15 Party Favor Cups in Every Shape and Size, & Fun Things to Fill Them With! Because No Party is Complete without Return Gifts (2019)

15 Party Favor Cups in Every Shape and Size, & Fun Things to Fill Them With! Because No Party is Complete without Return Gifts (2019)

Party favours have become an integral part of parties, be it for kids or adults. Party favours act as souvenirs, something which a person can have a look to cherish those precious moments. While there are a lot of options to choose as party favours, you can opt to get cups as party favours, here are a few creative suggestions of such party favour cups and some other options.

Importance of Party Favours

Shows How Important the Guests Are

With the modernization of everything else around us, parties also changed and their magnitude too. These days giving out return gifts or party favours clearly indicates the importance of the guests whether they are kids or adults. This is why we brought this section of party favour cups to help you out a little bit according to your budget.

A Fun and Quirky Way to Celebrate Parties

There is no doubt in the fact that birthday parties have become a lot more fun and quirky thanks to the themed decorations and party favours. Especially, when it comes to adult parties, you can find a lot of quirky and creative party favours in affordable amount.

This is actually such a fun thing to do mainly because adults usually do not give out party favours. So, you can change things and add some fun to them.

Works as a Party Souvenirs

Party favours work as a great way to give out souvenirs which will remind the guests of how much fun they had at your party. For this, you would have to personalize the gifts a bit with year and occasion which can be easily done online. But we truly believe that it is a great way to keep all the memories and good times intact into these small party favour items.

Even if you are giving out cookies or chocolates, you can simply personalize them with stick-on notes and they will work as a party souvenir.

Party Favour Cups for Kids and Adults

Smiley Cup and Bowl Set (Pack of 3)

Source www.amazon.in

So, the first gift that we are mentioning doesn’t fit the category that well. But the good part about it is that it has a lot more to offer than just the cups. This one is a party favour gift ideal for the kids birthday parties.

Here in this pack, you receive not only the cups but bowl, one spoon and a fork too. And the other interesting thing is that you get 3 of such sets in this pack alone.

All of these products are available in bright yellow colour with smiley theme which is quite loved by the kids. These cups and other items are made out of food-grade plastic which is quite durable and a single set is packed separately. We would recommend this return gift for kids of age 3 and more. You can buy this pack of 3 sets on Amazon for Rs.399.

Camera Lens Style Stainless Steel Cup

The next option of party favour cups is a lot more creative and great for someone who travels a lot. This is a lens-shaped stainless steel thermos cup. Not only the designing of this camera style cup is super interesting but its functioning is also quite reliable.

The vacuum flask can contain 400ml of beverage in it and also sustains the temperature. So, whether you want your tea coffee to be hot or your cold drink to remain cold, you have this thermos cup to rely on.

Moreover, this is also microwave safe and available in multicolour options. Your friends are going to love this creative party favour cup and they would be using it for sure. This easy to use cup also comes with a covering lid which protects the drink from spilling. You can buy this vacuum thermos cup on Flipkart for Rs.333.

Minion Sipper Cup

Who doesn’t like minions? Not only kids but this cartoon character have become a favourite of many adults too. So, what if you give out a party favour cup matching the theme of minions? Well, you simply can’t go wrong with this idea.

So, we found a minion tumbler sipper for kids available in the popular minion colour combination of blue and yellow colour.

This super cute sipper cup comes with the capacity of 400ml and ideal for carrying hot and cold beverage. This sipper is made out of durable material and also comes with a lid to protect the drink from spilling. It can be used as a cup as well as a bottle too. The minion themed cup would be loved by the kids and they would surely use it as a water bottle in school. You can buy it on Firstcry for Rs.199.

Unicorn Themed Cup

Source www.amazon.in

Are you bored with your regular coffee cup and wants to add some creativity to it? Well, now you can do that for others as you can give out these printed coffee cups to them in the form of a party favour. And of course, these are not going to disappoint anyone at all.

Available in ceramic material, these are white coffee cups with a really cute unicorn print on them and with some positive quote too.

This is a super pretty cup with the capacity of 350ml. Also, the ceramic cup has high-quality digital printing done on it and the final product is finished with a glossy finish on it. So, no matter how many times you wash it, the print won’t come off. You can give it to anyone you care about and wants to inspire a bit and for that buy it on Amazon for Rs.140.

Plastic Printed Cups for Boys and Girls (Pack of 6)

Source www.amazon.in

We got our hands on such party cups which are perfect for kid’s birthday parties. You can give them out as a party favour gift to all the friends of your kid and we can bet that they would be more than happy to receive such creative and super cute cups.

These are plastic cups which are printed with some cartoon characters that kids really like. They also come with covering lids as kids tend to spill their milk a lot.

These cups are available in various colours and different print options are also available. This pack here features 6 of such cups in it which are perfect for baby boys and baby girls. We would recommend these cups for the kids of age 3 and more. Also, the plastic used for making the cups is food safe hence you need not to worry. You can buy this pack of 6 cups on Amazon for Rs.549.

