The Latest Kurti Skirts of 2020: Adorn Yourself Elegantly with Our Pick of Stunning Kurti Skirts! Short, Long or Indo Western, Be Spoiled for Choice

The Latest Kurti Skirts of 2020: Adorn Yourself Elegantly with Our Pick of Stunning Kurti Skirts! Short, Long or Indo Western, Be Spoiled for Choice

Pairing your Kurti with leggings and jeans are so last season! Get trendy and pair your Kurti with a skirt. Be it the fashionable layered skirt or the traditional Kalamkari, skirts come in all sizes and designs to suit your comfort. BP Gift Guide brings to you 10 stunning Kurti-skirts to spice up your wardrobes.

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Beautiful Clothes: A Desire for Every Women

Ladies always have a good eye for pretty clothes. Clothes are a medium to reflect our personality which plays a significant role in our appearances as well as lives. They also make us look beautiful and dignified. Moreover, beautiful dresses boost our confidence and provide contentment. Thus, attires should be chosen with extra care. The design of clothes keeps varying with time in order to enhance their beauty and make them more fashionable. Nevertheless, women should emphasize on outfits with size and colour which complement the curves in their body, synchronize with their skin colour and make them look inexplicably unique. These are few of the basic checkmarks that we must keep in mind before selecting our dresses to adorn ourselves beautifully.

Beauty is a gift, that is undeniably coveted by everyone. Every woman craves beauty irrespective of her background or financial conditions throughout the world. We all wish to look striking on every occasion, be it while attending a wedding, a puja celebration, an official party or even a meeting. It is a natural desire for each woman. As Rachel Zoe quoted “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

There are certain unseen rules which should not be ignored while choosing a dress, to make us look decent. It would look indecent and improper to attend a religious ceremony, dressed in jeans paired with a cropped top. We should know to maintain the propriety of the moment, even when it comes to dresses. Wearing the right dress, at the right moment in a proper manner makes us look incredibly attractive. A proper sense of dressing contributes enormously to the charm and aura of a woman, even though she is in a plain outfit.

The selection of an appropriate dress seems like a huge dilemma for each woman worldwide, which renders them to spend hours trying to make the final decision about their dress. Women find it hard to select a proper outfit to attend any particular occasion. The easiest way to select your dress is any attire which makes you look chic and smart. This is the basic mantra to look beautiful.

Ten Different Kurti Skirt


The free-spirited and vibrant Indian women always love to indulge in beautiful dresses which make them look exotic. They love to try different types of dresses to enhance their glamour. They drape both western and traditional dresses with ease. The ethnic bottom wears for ladies have become a recent trend. The designer ethnic skirts have been eye-catchers for quite some time. They are also versatile and can be paired up with different kinds of kurti or tops. We are suggesting a range of both traditional and fusion form of kurti skirt sets to highlight your fashion vibes.

Knee Length Kurti with Skirt

Kalamkari is an ancient art form of India. Traditionally, the cotton or silk fabric was hand-painted with a pen crafted out of tamarind using natural colours. In the present time, various types of both block printing and hand printing of peacocks, flowers and characters from epics are included in the kalamkari art. Trendy, as well as traditional kalamkari dresses, are always in demand in our market. This cotton kalamkari skirt in beige stands out because of its unique traditional style. It is perfectly paired with a red trendy cotton Kurti with overlapped sleeves and keyhole at the back. This skirt is equipped with an elastic band at the waist. You can attend any religious ceremony or even go to your workplace wearing this Kurti skirt. This pair will reflect your ethnic taste and is reasonably priced at Rs. 2,974. You can get it online from The Loom.

Kurti with Layered Skirt

The layered skirt has been in vogue since it imparts a modish look. If you wear it with a properly styled Kurti, it will flaunt your appearance further. This layered green and magenta skirt in chanderi cotton, with printed peacock motifs, is a beautiful piece to be worn, during festivals like Diwali, Eid and Christmas. The skirt is paired with a short magenta Kurti made of chanderi cotton, which enhances the grace of the skirt. Team this pair with heavy necklaces and earrings and get ready for celebrating your festival. You can procure this pair from Maybell India at a price of Rs. 2,599.

Front Slit Kurti with Skirt


In the hand block printing technique, wooden blocks are used to print clothes entirely by hand. These wooden blocks are initially carved with the design, which is dipped in colour trays and stamped on the fabric. The print gets permanently stamped on the clothes imparting a beautiful look. This grey cotton silk skirt is specially designed by hand block printed patterns. The irregularities of the print stand as proof of the fabric being hand printed. The red georgette Kurti has a slit at the front giving it a trendy look. This Kurti is paired with the hand-printed skirt by toning with its red border making it an exclusive set. You can attend a birthday party or get together with your family and friends wearing this elegant pair. You can purchase this pair at a reasonable price of Rs. 2,550 from Aartyz.

