Go with Educative, Useful & Thought Provoking Gifts for Your Kid's Next Party: Guide to Select the Perfect Gift for Your Little Guests + 10 Awesome Party Favours for Kids (2019)

Go with Educative, Useful & Thought Provoking Gifts for Your Kid's Next Party: Guide to Select the Perfect Gift for Your Little Guests + 10 Awesome Party Favours for Kids (2019)

Selecting the right gift for kids which are not only fun to play with but also teach them various other skills may have been scratching your head for a while now. We're here to take that stress away as through this article, we present to you how you can select the most relevant gift for your child with our top 10 picks for your kid to have the perfect party.

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Some Useful Tips for Choosing Gifts for Kids

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing party favors for kids.

  • Choose party favours based on the theme of the event.
  • Choose a gift based on the kid’s interest, you can inquire about their parents and plan accordingly.
  • If you are choosing toys, choose toys that can be used in a variety of ways such as blocks, nesting toys, etc.
  • Go for multi-sensory toys that encourage cognitive and problem-solving skills.
  • Get those gifts that encourage a child’s creativeness, or you can choose toys that encourage them to be active such as bowling sets, basketball hoops, etc.
  • Choose gifts that are appropriate for a child’s age and make sure they are safe to use.
  • Avoid gifts that might cause choking hazards or protruding parts for kids.

10 Awesome Party Favours for Kids

1. Stationary Kits

Source amazon.in

Stationery gifts are the one of simplest yet practical party favours that can be given to kids. Colourful stationary gift kits keep them occupied and also improve their creativity. This Party Propz Pony Stationary Kit consists of a pencil box, a scale, eraser, sharpener, 6 pieces of pencils, 12 pieces of pencil colours, 12 pieces of crayons, and 6 pieces of sketch pens. All the stationery items are modelled after the colourful little pony. The kit is perfect for kids above 12 months and is a complete set. The package also consists of a notebook that can be used to draw. The kit is available on Amazon for Rs. 399.

2. Asian Hobby Crafts Loggas Double Sided Magic Slate

Source Amazon

Are you a parent who is fed up of your child scribbling on newly painted walls and your brand new bedsheets? Then this double-sided magic slate is the perfect gift for kids! Magic slates consist of a board and a stylus that can be used for drawing. The drawing can easily be erased at the ease of pressing a button. The Asian Hobby Crafts Loggas double-sided magic slate can be used for both purposes – chalkboard and magic slate. The magic slate does not require any chalk and comes with a magic pen. The magic slate also consists of a Chinese calculation slide with two different types of shading. This unique magic slate is one of a kind and comes in various sizes. This magic slate can be purchased for Rs. 328 from Amazon.

3. Ecosave Plantable Seed Pencils

Source Amazon

Seed pencils are great party favours if you want to teach a sense of environmental responsibility and accountability in kids. The colourful set of pencils are made from recycled paper that saves trees and grows plants. The pencils are made from good quality material and are certified to be extra dark. These plantable seeds pencils are made of edible food grade colouring, making it safe for kids to use. Once the pencil is used up, the remaining part can be planted into the soil and water until the seed germinates. The Ecosave plantable seed pencils for kids come in a pack of 10, and each pencil comprises of a variety of seeds. The pack can be purchased for Rs. 199 from Amazon.

4. Puzzle Sets

Source amazon.in

For kids who like to be entertained by playing games, puzzles are a great way to improve their problem-solving skills. This Frank Disney 48-piece princess puzzle comprises of a 3-in-1 set with different princesses such as Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The puzzle is the perfect party favour for kids above five years. It's apt for developing children’s imagination, coordination, and visual learning skills. Moreover, the puzzle enhances a child’s memory skills through fun-filled activities. The Disney princess puzzle can be purchased for Rs. 350 from Amazon and is eligible for free delivery.

5. Minion Piggy Bank with Smart Electronic Lock

Source amazon.in

Piggy banks are perfect party favours for kids to instil a sense of saving from a young age. This Minion Piggy Bank can be the perfect return gift for kids. It comes with its smart electronic lock. The piggy bank consists of a cash deposit slot that absorbs money once it is deposited. The lights indicate the capacity of the currency box. The money box is password protected with four electronic password protections. If the password is forgotten, it can be reset easily. The box attracts kids with its inbuilt noise and light feature reflecting the minion theme. This cute party favour can be purchased for Rs. 605 from Amazon.

6. Potted Money Plant

Children are always curious and like to learn new things by exploring them on their own. You can encourage children to take care of their plants, that would instil a sense of care and responsibility towards nature, as well as, in general, from a young age. Potted plants are an excellent choice for party favours for kids. A Money plant is an easy grow climber that requires much less maintenance. The plant can be grown indoors, hanging or as a trailing plant. It comprises of fleshy, gold sprinkled, heart-shaped green leaves. The plant is suitable to be grown in at any temperature and can be watered every 2-3 days. The beautiful potted money plant can be purchased for Rs. 249 from nurserylive.com.

7. Camlin Painting Kit

Source firstcry.com

Art supply kits are an excellent way to keep kids entertained. Moreover, crafts like painting and colouring are a great stress buster for kids. It also encourages their creativity and enables them to create their own colourful world. The painting kit from Camlin is the perfect party favour for kids who loves drawing and painting. It consists of 5 sets that include pencil colours, wax crayons, sparkles, watercolour cakes, oil pastels, and a drawing book. The painting kit is suitable for kids from 3 to 10 years. The paint is made from non-toxic watercolour and comes in a transparent plastic case. The painting kit provides excellent colouring strength and ideal to be used for school or at home. The painting kit can be purchased for Rs. 180 from firstcry.com.