Creative Starbucks Printed Flask Thermo Vacuum Cup

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that the popularity of Starbucks grew even more after that Game of Thrones stint. So, if you and your friends are an avid fan of the show then you would like to give them some Starbucks themed cups as a party favour.

Not only that it fits our category perfectly but these cups are quite creative too. Available in yellow colour, these are can shape cups with capacity of 350ml and a sipper attached on top.

Also, they work like a thermos vacuum cup which is great for sustaining the temperature of the beverage inside. You literally can’t ask for more. Once the lid is closed, they become spill-proof. So, buy this Starbucks cup now on Shopclues.com for Rs.449.

Multicolor LED Light Cups (Pack of 2)

Who doesn’t like some sparkly and flashy LED lights, whether its kids or adults? So, we have got these superb party favour cups which comes with LED lights system. Whether you use them as a beer mug for your house parties or use them as a milk mug for your kids, it is totally up to you.

They would make a super cool party favour gift for sure. Here, in this gift, you get 2 of such cups which emits multicoloured LED lights when you pour something in it.

Of course, you can control the functioning of the lights through a switch given below the cups. These cups have the capacity of 300ml which is quite moderate and they are made out of food-grade plastic which is sturdy enough. You can buy these light cups on Flipkart for Rs.275.

Ceramic Coffee Cups (Pack of 4)

Nothing can beat the old school charm of the regular coffee cups no matter what. Coffee is one thing without which no adult can imagine their life especially when it is Monday. So, if you do not want to go to that extra creative edge and want to keep things normal then you can go for this ceramic cup as a party favour cup.

It comes in black colour from outside and has the capacity of about 200ml which is a bit less than the standard size. You would be glad to know that it is microwave safe. Also, the inside of the cup is available in multiple colours.

We would strongly recommend you to use this cup as a party favour item when you are throwing a more formal get together than a wild party. Buy a pack of 4 cups on Snapdeal for Rs.447.

Sippy Cups (Pack of 6)

Source in.iherb.com

It is the time to focus on kids again and we have got cute sippy cups for them as a party favour option. These cups are perfect if you are celebrating 1st or 2nd birthday of your child. Also, these sippy cups are available in various popping colours which kids love.

Each cup has the capacity of about 200ml and you can also give them milk in these cute little cups. You will get colours like red, orange, yellow, green and blue in this pack of 6 cups.

Also, they come with a covering lid with the sipper attached on it. The sipper can also be closed and open through a covering option. You can also buy the pack of 12 of such cups available on the site. This pack of 6 is available for purchase on in.iherb.com for Rs.289.

Spherical Cocktail Ball style Cup

If you are looking for some creative party favour cups with straws then this is the one for you. This superb spherical cocktail ball-shaped cup is perfect for adult parties as a party favour and looks quite interesting too.

This ball-shaped cup might look small in the picture but it has the capacity of 700ml and it is made out of food-grade plastic. Also, the straw available with the cup is about 9 inches long.

What you are going to like the most is that this spherical cup also comes with a lid and you can also insert the straw through it because of the hole on top of it. You can use such cups for parties and get-togethers. This spherical ball-shaped cup with straw is available for purchase on barproducts.com for Rs.205.

Other Creative Party Favours for Adults

We really hope that you would have liked these party favour cup ideas mentioned above. However, if you want to check out some more cool and creative ideas then we have some suggestions for you. You can take a lot at the products mentioned below for adult parties.

Photo Coaster

Well, coasters are dull and boring what if you personalize them? You can give out photo printed coasters as a party favour gift to your friends. You can print them with the photo of the party and give them to your friends later on. It will work as a wonderful return gift as well as souvenir for all your friends. You can personalize and buy one on canvascham.in for Rs.79.

Emoji Keychain (pack of 12)

Source www.amazon.in

Emoji is a fun-loving theme and no matter whether it is for kid’s party or adults. This is going to work just fine for all. You can buy this pack of 12 emoji keychains for your friends as a party favour. Give out one to each and you will be done in a budget. Buy this pack of 12 on Amazon for Rs.478.

Beer Bottles

When you are an adult and bearing all that work pressure for the entire week, you can’t ask for anything more than a beer bottle. So, instead of picking party favour cups, you can simply give them a beer bottle as a party favour. We are pretty sure that they can’t thank you enough for it.

Whisky Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener

Source www.amazon.in

Only an adult knows the importance of a bottle opener in their life until one of them know how to open one with their teeth only. And to match the theme, even more, we found this creative Whisky bottle-shaped bottle opener. You can get any design based on availability. You can order one on Amazon for Rs.199.

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Best Party Favours are Not Always the Expensive Ones, But the Creative Ones

When it comes to party favors, the best are the ones which have a more creative value rather than the money value. Cups as party favors are a great idea because the ones receiving them would be able to use them in their day to day lives and thus holds a great value. Our list has all the best suggestions of party favor cups and some other options that you can go for, so have a great party, and once you're done with it, go through our other articles to find such great stuff.