Indo Western Kurti Top with Skirt


The term Indo western outfit indicates a western flair to an Indian dress. There are numerous Indo western outfits available in the market at an affordable price. A proper combination of an Indian and a western garment makes an Indo-western pair. These fusions create dresses that are a thrill to wear and make heads turn. This pair of Kurti skirt is an Indo-western combination with the Kurti designed as a shirt with layered and flared sleeves. This crepe shirt is beige and carries the flamboyance of a western top. This shirt Kurti is combined with a flared and foiled printed skirt made of poly silk. Adorn this beautiful dress with gold stiletto heels and a sleek diamond necklace and get ready to attend Mehndi, bridal showers or Haldi function. You can but this set from Lady India at a price of Rs. 2,299.

Short Kurti with Long Skirt

Weddings are occasions where everyone desires to attend looking their best in attires made from beautiful silk fabrics. You can choose authentic silk garments that are in the higher price range, while there are a variety of artificial silk garments at a much lower price, still presenting the same effect of real silk. Jam silk cotton is a fabric of this class that exhibits a superior finishing and can be appropriately worn for weddings and other grand occasions. This Kurti skirt set is designed with golden floral block print on mustard jam silk fabric. The short Kurti top has a flared bottom and flared three-quarter sleeves, which is paired with a floor-length skirt. A set of yellow coloured tribal dangles and a pair of yellow heels will complete your outfit. Wear it to a wedding which will impart grace and elegance to your appearance. You can procure this pair at Rs. 5,300 from Aishwarya Design Studio.

Asymmetric Kurti with Flare Bottom Skirt

Asymmetric Kurti gives you a chic Bohemian look and can be teamed up with different types of bottoms. This pair of cotton yellow Kurti skirt with a short asymmetric Kurti designed with bell sleeves and flared cotton skirt makes you look fabulous. The hand-blocked red and beige print on the Kurti makes it unique. The design on the Kurti gets emphasised when you wear it with the floor-length yellow skirt. Wear a beautiful red and yellow pencil heels along with earrings and necklace of similar colour and you are ready to attend any party, be it at your office or your friends' place. You can get this beautiful pair online from Panash India at Rs. 3,769.

Kurti with Ankle Length Skirt

The combination of Kurti skirt with an ankle-length skirt and layered Kurti just below your knee makes your appearance impressively decent. This Kurti is a blend of cotton viscose fabric with a cool colour combination which makes it ideal as your office attire. The cool colour and wide flare of the skirt makes it a comfortable attire to wear during summer. A comfortable dress can make your day pleasant. This embroidered dress will give you a professional look by pairing with black or brown peep-toe heels. You can wear large studs along with a simple chain. Buy this cool dress from Flipkart at Rs. 1,977.

Jacket Kurti with Skirt

A long jacket Kurti is an Indo-western blend of our traditional Kurti. This kurtis are tailored in the form of a jacket and gives you a graceful get-up. This type of Kurti is very comfortable and has been in trend in recent times. This green coloured woven jacket Kurti made of cotton, makes you look slim and its free-flowing style makes it a comfortable wear. The contrasting red maxi skirt adds an extra chic look. Style it with light coloured wedges or peep-toe heels and dominating dangles. The best part of it is that you can wear this beautifully designed dress to attend a corporate meeting as well as a social party. You can pick this pair from Mirraw at a reasonable price of Rs. 2,880.

Peplum Kurti with Ankle Length Skirt

Kurtis designed in the style of peplum tops adds extra charm and grace to your appearance. This type of kurti has a slim fit at the upper half and is flared at the bottom. These kurtis look chic and can be stylishly worn with a skirt to give a smart look. This green embroidered rayon cotton peplum kurti is paired with a contrasting orange rayon cotton skirt. Wear it with elegance to a party or get together with family and friends. You can wear sleek heels and heavy earrings to style up with your attire. You can get this pair at an affordable price of Rs 1,599 from Cilory.

Mughal Kurti with Long Skirt

Shibori is a technique of dyeing which originated in China and was made popular by Japan, using indigo during 17th to 19th century to make a piece of fabric as an alternative to silk. The artists separate innumerable points which are repeated on the fabric with the help of a thread. These spots are dyed with different colours to craft beautiful motifs. These intricate designs are enigmatic and add galore to its beauty. The tie and dye technique is another separate and simple method where the cloth is twisted and tied for forming a spiral type of design with the rainbow pattern.

This special kurti is of Shibori print with exquisite Mughal designs in mild pink and orange colour, which gives it a special classy getup. It is combined with an orange tie and dye skirt which enhances the beauty of the kurti. You can attend weddings, high-class parties and important events wearing this kurti skirt set. Wear simple earrings and neckwear to highlight the beauty of your dress. You can purchase this set from Kalanjali at a price of Rs. 5,250.

