10 Kurti Combos You Must Try This Year! Tips and Tricks to Upgrade Your Wardrobe in a Budget and How to Look Your Most Fashionable

10 Kurti Combos You Must Try This Year! Tips and Tricks to Upgrade Your Wardrobe in a Budget and How to Look Your Most Fashionable

Get the maximum bang for your buck by opting for affordable kurti combos. These carefully selected Kurtis Combo and their designs are not just statement making but also available at amazing prices, literally just a click away! So check out these options!

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How to Pick the Best Kurti Combo?

Prefer Cotton over Other Fabric

When you are buying kurti combo or daily wear kurtis, we would like to recommend you to buy cotton kurtis as compared to other ones. Cotton is a really lightweight and comfortable fabric to wear throughout the day and you never have to doubt about the quality of this fabric. It is great for summers and you can literally find some really amazing kurtis in cotton fabric online. In fact, cotton is the fabric known to everyone and this is why no one can fool you regarding it.

Never Buy a Combo Offering Same Kurti in Two Colours

There is no point in buying the same kurti in two different colours. You will never be able to wear both of them and you will have to pick one of them for you and give out another one to someone else. No one wants to have the same pattern of kurti in two different colours just for the sake of variety. So, if you are buying this combo piece for you and your cousin/friend then only proceed to buy such kind of combos.

Do Not Miss out on Reading the Reviews

Whether you are buying kurti combo or any other things online, do not miss to check on the reviews of the products. Reviews are something where you can get all your questions answered especially when only a little information is provided in the details. This is where you will get to see the original picture of the product posted by other buyers and hence it will give you an idea that how the product will turn out to be in reality. This applies to all types of products purchased online.

10 Unbelievable Kurti Combos at Affordable Price

Printed Multicolored Kurti Combo

Amazon kurti combo offers are super popular so we are taking a page out of their book by mentioning a really nice kurti combo of 2. However, these ones here are unstitched material which is available in free size so that you can customize them according to your size. These are simple cotton kurtis but it is their colour, prints and pattern which makes them look super fabulous. These kurtis are perfect for casual wear and can be washed in the machine too.

You are going to love the strong and solid colour of mustard yellow and deep blue in the kurtis respectively. Furthermore, the prints which are bright and contrasting makes the kurtis look really attractive. If you are a college goer then this kurti combo is just for you. You can buy this combo on Amazon for Rs. 875.

Foil Printed Kurti Combo

If you are looking for the kurti combination which is not so casual but not so heavy as well, then this set of 3 crepe printed kurti combo is totally worth your attention. These are three kurtas - one light blue, one white and one royal blue.

All the kurtis have crepe fabric which offer a flowy drape and are comfortable to wear for all day long. We would recommend you to wear a cotton inner inside these kurtis to make sure that the fabric doesn’t stick to the skin. While two of them have floral patterns printed, one has Radhe-Krishna. All have short sleeve. You can buy this pack of two foil print kurtis on Peachmode for Rs. 1,199.

Free Size Unstitched Kurti Combo of 3

What else can be better than finding 3 kurti combo in an affordable price range? We have got you one really stylish and absolute wardrobe staple worth combo of 3 awesome kurtis. You can wear them to the office or college or even to an event too.

These are unstitched kurtis in colours like black, red and cream. None of the kurti here is solid and has some prints on them which makes them look even better. All three of the kurtis have different patterns and styles which makes it even more wonderful for the buyer. These are cotton kurtis which are perfect for everyday wear and ideal for machine wash too. You are going to love their styles of A-line, Jacket style and uneven hemline which makes them totally unique. You can buy this combo of kurtis on Shopclues for Rs. 1,349.

Trendy Kurti Combo

If you are in a mood to wear some trendy designs of kurtis then you would have to check out this combo mentioned here. Here you get a kurti in blue colour while the other one is in maroon colour. The deep colours give both the kurtis a unique and solid look.

Talking about the blue coloured kurti then it is in Anarkali style having quarter length sleeves and cold shoulder details. The full-length kurti looks absolutely gorgeous and have really nice prints on it too.
The other one is a simple and straight maroon kurti with button detailing in the middle and quarter length sleeves. While the former kurti is perfect for parties and functions, you can wear the later one to office or college. This kurti combo is available for purchase on Paytmmall for Rs. 999.

Unstitched Cotton Kurti Combo of 2

A Cotton rayon kurti combo is probably a blessing for the kurti lovers as you get two amazing cotton kurtis in really affordable pricing. We have got you another cotton kurti combination here but this time they are unstitched kurti available in free size. So, both the kurtis are available in bright green colour whereas one is a more sober royal blue print.

These are simple and straight kurtis with quarter length sleeves. While one kurti have an open collar and front slit with prints on front and sleeves, another one is rather simple in appeal and looks. We would recommend these kurtis for casual and every day wear. You can buy this pack of 2 cotton kurtis on mirraw.com for Rs. 1,444 only.

Multicoloured Kurti Combo of 6

If you are looking to buy kurtis in bulk, then you can check out this combination of 6 kurtis here. Yes, you heard it right, you can now buy 6 kurtis together at a really affordable price and all of them are quite amazing too.

