10 Gifts of Gold for a Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Because Only Gold Can Convey the Timelessness of a Union as Long as This (2019)

10 Gifts of Gold for a Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Because Only Gold Can Convey the Timelessness of a Union as Long as This (2019)

Throughout half a century together, you have figured out the secret to a happy marriage. Celebrate your golden anniversary by gifting something that symbolizes all you’ve built together. Or, celebrate Mom and Dad’s impressive decades together. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve created a list of anniversary gift ideas that will bring tears of joy to their eyes as they reminisce on the years.

50th Wedding Anniversary or the Golden Anniversary

50 years of marriage is an important milestone to achieve in your life in these days and age. 50 years of staying together with the one you promised to love in sickness and joy; And be with each other in all highs and lows is a momentous occasion. However old you are, 50th wedding anniversary is special and should be appropriately celebrated with friends and family.

Gold is the metal associated with 50th wedding anniversary; Both modern and traditional gifts are gold. The gemstone is Golden Topaz. Gold is not just beautiful to look at, it is also corrosion-resistant and indicates a strong relationship. Gold also symbolizes love, passion, wealth and prosperity.

Shower Them with Gifts

As for someone celebrating a long life of love, a gift that incorporates gold is the perfect gift. An elderly person celebrating his/her 50th wedding anniversary would not like too many knick-knacks as that would create clutter. Anything that is practical or has a sentimental touch would be well received.

For Her

Gold Brass Treasure Box

Over 50 years of marriage and the years before that would have accumulated loads of precious items both valuable monetarily and sentimentally. The Gold Brass Treasure Box by Momentz is just the gift she needs to keep her jewellery safe and in one place. Measuring 9 inches in length, 2 inches width and 5 inches width, it is truly a work of art. The jewellery box is made of brass and gold coated. It is also velvet lined to protect your valuables. You can buy it from Pepper Fry for Rs. 5,399. The treasure box is packed in a typical Momentz satin-lined wooden box, perfect for gifting.

Two-Layer Personalized Necklace

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Let your loved one make more memories with the Two-layer Personalized Necklace. Gift her with the delicate necklace that can be personalized to your wishes. The layering of jewellery is currently in trend and would fit her as if it was specially made for her. It is made of stainless steel and given a gold finish. The first layer has a fancy stone pendant and the second layer has a personalized pendant. The party wear necklace comes in a luxurious gift box and is priced at Rs. 375.

Versace Eros Pour Femme

Let her know that she is as pleasant and uplifting as this Versace Eros Pour Femme from Perfumery. The perfume has a complicate yet fresh fragrance with a strong citrus aroma intertwined with floral notes and ending with musk notes. The perfume is quite long-lasting and is perfectly suited for someone her age. The gold accents on the bottle make this a perfect gift for the golden anniversary. Priced at Rs. 3,999, the perfume has the Greek icon Medusa on a prominent location with greek motif around the edges.

For Him

Personalized Leather Wallet

While there aren't many options for men when it comes to gold or gold accessories, there is always the leather wallet to come to your rescue. Our choice for you is the personalised one with a classic monogram that speaks of understated luxury. Coming to the product, it is smartly designed to hold most currencies, 3 credit cards and a clear window to hold an ID. Made of premium faux leather, the wallet has a stylized initial as the focal point at the top of the wallet. You can buy it from Perfico for Rs. 799 only.

Grow It - Bonsai Tree

Growing and maintaining a bonsai tree is difficult at its best and needs tons of time and patience. And that makes it perfect for him since he has time and the patience to grow a bonsai tree from seeds. The pack contains 4 packets of mixed bonsai seeds, 5 starter coconut husk pots, 5 plant markers and 5 coconut husk compost discs. Also attached is a booklet of bonsai growing tips. Priced at Rs. 1,249, the Grow It - Bonsai Tree from Prezzy Box has everything needed to make a gardener out of your dad.

Magnetic Wristband

For the man who always not without a screwdriver or a wrench in his hand, your ideal gift should be a Magnetic Wristband. This wrist band is not a fancy one, but a fully functional work kit that holds your nails, screws and bolts. The wristband has twin magnetic sheets that hold small metal items securely. Any non-metal items can be secured in the PVC pockets in the wrist band. Available at Prezzy Box for Rs. 672, your DIY lover dad would love this wristband aka work kit. The wristband is elastic and can fit wrists of any kind small or big.

For Them

Men Gold-Toned His & Hers Analogue Watch

There is nothing like celebrating this golden occasion with a gold-toned His & Hers Watch. The watch features a rectangular brass dial with a stainless steel strap. Both are gold-toned and the watch strap has a fold-over closure. The men’s watch also features time and date. It is also water-resistant up to 30 m. You can buy it from Myntra for Rs. 5,095. Both the watches are manufactured by the premium brand Titan and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Golden Love Photo Cube

A couple celebrating 50 years of love would have so many moments of love captured in camera and phones. Collect and display them through the Golden Love Photo Cube. Let it speak the story of their love through the photos. This photo cube turns your photos into a display of love and affection. The cube is made of wood and is covered with gold for a luxurious look. The photo cube has 5 faces of display and the pictures are laminated on solid wood. You can buy the Golden Love Photo Cube from Shutter Fly for Rs. $17.50 or Rs. 1,205.

