Thinking About Holidays Gifts for Your Loved Ones? Here are 10 Wonderful Food Gifts Options That Come with Free Shipping (2019)

Thinking About Holidays Gifts for Your Loved Ones? Here are 10 Wonderful Food Gifts Options That Come with Free Shipping (2019)

The holidays are coming and they come with a lot of happy moments. Holidays bring a family together, they bring friends together. But there is one more thing which brings friends and family together. It's our all-time love food. Yes, Do you still remember sitting with your friends or family group and eating something from the centre plate? Why not bring those moments again? Just gift your love once a food gift and make him also remember those happy moments. Food is evergreen best gifts for all ages so you don't need to think again anythings more and just go for it. For choosing the right food gifts, here we are ready for your help all the time.

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Why Food Gifts Will Always Remain Perfect for Holidays?

It is an old saying that the way of a person's love is from his stomach. And even you know that it's true. Who will not like to full his stomach with mouth-watering food which he always wanted to eat but not getting the right time and company? So, it's time to make the day good for him with food gifts. Don't wait for the birthdays and occasions, just gift some eatable gifts to your loved one and show your love.

Food is the ingredient that brings people together

Spreads a Feeling of Warmth and Compassion


If you are able to find some amazing food gifts with free shipping, then trust us, there your hunt for the perfect gift is solved! Food gifts are often the fail-safe plan for gifting as they never fail to impress people and put a smile on their faces. And of course, there is only one thing which can bring people together is good food. This is why whether it someone’s birthday or holiday season, you can always pick food gifts even with closed eyes.

Food Always Brings Families Together

Even if the past year hasn’t been too good between your families or friends, you can always rely on food to make people’s heart warmer and their smile wider. You get a reason to join your loved ones and of course good food always starts a lot of conversation. And this is what happiness is all about that you get to share a good laugh with people you love and care about.

Holidays are Meant for Ditching Your Diet

There are thousands of gift hamper basket online and some of them even doesn’t charge any shipping amount. This is the time when you should be ditching your diet plan and people do tend to forget about their diet when it’s holiday season. Holidays are all about enjoying your favorite food and hence giving out food gifts to your loved ones would be a fitting idea.

10 Food Gifts with Free Shipping are Perfect for This Festive Season

There will be so many time when we will be thinking about gifting something to our family friends or any loved ones but the delivery charges always make us stop or make us pay some extra bucks. But this time it won't happen because here we are coming with the options which are having free shipping charges. You don't need to think much just add to your cart and order these delicious food items to your loved ones. Here we are presenting the set of options for you from where you can gift.

Assorted Chocolate Pack

We are talking about food gifts here and it is impossible for us to not include chocolates in this section. And why won’t we do that when we know that assorted chocolate box is perfect for all sorts of occasions and loved by people of all age no matter what.

We got our hands on a really gorgeous box of assorted chocolates which comes in 9 amazing flavours and you get a total of 16 pieces of chocolates in this box here.

The flavours included are Cappuccino, roasted almond crunch, blueberry sky, berry blast, masala chai, Afghani black raisins, dark and dusted, Sinful dark 70%, Chinese Whisper etc. So, you know it completely now that you are getting a mix of local and international flavours in these chocolates which are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t wait any longer and buy this pack now on for 750Rs.

Dry Fruits Combo Pack


Looking for food gifts with free shipping? You have come to the right place as we bring you some of the most amazing and exotic food gifts of premium quality without any shipping charges. The next one in this category is the combo pack of dry fruits.

You should be known to the fact that dry fruits are like the ultimate food gifts to go for no matter what occasion it is. Indians are totally crazy about receiving dry fruits as gifts even till now.

So, we picked this combo pack which includes 5 types of dry fruits in it each one of 200gms packaging. This gift pack includes almonds, cashew nuts, California walnuts, raisins and Pistachios. They are of premium quality and your loved ones are going to love them for sure. You can buy this multi-pack on Amazon for 1,299Rs.

Sugar Free Sweets Box

Over the time we have seen the desserts and food items getting evolved a lot and one of the most revolutionary item are sugar-free sweets and desserts. If your loved ones are suffering from diabetes then this sugar free Mithai box is the perfect present for them.

This one is offered by Ghasitaram and you can order the assorted pack of sweets in two different quantities of 200gms and 400gms.

You get sweets like Kaju Choco Twin Peda, Mawa Peda white, Kesar Mawa Peda and Kaju Melons. So, basically you get the common flavour of cashews here along with different ingredients. We would highly recommend you to buy this box for occasions like festivals as no festival in India is complete without some sweets in it. You can grab this pack of assorted sweets on Flipkart for Rs.406.

Green Tea with Sipper Mug Combo


If you are a millennial or someone who follows the new age trend of green tea. We can’t explain all the amazing benefits in this small section here but if we are talking about food gifts then you should totally consider green tea in it. And moreover, we found this amazing combination of green tea and sipper mug here which are actually made for each other.

Talking about the green tea first, then it is a premium quality Nilgiri green tea which comes with the smoky flavour of its leaves. You should know that these are loose green tea leaves and not tea bags included in this pack here. This green tea jar comes with a perfect silver sipper mug which is travel-friendly too. You can buy this pack now on for Rs.545.

Premium International Supermix Berries (Pack of 12)

Over the time, the trend for gourmet gift baskets and hampers has grown a lot. And in order to keep up with the trend, you should also try giving one as a food gift to your loved ones. We found a really wonderful gourmet gift for the same. This one is a pack of premium quality international supermix berries. The best thing about this pack is that you get 12 packets in this basket each one containing 35gms of berries in it which are perfect for snacking, breakfast etc.

