Is Your Skin Looking Dull and Lifeless? Follow Our Skin Care Tips and Adopt These 5 Healthy Habits and Watch Your Skin Glow Vibrantly (2020)

Is Your Skin Looking Dull and Lifeless? Follow Our Skin Care Tips and Adopt These 5 Healthy Habits and Watch Your Skin Glow Vibrantly (2020)

Glowing skin, while it might seem unachievable to many, is quite simple to gain, only if you follow a few steps. Experts here at BP Guide have put together skincare tips to get glowing skin by diminishing the dark spots and moisturizing the skin from within. Are your habits making your skin healthy? Find out!

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Trying to Get a Glow on Your Face?

No makeup can ever achieve what a naturally glowing face can. You are born with baby-soft skin and a glow that your skin can not hide when you were a kid. Who does not like the beautiful baby skin? However, with age, stress, sedentary lifestyle and food habits, the natural glow wanes off. No matter how much makeup you put on your face, the impact is not similar to healthy, glowing skin. So, what is the solution?

You can get back the baby soft skin and the much-required glow again with the right measures. If you want to look younger and want the healthy glow back on your skin, it’s time to rely on mother nature. Your skin will feel soft again and you will love to touch it more often.

5 Best Habits to Get Glowing Skin

In order to reap the benefit of natural elements, it is important to grow good habits. Your skin took time to get dull or lose its glow. The acnes and black spots developed over a long time and in most cases, these are rooted deeply. It is evident that it would take some time to get the glow back. To regain what nature blessed you with and to maintain the same, you need to form some good habits that you can follow in the long run. These are some habits that are easy to form and maintain. They are not only good for your skin but they help improve your health too. Here are 5 best habit to get glowing skin.

Stay Hydrated

The moisture in your skin is the basic reason for your glow. If you lack hydration, your skin gets dull, and at the same time, fine lines and wrinkles start showing. Form a habit of drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Your water consumption shall be no less than 10 glasses or 2.5 litres. If you can drink 3 to 3.5 litres of water, it is even better. This will flush the toxins off your body and keep your blood pure. The essential minerals in the water will keep the skin supple. The increased water intake will also make you sweat more which is good for the skin. This will eventually hydrate your skin, making it glow. People who drink more water are more energetic as well.

Sweat it with Daily Exercise

It is important to exercise not only for your body and mind but also for your skin. Yoga is proven to be quite beneficial when it comes to skin health. You can also do regular walking, jogging, dancing, boxing and cycling. It can be any workout that requires some strength and makes you sweat. This would burn calories and will release sweat which keeps your skin hydrated and also releases the toxins out of the pores. As you start sweating, your skin pores open up and the dirt and oil stored in your pores come out. You feel fresh and young as far as your skin is concerned. Half an hour of exercise daily can change how you look and feel.

Moisturise Your Skin

It is important to rejuvenate your skin daily to keep the healthy skin glow, intact. The skin on your face, ear and neck are sensitive to UV ray and pollution. They are comparatively softer, and they shed cells quite rapidly. By using a water-based moisturiser, you will keep repairing your skin. The moisturiser will work as a catalyst in providing the required nurturing to the new cells. You can check out some of the herbal brands in the market that uses no chemical. You can use the moisturiser twice a day based on your requirement. It is important to moisturise your skin while going to sleep. You will get up with baby soft skin.

Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Follow a cleansing ritual for your face and neck. Due to exposure to sun and pollution, your skin accumulates dirt, chemicals and oil, present in the environment. The key is to not let them settle. In order to do that, you need to clean your skin regularly. You can wash your face twice daily with mild face wash or moisturiser based face wash or soap. Don’t use a harsh shop on your skin. If you want to go natural, you can use gram flour (besan) to clean your face.

Just washing your face with a face cleanser is not enough. You also need to exfoliate your skin twice or thrice a week to remove the dead cells and the dirt that are accumulated deep within. The ritual is not quite difficult to follow but the effect is visible in the long run.

Reduce Stress Levels

It is proven that stress has a very negative impact on your skin and you may get dull skin and wrinkles at an early age. You surely don’t want that. The best way to avoid stress is to stay cool, do some exercise and yoga. It may not be completely possible to get away from stress but if you can get proper sleep, it will be quite helpful. Meditation is proven to be quite beneficial in removing stress. It calms your mind and relaxes your muscles including the facial muscles. If you smoke, you need to quit. Try to stay involved in activities that make your heart happy and let your skin glow. Try to stay away from stressful situations as much as possible.

