Shower Your Love and Best Wishes on the Golden Couple: Top-30 Spectacular 50th Anniversary Gifts to Make the Occasion Memorable and Timeless Like Gold (2022)

Shower Your Love and Best Wishes on the Golden Couple: Top-30 Spectacular 50th Anniversary Gifts to Make the Occasion Memorable and Timeless Like Gold (2022)

The 50th wedding anniversary of a loving couple is an occasion which needs delightful celebrations and thoughtful gifts in which all the friends and family can participate and make it memorable and timeless, just like the golden time the couple has spent together. If you are wondering what gift to get for the lovely couple, BP Guide has curated a list of 30 top gifts for the golden anniversary which will delight the couple no end. Moreover, we have classified the gifts based on different themes to make your task of choosing even easier.

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Importance of the Golden Wedding Anniversary

1. A Significant Milestone

In times where duration of marriages is often counted in months and years, spending 5 decades with each other is undoubtedly an extremely significant milestone. Witnessing life’s ups and downs, facing and learning from challenging and happy times together would have made the couple both mature and wise, and it would have been their enduring love which would have helped them overcome all those challenges and in reaching this milestone.

2. Make the Celebrations/Gifts Focussed on the Golden Couple

When you are planning to buy gifts for a golden wedding anniversary or making arrangements for the celebrations, you should ensure that it should be focussed on the tastes and preferences of the couple (who would be senior citizens by now). So, if the couple appreciate simple and sophisticated things in life or a laid back and relaxing vacation with their loved ones, rather than a noisy and boisterous night party, then such things should be kept in mind whilst planning the event.

3. 50th Wedding Anniversary Symbols

The symbols normally associated with a 50th wedding anniversary are:

  • Gold is the colour of the anniversary.

  • Golden topaz is the gemstone and gold is the precious metal normally associated with the golden anniversary.

  • Violets are the flowers of choice and

  • Traditional gifts on the occasion normally incorporate gold in some way or the other.

Again, as mentioned above, it is important to know the tastes and preferences of the couple and align your celebrations and gifting with those requirements.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Experiences

1. Discover the Living History of Tamil Nadu

This is a special 8 days – 7 nights tour specially designed for senior citizens which takes you on a journey across Madurai, Thanjavur, Rameswaram, Dhanuskadi, Kanyakumari, Chettinad and Srirangam. Experience the mesmerising Dravidian architecture along with the natural beauty, culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu. Price start at ₹ 44,000.00/person on twin sharing and the tour commences on August 10, 2022. Check out 50+ Voyagers for more details.

2. Experience Singapore with Luxury Cruise

This 7 days – 6 nights group tour of Singapore includes return flights, Singapore visa, 3 night stay in Singapore and 3 nights stay on the Royal Caribbean Cruise along with meals, sightseeing, rides and much more. This is surely one holiday the golden couple will definitely enjoy and spend some quality time together. The tour is priced at ₹ 1,24,500.00/person on twin sharing basis and complete details can be checked on Senior Holidays.

3. Take Your Seniors on a Specially Curated Char-Dham Pilgrimage

This special 9 days – 10 nights Char Dham pilgrimage is exclusively for senior citizens. It takes you to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri – some of the most sacred destinations for Hindus. Along the way you get an opportunity to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Middle Himalayas. The package includes breakfast and dinner and transportation service along with lodging at good hotels. Priced at ₹ 43,200.00/person on sharing basis, you can check out the complete details on BizareXpedition.

4. Book Your Parents for Sivananda Hatha Yoga for Senior Citizens Classes

Why not gift wellness to your loved ones through this specially designed yoga program for seniors? This is a 12-day workshop spread over 4 weeks with 3 online classes of 1 hour duration every week. The classes are conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Zoom between 1800-1900 hrs. The program helps in boosting the immune system and reducing stress and anxiety. Priced at ₹ 1,250.00 (8 classes) and ₹ 1,800.00 (12 classes) you can book it from 50+ Voyagers.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Home Décor Products

5. Create a Soothing Atmosphere with this Beautiful Water Fountain for Home

Fountains have become quite a popular home décor addition in India. If you wish to gift something unique and special to your loved ones on their golden day, then look no further! This water fountain home décor available on GiftaLove for ₹ 2,599.00 will make for the perfect gift ever. Crafted from polystone, the gift package includes a water tray, the water fountain, a 3-level speed adjustable water pump and an instruction manual.

