contact the below stores for buying the Madhubani Art:

  • Jyotsana Creations - 331, Ground Floor, Rosewood Sector, DDA MIG, Sector-13A, Phase-2, Dwarka, Near Radisson Blu Hotel, Delhi, 110078
  • Himanshu Art Institute - Metro Pillar Number 230, Cottage No. 05, Basement Near, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110008
  • Mithilasmita Art & Craft - 324, Vardhman dee cee plaza, plot 5, new, Sector 11 Dwarka, Dwarka, Delhi, 110075
  • House no.1734, Laxmi Bai Nagar, near INA metro station, Delhi

Silver Jewellery


Delhi is quite famous for the silversmiths who specialize in the beautiful art of silver jewellery making. Some of the places where you can on a silver shopping spree are Dariba Kalan, Janpath, and Chandni Chowk. Silver is a popular silver accessory in India. So if you’re planning to buy some cheap souvenirs, Silver jewellery could be one of the gifts. To obtain the best tribal look or wedding collection, you can visit the following places:

Dariba Kalan should be on the top of your list. This is a shopper’s paradise for silver buying. You will get everything from 92.5 sterling silver rings to chunky necklaces. This 17th-century market is a place where you can score silver jewelry at a price lower than most of the stores in Delhi. The jewellery prices start at Rs. 250 in this market.

Khan Market – If you're a lover of artsy tribal jewellery, this is the right place for you. Silverline Jewelers inhabits some of the best silver necklaces, glass and silver bangles, for your dramatic look.

Other places where can you visit for silver accessory includes Silver World in Janpath, Celestial and Siloffer in Greater Kailash. The price range of the usual accessories varies from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1,000.

Local Spices

Indians love spices more than anything. As a souvenir, this could be an interesting choice. Delhi boasts of Asia’s largest wholesale market which practically has every spice from around the world. Khari Baoli in Delhi is flooded with a mind-boggling number of spice shops. You will find commodities ranging from nuts to spices to herbs. But to survive, you might have to bargain a lot.

Some of the common spices available include turmeric, cumin, and chilli powder, to ground mixtures of spices, such as ‘Garam masala. Alternatively, there are other uncommon spices available in this market. The area is jam-packed with people so you might have to find your way out of the steep roads. Tagging along with some locals should always be preferred. All the items in this place are available at wholesale prices. The market in Khari Baoli is open all days except Sundays. One of the most popular shops here is Mehar Chand and Sons, which is an old establishment. While visiting, make sure that you carry water, the heat can take a toll on your health.

Chaat & Street Shopping for Clothes

Delhi is famous for its popular Dilli ki chaat. It is essential for every tourist to immerse themselves in the lip-smacking flavours of street food. You can try the delicious tangy chats, golgappas and chole bhaturas. On the shopping front, there are some extraordinary places to go for shopping. Some places to start with are Delhi Haat, Sarojini, Janpath, and Kamla Nagar. There could be nothing better than a dress souvenir for your girl gang. The other popular area for shopping is the Posh Khan Market. This place is a capade for designer wear dresses to fancy cafes. Make sure to buy the most fashionable garments.

Tibetan & Korean Food in Majnu ka Tila


Located in Aruna Nagar New Delhi, Majnu Ka Tila is known for its authentic Tibetan and Korean dishes. This famous colony was established in 1950. This place is also quite renowned for Tibetan handicrafts. So how do you get to this place? Get down at the Vidhan Sabha Metro station and take a rickshaw from there. Over the years, this place has become a popular hub for Tibetan handicrafts and meals. It is also popularly known as the chop- chop square of India. The shoes, accessories, and clothing bought from here can help you to change your wardrobe completely. If you want to spend a day with your BFF at this place, it would be a great idea. While you are enjoying this place, don’t forget to enjoy the lovely Momos and Thupkas.

Khadi Clothes


Khadi is a hand-woven cloth which originated from India. It is a versatile fabric woven from cotton and may include silk or woollen fabric. The spinning happens on a wheel known as the charkha. This fabric helps you to remain cool in summers and warmer in winters. Before finally achieving this, the cotton is passed through a number of steps. Delhi is quite famous in selling locally made Khadi. Some of the significant places where you can buy Khadi include:

Khadi India: Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place, Hanuman Road Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan: 93, 94, SS Mota Singh Marg, Block A3, Janakpuri, Delhi, 110058
The Khadi Store: E-119, Opposite Laxmi Narain Mandir, Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

Duty Free Shopping from Delhi Airport

Did you remember at the last minute that you need to buy something for friends or family? Duty-Free Shopping from Delhi Airport is your only way out. The place has some of the renowned brands of the world in a single place. Need to buy something for the boss? There is The Watch store and The Montblanc for classy gifts, while Swarovski caters a beautiful world of designed dazzled fashion jewellery for your girlfriend or wife.

At the T3 International Airport is the Delhi duty-free retail brand which encompasses over 1000 brands and 43,000 products. Some of the best International brands in stationery, perfumes, Cosmetics, and Indian souvenir products are part of this retail brand showroom. Other brands included in the departures section are Ethos which can help you with some last minute luxury watch shopping from CFB, Omega, and Rado. Other popular accessory brands include The Michael Cors and Steven Madden. If you are looking forward to gifting some funky gifts for your boys, Superdry has some high-quality products with a mix of both American & British styles.

Attar from Old Delhi

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Local Perfumes are a popular thing from Delhi. Experiencing authentic attar will remind you of Delhi every time you put it on. It is a natural derivative from botanical sources. Pure attar is an oil which is made using flower petals. Other types of Attar can be made of different kinds of wood, resins, and spices. The steam at times is collected into a container with sandalwood mix to gain the best of aroma together.

But where do you get this beautiful attar for friends and family? Gulab Singh Joharimal is an ancient shop in Delhi who are the pioneers of selling attar. This local perfume is not diluted in any way. You can choose from different varieties of fragrance as per the season. Khus is a popular choice during summers, and henna is a common choice in winters. They are located on the streets of Dariba Kalan in Chandni Chowk Delhi. The range of this oil starts from Rs. 2,000 for 10 grams. This shop is open all days except Sundays.

Useful Tip to for Shopping in Delhi

Whenever planning to buy souvenirs in Delhi, make sure that you do your research from a few shops before buying. It is better to accompany a local friend to shop around. If you are alone, then you might up end being tricked into paying bigger bucks for cheaper products.

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Negotiating Prices

Bargain everywhere. The simplest way is to cut the quoted price in half and then negotiate your way to a middle figure. Bargaining works even in big designer showrooms. It is possible to love and hate Delhi at the same time. I recommend you carry your camera around – who knows, you may spot a lazy cow chilling on the road while the rest of the traffic comes to a standstill or a monkey enjoying a motorbike ride with his human friend. Delhi has a lot of interesting sights and it never fails to surprise