If You're Looking for a Good Foundation Stick, These 10 are Definitely Worth Considering. Plus Tips on Achieving the Flawless, Smooth Skin Look (2020)

If You're Looking for a Good Foundation Stick, These 10 are Definitely Worth Considering. Plus Tips on Achieving the Flawless, Smooth Skin Look (2020)

This article recommends a list of amazing foundation sticks that you can use on your skin to get a smooth look. We have also added tips that will help you select the right foundation for your skin, and provided you with steps on how to apply the foundation stick to your face to get the right look. Go ahead!

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Foundation Sticks - The Makeup Essential for the Perfect Base

Make up begins with foundation. Rightly applied foundation can truly transform your look. It covers your wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, large pores and makes you look young and gorgeous. Foundations are available in a variety of forms like stick, powder, or liquid of which foundation sticks are gathering a large fan base for their ease of use and super cool finish. Let's see what a foundation stick is and why you should use a stick rather than liquid or powder.

Foundation sticks are cake foundation that come in tubes. These sticks are preferred over liquid foundation because of the better coverage they give. Besides, stick foundation gives a consistency that allows it to act as a concealer as well. Often stick foundation comes with skin care ingredients like BB cream and nourishes your skin while making it beautiful. Each time you use the stick foundation you end up looking even more beautiful.

Stick foundations are easy to apply and make for the perfect choice for working women or to use during travel. Compared to the liquid ones, these are often less messy and easily removable.

Minor concerns have been raised about foundation sticks causing bacterial growth and breakouts. Since these are applied directly, the possibilities of infection are high. Don't let this fear deter you from enjoying a stick foundation. You just need to ensure that you apply the foundation only using a brush.

How to Use a Foundation Stick

Before you apply the foundation, prepare your skin to be ready and welcoming. Wash and clean your face and apply a layer of moisturising sunscreen on the face. You can also apply a primer on the top of this. The primer will prevent the makeup from going inside the pores.


Draw lines on your face with the stick foundation. Touch the ears like forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Begin at the middle and then go up.


Now take a foundation brush or sponge and blend the lines to get an even distribution of foundation on the face. Make sure that there are no harsh lines or blotches. Using a concealer brush dab a little bit on any blemishes that are still visible.

Finishing Touches

You can stop here if you want and retain the glowing look of the foundation. If you want matte complexion, finish off with a layer powder using a dusting brush.

Blush and Contour

Once you are done, you might want to add a bit of colour. Apply some blush on your cheeks. You can brush contour below your cheek bone, under the chin bone, or along your hairline. For an extra brightness you can also apply the highlighter.

Tips to Select the Right Foundation for You

Choose the Right Shade

This is very important while selecting the foundation. The shade of the foundation should match your skin tone. Just look in the mirror. If your face looks pink-toned, you fall under cool-undertone. If the face looks golden, then you fall under warm undertone. The ideal way to find the right shade is by applying a test swipe on your face, maybe along the jawline.

Choose for Your Skin Type

Foundations come as liquid, cream, stick and powder. How do you know which is the right one for you? If you have a dry skin you should choose a liquid or stick foundation because of their moisturising effect and consistency. Stick foundations are not an ideal choice if you have an oily skin or combination skin as it might leave lines after application.

Check the Finish

Foundations come with three types of finish - matte, semimatte, and luminizing. Semi Matte finish gives you a natural look. Matte finish is recommended for oily skin as it absorbs the oil and gives a powdery finish. If you have a dry skin and it lacks lustre, you can use the luminizing finish that tones down the wrinkles and fine lines as well.

Final Tip: Match Foundation to Neck and Not Face

A common mistake is to match the foundation to the face. Avoid this because the foundation should be ideally matched to your neck for the natural look.

10 Best Foundation Sticks That are a Woman's Best Friend

You can try these foundation sticks to get the best results from your make up.

Sugar Ace of Face Medium Beige Undertone Foundation Stick

Sugar cosmetics is a leading brand providing quality makeup products and it offers foundation sticks of high quality which are also affordable. This Ace of Face foundation stick has a medium beige shade and also a warm undertone. It is lightweight, easy to blend, and creamy. The long-lasting formula gives you perfect coverage, blurring the enlarged pores, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and dark circles and leaves you with a picture-perfect skin. It blends nicely with the skin, giving full coverage without being cakey.

Apply this foundation stick on the T-zone, on the chin, and below your eyes. There is a built-in brush to apply it outward. Cover all the uneven spots to look beautiful. It has high pigmentation and water proof formula to last long up to 12 hours. It is weightless and easy to apply. It comes with moisturizing ingredients and is tested to be safe for your skin. You can buy this Ace of Face foundation from Sugar Cosmetics for Rs.999.

Sephora Matte Perfection Foundation Stick

Sephora is a popular brand that brings a collection of splendid make up products designed to appeal to all women. It brings luxurious and innovative beauty products that are a rage in the market. This foundation stick from Sephora features a semi-matte finish. It is creamy and uses high-pigmented formula offering perfect coverage of all blemishes, open pores, and dark circles and gives a flawless complexion.

It acts as a foundation and also as a concealer. It is easy to apply or do a touch up wherever you are. You can apply it directly on the skin and blend it well with a brush, sponge, or fingers. This matte finish foundation can be bought from Sephora for Rs.1,650.