6. Make the Occasion Timeless with 50th Wedding Anniversary Plate with Gold Foil

If you are looking for a gift that not only exudes elegance but is timeless, then this is the perfect product for you. Celebrate 50 years of marriage of your loved ones with this porcelain plate. Accented with gold foil and classic filigree designs, the plate symbolises prosperity, strength, wisdom and lifelong love. Including a stand, it measures approximately 9 inches in diameter. Priced at ₹ 3,987.00 you can buy it from Ubuy.

7. The Couple will Remember You Fondly Every Time They Check the Time on This Stylish Wooden Wall Clock

For the 50th wedding anniversary, few gifts can surpass the splendour of this Stone Studded Multicolor Square Wooden Wall Clock designed by GiftaLove, the unique pattern of colourful stones is complementary to the square shape of this wall clock, and will suit most wall colours. The wooden body has been intricately carved, which adds to the overall premium look and feel of the product. With a size of 10.8 inches, the clock is capable of adding a sense of magical splendour to any interior style, thus making for a very versatile and functional gift. Priced at ₹ 799.00.

8. Create an Atmosphere of Positivity and Wellness with Balancing Carnelian Gemstone Tree


Stones have always played an important part in Indian culture, and what better than to harness the power of carnelian stones at an auspicious event such as this? Unlike any other stone, carnelians have been known to balance physical energy levels while also increasing coordination. This Gemstone Tree, by IGP, has 500 high quality carnelian chips. The polished chips not only create a motivating aura around the couple but also increase positivity in the home. Priced at ₹ 2,125.00 on IGP.

9. Gift Wellness and Prosperity with Lord Ganesh Home Décor Piece

A gift more inclined towards religion may be your best bet at hitting the right notes when it comes to celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary. And this LED-lit Lord Ganesh statue available at GiftaLove for ₹ 1,999.00 may be just what you are looking for. With dimensions of 20 x 18 x 30 cm, the statue is made of resin, which makes it much more durable and easy to maintain.

10. Give Your Home a Cosy Feel with these Cool and Comfortable Yellow LED Personalised Cushions


On the 50th wedding anniversary give a cosy feel to the golden couple’s home with this cool yellow LED pillow cushion by FNP. Made of pure polyester, the cushion features a printed image of your choice right in the middle. It is easy to use, with a circuit that runs along the length of the cover outline and the battery can be easily located. Filled with recron and having dimensions of 10 x 11 inches, the cushion is priced ₹ 625.00 on FNP.

11. Make the Golden Couple’s Home Opulent and Luxurious with 24K Gold Leaf Lord Ganesh Frame

This 24K pure gold leaf frame featuring Lord Ganesh may just be the perfect gift for someone celebrating their 50 years of togetherness. Available in different décor styles like nature, vintage, antique and religious, the frame is capable of adorning any place in the house and transform it into opulent and luxurious. Having dimensions of 18 cm x 15 cm the exquisite gold frame is available for ₹ 2,650.00 on AuGrav.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Portraits and Photo Frame Gifts

12. Gift this Personalised Wooden Frame to Make the Occasion Memorable


This is a gift as memorable as the years spent together. This beautiful and intricately engraved wooden frame gives you the option to personalise it to your heart's content. Once you send a photo and text of your choice, the company engraves the same on premium quality beech-wood, adding a burnt wooden look. The dimensions of this remarkable frame are 12 x 9 inches and it weighs 1.2 kg. Priced at ₹ 1,690.00 you can order it from Amazon.

13. Adorn the Golden Couple’s Home with this Unique Foiled Portrait


Do you know someone lucky celebrating their 'golden' wedding anniversary? Then this gold foil portrait available on Etsy may be a great way to honour the day. All you have to do is send a picture of the couple along with a text of your choice to the seller and in return you will receive a gold foil version of that picture on a durable milk white paper, which can be mounted, framed, displayed and/or stored safely. The handcrafted portrait having dimensions of 29.7 x 21 cm is available for ₹ 2,468.00 on Etsy.

14. Relive the Memories with Then and Now Picture Frame


This beautiful handcrafted real wood frame has 2 photo clips to hold 4 x 6 inch photos of the lovely couple then and now. You have the option to choose the background and the floral design and customise your personal information. This is a beautiful gift on the golden anniversary not only to relive the memories but also to be treasured for many more years. The entire frame board is 15 x 8 inches in dimension and is available for ₹ 2,815.00 on Etsy.

