10 Amazing Gift Ideas on What to Buy for Boyfriend's Mom on Her Birthday (2018)

10 Amazing Gift Ideas on What to Buy for Boyfriend's Mom on Her Birthday (2018)

When we have a stable relationship, probably soon you will meet the parents of your couple. Forming a relationship with them can be a little bit tricky. You can’t lose the opportunity of your mother in law’s birthday to greet her greatly. This page will definitively make your mother in law sees you in a different way by helping you to please her on her birthday

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It's in Your Interest to Make Her Feel Special

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A gift or a present is an item that is given to someone on an occasion that is special to them, to cheer them up through their hard time or to surprise them.

Don't stress much to give a perfect gift to her. Just trust your intuitions and gift her something from your heart. Your gift should be thoughtful, inexpensive, delightful and light-hearted. You don't want to seem like you're trying hard to please your love mom- but at the same time, you don't want to look like you don't care. It's should be fine-balance.

Aspects to Look at to Choose the Right Gift for Boyfriend's Mother

When choosing a gift we need to be sure that it is meaningful and cost-effective. Always keep her hobbies and things that make her happy in your mind. Choose a gift that doesn't remind her of her grey hair but brings a beautiful smile on her face.Gift her something that she chooses to live by and make her remain a confident woman whose age doesn't affect her.

Her Age is a Good Place to Start

You don't need to know her exact age to understand that she is an older woman and anything you buy for her should reflect that maturity. It is easier to shop for women than for men because there are so many things that women use and like, and as one woman to another, these interests are easier to understand.

What would you buy for your own mother? The answer to that question can lead you to many a nice gift ideas, and once you think of her as a parent it will be simpler to buy her something she will appreciate. Is she a home maker or a working woman? Things like bags, perfume and watches are good options but remember that as an older woman she will wear things of a more mature taste than what a young woman would.

How Much to Spend?

You will be meeting your would be mother-in-law for the first time and you would not want to start on a wrong note knowing this might haunt you for several years to come, might make you lie awake in bed tossing sides thinking about what went wrong. But not to worry this article has got you covered.

When buying a gift we should not only think about our budget but also take care that a thing that impresses us can hurt someone else's thoughts. And maybe she is not of the type who accepts such grand gestures. The main idea will be to stay simple and yet beautiful. Stay at ground level and yet reach the stars.

Money is always a very touchy topic. If they are rich go for something that won't make you seem cheap. For a person with a substantial financial background, a Titan watch or a Caprese Bag would be fine and if you want to go over the line opt for the painting with the link provided below. The appropriate amount that you could spend would range from Rs.900 to Rs.4,000. Below this will seem cheap and above that would seem trying too hard to please.

Where to Look and What to Look for?

To know what's her likes and dislikes, go straight to his son and ask. If you want to surprise both your love and his mother then do some stalking (Shhh! Don't let her know that you are up to something). Almost everyone is on social media nowadays, talking about their interest and recent whereabouts. Do some digging and find out what she likes and through which pages she scrolled. Maybe that could also give you topics you could talk about while you are there presenting it to her.

What to Gift Her? Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's Mom

The Path Necklace

The Path necklace is a beautiful spiritual necklace to gift at a price of Rs.4,084. You can now have it shipped to India from uncommongoods.com. Give her a gift that she would wear around her neck as a jewelry, and also whenever she gets compliment she will remember you for it. This gift is not only simple but also handmade. The gemstones on it will add more charm to the birthday lady.

Featuring a powerful quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mary Steratore necklace provides the encouragement to take initiative in life and in love. Green tourmaline promotes creativity, and smoky quartz calms to clear the psyche. The silver bar represents your path. In Fact, you could also search for her gemstone and birthstone and get her a custom-made necklace or bracelet. Doing this will not only connect her with her spiritual level but also show that your care for her.

Smart Handbag

Buy her this Caprese Handbag for Rs.1,363 from Amazon. Let her take your gift for a ride with her wherever she goes. A woman loves purses, gift her a purse which she can use for shopping, work, party.