5 Home-Remedies to Get Glowing Skin!

It is quite natural to think that celebrities with glowing skin spend a lot on skincare. While it is true to some extent, certain home remedies can yield the same result as well. The good part is, these remedies are available in your kitchen and will not pinch your pocket. The fact is, the celebrities also follow these remedies whenever possible to repair their skin. The effect of such remedies is long-lasting too and you stand a chance to look younger than your age with a glowing skin that deserves all the compliments.

As the country moves towards a dry season and for places where the weather is dry throughout the year, skin problems are common. People with dry skin face the most problem with discolouration of skin, patches, itchy skin and whatnot. Others will also lose the moisture if proper nourishment is not provided to the skin. These natural ingredients will help you sustain the glow and even increase it.


Raw honey is great for skin as it is enriched with exfoliating agents that are gentle on skin. Honey has some great antibacterial property that does not only cures acne but also prevents it from appearing on your skin. If you have a wound on your body, you can easily apply some honey and let it work on the wound. It will soothe the wound and also heal it faster.

You can massage your skin daily with honey and leave it for 10 minutes. As you massage your face, the blood circulation increases, the pores open up and your skin absorbs the goodness of honey. After 10 minutes, wash it off with cold water and pat dry. It will smoothen your skin and will remove acne scars and scars caused by dryness. The skin stays supple and free of wrinkles with regular use of honey. You can do this thrice a week and you can also use honey with other beneficial ingredients like turmeric and lemon for more benefit.


Banana is the magic fruit filled with so many benefits for your whole body. Banana is rich in potassium and it keeps the skin moist for a long time. It helps in controlling oil and treats acne too. Using banana on your skin will keep it supple and young. The vitamin E and C, present in the banana will help in keeping your skin healthy and rash free. Banana works wonder on the driest of skins and makes it glow from within.

Take a ripe banana and mash it until smooth. You can apply this directly on skin or you can mix it with honey. Keep it for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. You can feel the effect without any delay. Try using banana on your skin twice a week to get the desired result. You can even use the banana peel on your face to brighten it. The banana peel can also be used on puffy eyes to remove it. It also has an acne cleansing property that requires a separate mention.


Raw milk contains tyrosine which controls the melanin in the skin. For a very long time, raw milk is being used as a fairness agent that helps skin glow. Even if you just wash your face once with milk, you can see the result in just a few days. Milk contains Vitamin A, D, B6, and B12 along with biotin, protein, calcium and magnesium. Each of these nutrients is beneficial for skin and work in different ways to make it feel and look better.

Regular use of milk for cleaning your face will eventually make it look brighter. It removes the tan on the skin and leaves it soft and supple. You can use full-fat milk twice a week in order to get the required result. If you have inflammation, there is nothing better than raw milk. The full-fat milk is the natural moisturiser for your skin and is easily available in every kitchen. The creamy part of the milk can be specially applied on the skin to get an instant glow. It is great for people with dry skin.

Rose Water

Rosewater was one of the beauty secrets of the queens in the early days. It has some anti-inflammatory properties that help purify the skin and reduce skin irritation. It also reduces any redness due to sunburn, helps in eczema and dermatitis. Rosewater can also be used as a cleaner to help remove dirt and oil in the pores. The deep cleansing property of rose water makes it a must-have in the beauty bucket. Due to its antibacterial properties, rose water can heal cuts, scars and wounds and the chance of them leaving a mark on your skin also reduces.

There are so many ways to use rose water. You can dip cotton in the rose water and dab on your skin gently. It is a great toner to be used. Leave it for some time and rinse it with cold water. Rosewater goes well with all face packs, especially the mud packs that are commonly used for removing oil. You can also mix rose water with essential oils and apply it on your skin. Whatever your application is the benefits are quite evident.


Papaya provides a healthy glow to the skin, thanks to its nourishing properties, enriched with vitamins A and C. The papain enzyme present in Papaya, smoothens the skin and removes dark spots and pigmentation. Papaya can also be used to remove dark circles and control the breakout of acne. The high fibre fruit absorbs toxins from your skin and thus the result can be achieved fast.

Papaya has a unique smoothening property. This gentle fruit can be used thrice a week, directly on the skin. Just smash some papaya and apply it on the skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off with milk followed by water. Papaya facial is also quite common and it is quite popular due to the long-lasting effect. The visibility of wrinkles decreases and the skin becomes soft and supple. The glow comes back after two or three applications of papaya. The change is almost instant when you are doing a papaya facial. Your skin will feel soft as the skin of a baby.

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