Gained Extra Weight in the Lockdown? Best Slimming Tea  to Get in the Right Shape and Live a Healthier Life

Gained Extra Weight in the Lockdown? Best Slimming Tea to Get in the Right Shape and Live a Healthier Life

Often with the cramped up work schedules, we keep neglecting our health. The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged us to look after our health and we are incorporating healthy diet in our routines. Why not try these slimming teas which come with numerous health benefits?

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Benefits of Slimming Tea

Slimming teas are very beneficial, and, even though each one has its own advantages, some are present in all. For instance, all slimming teas are known to help with obesity. They also help enhance the metabolic rate and prevent aging as well.

Other than all that, slimming teas are known to be helpful against various illnesses like Parkinson's disease. It also helps remove the excess fat while glowing up your skin.

Best Slimming Tea Recipes for You

Green Tea

Green tea is surely one of the most well-known teas in the world, known for its weight-reducing capabilities. So, to make two amazing cups of green tea, you will need two tablespoons of green tea leaves, two cups of water, and some honey.

How to Make:

  • So, to make it, first, take a saucepan and add the water to it before heating it at high temperature.
  • Once the water starts to boil, turn the heat off and pour in the green tea leaves.
  • Now, cover the pan and leave it for a minute before straining the tea into the cups.
  • Now, if you want, you can serve it as is, or you can sweeten it up by adding a bit of honey.

Black Tea

Black tea is also great for slimming you up. Now, there are many different ways to make this. The first is to add one tablespoon black tea leaves, one cinnamon stick, and one thinly sliced lemon into a large teapot before pouring in six cups of hot water. Now, let it steep for five minutes before straining and garnishing with lemon slices.

The other one would be the Russian black tea. For this exotic tea, you will need three cups of water, one tablespoon black tea, twelve lemon wedges, and some sugar.

How to make:

  • To make it, warm a teapot with some water and place the leaves in it before pouring in the hot water and letting it steep for five minutes.
  • Once done, place the lemon slices in six cups with two in each and fill half with the tea and add water to fill the rest.
  • Lastly, add some sugar and serve.

Herbal Tea


As you might know, herbal teas are also great slimming teas. So, a great herbal tea recipe would be to add one part dried mushroom root with one part dried cherry inner bark, dried thyme, and one part dried red clover leaf and flowers into a large bowl and mix them well together before storing in an airtight jar. Similarly, you can add one part dried valerian root with one part dried chamomile flower, one part dried licorice root, and one part dried peppermint leaf.

You can also make a mixture of one part dried echinacea leaves and flowers, one part dried rose hips, one part dried elderberries, one part dried astragalus.

How to Make:

  • So, to brew any of the above-mentioned teas, you are to simply add one tablespoon of tea with eight ounces of boiling water, and cover for about 45 minutes and let it steep.
  • Now, strain well and sweeten with honey before serving.

Puerh Tea

In case you wanna give a Chinese tea a try, you should surely check out the Puerh tea. To make it, you will need some filtered water, and some loose leaf tea. For every 10 ounces of water, we suggest that you add one teaspoon of tea.

How to Make:

  • So, to make it, first, preheat your cup by adding in some boiling water and then discarding it.
  • Now, place the tea leaves in a teapot and bring fresh water to boil in a saucepan before adding that to the pot as well.
  • Next, let it steep for five minutes and then strain it into your cup before garnishing with lemon slices and serving warm.
  • Also, remember not to let your tea leaves to steep for any more than five minutes; take them out immediately.

Oolong Tea

To make the famous oolong tea known for various benefits, you will need six ounces of water and one teaspoon of oolong tea.

How to Make:

  • In order to get started, heat the water in a tea kettle at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit or boil it in a saucepan.
  • Now, pre-warm the cup by adding some boiling water to it and letting it sit for some time before discarding it.
  • Next, place the leaves in the cup and pour over the water before covering it and letting the tea steep for five minutes.
  • Lastly, strain the tea into the cup of liking and serve after garnishing.

Some Slimming Tea Products That can be Bought Online

NutroActive LIPOLYZER Herbal Slimming Tea, Weight Loss Tea Herbal Tea Box (100)

In case you want already mixed up and ready-to-make tea leaves to make your work easy, you can give this Herbal slimming tea box a try. It contains a total of 100 grams of tea which will help you to lose weight while also helping prevent the accumulation of excess water. The tea contains a combination of green tea leaves, stevia, licorice, rose leaves, caltrops, ginger, cardamom, and much more.

These will also help improve your metabolism rate and strengthen your liver. It is also very easy to make and you will simply have to boil one teaspoon of this tea with water and steep for five minutes before garnishing and serving warm. You can get it from Flipkart for INR 637.

Brown & White Kalonji-Carrot Magical Tea-Powder for Skin Glow, Weight Loss, Digestion, Wellness


This Brown & White Kalonji-Carrot Magical Tea-Powder is another great slimming tea product. This particular tea is vegetarian and is known to have a positive effect on the consumers, helping release their tension and stress. The tea also contains turmeric, which helps promote joint mobility and boost the brain as well as the nervous system.

Additionally, it has powerful healing ingredients that boost your immune system and help treat conditions like headaches, asthma, insomnia, bone weakness, allergies, and eczema, etc. It is also very delicious and contains 100% natural herbs like tulsi cinnamon, ginger, rooibos, and turmeric. It also improves your skin and is paraben-free. You can get 242 grams of it from Amazon for INR 2,420.

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Don't Let that Belly Fat Add to Your Tensions, Try these Slimming Teas with Numerous Benefits 2020

Its time to resume work but can't risk looking fluffy at your office? Do give these slimming teas a try and see the difference yourself!

Note: Most herbs used in herbal teas are generally considered as safe, however, we suggest you to always talk to your doctor before using any herbal tea for weight loss.