14 Elegant Gift Tea Sets to Give in 2019: Buy Some of the Best Tea Sets for the People Who are Crazy About Tea

14 Elegant Gift Tea Sets to Give in 2019: Buy Some of the Best Tea Sets for the People Who are Crazy About Tea

Having your tea and not happy with the teacup? Drinking tea in a beautiful teacup is as important as drinking healthy tea. It will make your mind peaceful with the every sip of tea you will take. most of the people start their day with a tea or coffee and having them in a fine beautiful cup will give your mind extra peace and comfort. Keeping this in mind we have come up with some tea set options for you that you can buy with one click.

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What to Know Before Buying Tea Cups?

You can not just go and buy something which looks similar to a teacup. There are certain measures you should keep in mind before making the final decision.

Buying a nice cup and healthy cup is equally important because you are going to use them daily so you should keep some basic thumb rules before buying. Here we are suggesting you some of the important things you should keep in mind before buying Teap cups.

Shape and Size of the Cup

Before you decide to buy gift tea set for your loved ones, you should know that which of the cups are good and which are not. One of the foremost parameter to judge that is by pondering on the shape and size of the cups. The tea brewed in a teapot and blend brewed directly in mug tastes quite different. So, in order to make the tea perfect, you must pick the right kind of shape and size. The cup should always be wide on top and even angled at its bottom.


Quality is something which decides the price of a cup set and further its durability and other important elements like resistance to chipping, and designs that don't fade easily. A cup should be non-porous as porous cups can destroy the taste of the tea. We would always recommend you to buy ceramic cups as they can retain the heat of the tea longer than other cups.

Furthermore, the cup must be chemically safe and made from food-grade materials as you will be using these cups on a daily basis and unsafe cups can cause some serious health issues too.

Material Used for Making

The next and the final thing to keep in mind while buying teacup set is to know what kind of material has been used in their making. Porcelain and Glass are two materials which are used widely to make the teacups. However, the latter one is definitely more durable and have more versatility in designs as compared to the former one.

You can definitely choose other materials but they will have porous properties which can ruin the taste of the tea for you.

Some of the best Gift Tea Sets You Can Buy Online

We know that going out and searching for the perfect tea set will be tiring and confusing too. And anyways why to go out for buying teacups when you get them at your doorsteps in a single click.

Here we are coming up with some really beautiful options for you and you need not worry about the quality as we already checked it for you. We already took care of the precautions we discussed above. So you can just select one or more and buy them for you or gift them for your loved ones.

Wholesome Premium Tea Set

Our very first recommendation in this section is a really premium tea set which is perfect when you have guests coming over or someone special. This premium tea set would surely woo your loved ones to whom you will gift this.

All the items are made out of ceramic and there are total 15 of such items in this set which means this one is a wholesome pick for you.

The set here contains six cups and six saucers, sugar container, milk pot and a kettle. All the items have usual ceramic white colour but the golden handles and golden print on them make them look quite regal and attractive. They exhibit modern style and all the items are packed safely and nicely in a box. You can buy this premium tea set on igp.com for Rs. 3,225.

Grey Metal Tea Set

If you are into unconventional things then this grey metal tea set is something you will not be able to resist buying. Perfect for modern and stylish kitchens, this minimal set brings together the best of both worlds. Comprised of only 3 items, this set is made out of stainless steel but looks quite magnificent.

The fact that it is absolutely fussing free, this one would be a perfect piece for a bachelor pad. The items included in this set are a teapot, sugar container and a cup. All three are painted grey to bring out that minimalistic vibes out of them. The colour and appeal go with almost everything and you would be more than happy to use this piece. You can buy this set on ellementry.com for Rs. 1590.

13 Piece Tea Set

If you are bored with the repetitive design of the gift tea set then you are going to love this not so basic design for sure. This Rhodes – Camolin tea set is everything but basic and the fact that you get a really nice bamboo stand along with it is so surely ecstatic for tea lovers.

The items included in this set are 1 teapot, 6 cups, 6 saucers and 1 wooden stand. They all are white in colour and made out of porcelain.

We really loved the cups here as they are a bit big in size and can be used as coffee mugs too. Moreover, the stand really takes the cherry on the cake here because of the perfect utility design which can accommodate saucers on the bottom, teapot on top and cups on the hangers. You can buy this set on homecentre.in for Rs. 2,199.

Ceramic Handmade Tea Set

This next pick we made was one of the most extraordinary tea sets that we came across. It is definitely a bit of expensive but the appeal and design are quite unique and we are quite sure that you would not have seen anything like this ever before.

Made out of ceramic, this one is a handmade tea set a total of 15 items. Crafted in dark brown color in some accent and shades, it gives a look as if it is made out of wood.

In this set here, you receive 1 teapot, 1 milk pot, 1 sugar pot, 6 cups and 6 saucers. This entire set is totally microwave and dishwasher safe and of course chemical free too. Anyone receiving it in the form of gift would be more than pleased to use it. Buy this now on amazon.in for Rs. 3,299.

Tea Set of 3

Just like the earlier grey metal tea set, we bring you one more, small tea set of 3. Well, of course, this time it is different and we carefully curated this tea set so that it can go along with any of your cup and saucer set.

Basically you receive a teapot, a milk pot and a sugar pot in this set. Made out of ceramic, these are white in colour with some beautiful minimal flower print on them.

