Thank Your Teachers as the Year Winds Down: 10 End-of-Year Teacher Gifts They Will Be Completely Touched to Receive (2019)

Thank Your Teachers as the Year Winds Down: 10 End-of-Year Teacher Gifts They Will Be Completely Touched to Receive (2019)


Most teachers will happily accept anything they get from their students (and their families) at the end of the school year. But what do they actually want? Below we give you 10 outside-the-box ideas for the teachers. You know, items they actually want and will actually use.

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Tips for Gifting Teachers

What You Shouldn't Get for the Teacher!

A teacher’s profession is the most humble position, where a lot of patience and understanding is required. It isn’t easy managing a classroom full of children with different personalities and mindsets, to come under one roof and learn the same lesson. Teachers don’t do all this for appreciation or accolades, however, who doesn’t like being appreciated and receiving gifts. Gifting a teacher is a perfect opportunity to let them know how much their perseverance is valued and your gift is just another way of expressing your respect and sentiments.

When choosing gifts for teachers, you should look for thoughtful gifts and not really things that are very expensive or commercial. Most teachers prefer the thought and love behind a gift and love being reminded that their hard work paid off.

So gifts like coffee mugs aren’t really preferred. For every gift that a teacher receives, if there are coffee mugs in every alternate gift, how many would he/she be able to collect! Scented Lotions aren’t feasible either, for every individual has their own preferred sense of smell and skincare regime unless you know their preferences personally, it’s a sheer waste of a gift. Candles, bath gels, home décor, baked goods, stuffed animals or knick-knacks should be avoided as well.

Gifts Teachers Usually Want

Teachers like gifts that are thoughtful like notes from children or their parents. Homemade gifts made or chosen by the kids is also endearing. When you volunteer to help the teachers by either assisting them during a class, take on recess duty, do corrections, make copies or phone calls for a field trip or just offer to deep clean the classroom about halfway through the year, the teachers would be touched. Preschool teachers like getting children’s books for classroom and multiple copies are much appreciated. Some indoor games or other activities to engage in for indoor recess would be a big hit both for the teacher and the children.

You also get together with other parents and give a combined and generous gift like a box full of useful and exciting learning materials for both the teacher and kids in the classroom. A fruits basket is a great idea in which you can put some nice crisp apples in a small basket or any other fruit which can be kept out of a refrigerator all day. Other gifts like monogrammed notepads, pens or pencils, potted plants, school supplies are some other options to consider.

Unique & Inexpensive Appreciation

Some unique and inexpensive gifts in appreciation can be donating to a cause. Teachers feel guilty about gifts that can’t be used or the ones they receive in plenty! Without hurting their students or parents, donating to a cause would ensure that the gifts given to the teacher are appreciated and shared with less fortunate children or people. The cause is also thankful for the contribution.

Teachers spend a considerable amount of time in planning lessons. There are websites that provide relevant material, ideas and planned lessons that can save the teacher time, also inspiring them with new ideas. Credits or subscriptions to such sites can be a thoughtful and unique gift. Even if the credits are just enough to cover a trial, it would still be appreciated. Handwritten notes and creative cards are precious to a teacher. Personal notes from the children, a poem, an incident or a lesson that left a profound mark on the student is a gift the teacher will cherish for life.

10 Thoughtful and Useful Gifts for Teachers for End of Year

Crossword Gift Voucher

A gift card can be used practically for anything. Teachers love gift cards to bookshops or stationary stores. Cross Word is a shoppers’ paradise when it comes to books or stationary and you can buy gift vouchers from Rs.100 to Rs,1,000. These vouchers can be redeemed in parts, at a time and hence can be used over several visits. The vouchers are redeemable at any Crossword Store across the country and the validity period is for one year from the date of issue.

Best Teacher Mousepad

Every personal computer requires a companion and a mouse pad is just the right partner! Express your gratitude for the Teacher with the ‘Keep Calm because you are the best Teacher’ mousepad, from which measures 8” x 6.75” and is made of a high-grade polyester top, anti-skid rubber base that allows for smooth mouse transitions and is priced at Rs.215.

Engraved Teacher Plaque

“Best Teachers teach from the heart not from books”, a quote to honour the teacher is engraved on natural wood along with the teacher’s photo measuring 8” x 6” plaque, reminding them of your appreciation for eternity. The burnt photo on the wood gives a brown colour which blends perfectly with the base and the metal rod that comes with it can be used as a stand on a table top for the Teacher’s Plaque. Priced at Rs.715. The engrave teacher's plaque is available at

School Supplies for the Next Year: Writing Kits with Sticky Note Memo Pad Set


No one really cares how much teachers spend on school supplies out of their own pocket at times for ease of convenience for their students. Gifting them school supplies for a new session would be heartening and very useful for the teacher from The Apsara Scholar’s Kit is a set of 10 pieces of pencils, erasers, crayons and sharpeners, priced at Rs.917.


You can add a Sticky Note Memo Pad Set with this for a complete package! The Sticky Note Memo Pad Set includes 4 sticky note pads with 100 sheets per pad, 8-page marker arrow flags in a plastic case in bright neons and is priced at Rs.349.

Lunch Bag

Gift the teacher a Hunger Pangs Lunch Bag from with a ‘let’s eat’ slogan printed on it. Made of polyester, taffeta and spun polyester tape handles, this lunch bag comes with a main compartment, an outer pocket and a bottle sleeve on the side. Measuring 15 x 22 x 26 cms, the Hunger Pangs Lunch Bag is priced at Rs.1,295.