All these kurtis are casual in appeal and straight in terms of pattern. These are made out of crepe fabric which is very light and flowy and hence these kurtis are perfect for summer wear. You are going to love the colours too as they are really sober and subtle like pink, black, grey, yellow, blue etc. All the kurtis have some abstract and floral print on them which gives another reason to buy them. Although they are quite similar in pattern but if you are a clothing retailer then this is a great deal for you. You can buy this pack of 6 kurtis on Snapdeal for Rs. 1,399.

Ethnic Party Wear Kurti Combo

Enough with the casual kurtis as we are going to talk about some really nice ethnic kurtis which are perfect for party wear and other functions. Here you get a combination of one cotton kurti with another rayon kurti and both of them are absolutely stunning.

Both the kurtis are completely different from one another and having a really unique pattern too. One kurti has A-line approach which is cinched at the waist while another has a jacket like a pattern. You will love the colour combination too which are black and white for one and mustard yellow and grey for another. Both the kurtis are perfect to be worn in weddings and other celebrations and even at festivals too. You will love flaunting the colour and pattern for sure. These kurtis are available for purchase on Peach Mode for Rs. 1,599.

Cotton Semi-Stitched Kurti Combo of 3

Cotton kurti combo is something which never really disappoints you. We got one more of cotton kurti combo and this time in a pack of 3. We got kurtis in 3 different colours which are yellow, red and brown. You are going to love these solid kurtis as they are really nice and formal. If you are into solid coloured kurtis with no prints on it then you are going to love this combo for sure. Even the colours are super amazing and appealing.

All the kurtis are straight in pattern with quarter length sleeves and calf length. You cannot find a better combo for your office clothing needs and you can even wear them to college too. Get your hands on this 3 kurti combo available on Amazon for Rs. 647.

Casual Solid Women Kurti Combo

We definitely do not recommend the same kurti in two different colours in a combo but if you are giving one of them to someone else then it is perfectly fine. Amongst the combo kurtis on Flipkart, we found a really nice pair of solid kurtis. These are straight kurtis available in grey and blue colours. Both the kurtis are the same with the difference of colours in them.

You will love their formal appeal and front button detailing along with the open collar look. These quarter length sleeved kurtis are the best option when it comes to office wear as they are simple, nice and absolutely formal. You can find these cotton kurtis in different colour combinations too on Flipkart for Rs. 719.

A-Line Kurti Combo

Finally, we have included the really popular rayon fabric kurti combo in this list. We got our hands on two really stylish rayon kurtis which are perfect for small ceremonies and functions. Talking about them, first one is an ice blue A-line kurti with black layering on it which adds a bit of style quotient to the whole look. The other kurti is rather simple in red colour, A-line pattern and uneven hemline of it.

Both the kurtis have almost full sleeves and ankle length and they look just perfect for summer wear. As rayon is a light fabric, you can wear it whenever you want. This kurti combo is available for purchase on Snapdeal for Rs. 1,279.

Check out Some Kurti Styling Tips Here

Well, that was about the kurti combo available online on various shopping sites. It is now time to talk about the styling process of these kurtis. You need not to wear the kurtis in the same boring traditional way every single time. In fact, there are ways in which you can style the same kurti in different forms. You can get to know about it more through the tips given below.

Prefer Palazzos/Pants over Leggings

Leggings are so 90s now and you would find very few women wearing them underneath their kurtis or kurtas. The trend has reformed completely and now women love to experiment with the bottom wear for their traditional garments like kurtis.

For this, you can also try wearing palazzos or pants underneath your kurtis. They are way more comfortable and can make you look more appealing and stylish. Other options to be considered are dhoti pants and harem pants.

Finish Your Look with Some Nice Earrings

If you want to achieve a nice and decent traditional look with your kurti then it is important for you to focus on all the elements. One of the most important out of all is to wear some nice earrings with your kurti.

According to the recent trends in India, silver or oxidized earrings are super popular to wear with kurtis. In fact, these earrings go well with some tops too and you will end up looking like a million bucks with such earrings.

Wear Colours Accordingly

When you are buying kurti combo or any other types of single kurtis, make sure to pick the colours wisely. The first thing to keep in mind while choosing the colour is your complexion. The colour must suit you and make you look more beautiful.

Also, the time you are wearing the kurti define the colour too. You can brighter colours in the day while for evening functions, you can go for more solid and deep colours.

A Scarf/Stole Can Come Handy for You

If you think that you cannot handle the dupatta on the kurtis then you can go for the scarves or stoles with it. Scarf is way easier to carry than a dupatta and can make you look uber-stylish in no time. The same goes for the stole as you can simply drape it on your shoulder and you are good to go. It complements the kurti really well too.

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Length Should be Considered while Buying Kurtis

The length of the kurti is an important factor to be considered. If you are too bulky then you will carry off a long kurti better. But in case, body weight is not an issue with you, you will absolutely dazzle in short Kurtis. Short kurtis look amazing with jeans. There are special short kurtis for long skirts. These Kurtis are neither too heavy nor too simple. They maintain a decent design standard. Kurtis teamed with a pair of jeans look out-and-out stunning. And the women who wear this combination not only look gorgeous but also ooze out a feminine feel.