Looking for a Fresh Look in 2022? 10 Best Kurti on Myntra So You Find Just the Right Ones to Revamp Your Wardrobe.

Looking for a Fresh Look in 2022? 10 Best Kurti on Myntra So You Find Just the Right Ones to Revamp Your Wardrobe.

Every woman desires to look her best! Buying the latest Kurtis online can change the way you look. If you want to look alluring at every event or even casual outing then you should always opt for stylish Kurtis online, they are best when it comes to rescuing someone from wardrobe fails. You can buy the best stylish Kurtis online at the best prices on Myntra. Shop and make your wardrobe complete, so scroll ahead!

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Enhance Your Elegance by Attiring Yourself in Kurti

What is a Kurti?

The Kurti, also known as the Kurta, is an Indian costume that has changed over time to meet the ever-changing demands of the fashion-forward world. The Salwar-Kurti-Dupatta ensemble consists of a long blouse, usually knee-length, combined with a salwar or churidar and a dupatta.

In Western countries, the tunic was worn with a cloak beneath it for religious and cultural ceremonies. Many industries have sprung up as a result of the spread of Indian Kurtis, resulting in job creation and infrastructure development across the vast country of India. 

Fabric is used to produce this popular garment, and the great thing about it is that any fabric can be used to make it. Many top producers of this garment normally produce it to the most recent fashion trends to the desires of their customers, as everyone wants to be dressed in the most up-to-date fashion in town.

What Can Be Worn with Kurtis?

The right pair completes the aesthetic of the entire ensemble. Gone are the days when kurtas/kurtis were exclusively worn with salwar or churidar; now you may experiment with numerous bottom styles for your favourite Kurti and look different every time. Bottoms such as dhoti salwar, Aladdin salwar, harem pants, cigarette pants, palazzos, long skirts, and so on can modernize your look.

Try some indo-western style bottom wears for that charming Indianness, or put on some traditional bottom wears for that charming Indianness, the option is yours! Bollywood queens are generally seen in traditional bottom wear rather than jeans, leggings, and other modern bottom wear, but they always add a stylish twist to traditional bottom wear for that beautiful look.

Kinds of Kurtis

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Over the years, Kurtis have evolved with different types of patterns coming up to attract women of varying tastes and broaden their wardrobe choices. There are around 30 types of patterns in Kurti.

They are as follows: 

  • Overlay Kurti
  • Tail Kurti
  • A-Line Kurti
  • Long Straight Kurti 
  • Anarkali Kurti
  • C shaped Kurti
  • Dhoti Style Kurti
  • Shirt Kurti
  • Flared Kurti
  • Indo-Western Kurti
  • Angrakha Kurti
  • Printed Kurti
  • Reversible Kurti
  • Kurti with a jacket 
  • Kaftan Kurti
  • Floor Length Kurti
  • Princess-Cut Kurti
  • High-Low Kurti
  • Frock Kurti
  • Cape Kurti
  • Slit Kurti
  • Denim Kurti
  • Asymmetrical Kurti
  • Double Layered Kurti
  • Pintucks Kurti
  • Tulip Kurti
  • Tiers Kurti
  • Cold Shoulder Kurti
  • Cowl Kurti

10 Best Kurtis on Myntra: Stylish Options for Looking Great

Cotton Kurti

Cotton is the most preferable fabric used on the kurtis in summer or even on normal days too. This is a cotton Kurti proposed by Myntra. The Kurti is of an A-line pattern with a round neck. It consists of three-quarter sleeves with the front closure by buttons. The Kurti is of pink colour and has tassel details in it. The Kurti is woven south cotton legacy with no slits. You can buy this amazing cotton Kurti from Myntra for Rs. 899. 

Rayon Kurti

Rayon is another most elegant fabric that furnishes you with the best comfort zone while worn. The Rayon Kurti proposed here is turquoise blue in an Anarkali pattern. It is of a band collar with a full button placket at the front. It consists of classy quarter sleeves with an a-line cut. The length of the Kurti is a calf with a beaded knot on the pleated sides. This makes the Kurti look versatile and modern. It can be said that it has a classic interpretation of aesthetic ethnic grace and a contemporary twist. You can buy this amazing one from Myntra for Rs. 2,499.

Net Kurti

Net is the most enhancing and highlighting fabric as it can work as a translucent fabric. The net fabrics add a spark to your outfit that is Kurti as designs on the net make the eyes glare. The Net Kurti displayed here is a white embroidered straight Kurti with a keyhole on the neck. It has three-fourth sleeves with side slits. It has a straight hem and the model in the image is wearing an S size. You can buy this amazing Kurti from Myntra for Rs. 1,599.

Georgette Kurti

Georgette is one of the materials that is a kind of crepe, that is made either from pure silk or can be of artificial material such as rayon, etc. It is a strong and highly resistant fabric that renders it good for printing and other motives. The Georgette Kurti displayed here is of black and yellow floral print with a round neck. It has three-quarter sleeves with roll-up buttons on tabs. It has a vented hemline and the model who has been showcased on the display is wearing the S size, Georgette Kurti. You can buy this amazing piece from Myntra for Rs. 1,999

Chiffon Kurti

Chiffon fabric is an airy, sheer plain-weave cloth manufactured out of highly jerked filament fibers. This fabric has a sheer, transparent formation, and when clasped under a magnifying mirror, it glares like an excellent mesh or netting. The Chiffon Kurti displayed here is pink printed with a Mandarin collar. The beauty of this Kurti is that it has a full zip closure that makes it comfortable for females to have resistance in hot or humid climates. This also consists of three-fourth sleeves with a front slit. It is of high low hemline and the model in the picture is wearing an XS size of this Chiffon Kurti. You can buy this from Myntra for Rs. 1,798. 