Heed These Points While Selecting Your Kurti with Skirt

Consider the following tips while dressing yourself with a kurti skirt set to complete your get up perfectly

Select the Colour to Match Your Skin Tone

Skin tone is one of the most important attributes for selecting the dresses. Synchronization between the colour of the fabric and the skin tone is the basic necessity of fashion. When this condition is suitably addressed, people of different complexion tend to look ardently beautiful. Indians belong to a race of highly contrasting skin colours ranging from dark to fair. It should be heeded that the colours of some attire are not always in perfect harmony with all skin types. Therefore, the colour of the clothes should be selected after assessing and comprehending your skin types carefully. Engulf yourself within an elegant aura by allowing your skin tone to match with the colour of the chosen dress.

Lengths of Both the Garments

The best part of kurti skirt is that any lengths of both the garments make it fashionable. A long kurti or a short kurti can be paired with both a long skirt and an ankle-length skirt. The style and the length of the kurti can be manipulated according to your desire. You can have ample of choices with the design of your kurti along with its length.

Appropriate Fitting


A body is always flattered with well-fitted clothes. Your appearance gets highlighted by clothes which fit you well. No one possesses a perfectly shaped body. So we should self analyse ourselves about our bulge, flap, sag, to make our clothes fit better. Dresses stitched appropriately by considering these negative attributes, augment your beauty. This is because these attributes can be diminished substantially by a dress with proper fitting.

Height is another factor not to be ignored while selecting your kurti skirt. A short lady should go for a short kurti and ankle-length skirt, which will make her look taller. The opposite goes for a tall lady, who can easily carry a long kurti with a long skirt. Kurti skirt is unanimously proper for both thin as well as overweight ladies since this dress helps to make a thin lady look healthy while an overweight lady thin. Thus a well-tailored kurti skirt can be attire for all ladies within different age groups.

Footwear and Jewellery

Get dressed in an elegant kurti skirt set and adorn it with accessories like pieces of jewellery and shoes for adding extra elegance to your appearance. You should assemble your accessories with extra care, to look gorgeous. Jewelleries shower inevitable verve to the entire get-up. A small ring around the finger or slim neckwear enhances the beauty and endorses the beauty of your dress. A slight gleam of precious stones like diamond, emerald, ruby in a jewellery piece also ignites the entire appearance.

Here are a few accessories one can wear in conjunction with kurti skirt:

  • Without your neckwear, something seems amiss, even after you get attired in a pretty dress. This is an integral part to match up with your kurti skirt as it emphasises the beauty of your dress. While selecting neckwear, the initial step is to assure that its design and colour support the colour of the kurti- skirt. You can go for neckwear with both traditional and trendy looks.

  • A pair of traditional earrings will easily team up with a kurti skirt. Dangles are in perfect coordination when both the kurti and the skirt is long. However, several other earrings of larger sizes studs, clusters, drops, hoops and the like with a traditional flair can be worn too in case when the kurti is short, which adds a smart look.

  • Bangles are added accessories which can be adorned with your kurti skirt as it adds to the classical Indian look. However, it is essential to make sure the colour of the bangles match with your dress. You may also go for a beautiful bracelet instead of bangles depending on the occasion you are dressing for. You can wear bangles to a religious ceremony or wedding while wearing a bracelet to a party.

  • The harmony of soft melodious jingling of anklets with the entire outfit boosts the beauty of the moment. Anklets are more suitable when the skirt is ankle length so that they are visible. You can select from an ample variety of anklets found in the market, but silver anklet always is an all-time favourite.

  • Finally, complete your outfit wearing an exquisite pair of shoes. Traditional as well as trendy shoe types blend best with kurti skirts. It is better to wear high heels, which adds flamboyancy to your attire depending on the length of the kurti skirt.

Bonus Tip: Select Aptly, Look Versatile

It is the selection of clothes that makes you dashing and graceful. You can try different style, but never undermine the point to notice whether you are capable of wearing it with your natural flair. A costly and beautiful dress would look dull if you fail to adorn it in style, while a simple dress may look stylish on you. So be careful to have the right choice of clothes to highlight your appearance superbly.

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While most of you would buy kurti and skirt as a set, you can also experiment with a skirt combination with your existing kurti very easily. Both above knee kurtis and below knee kurtis can be paired with a skirt. An A-line kurti can be paired with an ankle-length maxi skirt of similar fabric but contrasting colours. But a straight cut kurti with flared skirt is the stuff of dreams. However, if you are looking for a skirt dress pair your jacket kurti, asymmetrical kurti and cape kurti with a long and flared skirt.

Skirts have always been a favourite among all of the Indian traditional wear in many forms. Over the years it has transformed into what it is now. With careful experimentation, you can create your fashion pieces with the stuff in your wardrobe.