Looking for Interesting Return Gifts for Kids(2021)? 10  Innovative and Unique Return Gift Ideas for Kids within Budget that will Wow Your Guests

Looking for Interesting Return Gifts for Kids(2021)? 10 Innovative and Unique Return Gift Ideas for Kids within Budget that will Wow Your Guests

We know how tough it is to impress your kid’s friends and find the right return gift. Here is a list that we have curated to help you and have your party a massive success! This list is generic and most gifts can be given to children of all ages.

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We know how tough it is to impress your kid’s friends and find the right return gift. Here is an impressive list that our gift experts have selected to help you and make your party a massive success! This list is generic and most gifts can be given to children of all ages.

Best Return Gifts for Children

Generic Return Gifts

1. "MIKADO" Toy Stick Game for Bring in Some Fun

Source www.giftoo.in

"Mikado is a game of endurance and skill that challenges members to take out sticks from a collection without disrupting the other sticks. Mikado awards members for accepting risks by trying to obtain sticks with greater point values, including the Mikado stick, which is worth the greatest number of points. For a reason, it is known to be the most cherished return gift for children that also helps develop team-building abilities.

This mikado game consists of thirty thin wooden sticks in various colours, each with a length of 9.5 inches. This game consists of sticks as well as a wooden box. The game can be played indoors as well as outdoor. This gift is recommended for children age five and above. You can buy this gift from Giftoo for only Rs. 79.

2. Rainbow Color Light Mugs to Celebrate Beautiful Moments

Source www.amazon.in

These Rainbow Color Light Mugs for kids are amazing return gifts. The six multicoloured mugs are made up of acrylic glass and the battery is included in the package. The lights of the mugs are activated with water and the battery life depends on the usage. The mugs are made by the well-trusted manufacturer Asera. You can buy these amazing mugs by Asera from Amazon for Rs. 899.

Games Return Gifts

3. Hobby Snow Ball with Light - Just Bouncing Fun

Source www.amazon.in

One toy that all kids adore is balls. Be it small, big, textured or anything, balls are a sure hit among children. So, if you are looking for such fun return gifts then look no further than the Silicone Hobby Snow Play Ball available on Amazon. Children will absolutely love these bouncing balls. A pack of 2 balls is priced at Rs. 349.

4. Hand Glider Planes for Full-on Action

Kids love airplanes and can play with them for hours together. Hand glider planes are the best to return gifts for little children as it provides them endless aviation fun! The brightly coloured planes are perfect for some outdoor amusement with their friends. The planes are made with soft pieces and are lightweight, so it is ideal for young children. Check out for these glider planes on hamleys.in. The set of 2 planes is Rs. 474.

5. Boredom Buster - to Learn Key Concepts in a Fun Way

If you are looking beyond stationery, toys or a barbie to gift your little guests this upcoming party then go for Educational Games as return gifts. This is something unique and beneficial for them as it improves their focus, writing, creative thinking, attention and logical reasoning. The Skillmatics Boredom Buster is ideal for kids in the age group of 3 to 6 years. It consists of 12 engaging activities, which help children practice key ideas in a fun way. The educational game is available on funcorp.in for Rs. 249.

6. Skipping Jumping Rope With Counter to Keep Kids Active and Healthy

Source www.giftoo.in

This Aerobics Skipping Jumping Rope With Counter is a very amazing and beneficial gift for children in the age group of nine and fourteen. This skipping rope keeps children fit and healthy. The soft rope with plastic handles and foam covering doesn't get tangled. It is made up of harmless material, safe for kids and other users. This nylon rope is lightweight and durable.

This aerobic skipping jumping rope is flexible and can be folded. It is available in various colours like blue, pink, green, and red, etc. You can buy this amazing jumping rope from Giftoo for only Rs. 85.

Stationery Return Gifts

7. Eco-friendly Stationery Kit to Make Them Environmentally Conscious

A stationery kit is one of the useful return gifts as compared to others as children need these items every day to do their work both at home and school. One way to make it even more special and useful is by choosing an eco-friendly Stationery Gift Box for your little guests. Make your kids' birthday bash extra special with the bioQ Plantable Eco Stationery Gift Box available on 2323designs.in. The kit consists of 5 plantable eco pens, and pencils, 1 plantable notepad and 9 plantable crayons. This would be the best initiative made by parents and kids for a greener environment. The price of the product is Rs. 390.

