Turn Up Your Style Quotient with These 8 Short Kurtis Paired with Jeans + Footwear Recommendations and More! (2020)

Turn Up Your Style Quotient with These 8 Short Kurtis Paired with Jeans + Footwear Recommendations and More! (2020)

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Pairing kurtis with jeans brings absolute comfort doesn't it? We have gathered for you the best kurtis to match with a pair of jeans along with perfect footwear suggestions to complete the look. Read on to find out more!

The Casual Combo - Kurti, Jeans and Shoes

This is the safest option and quite the best, too. People usually wear flat sandals with kurtis and these look great. In some cases, jootis look the best. This is also the most comfortable option and can be used when you are travelling, especially, for long road and rail journeys. It can also be used when going out for a casual dinner or to just go to a friend's place.

Top 8 Kurtis Paired with Footwear for Trendy Look!

Read further to see the top 8 combinations of short kurtis (on a jeans) paired with the correct footwear. These are some of the trendiest styles and designs available on the internet.

TAAVI Women Indigo Hand Block Printed A-Line Kurta With Pleats & Tassels (+ Sneakers)

This kurti has a unique design, not something one is likely to come across often. The colour is denim blue with contrasting shades giving the illusion of a jacket. This ‘jacket’ is blue too, but has patterns on it while the kurti itself is very simple. There is some thread work done, however with pink tassels attached to where the thread work ends. It is beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. This one is sold by Taavi on Myntra for a price of Rs.1,519. One can easily use this as party wear because of the chic design.

Wear this kurti (with jeans) with a pair of pink round-toe pink sneakers. You can get these from Myntra at Rs.1,149. It has regular styling, lace-up detail and is in a solid shade of baby pink.

Cotton Bagru Printed Short Kurta (+ Wedges)

From the collection of Fab India, this piece is a stellar and looks great for any occasion. You can wear it for formal occasions or even for a casual outing with friends and family. It is in a shade of maroon with floral Bagru prints all over it. It is made of complete cotton which make it comfortable for the summers or for travelling as well. With round neck style and three-quarter sleeves, this one should surely find a spot in your wardrobe. If you are pairing it with jeans (which it would rock for sure), we recommend going for jet black jeans to bring out the red colour of the kurti. It comes at a price tag of Rs.990.

We also recommend completing your look with beige coloured wedges from Bata for just Rs.999. It has an elegant design with laser cut detaling.

Animal Print Women Straight Kurta (+ Flats)

This kurti is a work of art. It is sunshine yellow in colour and needless to say, this is just as bright and vibrant as sunshine itself! The prints on this stunning piece are the main reasons why you will buy it without thinking again. The neckline of this kurti has geometrical patterns while the rest of the kurti is adorned with animal prints. Another feature of this kurti is its pair of small Victorian sleeves which also have birds printed all over them. This kurti will look stunning on a pair of white, ankle-length jeans. You can buy this on Flipkart for Rs.368 only!

This kurti would look best when paired with jeans and a pair of flats. We recommend checking out the black flat chappals from Bata priced at just Rs.999. They are chic and classy along with being comfortable with soft soles.

QUEEN SHIELD Women's Formal & Casual Rayon Cotton Kurti (+ Flat Sandals)

This piece is a bright, vibrant yellow that reminds one of sunshine colours. The yellow shade gives it a mustard undertone that makes it look even better. It has sleeves extending up to the elbows and the length extending up to the thighs. This kurti will look the best with white jeans. This will also look stunning with a light blue pair of jeans. The fact that this kurti has minimal designs is another major plus for women who like simple clothes. This is perfect for daily wear purposes and for casual outings. Available on Amazon, this one is sold by Queen Shield at an affordable price of Rs.595 only.

This pair of flat sandals from AJIO is priced at Rs.600 and will look really good with the kurti and jeans. It is black in colour with frayed straps.

Aahwan Solid Cotton Short Straight Embroidered Kurti (+ Ballerinas)

This kurti is my personal favourite, given the simple, comfortable design and the colour. The kurti extends up to the thighs and the sleeves reach the elbows. The colour is dark pink, subdued in shade, more like matte pink. It is soothing to look at and comfortable to wear. The colour is such that one can wear it with a pair of jeans of any colour, be it black, blue or white. However, this one will look particularly good with a white pair of jeans. Sold by Aahwan, you can find this one on Amazon at Rs.399 only.

This short kurti would go well with baby pink ballerinas from Lifestyle Stores. They are available for Rs.399 only.

