Looking to Score Brownie Points with the Boyfriend's Family? Tips to Get Them to Love You and 13 Gifts for Boyfriend’s Family

Looking to Score Brownie Points with the Boyfriend's Family? Tips to Get Them to Love You and 13 Gifts for Boyfriend’s Family

Looking to score points with boyfriend's parents? We've got you!! This article covers gifts all the probable members of his family. We have also included tips on how to successfully pull this off and build a meaningful and long lasting rapport with his family. If your boyfriend is the one, you will be spending a lot more time with them over the years, so it's best to start things on the right foot.

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Quick Tips to Buy Gifts for Your Boyfriend’s Family

Well, Christmas or any other important festival of your area is around the corner. You have already shopped gifts for your friends and family, but you haven’t bought anything yet the family of your boyfriend. We know it’s scary, as well as confusing to buy a gift for the boyfriend’s family. Because these people might be your future in-laws, you have to be very careful while selecting gifts for them. So, before looking for the best gift ideas for boyfriends family, you need to keep a few important tips in mind. Buy gift for boyfriend’s family after considering the following pointers:

Don’t Spend too Much or too Less

People, we are talking about the family of your boyfriend not you're in-laws. You never know whether the relationship is going to work out or not. Therefore, before any formal stamp on your relationship, don’t spend too much on gifts for boyfriend’s family. But, it doesn’t mean that you become all too cheap in your gift selection. Try to be a bit moderate in your gift budget for your boyfriend’s family. The ideal gifting budget is between Rs.500-2,000, which can vary according to your budget.

Don’t Go too Deep into Details

Probably you will be meeting your boyfriend’s family for a first or second time, and you wouldn't know much about them. So, it's preferable to buy general holiday gifts for your boyfriend’s family. Like, the best gift for parents would be a mug, candles, a book etc. Keep your gift based on the general topics as you have no idea regarding the personal choices of your boyfriend’s family. That’s the reason why you should never go for customized gifts. Just buy something simple and generic in nature for your boyfriend’s family.

Pick Gifts by Gender

Yet another tip for gift ideas for boyfriend’s family would be buying gifts according to the gender. Such as for your boyfriend’s mother or sister, you can pick some feminine stuff like jewellery, purses, candles, scarfs etc. For the male members of your boyfriend’s family like his father or brother, you can go for some general masculine gifts such as Bluetooth speakers, warm hat, fishing cod etc. So, if you got no idea what to buy for your boyfriend’s family, pick random gender-specific gifts.

Meaningful Gifts for Your Boyfriend’s Mom and Dad

Your boyfriend’s parents are the most important people in your boyfriend’s family. Just like you, your boyfriend also loves his parents very much. So, if you want to impress your boyfriend by giving gifts to his family, you have to pay special attention to the gifts for mom and dad. Selecting the gifts for his parents is the most crucial as you can’t settle for anything less than perfect a gift for mom and dad. Now, don’t get wired up. Here are some gift suggestions for best gifts for parents which you can easily buy online.

Handmade Personalised Cutting Board

Source engrave.in

Mainly parents do all the cooking work in the families so this handmade cutting board gift ideas for boyfriend’s family would be awesome. For your boyfriend’s parents, you can order handmade cutting boards from the engrave.in. There you will get plenty of different wooden cutting boards both in plain and quoted form. There are also cutting boards in different price range available from Rs.700-7000. But, we recommend you to order a simple wooden cutting board below Rs.1,500 the best gift for parents.

Digital Photo Frame

If you are planning to give a single gift to your boyfriend’s parents, then buy them something useful that they both can enjoy. Something like this digital photo frame where they can upload all their family photos is an ideal gift. This digital photo frame also has an MP3 player and alarm system in it. So, it can be a lovely gift for mom and dad as they always like to store memories of their children in the form of pictures. This digital photo frame is a bit expensive for around Rs.3,100, but when you are buying one gift for your boyfriend’s parents, you can totally afford it. This gift for boyfriend’s family can be ordered from banggood.com.

Teapot or Mug

Source kraftly.com

This is a very quirky and beautiful gift for mom and dad. This ceramic blue and white floral teapot will be a perfect addition to their crockery collection. The bottom of this teapot is a mug itself. Your boyfriend’s parents can pour warm tea in the teapot and whenever they want to drink tea, they just have to unfold the mug attached to the teapot. This is a very useful gift item for your boyfriend’s parents. Moreover, the beautiful pattern engraved on the teapot gives it a vintage feel and guys, this unique teapot aka mug is available for Rs.499 only on kraftly.com.

Personalised Calendar With Pictures of Your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is the apple of his parent's eyes. Order the personalised calendar for your boyfriend’s parents. They are sure to enjoy this gift with a different picture of your boyfriend's every month. This will definitely be a precious and thoughtful gift for mom and dad of your boyfriend. From vistaprint.in, you can order different types of personalised calendars such as magnetic calendar, desk calendar, wall calendar, pocket calendar etc. The personalised calendar can be ordered between Rs.150 to Rs.300 only.

Dinner for Your Boyfriend’s Parents

Every parent wants a homely girlfriend for their son. The best gift for parents would be cooking dinner for them at home. You can cook all the traditional Indian food for your boyfriend’s parents as every Indian family loves a good home cooked Indian meal. Well, if you are not much of cook, then you can take help or classes for this dinner feast. And, don’t forget to present dinner perfectly and always end dinner with a sweet dish.