An all purpose handbag that she can fit the eternity into but yet carry it like its no big a deal. Ranged appropriately, a Caprese handbag would just be right. With stylish looks, it's durable and it won't pinch your wallet either. The Caprese handbag will impress her instantly. This handbag is made up of faux leather and is black in colour. You can never go wrong with anything that is black. The bag has zips for closure and the grab handles are flat. The branding is done with premium metal logo. This is a perfect gift that will impress her instantly.

Egyptian Hand Painted Painting

A hand painting would look just beautiful on the walls of their hall and if she is an interior designer it will work like a charm. With a reasonable rate, this will be a perfect gift for an elegant lady who praises good art and also can know a little history behind Egypt featuring a number 3.

Seated at the center is Isis with a horned crown as well as the vulture headdress. Isis is known for her virtues as mother, wife, protector, and magician. She is holding the 'was'scepter of power and is pointing the ankh (key of life) sign at the goddess Maat, who is to her left. Buy the Egyptian Hand Painted Painting for Rs.1,190 at igp.com.

Add a Bit of Sparkle: Pretty Earrings

Now comes the classy type of gift, something glittery with a bit of pixie dust on it to make it look beautiful. If she is into shiny earrings and jewels this might just be the perfect choice for her. Her go-to earring which she can use on different occasions at any required standard time. With a variety of designs, Swarovski has various designs and beautiful shapes and pieces that would look evergreen and beautiful on her. These choices of earrings will not only remind her of you but also get her compliments about them. Buy these Magnetic Dragonfly Stud Earrings with Gold Plating for Rs.3,790 from Swarovski.

Some DIY Gifts for His Mom

A DIY gift is not only cost friendly but also gives a personal attachment to the gift showing that you actually care and also gives something for your creative side to crack on and let it all free. Whether it is painting, baking, or any other idea even the smallest gesture matters for your first meet.

Imagine you being introduced to someone and they gift you something that is more you than anything else. You might have just met the person but you would want to know them more because it gives that warm fuzzy feeling like a hug on a cold winter. Make something yourself and show her that her birthday is not only important to her but for you as well.

Bake Her Favourite Cake

Nothing is like a delicious cake for her sweet tooth. If she is more into the homemade cake than outside cakes with all flavouring, how about let your inner chef take the wheel and make her her customised cake. There are various flavours of cakes you can make for her such as a gooey chocolate fudge chocolate, a New York cheesecake, a carrot cake or even an old school simple black forest cake- which is very simple to make and also amazing to taste.

With a variety of recipes to choose from these are a few of the best sites with great turn out recipes my personal favourite being Chocolate Truffle cake it takes about 30 mins to make and another 30 to cool but do refer to the recipe

Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake

  • Oil, 150 ml
  • Sugar 275 gm
  • Condensed milk 185 gm
  • Curd 375 gm
  • Plain flour 375 gm
  • Baking soda 9 gm
  • Baking powder 9 gm

  • For the sugar syrup:
  • Sugar 200 gm
  • Water 200 ml

  • For truffle:
  • Dark chocolate 500 gm
  • Fresh cream 250 gm

How to make it
  • Take a round baking pan and baste it with oil or butter. Make sure to cover all the corners because we don't want the cake to break and be stuck to the surface. Preheat the oven at 220 for about 15 minutes
  • Take a saucepan and add 4 tbsp sugar ( Powdered sugar as it will mix best) on medium heat. Add one cup of water to dissolve the sugar. Once the sugar is dissolved add 2 tbsp butter and 1/2 tsp vanilla essence. Keep the wet mixture aside
  • Sieve 1 cup whole wheat, 3 tbsp cocoa powder, a pinch of salt, 1/2 tbsp baking powder. Once dry mixture is all sieved together add the wet mixture to it. Mix The dry and wet mixture together. The mixture will be dry so don't worry if doesn't have the pouring consistency.
  • Pour the mixture into the baking pan and bake at 180 degrees for 35 mins. Insert a toothpick in the middle of the cake to check if it is cooked or not if it is coming out clean means it is cooked other wise keep it baking for a few more minutes.