8. Multipurpose Glitter Pouch for Stylish Kids

Source www.giftoo.in

A multipurpose pouch is one of the necessary products for school-going kids. They can use it to organize their daily school items and it also easily fits in their bag. The Metallic Glitter Pouch with hologram is available on giftoo.in. The size of this stylish and attractive pouch is 23*10*4 cm. The price of the pouch is Rs. 350.

9. Cello ColourUp Celebration Kit to Encourage Creativity

Source www.amazon.in

This Cello ColourUp Celebration Kit is perfect for children within the age bracket of seven to fourteen. Children of this age like colouring, and drawing. Thus, a gift of their choice would make them happy and satisfied.

In addition to that, all the items in the package are made up of non-toxic materials and of standard quality. The pencils and colours are made up of plastic material while the outer box is made up of hard cardboard. This package contains all colours and is a perfect return gift. You can buy this multi-purpose gift from Amazon for only Rs. 149.

Personalized Return Gifts

10. Customized Name Bracelet - A Thoughful Jewellery Gift Idea

Source homafy.com

Customizable gifts are unique to the wearer and hence they are popular not only among adults but kids too. One such return gift to celebrate the individuality of a child is a customized name bracelet that every kid at the party will adore and cherish now and for years to come. You can place an order for the beautiful laser-cut name bracelets on homafy.com. All you need to do is choose the design code and mail them the name or text you want along with the code. The product will be delivered in 15 to 20 days. The price of this unique bracelet piece is Rs. 450.

11. Custom Print Chocolate Bars for Happy Memories

The little superstars at your kid’s birthday bash need truly special return gifts and there is nothing to beat chocolates, popularly known as ‘Food of Gods’. A customized chocolate bar is like icing on the cake. These custom print chocolate bars are available on magic-moments.co.in. You have to email the photograph or name of the kid to them and the chocolate bars with the name/pic printed on them will be delivered within 4 to 5 days. The price of the chocolate bars starts from Rs. 399.

12. Custom Photo Puzzles to Challenge Their Brains

We all know that Puzzles are beneficial for a child’s development as they improve basic skills such as concentration, patience, shape recognition, and a sense of achievement. So, why not choose this awesome return gift for your kid’s birthday party this time? A personalized photo like a child’s favourite vacation spot, favourite character, etc., will make it all the more fun. You can place an order for these personalized picture puzzles on canvaschamp.in. Small hands can quickly piece together the customized picture with this premium puzzle piece that is about an inch wide. The price of the puzzle starts from Rs. 189.

13. Personalized Mouse Pad for Tech Savvy Child

Personalized gifts are special and always appreciated. Children may be too young to understand, but their parents will definitely appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Every kid is using a computer/laptop these days be it for their online classes or for another purpose. So, using a mouse is inevitable! A mousepad improves the usability of the mouse and is comforting to the little hands. A personalized mousepad with the kids’ pictures is sure to appeal to the little ones. You can check for this picture-perfect customized mousepad on perfico.com. The price of the pad is Rs. 249.

14. Customized Rubik’s Cube to Develop Quick Reflexes

When you give a personalized Rubik’s Cube to your little guests as a return gift, they intuitively know that they are receiving something unique. This captivating gift is not only exciting, but it also makes them feel special. This interesting custom-made Rubik’s cube is available on Canvas Champ. You can choose regular or classic options that can be personalized with the choice of photos like the child’s pictures, or their favourite characters. All 6-sides of the Rubik’s cube can be customized with the design and colour of your choice. The cost of 3” x 3” cube is Rs. 299.

15. Personalized Alphabet Initial Notebook - A Unique and Pretty Gift

Surprise the little superstars attending the party with this delightful Alphabet Initial Notebook. Personalizing the notebook with the little one’s initials and the name is a unique return gift, which is never out of style. Available on giftsoflove.in, the beautiful A5 Notebooks with a burst of bright florals on them make them attractive to kids. The price of this pretty 100 pages notebook is Rs. 350.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Return Gifts

16. Wooden Yo-Yo Toy to Engage Kids for Hours

Endless action starts with this wooden yoyo and if you are hosting a birthday bash then it’s a perfect return gift. Kids learn various concepts of physics like gravity, centrifugal force, inertia etc. with this toy. Yo-yoing also offers various benefits to children and it is the best way to keep them away from smartphones, video games and TV. This non-toxic and glossy finished wooden yo-yo is available on eshwarshop.com at Rs. 80.

17. Wooden Pen Stand with Photo Frame for Organized Kids

Source www.amazon.in

From a young age, kids must be taught to keep their study spaces organized and clutter-free. One way to spruce up the kid’s desks is to provide the right accessories so that everything they need is close at hand. One such perfect accessory is a Pen Holder, which helps kids store all their writing accessories. The IKSHU wooden bee design pen stand is available in bright colours and made with quality wood. This elegant pen stand also has the provision to insert a photo that makes it more appealing to little kids. Check this product on Amazon. The set of 6 pieces is priced at Rs. 525.