Lotus Herbals Swift Makeup Honey Beige Foundation Stick

Lotus Herbals, a popular cosmetics brand from India is renowned for its beauty products that combine Vedic wisdom with latest technology and highest quality checks to ensure products of international standards. This natural blend swift makeup stick in Honey beige colour is a perfect combination of foundation, concealer, and sun protection. It has lotus as the active ingredient and gives a natural matte finish also giving full coverage for dark circles and dark spots.

This foundation stick evens your skin tone, reduces pigmentation, brightens the skin, and hides imperfections. It provides a radiance to the skin and has skin lightening and sun protection properties. It also has a brown spot removal formula. It conceals the large pores and leaves a visibly beautiful skin. It is ideal for all skin types. You can buy this 10g make up stick from Purple for Rs.300

L'oreal Paris Sand Colour Foundation Stick

Source www.nykaa.com

L'oreal Paris is a leading beauty brand that combines latest technology with best designs and quality standards to provide a range of luxury beauty products at an affordable price. This Infallible foundation stick from L'oreal Paris has a customisable base and long lasting formula to last for up to 24 hours. Its ultra-creamy texture just melts into the skin and gives a total coverage without a mask effect. The round-shaped bullet applicator provides a precise coverage and helps to build a flawless base. It can be used as a foundation or as a concealer or for highlighting.

This foundation stick gives you a sculpted look and being weightless, it doesn't cake. Apply it on the entire face and blend well. Build it for medium or full coverage. It is tested and safe on the skin. This foundation stick can be purchased from Nykaa for Rs.599.

Coloressence Oil Free HD Foundation Stick

Source www.amazon.in

Coloressence is a brand of Nature Magic World and uses top quality pigments imported from Germany. It is a fast growing cosmetic brand in India offering a range of quality makeup products. This HD foundation stick is oil free leaves your skin free of blemishes. It has unique components to lock the moisture in your pores. It covers all imperfection like dark circles, pores, and wrinkles. Apply this HD foundation for a youthful looking skin with no trace of aging.

The foundation is suitable for all types of skin and has a long lasting effect. It comes in a 40g tube. It also has SPF 015 and acts as a sunscreen. You can buy this Coloressence foundation stick from Amazon for Rs.216.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

Makeup Revolution London is a UK based beauty product manufacturer with a worldwide acceptance for its revolutionary products with exceptional formula, pigmentation, and texture and offering high quality at affordable prices. This Fast Base foundation is easy-to apply and bends into the skin melting seamlessly. It gives a fresh appearance and dewy finish. You can use this multi-purpose stick as a foundation, highlighter, or contour.

It comes in a 30g stick and is suitable for all skin types. This foundation stick offers perfect coverage and a blemish free skin. It is based on vegan formulation and cruelty-free ingredients. This foundation stick can be bought from Myntra for Rs.722.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick

The brand Maybelline needs no introduction because it has become a household name for its range of high quality and safe cosmetic products. It uses advanced formula to bring trend setting shades and beauty into their products.This Fit me foundation stick from Maybelline gives an instant quick-fix solution to transform your face in minutes. It is a powder foundation stick with oil absorbing properties. Being creamy, you can blend it to give a natural matte finish and an even-looking skin.

Apply the foundation directly on the skin and proceed to blend it well either with the applicator or your fingertips. It looks great anytime of the day. You can buy this Fit Me foundation stick from Shoppers Stop for Rs.550.

Seven Seas Soft and Creamy Foundation Stick

Seven Seas uses advanced technology and quality assurance to introduce beauty products that speak of quality and affordability for their customers. This foundation stick from Seven Seas has a matte finish and a creamy texture for blending smoothly into the skin. it has a neutral undertone and provides full and lasting coverage with waterproof formula.

It is suitable for normal skin and come sin a easy to use 50g tube. It is organic and tested to be safe on the skin. You can buy this Seven Seas foundation stick from Snapdeal for Rs.250.

Lakme Kareena Kapoor Khan Face Contour Foundation Stick

Lakme is the most preferred cosmetic product manufacturer and offers quality beauty product that are affordable as well. This Lakme Kareena Kapoor Khan Foundation Stick is lightweight and gives you an even skin tone and a flawless finish. Its feather-light formula makes it easy for your skin to breathe and leaves you comfortable and beautiful all day. It give perfect coverage for all blemishes like dark circles, black spots, and fine pores.

It comes in a 5g tube and is available in 6 beautiful shades. Use it for a flawless and naturally radiant skin.
You can buy this Lakme Foundation from Flipkart for Rs.1,101.

Glam Gals Matte Finish Foundation Stick

GlamGals cosmetics offers high quality makeup products that cater to the taste of all women. This matte finish foundation stick from GlamGals is creamy and soft, making it very easy to use. It hides all the blemishes to give you a youthful skin. This foundation keeps your skin radiant with matte finish.

Moisturize your face before applying the foundation. apply it on different points such as face, nose, cheeks, forehead, and face. spread it evenly and blend it well with your fingers or a sponge. This foundation stick is of beige colour and comes in 30 g tube. It is safe on skin. You can buy this GlamGals foundation stick from Big Basket for Rs.420.

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Foundation creams and sticks today do a great job at giving you the absolute right skin texture and look for that occasion you want to attend. You can amplify it with some blush and the right set of clothes and accessories to get the perfect look. Make sure the foundation cream you use is right for your skin colour. Else, it might look a little off. Good luck!