8. Educative Books

Source firstcry.com

Reading time and bedtime story sessions create a happy emotional bond between parents and their children. Reading books also have proven to develop language skills by improving the kid’s vocabulary skills. Moreover, the book is interactive and help kids to discover a world of knowledge by providing new ways to think and ascertain new ideas. The General Knowledge book for kids is innovative party favour for kids who are always curious about things. This book consists of audio-visual lessons with plenty of exercises to keep them busy. Get this from firstcry.com for Rs. 370.

9. 3D Model Toys

Would you like to improve the child’s cognitive and analytical skills? Choosing 3D models as a party favour is going to be one fantastic option for kids as they would greatly help kids to develop visual and spatial thinking, eye and hand coordination, pattern and problem-solving skills, self-expression and motivational skills. This 3D model consists of pictorial instructions to build the model and can be used for school projects as well as for leisure time. This Tower Bridge 3D model can be purchased for Rs. 375 from Friendly Toyz. The 3D model comes for specific age groups and caters to children of all ages.

10. Personalised Gifts for Kids

Choose party favour that is unique and brings with it a sense of personal touch. This personalised metallic bottle will be sure to bring some delight to your kid's face! It comes with a washable sticker that is printed with the child’s name and customised according to the theme of their choice. Furthermore, it is considered much healthier to consume water from metal bottles instead of plastic bottles, which gives you another reason to consider this bottle. The customized metal bottle by Mompreneur can be purchased for Rs. 450 apiece from Friendly Toyz.

Bonus: DIY Kids Goodie Bags

Do you want to be the host who stands out from the crowd? If yes, you can curate customised goodie bags for children as party favours. The goodie bags can be loaded with healthy snacks, trinkets, toys, books or activity games. wonderfuldiy.com bring you with over 15 ideas to create the perfect goodie bag for kids as party favours. The designs include rice Krispy treat dripping pops, pipe cleaner bubbles, homemade play dough, push pop candy airplanes, homemade finger paints, chocolate mustache pops, funny character glasses, gumdrops, alphabet crayons, birthday crowns, DIY cherry kool-aid lip gloss, glow in the dark slime, mini jello aquarium, personal piñatas and much more.

Do Keep These in Mind when You're Looking for Party Favours for Kids

Kid’s events are always fun, and one has to do a lot of planning to impress the little guests. Party favours are a huge part of the celebrations and must be chosen with utmost care. Giving out party favours to guests is a long-standing tradition. Picking out party favours for kids can be stressful as you would want the gift to be fun, educative as well as useful. To make your job easier, we have curated a list on how to choose the best party favour for kids.

Ditch Those Same, Old Obvious Gifts

When it comes to choosing party favours for kids, one always finds it more comfortable to select pre-packaged gifts such as toys. These pre-packaged toys may range from cars for boys and dressed up dolls for girls. These toys are the obvious choice of gifts when it concerns party favours. These gifts though liked by kids, will have their attention span but fail to make them think and implement ideas. You can refrain from choosing apparent gifts such as sugary treats, cars, dolls, etc. and choose those that kindle their cognitive capabilities. You can also go ahead and made customised goodie bags that comprise of colouring books, stationery, home-made paints, or activity puzzles to keep the guests occupied while enhancing their creativity.

Go for Customised & Personalised Items

Another great idea to impress your small guests is by gifting those customised gifts. Explore creative ideas to customise party favour for kids based on their gender, preference, and interests. You can gift them personalised favours such as printed t-shirts and bags of their favourite cartoon character or with their names or pictures penned on them. You can also gift them personalised snack boxes and water bottles that can be carried by them with pride. Based on their interest, you can choose personalised party favours such as printed caps, balls, bats, colouring books, stationery items, book markers, board games, and more of that sort. If you want to teach a sense of responsibility, you can gift them potted plants that they can nurture.

Skip Sweets & Candies

Sweet and sugary treats are chosen as obvious party favours for kids. Though they are popular among kids but can be a parents’ nightmare. Consuming processed sugary treats like chocolates, candies, and cakes to kids are not recommended at all. Increased consumption of sweets also leads to obesity and oral health problems in kids. Rather than gifting them candies, you can fill their goodie bags with wholesome treats. You can make whole grain biscuits or create your healthy serial mix sans added sugar. You can throw in nutritious dried fruits, nuts, healthy dips, fruit yogurts, banana bread and muffins, homemade popcorn, etc.

Choose Some Fun Activity Gifts & Books

Improve a kids’ learning and creative skills by gifting them activity-based materials such as puzzles and books. These creative gifts can improve a child’s cognitive and intellectual skills. For kids interested in arts and craft, gift them painting activity and colouring books to enhance their creative talents. You can also choose word puzzles, numerical and pictorial puzzles to improve their problem-solving skills. For kids interested in reading, you can gift them storybooks to keep them occupied. Rubik’s’ cube and building mechanical models are also a fantastic option to choose as party favours for kids.

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Strictly Keep Smaller & Sensitive Parts of Toys Away from Your Little Ones

Firstly, try to only get age-appropriate gifts for your child. Still, if you think a particular item would be a good fit for your child, make sure you check it properly for any small parts and either let your child play with it under strict supervision or avoid it altogether. There's no point in getting a unique and fantastic gift if it proves out to be hazardous for your little one.