A Guide to the Best Sneakers for Men in 2019: Get the Year's Trendiest Pair of Sneakers for Yourself

A Guide to the Best Sneakers for Men in 2019: Get the Year's Trendiest Pair of Sneakers for Yourself

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Healthy living starts with healthy footwear. All of us are aware of the feeling when we are on a long trip and our shoes are uncomfortable. Don't allow poorly designed footwear to ruin your vacation or your workout. Check out these trending sneakers for men, along with tips to maintain them.

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Sneakers: Obsession Shoes of the 21st Century

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People often seek out branded clothes or other accessories, but over the years, millennials have come to find a new fashion obsession with sneakers. Sneakers no longer only define your regular range of footwear for sports that you wear to a game or pick for a morning jog, they are today recognised as a prime niche in street style and make an integral part of the fashion industry.

From high top sneakers that cover your ankles to low top oxfords which don’t, shoes with laces or without as in slip-on and even sneaker boots – there are a great variety of sneakers available in the market to take the diversity and modishness of our shoe collection up a notch.

Keep These Things in Mind When You're Looking for the Perfect Sneakers for Yourself

Sneakers are the perfect mix of style with comfort, and now, with endless options to buy from, they also score top marks in affordability. Although, there are a few things to keep in mind when you purchase your next chic pair of sneakers so you can enjoy the best, this range of footwear has in store to offer.

  • Do not compromise on comfort. You don’t want to forcefully fit into those amazing pair of shoes you fell in love at first sight with, even though they weren’t available in your size, only to have your feet hurt all day and end up with shoe bites.
  • The most significant pro sneakers have to offer is the comfort, and you do not want to miss on it. You should carefully select the right size for your feet, along with keeping a clear eye on the right fabric and design for your sneakers.
  • You can have your feet professionally measured, and choose the right pair that fits you perfectly, made out of breathable fabric, and has a flexible sole for additional comfort.
  • Today, there are sneakers available specific to a purpose. So, make sure to base your choice on the activity. To keep yourself active in the fashion game, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and designs.

Our Top Picks for Men's Sneakers in India

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Today, sneakers are not just a vibrant part of our everyday outfits but have become a sole attraction for collectors, came to be known as “sneakerheads”, all over the world. Living in twenty-tens, women aren’t the only ones obsessed with their shoes, the sneaker game has changed impeccably through the years for men as well, and there are numerous exciting options to choose from. Here we have compiled some of the trendiest sneakers for men to buy and complete their sneaker collection.

Bond Street by (Red Tape) Men’s Sneakers

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Are you always confused about which pair of shoes to match with which shirt? Well, for our first pair of shoes, we present to you these versatile sneakers from the house of Red Tape. These are simple, minimalistic yet stylish and would complement any colour combination, and can be worn both as casual wear and party wear!

They come in eight colours viz., black, olive, turquoise, beige, R.blue, red, grey and a combination of blue and brown. They are light, comfortable to walk in, with a soft material which enables you to walk longer distances without fatigue. Get the one in your favourite colour or get four to complement your various looks as these are on the inexpensive side and would cost you between Rs. 476 – Rs. 2,706 for a pair depending on the colours on Amazon.

Icon IDP Sneakers For Men

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Puma brings you our next sneaker shoes for men. Puma undoubtedly has become a name of trust among the Indian consumers providing a fantastic range of casual attire at affordable prices.

IDP Sneakers by Puma are sleek, come with a perfect fit, and are easily washable too. You’re not going to feel the slightest bit of discomfort wearing them around for the entire day.

They come in four colours, and if you’re someone you loves to go all white, they come in this beautiful white – royal shade. Other shades include peacoat-vibrant orange, ponderosa-pine white and navy blue. They are available to buy from Flipkart for Rs. 1,549 for a pair.

Levi's Men's Derby Classic Sneakers

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Levi’s – one of the favourite casual brands for the millennials, surely has made a name for itself in the informal and western clothing segment, and jeans aren’t their only premium product anymore!

These Derby Classics come in three shades – navy blue, regular black and regular white. They are as comfortable as they can be while being within the fashion trends of today. Wear them on your daily commute or for a party, they would serve both the purposes well.

They come with a 90 days warranty period against any manufacturing defects and are available to purchase from Amazon for Rs. 1,829.

Sparx Men's Sneakers

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“Add Sparx to your life!” We couldn’t agree less with their tagline as we bring you these black & white sneakers by Sparx.

Having a flexible sole and a soft cover material, these would keep you comfortable all day long! They come with a 30 days warranty against manufacturing and can be bought from Amazon for Rs. 779 only.

Adidas VS Pace Sneakers for Men

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Is black the colour you’re obsessed with all the time? These sneakers are what you need! Match them with your casual black attire or any other colour, they’re sure to bring in a classy element along with the casuals!

Keep in mind they run on the larger size so if you’re a UK size 9, go for a UK size 8. Available to purchase on Flipkart, these trendy pair of sneakers would cost you Rs. 2,279.

Franklin Sneakers for Men

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We’ve yet another unique and trendy Levi’s shoes in our bucket for you! These sneakers are a bit different from your regular sneakers at the ankle, as their name suggests, these are high top sneakers. High top sneakers are on the Fashion radar today, and these are definitely the pair you could flaunt with.