Usually, it is easier to find a cup and saucer set but you often miss out on these items. So, if you are looking for these pots to go with your cups then it would be a great choice for you. They are microwave and dishwasher safe too with premium quality. You can buy this minimal set on fabindia.com for Rs.1,790.

Tea Cup and Saucer Set

It is the time to opt for some budget-friendly tea gift sets India. So, we bring you this extremely modern and gorgeous tea set here. Comprised of a total 13 items, this is no less than a wholesome tea set that is like the essential part of people’s lives in India.

This Caraway cup and saucer pack is a big hit from our side because it represents a global trend and hence the set will surely increase the elements in your kitchen.

It is comprised of 6 cups, 6 saucers and a metal stand to accommodate cup as well as a saucer in it. Moreover, these cups and saucers are made out of stoneware which is quite durable too. The printed design on cups and plain black saucer creates a really nice combination. You can buy this set on homecentre.in for Rs. 1,150.

17 Piece Tea Set

Are you the one who is not looking for any patterns and prints on your tea set? You have come to the right place because this super simple and totally fuss-free 17 piece tea set is a perfect example of how minimalism is the new trend these days.

The Round Solid Diamond tea set is comprised of so many items which are 1 kettle, sugar pot, a milk pot, 6 cups and 6 saucers. All of these are made out of white ceramic and flaunts the refined finish of these items.

You can definitely use these cups for coffee too. The simple design with ridges on its surface and a simple golden line on each of the item simple represents regal vibes. You can buy this set of 17 tea set on shoppersstop.com for Rs. 2,999.

Ocha Tea Cups

Bohemian designs are the new cool and the best thing here would be to find one such designs in gift tea set. So, in order to complete that fantasy of yours, we came across this beautiful Ocha Tea Cups set which are too gorgeous to be true.

Unfortunately, this one isn’t a proper set but only comprised of 4 cups here. These cups are made out of stoneware material and have beautiful indigo print on them.

You can say that the designs are inspired by Indo-Chinese creativity. They are white from inside which gives them the much-needed balance of colour and pattern. These cups are microwave and dishwasher safe too and said to be quite durable as well. You can buy this set of 4 cups on nicobar.com for Rs. 3,250.

Stoneware Cups and Saucer

Stoneware cups and saucers are quite popular these days mainly because they resonate with the modern vibes and gives a very carefree look. So, we bring you a really nice tea set made out of stoneware. Here you get 6 cups and 6 saucers in this set.

We really loved the designs of the cups here which are colourful from the inside and white from the outside to match them up with the white saucer really well.

Moreover, the saucers are also kept square in shape instead of round to provide a modern element. This is a handmade piece which looks quite exclusive and would definitely suit the other items in your kitchen. Order it now on pepperfry.com for Rs. 600.

Blue Ikkat 7 Piece Tea Set

And the final gift tea set we selected for you people is this extremely stunning and minimal Blue Ikkat Tea Set. Made out of porcelain, we totally loved the shape and size of the cups and of course the unique Boho-chic design and patterns too.

Here you get a set of 6 cups and 1 teapot. While the teapot has 500ml capacity, the cups have 150ml capacity which is a bit less than standard.

The design and items are quite delicate so we would not recommend you to use them in a microwave or dishwasher. Make sure that you take good care of them as it is quite difficult to find another piece like these. You can buy this gorgeous set of stunning teapot and cups on urbandazzle.com for Rs. 1,780.

Take a Look at these Tea Gift Packs too

We tried our best to bring you some of the best teacups sets available online. However, teacups are nothing until the tea is poured in them. So, along with these cup sets, you can also gift some special type of teas to your loved ones too. So, we shortlisted some exclusive tea gift packs for you and your near dear ones too along with the cup sets.

The Cheeni Kum Pack

The first one here is a very special tea pack called Cheeni Kum. This is actually perfect to gift to your partner as it is all about celebrating love together with some tea.

The pack here is comprised of 10 tea bags, hand-made envelopes and cutting chai glasses which are all kept beautifully in a handcrafted wooden box. You can customize the envelopes with your loved one’s pictures in it too. You can buy this pack on oyehappy.com for Rs. 1,090.

Unique Tea Gift Basket

Another exclusive tea gift set is for people who are crazy about exotic and unique varieties of tea. The gift basket here contains 3 glass bottles containing blue pea tea, jasmine green tea and hibiscus green tea in it. Each of the tea is quite unique and they are handpicked to ensure that you get the best experience of tea every single time. You can buy it on teatreasure.in for Rs. 1,709.

Tea Alluring Chest

The Tea Alluring Chest is a perfect gift tea set for someone who just can’t spend a single day without their favourite tea.

This is basically an exotic wooden tea gift box comprising of 60 tea bags in it. You get 10 packets of a flavour and these flavours are green tea, Darjeeling tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Jasmine Green Tea, English Breakfast and Peppermint Tea. You can buy this chest on nykaa.com for Rs. 1529.

Assorted Tea Gift Box

You didn’t even know that there are so many varieties of tea available that you can enjoy a new one every single day. We tried to bring more of such unique tea blends for you in the form of this assorted pack.

This box contains 3 different types of teas each one having 25gms of quantity. The flavours provided are Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea, Earl Grey Masala Chai Tea and Saffron Premium Masala Chai Tea. You can buy this pack on vahdamteas.in for Rs. 799.

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