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Packed in a pocket-sized body, the JBL Go Speaker from enables powerful and high impact sound transmission. Ideal for a Teacher’s presentation, speech or project, the speaker is designed with a minimalist approach to size and is comfortably portable. Easy to carry, the speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with a mobile phone, giving its user 5 hours of non-stop usage once charged fully. The JBL speaker comes with an aux-in slot that helps connect other media devices as well, with noise cancellation feature. Priced at Rs.1,698.

Organic Tea Gift Set

The Tulsi Herbal Infusion Assorted Tea Box from comes with an assortment of 60 dip bags with a shelf life of 30 months containing 15 sachets each of Tulsi Jasmine Green Tea, Tulsi Mulethi, Tulsi Sweet Rose, Tulsi Sweet Lemon Original Tea, Tulsi Ginger and Tulsi Masala Tea. Priced at Rs. 895.

Mindfulness Cards: Simple Practices for Daily Life


Mindfulness Cards from is an engaging deck of cards that enable awareness, enhance calmness and joy to everyday living. Each card in the deck includes an inspiring phrase on the front side with a small exercise at the back. Packaged in an appealing box with foil stamping, the cards are colour-coded in 4 categories of Rest & Balance, Curiosity & Joy, Insight & Awareness and Kindness. The teacher can draw a card to form an intention for the day or pull more for a more in-depth read, or can even display the cards in the class for the students as inspiring mantras. With over 50 accessible and enlightening practices and 8 additional cards for personalization, the Mindfulness cards are a perfect gift for a teacher to cultivate mindful moments, anytime and anywhere! Priced at Rs.1,235.

Things to Do Binder Clips


The perfect solution for a teacher’s binding challenges, these ‘Things to Do’ binder clips from come sturdy and easy to use in bright colours with printed reminders like ‘send home’, ‘make copies’, ‘graded’, ‘to be filed’, ‘for volunteer’, ‘to be graded’. Each clip measure 2” and is made of metal. Priced at Rs. 1,258.

Customized Class Room Rules Poster Frame


Gift the teacher a customized Class Room Rules Poster Frame, which will not only adorn the classroom wall but also inspire the students and teacher both to do better and excel every day! A sample poster includes rules like: never be afraid to ask questions, own your actions, arrive on time, be prepared & ready to learn, respect others, the environment and yourselves, google before you tweet! No whining and no complaining, think before you speak, listen when someone speaks, etc.

You can print your own set of rules that would delight the teacher, and have them custom printed with an online printing company and have it laminated or framed. You can create a poster at, get it printed and delivered to you, and then get it framed from your local photo store. The poster print is priced at Rs.149.

Bonus Tip: Gifts for Male Teachers

Gifts for Women Teachers are more easily workable than the ones for male teachers. Besides the usual keepsakes and DIY gift ideas, here are some other options you can explore, especially for the male teachers:

  • Movie Gift Cards – At a reasonable price, movies are a nice evening out and a great teacher gift option.
  • Hydroflask – A sipper or water bottle that keeps beverages cool with their insulated wall structure is a good idea for a male teacher.
  • Gourmet Snacks – A quick trip to a supermart can help you choose some gourmet snacks for the in-between classes hunger pangs for the teacher.
  • Coffee Gift Cards – A luxury beverage, seasonal delight and the fuel of Gods, a coffee gift card from a local café or a national coffee chain would be excellent for a teacher looking to refresh.
  • Gas Gift Cards – If you have confirmed knowledge that the teacher has a vehicle then a fuel gift card would be useful and a unique gift option, which is sure to be used.
  • Magazines – If you are familiar with their interests, you can pick a magazine or two or a subscription to a magazine they like, making for an interesting summer read.
  • Restaurant Gift Cards – Treat your teacher for a meal out, ideal for their personal celebration, a date night or just for a luxury experience! You can choose from a variety of local restaurants, luxury joints or chain of restaurants.
  • Spice Mixes – Whether it’s a weekend party, a summer barbeque or dinner with friends, they could use spice mixes from a collection of them.
  • Liquid Hand Soaps – Usually lady teachers receive bath soaps, gels or skin care products. Teachers who are men could use liquid hand soaps.
  • Hat – A new cap to the games, a sun hat or a fun fedora, if the teacher likes wearing them, go ahead and pick one.
  • Ice Cube Tray – Summer Drinks are best on ice and sphere ice cubes are the coolest way to keep them cold longer, keeping the meltdown to a bare minimum.
  • Hiking First Aid Kit – For the teacher who enjoys adventurous journeys, a first aid kit stashed in their car, in their desk or to carry on a hiking trip would be appropriate.
  • Multi-Purpose Tools – A collection of tools in a compact and portable single-piece tool is good for quick handy work in the classroom, car, during a camp trip or sports.
  • Festival or Concert Tickets – If you know the teacher’s areas of interests and there’s a gig happening in town, a ticket to the event would be an excellent option to explore.
  • Hobby Gifts – Spend some time finding of the teacher’s hobbies, perhaps invite him to engage in a fun quiz sometime and get an idea of what he likes. Once you know, you can get him something related to his hobby.
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Group Gift Ideas for Teachers

I think teachers are some of the most amazing people! They work incredibly hard and invest so much into the lives of their students! Because teachers get a lot of gifts, the gift should be not only inexpensive but practical as well. A group gift is a great idea if you want to do something special that will create a long-lasting memory for a teacher. And for older students, it’s even something that they can do on their own. Putting together a photo book or even just a group photo in a cute frame is something that any teacher would cherish.