Replace Your Regular Morning Cuppa with Organic Green Tea: 10 of the Finest Green Teas Available in India + How to Make the Ideal Brew (2019)

Replace Your Regular Morning Cuppa with Organic Green Tea: 10 of the Finest Green Teas Available in India + How to Make the Ideal Brew (2019)

Green tea is one of those bittersweet essentials which enhance your day-to-day productivity significantly without you even knowing about it! The only bitter thing this may bring with itself is its bitter taste, which also gets sweet once you get used to it, and in this piece, we'll even provide some natural ways to make your green tea taste fresh with your favourite flavours. Let's see how switching to green tea is going to take your level of health up a notch along with the best available options in the market, which are completely organic.

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How Organic Green Tea is Different from Regular Green Tea?

When we talk about organic green tea, we often get confused about the difference between organic and regular green tea. Organic green tea meets certain types of standards for environmental friendliness and consumer safety. Of course, you cannot doubt the quality of organic products at all because of the all-natural formula used in their making.

Organic green tea is farmed without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful products, and hence, you can trust the quality and after-effects of it.

Amazing Benefits of Organic Green Tea

Helps in Weight Loss

You can find many people relying on organic green tea for weight loss. Many researchers also found this true that drinking green tea regularly can aid the exercise for weight loss. Of course, you would have to keep on working out along with it as green tea is not the only way for losing weight.

Works Towards Anti-Ageing

Green tea contains polyphenols which work as potent antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the cells from getting damaged, and hence, the results can be seen clearly on your face. Better cells lead to lesser signs of aging like wrinkles, expression lines, etc.

Improves Abilities of the Brain

Green tea contains substances which are powerful enough to boost the cognitive functioning of the brain. This improves your memory and also helps in fighting with severe brain diseases like dementia. Green tea extracts undoubtedly impact the brain functioning in the best way possible and hence leading you to have a more mentally active lifestyle.

Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

There was a study conducted in Japan according to which organic green tea can improve insulin sensitivity in the body, which further results in reduced blood sugar levels. In the current era, where type 2-Diabetes has become such a common disease, it is essential to consume green tea daily to fight this disease regularly.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

According to multiple kinds of research and studies, green tea can reduce the risk of all sorts of cancer in the body, especially for women, who were found having a 22% lower risk of breast cancer after consuming green tea daily. Apart from this, green tea can also help in reducing the risk of ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and some other types as well.

Quality Green Tea Available Online

1. Barnesbeg Organic Green Tea

The first one here is the organic green tea by Barnesbeg. The manufacturers bring this premium quality green tea from Darjeeling, which is claimed to be 100% natural. The pack contains 50 tea bags which are easy to dip as compared to the open green tea leaves.

These leaves are very slightly processed; hence, the real flavor and quality of this tea remain intact in it. This green tea gives a robust taste, and therefore, 2-3 dips would be sufficient to bring out the perfect flavour.

Instead of crushing the leaves, they the whole leaves in the tea bag and this is the reason that it brings such a nice flavour. You can also order this tea in other pack options too. This Barnesbeg green tea is available for purchase on for Rs. 320.

2. Twinings 100% Organic Green Tea with Jasmine


If you think that organic green tea leaves giving a very bitter and bland taste, then you can try this one which comes with an aromatic Jasmine flavour. This organic green tea is offered by Twinings, which comes in the flavour of organic Jasmine in it.

This one is a fair trade certified tea, and the pack comes with 20 tea bags packed in it. You are going to love the unique smell and flavor of Jasmine in it, and it keeps refresh throughout the day.

Their organic green tea is available in various other flavors too like Pomegranate, Lemon, Raspberry and many more. You can also find their pure organic version as well without any added flavoring. Buy this pack of 20 tea bags from for Rs. 333.

3. Organic Matcha Green Tea

If you know a thing or two about green teas, then you would be familiar with the fact that Matcha is one of the most popular and healthiest green tea types. So, we brought you Matcha Green Tea, which is entirely organic and is a specialty of Japan.

It is definitely from the traditional green tea as the texture of Matcha green tea is smooth, quite raw and pure. It doesn’t even taste bitter like the organic ones.

This Japanese Matcha Green tea comes in fine powder, which is excellent for the overall cleansing of the body from toxins. It doesn’t come in a tea bag packaging, and you need to mix the powder in warm water and drink it without straining. You can buy this nutritious Matcha tea on for Rs. 750.

4. Deha's Certified Organic Green Tea


What if you get your organic green tea straight from Assam? Deha’s organically produced green tea is something which comes straight from Assam and will remind you of the incredible freshness of the valleys out there. The brand focuses on organic farming, and hence, their green tea is one of the purest.

What makes it unique is the fact that this green tea doesn’t come packed in tea bags. Their package contains whole green tea leaves which are dried out.

So, all you have to do is to pour these leaves in hot water and strain them to enjoy a fresh cup of tea every single time. Make sure that you steep the leaves for at least 2-3 minutes before straining them out. You can buy this pack of green tea leaves on for Rs. 155 only.

5. Pure Organic Green Tea


Each organic green tea options mentioned in this list are different from one another, and the next unique option that we have is Tea Trunk Green Tea.

This one is another pure organic tea which is seasonally harvested. So, you should know that every time you are buying a pack from Tea Trunk, you are opting for the very fresh green tea pack which was harvested recently.