The Ganache:
  • Always wait for the cake to cool down and then top it with ganache. Take 2 tbsp butter and 4 tbsp powdered sugar on medium heat in a pan. Don't cook the sugar only melt it. Add 4 tbsp of cocoa powder to it and mix it. Take it off heat and add 3 tbsp milk. Evenly spread it on the cake after mixing well. Just to sure take a cooling try and place cake on it and then use a palette to evenly spread the ganache. Pour the ganache when it's warm otherwise it won't set evenly. Now your cake is ready to top it with icing sugar or cocoa powder otherwise it looks fine and simple with ganache as well.

A Card

If you have a lovely handwriting and lots of glitters, you can make her a card. Why a card? Because a card is always directly addressed to a person and it will always remind her of your creativity and if you have a calligraphy just why not?

You never need to buy a card when you can show some moves with a pen. Put your creativity to work and make a pop-up card either with a cartoon she loves or just a unicorn or anything that makes you look like a sweetheart and her as the most special person in your life. On the card itself, you could mention the reasons to love her with reference to how old she is and the last reason could just be that how she gave you the best gift that is your boyfriend.

A Family Photo Collage

How would it feel if someone summed up all your favourite moments of life and gifted them to you on your special day reminding you for all the days you loved in your life. Obviously, you would appreciate and adore the person for being so thoughtful and start connecting with them on a more emotional level. And nothing sums up happiness like a joint family photo collection reminding her all the times her family was by her side her in her thick and thin.

Go through all the photos her son would have of her and print them on something like a Polaroid photo paper or even on a regular photo paper would be fine or even better if you could get a big antique frame and stick all those together. The frame should not be too big or too small, it should be just perfect. What would be even more creative would be if you could make a mosaic of all that and the bigger picture of her portraying how she holds the whole family together.

A Spa Session

Locate a nearby amazing spa with all the massages that could soothe her, even better if it is a resort with a beach. A pampering session at a spa will leave any woman in a great mood. If the two of you share a good rapport you could go together, else buy her a spa voucher that she can redeem at her convenience. This is one gift she will be extremely thankful for.

Take Her for Yoga or Some Meditation

There is nothing more important than inner peace and once someone reaches that phase of life where all the hustle and bustle just messes up your daily routine, maybe it's time to hit pause and just live in the moment. Be surrounded by peaceful nature and just breathe in and relax with your future mother in law, relax with her and get to know her on a different level. Sign yourself and her up for a class at any website and lighten yourselves from daily stress.

A Retreat to the Mountains

Imagine this, the cool breeze on her as she reaches the peak of the mountain completing the trip which she didn't expect to and while up there some selfies would do amazing to prove her new achievement (joint achievement). Take a trip to Triund or Kedarnath if she is religious as a person. Pack her sports shoes, joggers and a jacket and get set go.

Things to Keep in Mind if You're Meeting Her for the First Time

The fateful first meet of the parents is a tricky affair. From the second she sees you she will judge you and will start comparing you with her son. So you can escape any mother's wrath, we've outlined exactly what to and what not to do when you meet the parents.

  • What to wear? Do not go for something you aren't comfortable in. Instead, go for a suit or a simple dress. Be fashionable but don't try so hard that she thinks you are a show-off. Don't wear too revealing if she is more of a laid back person. If she is more into traditional wear a suit but a simple suit.

  • What to talk about? Talk to her about her. It's her special day but doesn't go to such a place where you are being too nosy and pestering her about her likes and dislikes. Avoid talking to her about her son well yes you can tell her how amazing he is but doesn't look too clingy. Keep calm and it will do just fine. Talk about your interests and try to find a common ground.

  • Keep calm and smile: Be very polite. We know, you can get nervous and jittery but always keeps calm and think before you speak. Don't speak in the heat of the moment it might be tempting to want to cross the line into the family but it takes time everything takes time. Always keep cool and smile, if there is anything they say you don't like don't make an issue talk about it later with your partner. Do not say something that wouldn't have good consequences in the future because after all, she is the mother of the one who will be with you through your future (fingers crossed).
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You may not be able to choose your mother-in-law, but thankfully you can choose how you say happy birthday to her. Whether your mother-in-law is evil incarnate or you have a loving relationship, you should probably acknowledge her birthday and wish her a happy birthday. If you want to have a positive relationship with your parents in law, is important that you have details with them and you gain their trust step by step being just yourself.