This mix of berries is very healthy and also contains anti-oxidants and fibres too. Here you get a mixture of cranberry, mulberries, blueberries and strawberries. With so many packets by your side, you can give them out to each of your loved ones. Buy this pack of 12 now on for Rs.840.

Cakezone Gift Box

No matter how hard you treat yourself throughout the year for diet and exercise, when it comes to holidays, you tend to ditch your diet for few days. And for the sweet tooth on holidays, we have something perfect to try out.

We found this delicious melt in mouth desserts pack on CakeZone which are perfect for holiday season and winters. This gift box here is comprised of dream recipes for sure.

This pack includes Rasmalai jar cake, oreo jar cake, Mango jar cake, hot cupcake and chocolate truffle pastry. Isn’t it like the dream combo pack for someone who is a die hard fan of desserts and innovate recipes? The best thing out of all is that you can get them delivered to the door steps of your loved ones and that too quite fresh. So, buy them now on Cakezone for Rs.699.

Assorted Exotic Tea Pack


We found one more option of food gifts with free shipping which is not only perfect for your budget but would also be loved by everyone else too. We found this really unique and one of a kind Elixir box containing teas of different types in it.

The best part about this box is that it contains teas from all over the world which are exotic and very flavorful. You get 10 such flavours where each flavour has 6 sachets in this box making it a total of 60 sachets in this box.

The flavours included in this box are Masala chai, Rooibos, Green tea, Moroccan mint, earl grey, English breakfast, detox, flowery bouquet and lemon honey. This wide variety of healthy teas is no less than a treasure for tea lovers out there. So, don’t wait much and order this box now on Amazon for Rs.1,199.

Assorted Chikki Pack


Chikkies might sound like an offbeat food gift to give but the one who knows the true value of such authentic Indian sweets, knows it so well that how amazing it is going to taste like. This is an age old delicacy perfect to give out on special occasions like festivals or small get-togethers.

You get 500gms of Chikki box here provided by Chappan Bhog brand who is a pioneer in creating such wonderful and authentic recipes. Moreover, you also get different flavours of chikkies here in this box like rose petals, tangy orange, apple, dry fruit mix and many more. This fusion of new flavors with old taste is perfect to woo your loved ones on special occasions. You can buy this pack of mixed chikki on for Rs.875.

Madison Gift Box

This is so rare to find such food gift hampers basket which belongs to a specific theme. And if you are looking for something like this then this Madison food gift hamper would be a perfect choice to make for you.

This gift hamper is carefully curated with all the amazing coffees which are quite exotic and really flavorful. In fact, trying out such things is actually a treat for the taste buds and no less than a paradise for all the coffee lovers out there.

This pack is comprised of three different jars of coffees along with a jar of granola. We can totally assure you that your breakfast is set for every single day with this gift hamper. The types of coffees you get are hazelnut coffee, berry coffee or trail mix, caramel coffee along with a nutty granola jar. Grab this wonderful and exotic pack now on for Rs.1,350.

Assorted Macaroons Box


Who could possibly not like macaroons? These melt in mouth delicacies are perfect for all sorts of occasions from birthdays to family dinners to weddings and everything else. Now, you have the perfect opportunity to gift one of the packs to your loved ones too.

Getting the macaroons delivered to door step is like the best thing ever and thankfully with fnp, you would not have to pay the shipping charges as well. We would highly recommend this box for your loved ones as a holiday gift.

This box of assorted macaroons is comprised of 10 pieces in it. It includes flavours like chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, coffee and lemon in it. You should also know that the shelf life for macaroons is about a week so make sure to consume them in time. You can buy this pack of assorted macaroons on for Rs.1,049.

What Kind of Food Gifts are Best to Give?

Now that you know it all about free shipping food gifts, you should also know about the fact that what kind of food gifts are perfect to give out to your loved ones. There are always some tips and tricks you should know about and we have mentioned the same right below here.

Something Dry like Spices and Herbs

Dry food gifts are by far the best option to go for. Dry food gifts are easy to carry and can be taken easily from one place to another. Also, they do not get affected from the weather and climatic conditions. In fact, they even have amazing shelf life too. You won’t have to worry about their leakage and getting spoilt too. Spices, herbs, cake mixes etc. are some of the most popular dry food gifts to consider.

Food Gifts with Longer Shelf Life

Even when your food gift isn’t dry, you should try to pick something which has a longer shelf life. Apparently, you are not the only one thinking about giving food gifts to your loved ones for the holidays. In such condition, it becomes impossible to consume so much food in a quick span of time. This is why choosing products with longer shelf life can help your loved ones to enjoy each and everything with ease.

Avoid Beverages


Even if you are able to find food gifts with free shipping, you should totally avoid beverages for it. Things like liquor, energy drinks, scotch etc. must be totally out of your list. For special people, you can consider wine for sure but that too won’t be a good idea for the holidays. You should always try and stick to savory and dessert items as compared to bottled ones.

Something Homemade for That Extra Special Person

And finally, when nothing is working out well for you then opting for something homemade would be a wonderful idea. You can always cook for that special someone in your life and of course making it all by yourself adds a special personal touch to your food gift. So, when you are not able to find anything online, you should rather make something on your own.

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Don't let your book get judged by its cover!

Although food items are great things to gift, never ever forget to pour your heart out in the selection of package and the way you are gifting it. Choose the right type of packaging, because the presentation matters. This is where you put all your love for the person or people in action. Use a pouch, tie a ribbon, put them in a basket, write a note, do your own little creative thing, anything that makes it look like it was just for them. Happy Gifting.