A Fruit and Nut Gift Tray for Your Boyfriend’s Busy Parents

A beautiful set of 3 Carved Bowls with tray and spoons containing best of cashews, almonds, raisins, and pistachios in a Velvet Gift Box would blow their minds off. Your boyfriend’s parents are always busy with home and office work. So, they require some nutritional diet to stay healthy in their advanced age. Give them the giant box of dry fruits to stay healthy. Plus your care for his parent's health won’t get unnoticed by your boyfriend. This healthy dry fruit treat box can be ordered from snapdeal.com for Rs.2,190.

Funky Gifts For Your Boyfriend“s Siblings

Now, how can you forget sophisticated elder and naughty younger siblings of your boyfriend? The gift for brother and sister of your boyfriend has to be a bit trendy and funky. You have to keep the age of your boyfriend’s siblings in mind while selecting the gifts for boyfriend’s family. There are plenty of good gifting options for the boyfriend’s sibling available, but we have selected a few top picks for boyfriend’s brother and sister.

Skinny Tie

This would be a perfect gift for your boyfriend’s elder brother. The sleek satin tie for all the formal functions and official meetings would be very useful for your boyfriend’s brother. This combo pack of 5 ties is a great gift idea for boyfriend’s brother. This combo of 5 ties set has different colours of ties namely grey, red, maroon, navy and black. This classic combo of 5 ties can be ordered from shopclues.com for Rs.399 only.

Globe Lamp

This unique magnetic gadget can be enjoyed by the people of all age group, especially the brothers of your boyfriend will love it. This gadget is operated by the Electronically Controlled Magnetic System which keeps the globe in the air. It also has led light which gives beautiful lighting effect when all the lights are switched off. This quirky globe can be the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s family, but it is a bit expensive. The magnetic globe can be ordered from toyscentral.com for Rs.4,200, so think twice before buying this gift.

Superhero Cuff Links

Source wear.style

For the stylish younger male members of your boyfriend’s family, you can order these cool superhero cufflinks. You can find cufflink and ties pin with symbols from superheroes like Batman, Superman and even emoji style. This would look very cool on the casual wear attire. You will be the favourite person for your boyfriend's sibling which would definitely work to your advantage. This cool cuff links and tie pin set is available on wear.style for Rs.213.

Scented Candle

The aromatic scented candles are the perfect gift for the sisters of your boyfriend. The fragrance of warmly scented candle will illuminate the positive energy around you. Your boyfriend’s sister can decorate her bedroom with these beautiful looking strawberry candles or can burn them to purify the environment of her room. For long relaxing baths and meditation, these scented candles are an ideal choice. You can order the strawberry scented candles from ekamonline.com for Rs.285.

Pressure Cooker

For the elder sister of your boyfriend who loves to cook, you can order a pressure cooker. This way you can appreciate her cooking talent and your boyfriend can enjoy more of her cooking. There are numerous brands of pressure cookers available online, but we would recommend you to buy the best pressure cooker on the market. This may cost you more, but it comes with 4 safety functions - The whistle, pressure indicator with a safety valve and gasket release system to ensure complete safety in the kitchen. The seamless rim of the cooker allows a secure lock and a better-looking design for you to serve in the same. You can order a pressure cooker from wonderchef.com for Rs.7,000.

Mini Hanging Air Plant Kit

You can opt to go green with your gift ideas for boyfriend’s family. You can order the four different types of hanging plants as a gift. This is a beautiful combo of four money plants available on the nurserylive.com. For your boyfriend’s sister who is into gardening, you can pick this hanging plants. These plants give a very beautiful message of growth and productivity. The set of four money plants is available for Rs.1,877.

Branded Perfumes

The perfumes can be a perfect gift idea for boyfriend’s family. This can go with all the family members of your boyfriend’s family. So, we have listed the best available branded male and female perfumes in India under Rs.1,000. Here, is the list that we have compiled for you that includes the list of the top perfumes under or around 1000 rupees.

Best Perfumes for Both Men And Women

  • Axe Signature Gold Italian Perfume
  • Royal Mirage Gold Perfume for Men
  • All Good Scents Arise Eau De Toilette for Men
  • Ulric De Varens Udv Eau De Toilette Spray for Men
  • Marks & Spencer Men Eau de Toilette for Men
  • Revlon Charlie White Perfume for Women
  • Lust by Sunny Leone

Happy Family is Equal to Happy Boyfriend

So, in our parting words, we would like to say, ladies, if you want a happy boyfriend, then you have to keep his family happy. And, all these festivals are a golden opportunity to keep your boyfriend family happy with some gifts. In turn not only is your boyfriend happy, you are also on good terms with his family.

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Not Cordial with Boyfriend's Parents: It's Not The End of The World

Meeting your boyfriend's family and impressing them is a very important step in your relationship. This indicates that your boyfriend is ready to take your relationship to the next level. Even if his family doesn't like you instantly it doesn't mean that your relationship is doomed. If both you and your boyfriend is committed to each other, you can overcome this hurdle and build a successful relationship. Ideally, it would be great if your boyfriend's parents adored you just as they do their son but unless you are someone who looks for the people around you to like you this shouldn't bother you, at the start of your relationship at least. The gifts we listed above would really help you a long way in interacting with your partner's family.