18. Wooden Russian Blocks Puzzle - Fun and Intelligent Game

Very few toys unlock so much development in kids like the classic Russian Blocks Puzzle. This jigsaw Brain Teaser toy is just perfect if you are looking for a fun and intelligent return gift. The simple design and bright colours spark imagination in kids. As it is made of wood it is durable and safe too. The puzzle pieces are small, so it is recommended only for kids above 4 years. This eco and budget-friendly puzzle kit is available on bulkhunt.com for Rs. 199.

19. Traditional Wooden Spinning Top for Fun Playtime

Choosing a return gift for small kids can be difficult, especially if you have no clue about what they like. One toy that is sure to impress kids of all ages is the spinning, rolling and rhythmically swaying ‘Top’. Little ones will especially enjoy this twirling toy. Playtime comes full circle with the Funvention Spinning Tops that contains eco-friendly wooden parts and an instruction manual, which helps children assemble them easily. This unisex toy is available for Rs. 349 on hamleys.in.

20. Domino Wooden Game for Sharp Brain

Dominoes Game is one of the many classic board games for children, which present challenges and improve their critical thinking and creativity. As it is a game played by more than one person, players have to interact with others and hence develops the child’s social skills too. If you are looking for a fun educational puzzle game then there is nothing to beat Dominoes. The Wooden Domino game is available on bulkhunt.com is suitable for ages from 3 to 18 years. This puzzle is also budget-friendly and is available for Rs. 99.

21. Wooden Solar System Puzzle for Inquisitive Kid

Outer space is something that captivates and mesmerizes kids. The sky, moon, stars, and planets fascinate them. The cosmos is magical to kids, which is why a Solar System Puzzle makes the perfect return gift for children. The Solar System Knob and Peg Puzzle are available on firstcry.com is made of wooden material and hence 100% safe for children. This puzzle kit makes learning fun! The price of this puzzle is Rs. 212.

Birthday Theme Return Gifts

22. Sequin Mermaid Sling Bag - An Underwater Extravaganza

Sling bags are sleek, stylish and versatile. A sequined mermaid sling bag is a perfect return gift if you are throwing a mermaid theme party. Little girls will absolutely love this attractively designed sling bag. It is available on bulkhunt.com, and the size of the bag is 25 cm x 15 cm. The price of 1 piece is Rs. 175.

23. Dinosaur Shaped Erasers - Mystically Appealing to Kids

Children of all age groups love dinosaurs. Whether they are scary, or cute, kids can’t get enough of these prehistoric creatures. Throwing a dinosaur theme party is just amazing and your little paleontologist and his friends won’t forget this birthday adventure anytime soon. Surprise your guests with cool Dinosaur-shaped eraser return gifts that come in vibrant colours and attractive shapes. These Funcart Dinosaur Shaped Erasers are available on firstcry.com. The price of 4 erasers is Rs. 225.

24. Mermaid Luggage Tag - Adds Style to Kids Luggage

There are a zillion things for parents to think about when they are planning a trip with kids, which could be quite overwhelming. Although tiny luggage tags are at the bottom of the travel list, it plays a huge role not only to identify the luggage easily, but adds an interesting touch to the jolly holidays. Kids will also love having their own bags with their favorite luggage tags on it. If you are hosting a mermaid theme party, what could be a better party favor than a mermaid luggage tag? The pretty mermaid tag is available on firstcry.com for Rs. 190.

25. Cartoon Portable Sanitizer Holder - For Safety

Celebrating kids’ birthdays with their favourite cartoon character theme is sure to bring a big smile to their faces and cartoon, portable sanitizer holders, as return gifts will definitely delight your little guests. These days, Hand sanitizers are a must to carry everywhere. With these adorable and cute cartoon sanitizer holders, kids will never forget to use them, which will keep them safe. The bottle can be easily attached to the pencil boxes and bags or their dress. Get this portable sanitizer holder on mangopeopleshop.com for Rs. 69.

26. Unicon Diary for Whimsical Birthday Theme Party

Source www.giftoo.in

Unicorns are enchantingly beautiful, radiant and magnificent mythical creatures that most kids are obsessed with. If you have chosen this whimsical theme for your toddler’s party then you need to nail down certain staples including the unicorn party favours. Check out the gorgeous Unicorn Diary for kids available on giftoo.in for Rs. 349. The pretty unicorn on the Diary is sure to impress your kid’s friends.

