Find Your Match-Made-in-Heaven Shade from These Perfect Foundation Creams for Dark Skin and Make Your Complexion Pop!

Find Your Match-Made-in-Heaven Shade from These Perfect Foundation Creams for Dark Skin and Make Your Complexion Pop!

If you have dark skin and have trouble finding the right foundation cream for your skin tone, this article is all you need! We have recommendations for 10 amazing foundation creams for darker skin, available online. Go through the article and pick one that suits you!

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Is Foundation Necessary in Make-up?

Foundation, the word says it all. It’s the base for something that we start to construct be it a building or your makeup. Just like a strong foundation is needed to have a building stand tall and strong, your makeup requires it too. Let's say you use the best makeup brands to enhance your beauty but if you leave out the foundation it won't give you the desired result. It is the base on which you build your makeup and that is why it is necessary. Makeup foundations come in various forms like in liquid, powder or cream base. It helps in giving your makeup a refined and even look, it also uniforms your complexion and corrects flaws like spots, scars, covering up wrinkles and fine lines or blemishes.

Some foundations work as a moisturizer, sunscreen and astringent. If you use the wrong foundation under your makeup it will end up looking like fake skin and will give you a cakey look which is not attractive at all. Earlier foundations were used only by women but now men use foundations as well on special occasions to even out their skin tone. It is quite difficult to find the right foundation according to your skin tone and if you are a woman with dusky to dark complexion it gets harder. Initially, foundations only came in light colours suitable for women with fair skin but now you can find good foundations in all brands which can be used for a darker skin tone. Being an Indian most people have whitish or darker skin and we intend to make it easier for them to find the right foundation as their makeup base. Here is a list of some great foundations for dusky skin, they have great reviews and are affordable in price.

How to Find a Perfect Foundation for Darker Skin Tone

It might be difficult to find the best foundation but it's not impossible. Earlier there were limited shades available but now most of the manufacturers have added great foundations for all skin tones. These shades come in a wide variety for you to choose from. Here are some tips on how you can choose the perfect foundation for your skin type.

  • The first and foremost thing is to work on the undertone and overtone of your skin. Undertone is the natural colour of your skin which doesn’t change but the overtone of the skin changes due to exposure of skin infections, sun exposure or scars.

  • If you are able to identify your undertone you can easily find a suitable foundation for yourself. Remember not to look for a foundation to change your undertone as it will make your makeup look unnatural. There are usually three major undertones: warm, cool and neutral. If your skin colour is tan or light brown then you have a warm undertone, if the skin is medium to deep in shade then the undertone is neutral. People with fair skin have cool undertones.

  • You also need to look for the colour of your veins while choosing a foundation. You can identify your undertone through the colour of your veins by looking on the underside of your wrist under natural light. If the veins are blue-green then the undertone is warm but if the veins are blue-purple then your undertone is cool. If you see both the colours or if you can't tell precisely then it is probably neutral.

  • You can also conduct a jewellery test. Put a gold bracelet on one arm and silver on the other arm. See which one looks better. If the silver makes it look dull and gold makes your arm looks bright then your undertone is warm but if the silver looks better than it is cool undertone. If both are equally good or dull then it is neutral. While choosing a foundation look at your body not only the face.

  • The objective of applying a foundation is to even out your complexion. Therefore, it is important to match your body skin with the foundation. You can also go to a store which offers foundation samples. Pick the ones that you feel are best matched with your skin. Clean your skin and apply moisturizer. Apply the foundation by drawing a line from your cheek to your jawline. Don't blend it in and wait for 10 to 12 minutes. You will see the ones that disappear into your skin, choose them as the best foundations for you. If you skin is oily, go for a shade lighter you can also mix two colours together to get perfect shade for you.

  • Try to use liquid formulas with heavy texture, it looks better on dark complexion because they blend easier. You should go for a semi matte foundation, avoid using glow inducing formulas as dark skin itself has a natural glow to it. You can check the label to figure out the kind of finish a particular foundation offers. If you buy a total matte finish formula your skin may end up looking cakey. If you want to use a concealer use one shade lighter than the foundation. People with dark under eye circles or dark skin around the mouth can be corrected with a concealer very well.

10 Great Suggestions for Foundation for Dark Skin

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup Mini SPF 10 - 4N2 Spiced Sand


Estée Lauder's double wear stay in place makeup is a good buy for people with dark skin. It is suitable for all skin tones and undertones. It is a natural liquid matte foundation that feels lightweight on the skin and it stays on for a long time. You won't need any touch-ups between a party. It covers imperfections and it does not look cakey or grey on deep skin tones. It is oil-free and waterproof so you don't have to worry about it leaking of smudging in the hot, humid weather.

You can buy this great foundation for Rs.1,800 from It comes in 5 different shades for dusky skin which will make it easier for you to decide on which one suits you the best.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation (330 Toffee, 30 ml)

Maybelline is known for its great beauty products. This particular foundation has a matte finish and it stays on up to 5 hours. If you are worried about finding the right foundation for oily skin then this one is made just for you. This foundation helps refines pores and gives you a natural oil-free look. It is suitable for all skin types and best for oily skin because the micro powder in it helps remove excess oil from your face and gives a perfect finish to your makeup however it does not have yellow undertones but you can correct that through a yellow-toned compact or pressed powder.