They come in two shades of white and black, so buy them both or buy your favourite colour, you’re not going to regret this purchase. Get these solid, top grain leather shoes from Flipkart for Rs. 1,649 for a pair.

Puma Men's Suede Classic + Sneakers

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Are you a fan of the old, classic suede? As claimed by Puma, the classic suede sneakers have been worn by athletes to classic hip-hop stars, the piece of sneakers remains Puma’s most epic icon to this day.

These old school sneakers come in six different shades viz., team regal red & white, black & dark shadow, cabernet & white, Olympian blue & white and red. The price differs for different colours and lies in the range of Rs. 2,689 – Rs. 4,999. on Amazon

Woodland Sneakers for Men

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Woodland is not only famous for its premium range of outdoor leather shoes anymore! They admittedly have diversified a lot since their inception in India in 1992 and are among the most trusted brands among Indians today.

Now, after blending in their khaki look from their outdoors to the hippy shoes of the 21st century, Woodland has these lovely pair of sneakers for you. They come in three colours – black, khaki and olive and can be purchased from Flipkart for Rs. 1,571.

Nike Arrowz Sneakers For Men

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Nike has always been the much-hyped brand in the Indian shoe industry, and all for the right reasons. They provide some of the most comfortable and long-lasting shoes. And, our list wouldn’t have been complete without these Nike sneakers.

These blue sneakers come in the net design, which has been in fashion for a while now. The casual pair can be worn daily and are worth the price! You can these from Flipkart for Rs. 3,363.

Asics GEL-MAI sneaker

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The GEL-MAI sneaker has been around for over two decades now and yet isn’t that popular here in India. If you genuinely want to go for something unique, these are the pair meant for you.

They were made keeping every aspect of your feet in mind. The unique asymmetrical eyelet stay tightens not only your forefoot but also around the ankle giving you the perfect fit, while the volume of the midsole and fuzeGEL technology takes care of the amount of cushioning, which is the main feature of the GEL-MAI.

Get these fantastic pair of sneakers from ASICS Official website for Rs. 6,000.

Puma Unisex's Dare Sneakers

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And if you’re someone who’s always on the run, doesn’t like lacing their shoes and want to save those few minutes, we’ve got these Puma Unisex Dare Sneakers for you.

With a lightweight cushioning, they also come with rubber pods to ensure that your feet remain relaxed and comfortable all the time you have these beauties on! The elastic strap would provide a firm fit, all you have to do is select the right size for yourself.

They come in three colours – black, white and pink and the price varies according to colours and sizes, costing you anywhere between Rs. 1,599 – Rs. 3,609. from Amazon

Tips to Make Your Sneakers Last Longer

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We all have our favourite pairs of sneakers which we wish could last forever, after all, bidding adieu is always difficult, especially when there is a very comfortable and trendy pair at stake. But with a little care and caution, you can, in fact, have your shoes last longer and in good condition. Here are a few tips you can consider to make your sneakers stay in fine shape and maintain their chicness.

  • Choose quality. Do not compromise on the quality of your shoes in the name of cheap prices or good deals. If you want your sneakers to last, look out for fine fabric and sole quality and invest into a good quality pair that does not surrender to abrasion just after a few times of wearing.
  • Take care of your shoes. The whole purpose of your shoe rack isn’t just to store your shoes but to protect them as well. As for your sneakers, you only wear on special occasions, make sure to keep them safe in a shoebox and store in the shoe rack after you have worn them, to avoid damage from dust, moisture, sunlight and the worst of all, those tiny shoe-eaters getting you insect bites!
  • For your favourite pair of sneakers, you often wear to college or work, they are most definitely prone to wear and tear but can still be made to last longer with some extra care. Make sure to let your shoes sit in fresh sunlight once in a while to get some air and get rid of any moisture or remove any foul odours.
  • To help with retaining the shape of your shoes, and avoiding bending and cracking, there are many shoe trees available in the market. An alternative to shoe trees that is easy on the pockets as well would be to stuff newspaper inside your shoes.
  • Make sure to hand wash your sneakers using appropriate soap and a brush and avoid throwing them in a washing machine where they will be prone to damage. One should clean their shoes more often to not let the dirt and moisture take a toll on the quality.
  • Choose the right pair for the right occasion. Wearing your fancy sneakers to play within a football match will damage your shoes in no time certainly. You should have sports-specific shoes for such events, and similarly, choose the right pairs for particular purposes.
  • One of the most important yet most ignored things is how you put on or take off your shoe. So, if you have been taking off your sneakers without untying the laces or vice versa, then you are only causing them to lose shape and quality gradually. One can use shoe horns, available in the markets, to ease their way into the shoe without causing any damage.
  • Lastly, it is advisable to take your shoes to professional and authentic help in case of any repair, if required, instead of having a cobbler to make quick fixes.
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Train in Style with These Trendy Pairs of Sneakers for Men 2019

These sneakers have been selected to provide you the most comfortable fit, along with taking care of your sturdy usage. Pick up the one you like and follow the tips to make them last longer. Its time to get things done!