15. Savour that One Moment of Unforgettable Love with a Digitally Painted Portrait


Immortalise that unforgettable moment of love between the golden couple with this beautiful digital painting. Just send a memorable photograph of the couple you wish to get painted to the seller along with the text of your choice. The same will be then replicated into a watercolour painting and its digital version will be shared with you for approval. You also have complete control over the product's final dimensions and the material on which you want the portrait – digital, canvas or poster. Available for ₹ 1,934.00 you can order it from Etsy.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Tableware Gifts

16. Have Your Tea (or Coffee) in Beautiful 50th Anniversary Mugs with Lids


Elderly couples normally love to start their day with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee. If you want them to remember you everyday gift them these beautiful marble mugs to enjoy their beverage daily. These 50th anniversary mugs are made of marble and have a capacity of 340 ml. Moreover they come with lids and a golden spoon to keep the beverage hot. You can buy a set of 2 from Amazon at prices starting from ₹ 6,400.00.

17. This Couple Gift Tray with Personalised Mugs and Shakers Depicts the Golden Couple’s Everlasting Love


Opposites attract yet complement each other. A concept that can be applied to human lives as well. If the beloved couple has similar dynamics, this gift may just be the best thing you've come across! With a theme of black and white, yin and yang, this set symbolises the concept of opposites which complement each other. A wooden tray contains an adorable pair of hugging salt and pepper shakers, along with a pair of customisable premium quality mugs priced at ₹ 925.00 on IGP.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Timeless Timepieces Gifts

18. Gift a Celebration of Togetherness with Titan Bandhan Champagne Dial Golden Watches for Couples

Many seniors love to adorn their wrist with a formal watch. If your loved ones fall in this category then this gift set from Titan is just meant for them. The set includes exquisite analogue quartz watches with champagne gold round dials and stainless steel straps in golden colour. The watches are covered under a 2-year warranty and are priced at ₹ 7,895.00 on Titan.

19. Adorn Your Garden with a Customised 50th Anniversary Precision Gold Engraved Sundial


The Apollo 50th Anniversary Sundial is the perfect gift for your timeless lovebirds’ garden! You just need to send the address where the sundial is to be installed and you will receive a customised elegant sundial precision engineered for that location alone. You can also add a saying of your choice. The handcrafted sundial manufactured with aluminium and stainless steel, has lines etched deep into the metal using a computer-driven CNC machine. Priced at ₹ 7,391.00 you can order it from Etsy.

20. Gift Huawei Band 6 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch to the Fitness Freaks


This unisex watch from Huawei not only tracks your fitness levels through 96 different exercise modes but also tracks your heart rate and saturated oxygen levels round the clock. It has a 1.47 inch full screen display with a 14-day battery life. It is waterproof till 5 atmospheric pressure depth. Available in black, green, pink and red colours, price starts at ₹ 3,999.00 per unit on Amazon.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Golden Coins/Medallions

21. Give a Gift as Precious as Gold with Photo Engraved Gold Coin

Gifting gold coins are an essential part of Indian culture. A gold coin can be the perfect gift to celebrate your loved one's golden anniversary. This photo engraved gold coin by Augrav is made of pure 22K gold. It comes with a BIS Hallmark Certificate and the company also provides a lifetime guarantee for the engraving. The coin is available in various sizes starting from 2 gm – 100 gm. You can buy a 5 gm photo engraved gold coin for ₹ 22,025.00 from Augrav.

22. A Beautiful Golden Commemorative Keepsake for the Golden Couple


What if there was a way of defining or quantifying love? What if you could signify the enormity of the years spent together just with numbers? This beautiful handcrafted 24K gold plated coin does just this. With very intricate details on both sides, the coin features a text which says:
'50 years, that is… 5 decades, 600 months, 2609 weeks, 18262 days, 438,288 hours, 26,297,280 minutes and still counting..' A perfect gift for your loved ones, the coin is available on Etsy for ₹ 800.00.

