Reach Peak Style and Top Beauty Trends With The Stylish Kurti Dhoti Combination: 10 Top Sets To Check Out!

Reach Peak Style and Top Beauty Trends With The Stylish Kurti Dhoti Combination: 10 Top Sets To Check Out!

Imagining Indian attires without Kurti is an absurd idea and needless to say that right bottoms transform the complete look of the attire. You are at the right place if you’re bored and want to experiment with your desi look. Let’s look at different types of Kurti with Dhoti, shall we?

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Why Kurti and Dhoti is Such an Amazing Outfit to Wear?

Best Combination of Traditional and Modern Outfit

If you want to mix and match the best of both worlds then kurti dhoti sets are just perfect for it. In this way, you can combine both modern as well as traditional appeal into your outfit without even having to compromise your comfort too.

The combo of kurti and dhoti is simply perfect when you want to attend a wedding or a family function or even a Puja. In fact, you can use them as workwear and college wear too. Isn’t it just the perfect outfit or all the time?

Style with Comfort

As we talked about earlier, Kurti and dhoti combo is marvellous when it comes to keeping your comfort on top of everything else. Dhotis are a little narrow on the ankle area but through customization, you can adjust the fitting as per your requirement.

Usually, you do not carry a dupatta with kurti and dhoti and this is why it gives you the utmost freedom to move around and enjoy your time when you are attending a function.

Remains Trendy All the Time


You must own a dhoti kurti set in your wardrobe because these are the clothing pieces that are simply timeless. Such outfits remain classic all time of year no matter what. In fact, you can mix and match the kurti and dhoti separately to team up them with other outfits to create fusion looks. So, if you want to remain trendy throughout the year, make sure that you own a kurti dhoti set.

Here are Some Kurti Dhoti Sets for You

Pink Paisley Dhoti Kurta Set

The first set of kurti dhoti we found during our search was this very pretty and feminine set of short kurti and dhoti pants. Available in pink colour, this set looks really cute and apparently, this one makes a perfect pick for something fusion and very appealing at the same time.

The kurti is definitely the real highlight of this set which has peplum style and it ends right above the thighs. Moreover, the kurti is sleeveless and has beautiful paisley print all over it giving it some dimension and styling too.

Talking about the dhoti then it has been kept simple and it is narrow from the end. The dhoti has enough pleats to make it look fuller and voluminous. We would recommend this set to be worn for small functions. You can buy it now on Tatacliq for Rs. 2,399.

Mustard Dhoti and Kurta with Tassel Details

It is always a delight to come across such ethnic pieces that can be worn for casual reasons. One such piece that we found is this mustard yellow dhoti and Kurti set. What is going to garner your attention the most is how the tassel detailing works amazingly for it.

Both the kurti and the dhoti are made out of rayon fabric which gives it a flowy and casual vibe. Moreover, the solid colour and no print on the outfit gives it a chick appeal.

Talking about the pattern in details then the dhoti pants are kept simple with a quite narrow fitting on the edges. This is the kurti which grabs all the attention here. It is fitted from the waistline and has flowy sleeves along with beautiful tassel detailing. You can buy this outfit on Cilory for Rs 1,439.

Peplum Kurti with White Dhoti Set

Whether it is mehndi or any other day time function, you should wear something which is a combination of quirky and ethnic at the same time. This lilac coloured kurti and white dhoti pants are perfect to leave a lasting impression on everyone with your super cool fashion sense.

The colour is the highlight of this outfit which is very feminine but strong at the same time. The Kurti is available in peplum style with front cut and full-length sleeves with belle detailing.

You can also spot beautiful thread work on all over the Kurti which makes it perfectly ethnic. It is paired with white dhoti pants which is quite voluminous and stunning. Pair this dress with ethnic mojaris and you will look like the ultimate fashionista. Buy this set now on That 1 Too for Rs 2,900.

Black Cotton Dhoti Style Kurti

This piece here is actually a dhoti style kurti design which is quite different from the rest of the options provided in this list. Instead of mentioning a set of kurti and dhoti, this piece is a kurti only which is designed like a dhoti from its edges.

This is such a unique piece we managed to find for you. The black-coloured cotton Kurti looks quite glamorous because of its unique pattern.

It is quite like wearing a jumpsuit or romper for sure. The kurti even has beautiful prints on it which really compliments the colour of the kurti because of the contrasting match. Moreover, there is also a drawstring provided on the waistline for giving that fitted look. This kurti definitely deserves all your attention right away. And you can buy it on Snapdeal for Rs 1,399.

Handblock Print Dhoti Style Kurti


We found one more dhoti style Kurti for you just like the black one mentioned earlier. Such kind of fusion Kurtis are totally eye-catching and would bring you a lot of praises too.

So, this one here is a cotton dhoti style Kurti with hand block print all over it. The print looks really stunning and sent out casual vibes too. The Kurti looks quite like a romper with dhoti detailing on its lower part and a simple Kurti pattern on its upper part.

You also get drawstrings on the waistline of the kurti to adjust the fitting on your own. Moreover, the kurti has short sleeves and shaded colours of blue all over it. This kurti is perfect to create a boho look and you can wear it to college, some event or to casual day out too. You can buy it on Amazon for Rs. 1,399.

Indo Western Crop top and Dhoti Set

This is a pattern you might not have been expecting to find in this list here. We decided to move ahead of regular kurti and dhoti combo and decided to include a really unique and extraordinary design into this list as well. This crop top and dhoti combo is one such design that you would like to have in your ethnic wardrobe.