Women Charcoal Grey Embroidered A-Line Kurta (+ Buckle Strap Flats)

You can trust Myntra to get you clothes conforming to the latest fashion trends. This one is no different. Being a little above the knee and having sleeves extending to the wrist, this kurti is a must have for all. The colour is charcoal grey and the embroidery work done at the neckline is the main attraction here. The edges of the wrist have the same floral embroidery work done as was done at the neckline. Another thing that is attractive is its unique colour. One does not often find such colours easily. Thus, this kurti is all about being different. This one is sold by Colour Me by Melange at a price of Rs.1,359 only.

Available for just Rs.599 on Lifestyle Stores, this pair of buckle strap flats in a slightly beige-peach colour will rock with your kurti and jeans combo.

AJIO Printed Flared Kurti with Band Collar (+ Sneakers)

We love this flared kurti from AJIO with a band collar. It is available in both green and yellow colours and would look fab on a pair of black, blue, white or even grey jeans. The flared look further enhances the combination of jeans and kurti. There are 3/4 sleeves with designing on the kurti in shades of white, yellow and more; in an abstract style pattern. You can wear this mostly for casual occasions or semi-formal events. It is also a great option to choose when travelling. You can get this for Rs.1,049.

We recommend completing your look of this kurti on jeans with this pair of white sneakers with golden stars printed all over it. It is available on Flipkart for just Rs.413 only.

Women Embroidered, Solid Straight Kurta (+ Chunky Heels)

Here is another kurti that is a wonderful shade of mustard yellow. It is simple and elegant and needless to say, it is perfect for the summers. The design is minimal which makes it even more charming. This piece will look great on any jeans of darker or lighter shades, be it black, blue or white. The three- quarter sleeves and the simple embroidered work at the neckline are the main attractions in this kurti. Needless to say that accessories will enhance the look even more. Sold by Chichi, you will find this piece on Flipkart at Rs.315 only!

From AJIO, priced at Rs.700 only, this pair of chunky black heels would look dreamy with your kurti and jeans. They are also available in a shade of tan with detailing and would look equally good.

What Kind of Shoes Work Best with Almost Any Kurti and Jeans?

Footwear is something that most of us are particular about. The great thing thing about short kurtis is that they can be worn with any kind of footwear. However, one must know how to carry the attire smartly. The list below shows three such options that will enhance the look you are aiming for with your short kurtis.


Not many people do this and that is exactly what makes it look great. Wearing a kurti with sneakers is the ultimate style statement that a woman can make. It is suave, stylish and bold. The appearance is confident and great. However, be careful to choose the correct colour of sneakers to blend in with the outfit and to not stand out completely or it would make no sense. The best sneakers that rock this combination include white, off-white, denim-style and black.

Wedge Heels

Most women wear wedge heels with kurtis. These look great and sophisticated. This look is perfect for corporate tycoons as this has a formal hint to it. You can also go for peep-toes or pencil heels if the occasion demands for it. You can also easily experiment with colours and designs when it comes to pairing heels with kurti and jeans as they won't take away much from the entire look.

Flat Sandals

This is the safest option and quite the best, too. People usually wear flat sandals with kurtis and these look great. In some cases, jootis look the best. This is also the most comfortable option and can be used when you are travelling, especially, for long road and rail journeys. It can also be used when going out for a casual dinner or to just go to a friend's place.

3 Best Occasions to Rock This Combo!

One can wear kurtis with jeans and shoes anywhere. Kurtis have become the style statement that women can make in colleges or in areas of their work. Short kurtis are trending right now for their versatility. They can be worn with skirts and shirts and jeans. Most of these can be worn anywhere. The list below talks about three such places where you can rock a kurti, jeans and shoes combo!

1. For Travelling

Travelling can be quite challenging with the journey being possibly a hectic one. That is when this dressing combination comes to your rescue. The comfort it gives you is phenomenal and essentially needed. The kurtis do not stick to your body, thus not making you feel sweaty. Also, these can be easily washed without hassles, which makes them even more useful. Further, jeans and shoes ensure comfort.

2. For Casual Outings

Some of these kurtis paired with jeans and shoes are appropriate if you are planning to simply hang out with your friends. The design is stylish, giving you the required suave, and the fabric is comfortable, giving you some breathing space. You can simply concentrate on enjoying your day in these kurtis.

3. For College

The short kurtis available in the market are perfect for students going to colleges and they can be paired with almost anything. When you pair them with jeans and shoes you ensure that comfort and style go hand in hand. You are easily able to meet the challenges of a hectic college day as well. Another big aspect of these kurtis is that they do not need a lot of accessories to be paired with. They can look good with anything. Light make up complements these designs and makes you look ready and confident to face your day!

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The Best Combination Ever!

A pair of sneakers, a short kurti and a pair of comfortable jeans - has to be the easiest combination to pull off as a style statement, while being comfortable. Kurtis are the go-to comfort wear for most Indian women these days and pairing them with jeans has made kurtis even popular. Make sure you pick the right colour of kurti and contrast it with your jeans and you're good to go!