Top Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Miscellaneous Golden Anniversary Gifts

23. Let the Golden Couple Snuggle in a 50th Anniversary Blanket

With age, many elderly couples become particularly conscious about the kind of fabrics they surround themselves with. If your loved ones are also in that phase, this personalised blanket designed by Antonie Bellamy will be the perfect anniversary gift for them. Made of 100% polyester, the blanket is a high quality microfiber flannel fleece, with anti-wrinkle and anti-grease properties. The blanket is also easy to maintain. A 60 x 50 inches blanket is available on Ubuy for ₹ 3,890.00.

24. This Personalised Best Wishes Calendar will Make the Couple Remember You Every Day of the Year


This Personalised Best Wishes Calendar from FNP is made from premium quality wood. It is easy to maintain and you get the option to personalise it with a picture of your choice right at its centre. The calendar is a perpetual calendar which can be used for all years simply by moving the 3 wheels with the dates, days and months engraved on them. Priced at ₹ 499.00 you can order it from FNP.

25. The Golden Couple will Surely Love this Thoughtful Utility Gift Hamper

Due to their functional nature and versatility, gift hampers have grown very popular across age groups. If your lovebirds are people who rather prefer something functional over something pretty, this utility gift hamper by Gift A Love is just what you might be looking for. The hamper symbolising good health includes a beautiful golden apple shaped clock, premium quality coffee beans and branded green tea, all nicely kept in a beautiful wooden basket tray. Priced at ₹ 890.00 you can order it from GiftaLove.

26. Spread the Warm Glow of Love with Mr. and Mrs. Caricature Personalised Yellow LED Bottle


Nothing lights up life better than a little bit of comedy, and caricatures are just the way to go about it! This Mr. and Mrs. Caricature Bottle, by IGP, features a printed caricature of the anniversary couple with a realistic representation of their faces. This creativity is coupled with beautiful and durable LED lighting which makes the bottle a suitable addition to any room and spread the warm glow of love everywhere. Priced at ₹ 825.00 on IGP.

27. The Writer Couple will Love the Parker Vector Luxury Gift Set


Romance in the 90s (and before) took the form of long letters, mushy poems and articulate literature. If your beloved couple loves to write their thoughts, note down meaningful quotes then this Parker Vector Luxury Gift Set is the perfect gift for them. It includes a roller ball pen and a ball pen in gold plated stainless steel along with a leather visiting card folder in an elegant gift pack priced at ₹ 1,408.00 on Amazon.

28. The Brass Handcrafted Krishna-Radha Swing for the Religiously Inclined Couple

This exquisite brass showpiece depicting Krishna and Radha sitting on a swing while the former serenades her with his mesmerising flute will surely get the pride of place in any pooja room. So, if your loved ones are religiously inclined this intricately crafted product will delight them immensely. Its dimensions are 8.8 x 2.25 x 10 inches and it weighs 2.4 kg. Priced at ₹ 6,550.00 you can order it from Jaypore.

29. Astound the Golden Couple with the Levitating Moon Lamp

This gift is unlike any other. It is a precision engineered levitating lamp which has been created using 3D printing technology based on the latest images of the moon taken by NASA satellites depicting its craters and surface accurately. The moon lamp can levitate in the air at all times, it can rotate 360° or stay in one position while levitating. Its diameter is 14 cm and you can buy it for ₹ 9,999.00 on Bigsmall.

30. Let the Fun Times Roll with Golden Cocktail Glasses

If your loved ones love their cocktails then this is one gift which will make them happy no end. The set includes 4 premium quality cocktail glasses with a capacity of 420 ml. Each glass reflects superior workmanship and has a different pattern making all of them unique. The glasses give a rich luxurious feel while enjoying your cocktail. Priced at ₹ 2,750.00 you can order them from Bigsmall.

Consider Giving the Gift the Golden Couple will Cherish the Most

If you talk to some seniors you will realise that the thing that they desire the most is for their loved ones to spend some time with them. So, on this golden anniversary make it a point to spend some quality time with the golden couple, away from the interruptions of your professional and personal obligations. Play a board-game with them, relive your memories, sit beside a bonfire under a starlit sky, take them on a long drive or do anything which makes them feel loved and wanted even in the sunset of their lives. This will be a gift which they will definitely cherish for a long long time.

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Plan for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Gift Just Like the Occasion

A golden wedding anniversary is a very rare and momentous occasion. Not just for the couple but for their extended family and circle of loved ones. Consequently, think of giving a gift which is as remarkable as the occasion itself. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which gift would be the most apt for the golden couple. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.