They get their green tea from Darjeeling, where they are produced naturally and organically. Here you get a pack of 50 g which can make up to 25 cups. The pack contains pure green tea leaves and not tea bags, which produce a very smooth and mild flavor of green tea every single time. You can buy the Tea Trunk Organic Green Tea on for Rs. 350.

6. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea


There are no limits to the organic India green tea benefits, and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular organic green tea brands in India. They offer a lot of types and flavors of green tea, but their most popular one is this Organic Tulsi Green Tea Classic.

The package contains 25 tea bags, and the inclusion of Tulsi in them makes them more refreshing and stress relieving for your body and mind.

This green tea supports your immune system and very rich in antioxidant. So, each time you are consuming it, you are kicking out the toxins from your body. You will also notice that the taste of this green tea brand is different from others because of the use of premium quality leaves only. This pack of green tea is available to purchase from for Rs. 145 only.

7. Abali Organic Green Tea

The next option here is the Abali Organic Green Tea, which is a certified organic product having 100% pure green tea leaves in it. The pack contains no tea bags but 100 g of loose green tea leaves in it which can prepare 50 cups of green tea for you.

This tea comes from the Abali Estate in Assam, which is famous for its organic farming methods and pure manufacturing techniques.

You are going to love the non-fermented and very fresh taste of these green tea leaves, which is usually missing from other popular brands. You will surely become a fan of it in no time. This Abali Organic Green Tea is available to buy on for Rs. 220.

8. Eco Valley Organic Green Tea


Our next recommendation is the organic and pure green tea by Eco Valley. They claim to offer this certified organic tea, which comes in staple-free tea bags, which makes it super easy for you to make your tea on a busy day. The pack contains 25 tea bags.

This green tea is said to have zero calories, which is perfect for a fitness freak. If you are trying to lose weight, then you should have this green tea after your exercising session.

While most tea packs come with an expiry date of 12 months, this one comes with an extended period of 24 months. The all-natural essence of this green tea is truly fragrant. This Eco Valley Organic and Pure Green Tea is available on for Rs. 145.

9. Teamonk Global Nilgiri Organic Rose Green Tea

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For this second-last spot, we bring you this entirely different option from all the above ones. This one is offered by Teamonk Global, which is an exclusive green tea type recommended for weight loss.

This Nilgiri Organic Green Tea comes in rose flavour in it and must be tried at least once! Their green tea comes from Darjeeling with no additives and only natural flavours in it.

The packaging is also quite amazing which contains 50 g of loose green tea leaves, perfect for making 25 cups out of it. The package contains two such containers which are vacuum packed. The aroma would make you fall in love with their soothing flavour. It can be bought from for Rs. 394.

10. Hathikuli Organic Green Tea

And for our final mention, we bring you this pure organic green tea by Hathkuli. What makes them unique is their Tea Estate of in Assam from where only the most refined and natural green tea is delivered at your disposal.

Their tea is very light and refreshing in taste, which is precisely the opposite of what the processed green tea offers. It has this wholesomeness in it which woos the consumers.

This pack here contains 100 g of whole green tea leaves in it which can make 50 cups of the green tea. You can buy this Hathikuli Green tea from for Rs. 180.

Few Tips for Making the Perfect Cup of Green Tea

Making organic green tea is entirely different from making regular types of teas. This is the reason that you need some additional tips, especially when you are making green tea for the very first time in your life. We hope that these small tips mentioned below will help you with the same.

Keep Water at the Right Temperature

The very first tip is to maintain the right temperature for the water. Boiling water can cause the tea to taste bitter while cold water doesn't bring out the best flavours of the tea. So, make sure that you maintain the temperature between 160 to 180 degrees to get the taste you're longing for. The idea is to turn off the burner when the water is about to boil. If your water does come to a boil, turn off the heat, let the bubbling subside and wait a few seconds before pouring it into your cup.

Steep the Leaves for a Few Minutes

Steeping the leaves of organic green tea is essential to extract their full flavour through the water. You can steep them for about 2-3 minutes as less time would not bring out the full flavor while steeping for more time can cause the tea to become extremely bitter and unnatural in taste. Use teabags which can be removed once the tea has brewed for a sufficient amount of time. For loose tea get a reusable infuser.

Use Organic Sweetener for Better Taste

You may not like the taste of green tea initially, and this is why you can use organic sweeteners to make your tea taste better. We recommend using organic honey as a sweetener in green tea. This maintains a delicate flavour so that you enjoy your tea without any bitterness! Although green tea is best enjoyed unsweetened.

Add Mint or Lemon Juice for Amazing Flavours

If you think that there aren’t enough organic green tea flavours available, then it is the time to make some on your own. The easiest ways are to add some lemon juice or mint into the green tea. They make your drink even more refreshing and healthier.

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Consume According to Your Capacity

For beginners, our advice would be to start with one cup a day in the morning or whichever time you feel suitable, while gradually moving towards 2-3 cups a day. Tea has a lot less caffeine than coffee and green tea even less, but if your green tea is caffeinated, be careful of how much you consume. When you're starting to drink more by the day, you're replacing your other sugar-based beverages bringing in two-way benefits for yourself, eliminating sugar consumption and ingesting more beneficial minerals. But remember not to directly jump to 3-4 cups a day as you never know how your body may react to it initially. Stay fit, stay healthy!