Love You Mom & Papa Personalized Mugs

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Make your parents the happiest couple in the world with this “Love You Mom & Papa Personalized Mugs”. While this does not refer to the occasion or as notable as other gifts, it is symbolic of the love you share with your parents. And how much it means to you and them. As for the gift, it is a set of two coffee mugs and two keychains. The mugs can be personalized with your parent's picture. Add a picture of you with your parents to be printed on the mugs. Priced at Rs. 770, the mugs are available to buy at IGP.

Metallic Gold Tealight Candle Holders

Is there anything that a scented candle cannot cure? There’s nothing like relaxing to music with the soft light from the candles flickering in the wind. Add this Metallic Gold Tealight Candle Holders to it, it is a romantic night. The candle holders are intricately carved with cut out details that gives it a touch of indulgence. The gift set contains a set of three candle holders measuring 8 inches, 4 inches and 3.5 inches in height. It also contains 12 scented tealight candles. Buy the Tealight Candle Holders from Lighthaus Candle at a discounted rate of Rs. 1,299.

Memorable Experiences to Mark the Special Occasion.

Many couples who celebrate the 50th anniversary would be retired or at least looking for retirement. A getaway or a romantic weekend out would be the perfect gift for them when they are looking to relax. As we mentioned earlier, many older couples would be looking to reduce the clutter. In this case, gifting them an experience would be the best choice. But you need to take care and choose the experience depending on their (dis)ability.

Even if you hadn’t been able to pre-book a getaway for them, a dinner out at their favourite restaurant would be cherished. Or you can get the help of gifting service like Yellow Moments. Yellow Moments lets you customize your package as per your comfort. The planning and execution are done by them.

Romantic Getaway

Give your parents or your relatives the gift of this amazing weekend together at Asia's only pedestrian hill resort, Matheran. The specialty of this hill resort is its relative remoteness. It has to be accessed via foot or a horse ride. At this hill resort, they can lounge the days away or even walk down to the Charlotte lake. Book your gift at Exciting Lives for Rs. 8,450.

If that’s not their cup of tea, you can opt for this Pilgrimage Break, which takes you to Kerala. It comprises of a stay at the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort with trips to religious shrines. They can also enjoy ayurvedic massages for their tired bones. It is available at Rs. 49,990 at Exciting Lives.

Spend the Day Together

If a weekend out is not a possibility, you can go for a day outing. The most common option is a resort by the beach where they can stretch their legs and enjoy the facilities in the resort. But if you reside anywhere near Bangalore, opt for the Private Tour of the Sula Vineyards.

Your parents get the enviable option of walking by the vines followed by a wine tasting with some cheese. The wine tasting happens at their balcony with a beautiful view of the farm. Get this incredible gift experience from Oye Happy for Rs. 2,120.

Golden Anniversary Celebration Themes

No Matter how old you are, the 50th-anniversary celebration should be special. The 50th anniversary is a culmination of 50 years of love and joy. We put together a few ideas to make the day unique and memorable for the years to come.

A Family Get Together of Near and Extended Family

Bring together close friends, near and extended family of the couple to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary. Make sure you have toasts too. Let the guests share their sentiments about the couple and toast them. The guests of honour also get to share their memories and thank everyone for coming together for them. You can host this either at one of the family member's residences or you can choose a holiday destination convenient and fun to all and hold it there. For example, you can do it in a beach town like Goa or a hill station like Ooty.

“50 Years Together” Photo Spread

Since it is a 50th-anniversary aka golden anniversary celebration, you must have planned the deco around the theme i.e, Gold. But while you are at it, why not create a walk down the memory lane with pictures. Starting from the time they met and married, down to 50 years. String the pictures with twine or rope in the venue. The couple along with the guests can have a fun time looking at the pictures and reminiscing.

Family Photo Session

Bring in all the close family for a photo session. This is sure to bring a smile to their faces and one more happy day to remember by. But this time there are the pictures to see and reminisce. If you have a family photo session as a part of the celebration, choose a venue that gives an excellent backdrop for the joyous occasion. Make sure you add the grandkids and the great-grandkids too. After all, it’s the kids that make everything worthwhile. Hire a reputed photographer for this so the quality is top class

Video of All the Special Moments

After 50 years of being together, friends and family are sure to have some beautiful memories of the couple, not to mention tons of videos and pictures. Put together everything; All the pictures and the videos available over their married period along with the guests sharing their memories. Make a video of it and share it at the anniversary celebration.

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Be Romantic

After all, romance is an essential element of any wedding anniversary. So, every gift you are considering should be romantic and thoughtful for the occasion.

You can begin with a romantic letter to your parents written from the bottom of your heart. Write it on a gorgeous paper and wrap it around with long-stemmed roses based on the number of years they have been married. This sentimental gift will forever be priceless.