The crop top here is available in blue colour and comes with a cape sleeved jacket too made out of raw silk. It is paired with dhoti pants which are kept minimal in white colour.

This Kalki Fashion piece is truly way different from every other sets mentioned here. And the combo of white and blue colour really balance out each other very well. In fact, it looks so regal that you would want to wear it again and again. So, don’t wait and buy it now on Kalki Fashion for Rs 7,140.

Embellished Flared Kurti with Dhoti Pants


Apparently, there is no limit to the ethnic kurti dhoti combination you can find online and thankfully there are so many patterns available too. Like this embellished kurti and dhoti set which is perfect for festivals, weddings and all other functions too.

We are totally in love with the colour of this outfit which is Fuchsia Pink and looks really bright and popping on Indian skin tone. In fact, it gives perfect festive vibes.

Talking about the pattern as a whole, the kurti is thigh light with Angrakha pattern and short sleeves. It has such a nice flare too. While the dhoti is cropped with quite amazing fitting on the edges. The dhoti is too fitted but you can adjust the fitting on your own. You can buy this outfit on Ajio for Rs 1,750.

Designer Dhoti and Kurti Set

If you are looking for something designer and rich in appeal then this blue and turquoise designer Kurti dhoti is going to be very much loved by you. While the upper short Kurti is kept in a royal blue colour, the dhoti is provided in a light turquoise colour.

The combination also looks very refreshing and has a vibe of its own. The Kurti is available in jacket pattern with stunning embroidery and zardozi work is done all over it. It is available in raw silk fabric.

Moreover, the dhoti is available in crepe fabric and we found the pattern very unique too. The dhoti is covered by two pleats on it giving it a unique appearance. The dhoti is high rise from the waistline and really goes well with the Kurti. You can buy this set on Samyakk for Rs. 15,700.

Beige Kurta and Red Dhoti Pants

We are totally in awe of the concept of dhoti dress as they are the perfect fusion outfit you would want to wear to every other function or even to the office. Take a look at this beige Kurti and red dhoti pants here which is one of the best combos of this list.

Both the Kurti and the dhoti are made out of cotton fabric and hence perfect for summertime and day time functions.

Furthermore, you can spot beautiful floral motifs on the Kurti which are colourful and looks quite striking on the beige backdrop of the Kurti. The Kurti is short in length and flared from the waistline along with quarter length sleeves. While the maroon dhoti pants are kept quite simple but very much voluminous. You can buy this pair of dhoti and Kurti on for Rs 2,250.

Solid Kurti with Printed Dhoti

Looking for something fun and quirky for that college event or a special day at work? We are pretty sure that you are going to love this pretty kurti and printed dhoti combo here. While the Kurti is available in a solid pattern, the dhoti has printed all over which balances out the whole outfit.

Available in **popping orange colour*, the Kurti is short in length and is flared too. It has quarter length sleeves with drawstrings details on the edge of the sleeves.

Talking about the dhoti then we feel that it is the true highlight of this outfit. The dhoti has an orange and green print which really matches up with the Kurti and also brings a unique factor to the set. You can buy this dhoti Kurti set on Myntra for Rs 1,259.

Styling Tips for Kurti and Dhoti

So, these were some of the combos of dhoti pants with kurti online that we curated especially for you for all sorts of occasions. However, it is not just about wearing the dhoti kurti set but also about pulling it off with utmost grace and style. So, we bring some of the styling tips you can try out while wearing this unique outfit.

Team Up Your Dhoti with a Crop Top

Crop tops are like the star of the party these days and the best thing about them is that you can match them up with literally anything. And this time you need to pair them up with dhoti pants. Pick a high rise dhoti to go with a crop top and this will create a wonderful fusion outfit for you. You can further elevate your look through quirky jackets too.

Say Yes to Sling Bag and High Heels

Sling bags are like adding the finishing touch to your look. They will not only complete your look but would turn you into a total fashionista. Dhoti and Kurti already give such cool vibes and a nice sling bag would be perfect to not only accessorize this look but to also add an element of fun and quirk in it. Also, you would be able to carry your stuff with style too. Moreover, high heels always accentuate your figure and would turn out perfect for fusion outfits like Kurti and dhoti. You can go for block heels if you are too uncomfortable with pencil heels or stilettos.

Right Kind of Hairstyle

This is really important for you to pull off kurti dhoti with the utmost style and for this you need to go for the right kind of hairstyle too. Opt for loose curls and wavy hairstyles to keep your style game on point. You can also tie up your hairs in half clutched manner which will make it easier for you to manage your hairs on a windy day.

Ditch that Dupatta

You need not add up that dupatta even if it is provided with the dhoti and Kurti set. There is literally no need to add that one additional layer on top of you for no reason at all. In fact, you can rather go with jackets which would look way cooler and stylish as compared to a dupatta. Go for peplum style Kurti to avoid wearing both jackets and dupatta.

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Try a Skinny Belt to Cinch Your Kurti at the Waist.

Broad belts divide your body in half, making you look shorter. Opt for skinny belts instead or wear an ultra-chic Kurti that comes with a tie-up belt. Go for a belt of the same colour as your Kurti, as it will define your waist without starkly dividing your body into two halves. Pair it with a knee-length Kurti for best results.