You can buy a 30ml pack of Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid foundation for Rs.375 on

L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation Golden Cappuccino 8D8W, 30ml


L'Oreal is another brand that is always in demand for its beauty products and its True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation Golden Cappuccino, shade 8D8W is a great foundation for dark skin. This foundation is specially made for Indian Skin. It has micro-fine pearl particles to give a natural finish to your skin. Its super hydrating formula offers complete coverage. It has various shades to help you match your undertones.

This foundation is loaded with Vitamin B and E, Glycerine and SPF 17 to protect your face from the harmful sun rays. It is suitable for all skin types from dry to oily skins. It comes in a pump packaging.
You can buy this wonderful foundation for Rs.799 from Amazon.

Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation (Natural Beige)


Another great foundation for darker skin is Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation (Natural Beige shade). This foundation is a water-based foundation and comes in yellow tones perfect for medium to dusky skin women. It works wonders on dry skin but does not stay too long on oily skins due to being water-based. It stays for about 5 hours without needing any touch-up. You can buy this foundation for Rs.210 from Amazon.

Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Foundation Brown LFS-2


Coloressence Aqua Shimmer Base Foundation, shade Brown LFS-2 is a great foundation for working women or college students. It provides a strong makeup base and keeps your skin looking flawless for a long time. It has a pleasant smell to it and it blends into your skin easily. It has SPF of 20 and its smooth texture gives your skin a soft and shiny look.

It has shimmer pigment for an extra glossy effect. You can buy this Aqua Shimmer Base foundation for Rs.225 from Nykaa.

Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse Mattreal Foundation - Medium Toffee, 25 g

Lakme does not need an introduction. It has been providing great beauty products for ages. The Lakme Absolute Skin Natural Mousse Mattreal Foundation (Medium Toffee shade) is a light mousse foundation which is available in 3 new shades for dark-skinned women. The shade Medium Toffee is a great shade for dusky women. It has a matte finish and has an SPF of 8. It gives your skin a soft peachy finish and stays for a long time. You can buy this great foundation for Rs.800 in a 25g packaging from

Natio Mineral Crystal Loose Foundation Beige, 10g


You can buy Natio Mineral Crystal Loose Foundation, Beige for Rs.1,049 from Amazon. This foundation is a skin-friendly foundation which has ultra-fine mineral crystals which provides a lightweight makeup base on your skin. The mica pigments in the foundation make your skin glow and conceal the imperfections on your face. It is a natural product made from plant extracts which makes it worth trying for chemical-free makeup.

M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - NC46


M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (NC 46) is a great foundation which comes in more than 50 shades and NC 46 is perfect for dark skin toned woman. It is a foundation that works as a powder too, it gives your skin a smooth, matte finish with a velvety texture. It is also good for women with oily skin as it controls excessive oil and shines built up on your face. It stays fresh for almost 12 hours. You can choose from a variety of shades depending on your skin tone. Buy this foundation for Rs.2,900 from

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation - Coffee Bean 530R(35ml)


If you have been searching for the perfect foundation for a long time, search no more. Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation (coffee bean 530R) is a foundation you will fall in love with instantly. It gives an extra velvety, smooth finish to your skin and leaves it glowing for a long time.

It is loaded with ultra-refined pigments that correct blemishes, erases hyperpigmentation and blends easily without making it look unnatural. This foundation comes in 30 shades and you can choose the one fit for you. It has a matte finish and is paraben, sulphate free as well as vegan and gluten-free (don't eat it though). You can buy this foundation for Rs.2,990 from Nykaa.

DC Dermacol Make-up Cover Waterproof Hypoallergenic Foundation (Shade 228 Dark Brown, 30 g)


This Dermacol Waterproof Hypoallergenic Foundation Shade 228 is a great foundation for dark skin. You need a very little amount of this foundation to cover your imperfections, skin pigmentation, post-surgical marks and even tattoos. It comes in 16 shades, out of which shade 228 is for women for darker skin tone. It balances out the skin tone and is used by professionals. It is waterproof and has SPF-30 for protection from harmful sun rays. You can buy this foundation for Rs.1,999 from Amazon.

How to Apply Foundation Perfectly

Women always struggle with how to use foundation perfectly. Here are some tips you can use for applying foundation which will enhance your skin by adding an extra glow to it.

  • Clean your face nicely with a face wash and moisturize it well. If you have extra dry skin, don't forget to use a good moisturizer on your skin before putting on a foundation but if you have oily skin, then use face priming gel before applying foundation.

  • Always try to use a foundation brush to apply foundation perfectly. Using a brush for foundation helps it even out on the face but use the tip of the brush rather than saturating the brush completely. Clean the brush before and after applying.

  • Shake the bottle before applying as the colours in the liquid foundation can separate. Start with applying foundation from the center of your face and blend it out and up. Cover your face by blending it completely. If you are mixing two colours then start with the lighter shade first then the darker one after it.

  • Buff your face with a sponge into your skin buy moving it in a circular motion which will soften your look. Don't forget to buff around the jawline and neck to give it an even look.
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Dark Beauty

Be it dark or fair, beauty is not defined by complexion. If you take good care of your skin and eat healthy food, you will always look beautiful. It is more difficult to find the right make up shades for dark skin. However, companies are coming up with amazing options these days and now we have something for everyone. Take your own pick and make sure it goes well with your skin tone and you will be ready to rock every occasion!