27. NDS 24 Images Ben 10 Projector Watch for Ben 10 Fans

This NDS 24 Images Ben 10 Projector Watch For Kids is a perfect return gift. It is a digital projection watch that projects twenty-four different images of the Ben 10 theme. Ben 10 is very popular among kids and this gift will not only excite them but is also environmentally friendly. This ben 10 theme watch shows the time as well.

Furthermore, this amazing watch comes in a gift box that weighs around sixty grams. This watch can be used for multipurpose which makes it an amazing return gift for kids. You can buy this gift from Flipkart for only Rs. 198.

Hobby Return Gifts

28. Block and Screen-Printing Kit for Creative Kids

Block and Screen-Printing activity give ‘hands-on‘ experience to little kids, which will hone their artistic abilities at a tender age. The beautiful finished product that you get using this DIY Kit makes this activity super fun. The kit includes wooden stamps of animals, paints, and greeting card templates. Introduce your little guests to the interesting block printing hobby with cocomoco block printing kit available on Flipkart for Rs. 299.

29. Basic Pottery Tool Kit to Build Attention Span

Indulging in clay play has several benefits for young children. Starting with something raw and turning it into a solid form is a proud moment for them. Unlike tablets and smartphones that give instant gratification, pottery-making needs kids to concentrate, focus and have patience. To make great pottery projects, Pottery Tool Kit is quite essential. Choose this relaxing and therapeutic pottery tool kit return gift for your little guests to explore their creativity to the fullest. The set contains all the necessary tools and is good for beginners. Check this toolkit on theartconnect.in. The price of the product is Rs 275.

30. Magic Tricks Kit for Budding Magicians

Source www.amazon.in

Magic tricks are something that transcends age and both kids and adults are dazzled by them. The abracadabra magic set is one of the great ways to spark imagination and creativity in kids. If you are looking for a screen-free entertaining return gift that is absolutely magical then check the Magic Show Game Kit available on Amazon. It includes a guidebook and apparatus to do magic tricks. Kids can enjoy performing 70 tricks and are priced at Rs. 450.

31. Miniature Toy Kitchen Set for Little Master Chefs

Kids love to feel older and want to do things that we adults do. One of the things that magically fascinates children is cooking and young chefs like using their own dedicated cooking set. There couldn’t be a better return gift than this Toy Kitchen Set for little ones just that it is the miniature version of things that you normally find in your kitchen. This imagination-driven pretend play kitchen set builds developmental skills and is just great for young children. The 12-pc cooking set is made of brass and is safe for kids. You can get it on Flipkart for Rs. 288.

Tips for Buying Return Gifts

The Kids' Age

Before purchasing a return gift for children, one must consider the age of the kids. For children with an age bracket of one to two years, musical cars, balloons, toys, and playthings are suitable. However, do not buy things that are made up of hard materials as it can harm them. Children having the age of two to nine years like to play with colours, therefore crayons, water paints, oil paints, drawing and colouring books, etc, are suitable gifts for them.

These gifts will not only make them happy but you also would not have to worry about money as these are cheap. Furthermore, kids with the age of nine to fourteen years enjoy edibles like chocolates, chips, juices, candies, and sweets, etc. Thus, before buying a gift you must keep in mind the age, likes, and dislikes of kids.

Choose Eco-Friendly Gifts

While buying amazing gifts for children, you also need to remember that you do not harm the environment much. So, you should choose gifts that have been made with recycled items as this way you will promote environmentally friendly products, and, hence, will help improve the environmental conditions. For instance, you can give gifts like plants, flowers, and other organic products.

In addition to this, you can also make the rest of the arrangements of the party eco-friendly. For example, you can use these environmentally friendly lights which can be bought from Flipkart at only Rs. 350. These lights are available in yellow colour with a length of seventy-eight inches and steady functionality. These copper String LED Bottle cork Operated Decorative Lights are perfect for your party and birthday events.

Your Budget

One of the most important things that you will need to keep in mind when purchasing return gifts is your budget. So, you will have to determine the most amount of money that you can spend on gifts. Here you will have to see the number of children and decide accordingly. Also, remember that you buy enough gifts for all the children. You will also need to remember that you have to arrange all the other essentials of the party as well as the food, the lightning, the cards, and the music, among other things.

Here it's not necessary to buy only expensive gifts; instead, you can even buy the cheap ones which are interesting but don't cost too much. This way you will also be able to stay within your budget while also making the children satisfied enough.

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