Velvet Kurti

Velvet is a soft and fluffy fabric that is a multi-layered fabric with dense piles. The fabric is multi-layered due to the collection of a bunch of threads. The velvet helps you to have a bold and dark look in every colour. The Velvet Kurti showcased here is of pink colour and the Kurti is of straight velvet finish. The Kurti has a round neck with button details at the top only. This Kurti has full sleeves and a straight hemline with side slits. The model displayed here is wearing a velvet Kurti of the size S. You can buy this Kurti from Myntra for Rs. 999.

Brocade Kurti

Brocade is also one of the brilliant fabrics as it is the creation of various silk or even gold or silver threads. It looks very creative, shiny, and beautiful. It may be a mixture of cotton or even polyester with silk fabric. The Brocade Kurti showcased is red with a golden Kurti pattern woven design. It has a mandarin collar with three-fourth sleeves. It also has side slits to make you look decent, gorgeous, and traditional in this Kurti. The model in this picture is wearing the S size of this Brocade Kurti. You can buy this from Myntra just for Rs. 539.

Crepe Kurti

Crepe is a fabric method technique that outcomes in a unique rippling, three-dimensional fabric. It is usually a portable to medium-weight fabric that helps a person to be suitable and satisfied with their outfit of crepe fabric. The Crepe Kurti is shown here in a navy blue and green floral print straight Kurti. It is best for a standard and formal look as it has a decent and lovely-looking short zip on the front closure. It has three-quarter sleeves with a high low hemline and side slits. The model here is wearing an S the size of this Crepe Kurti. You can buy this Kurti from Myntra for Rs. 1,499

Denim Kurti

Denim is a durable cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft threads pass through two or more warp threads. This twill weave has a diagonal ribbing that sets it apart from cotton duck. Denim is a good fabric as it is a fabric used in the manufacturing of jeans. The denim Kurti proposed here is blue-dyed colour with a shirt colour that looks amazing. It consists of three-fourth sleeves with aa. straight hemline. The Denim Kurti has multiple slits in it and the remarkable thing about this Kurti is that it has a pocket that is a highlighting feature. The model displayed here is wearing the S size of this Kurti. You can shop this Kurti from Myntra for Rs. 1,999.

Silk Kurti

Silk is a lustrous textile with a satin texture and a reputation for being a luxury fabric. Silkworms, microscopic organisms that dwell mostly on mulberry leaves, make the most common silk. The Silk Kurti proposed here is of a maroon woven design straight Kurti.

The Silk Kurti has a round neck with three-fourth sleeves. The Kurti is of straight hemline and there are side slits. The golden work on the Kurti is so good that it makes your day outfit look glamorous and enables you to shine amongst others. The model showcased a being wearing the S size of this Kurti. You can buy this Kurti from Myntra for just Rs.974. 

Things to be Remembered While Selecting Kurtis from Myntra

The Uniqueness of Fabric

The most important consideration when selecting kurtis for your wardrobe from the best Kurti providers is their individuality and distinct style. Don't forget to consider the trends so your look remains stylish.

Try to choose the best option but it should first and foremost be comfortable for you. Sites like Myntra offer plenty of options, so you need to look for the right option that fits your needs and preferences. Another major point to keep in mind is buying the right style for the right occasion. For instance, you would need formal patterns and colours for office wear but for casual outings, you can afford to go bold in colours and patterns.

Pricing and Benefits

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When purchasing anything, the price is usually a significant consideration. Myntra Kurtis are highly popular these days; providers probably charge a premium for trendy, attractive clothing. This isn't supposed to be occurring. The vendor should provide you with the greatest Kurtis at the best price. Fabric and design quality should not be compromised.

Match the Style with the Occasion

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Kurtis is one of the most elegant and comfy clothing items ever created. It's a formal piece that can be paired in a variety of ways to produce amazing ensembles every time. For instance, short kurtis that go well with jeans are good options. However, stay away from bright colours or patterns that aren't suited for the workplace. There are also embroidered or printed kurtis available in a wide range of prints, leaving you spoilt for choice. These types of kurtis may work best for you if you like prints or embroidery. Choose the fabric of your Kurtis according to the season as some may not be comfortable in summer, winter, or rainy season.

Select the Desired Pattern

30 patterns in the Kurtis are stated above to be worn. In addition, long and asymmetric kurtis are a good choice. To complement the long kurtis, pair them with high heels. You can have the jacket with Kurti, Anarkali, frock pattern Kurti, etc., as party wear. If you don't want to have some then leave them and purchase the one you like the most.

In addition, you can also wear plain, long, floral prints in casual wear. There is something for every woman there, from the various color options to the unique designs and patterns, as well as the various fabrics offered. Choose from a wide assortment of kurtis to make a fashion statement at work.

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You Can Find a Kurti for Every Budget

One of the boons of shopping from Myntra is that it has something for everyone. No matter what your budget is, you can find something that you like when you shop for Kurti. Yes, the quality of the product may vary according to the price, but there are thousands of products that you can discover within your budget range as well; you would only need to search a bit more. You can also study the customer reviews to understand the quality of the product or to get a better understanding of whether the Kurti you are buying is worth the cost or not.