Know What's Brewing Behind a Cup of Coffee: 8 Types of Coffee Beans That Are The Best For That Cuppa(2019)!

Know What's Brewing Behind a Cup of Coffee: 8 Types of Coffee Beans That Are The Best For That Cuppa(2019)!

A coffee enthusiast? Find out the different types of coffee beans, the various kinds and how they taste. We have also recommended some of the best coffee brands available in India and some international brands too. Read on to find out more!

All That You Need to Know About Coffee Beans!

Some people cannot even imagine starting a day without a cup of coffee. Are you an avid coffee drinker? Did you know that you can brew your own coffee at home with fresh coffee beans? Interested to know more? Then you must read this! Get to know your coffee better while we explain the different types of coffee beans available. Also, if your friend is someone who enjoys coffee more than anything else, then what more innovative to get him/her than a fresh set of coffee beans that they will enjoy for sure!

The Top 4 Varieties of Coffee Beans

It is essential to know that there are mainly 4 types of coffee beans used in commercial circulation today. Here we discuss the characteristics of each of the type of coffee beans.


The arabica type of coffee beans are the most popular and widely used. In fact, it makes up 60% of the world’s coffee consumption. So, its probable that the kind of coffee that you're drinking now is most likely to be made from Arabica beans. Almost all coffee shops serve a coffee blend made out of arabica beans as they taste much better than Robusta beans. They have a satisfying amount of acidity and have stronger tasting notes of sweetness and salinity. Arabica beans give out an amazing aroma while brewing.

Arabica beans are mostly grown in the regions of Latin America and are cultivated at higher altitudes. They are easily influenced by environmental changes and requires more care while farming. So, they are quite highly priced than Robusta beans. They taste best when served hot as their flavor changes otherwise.


Robusta is the second when it comes to coffee production in the world. Like the name suggests, these beans are robust in nature and are generally, very tolerant to environment diseases as a plant. This is owed to the caffeine content in the plant. Hence, Robusta beans contain almost double the amount of caffeine than Arabica! Robusta beans are easily cultivated in hot climates with irregular rainfall. They require less care while farming, and hence, cost less than Arabica beans. They also possess tasting notes of bitterness but are lower in acidity.

Robusta beans are grown in Africa and Indonesia. Their deep flavor doesn’t change and holds for long. Hence, tastes great when served even cold with cream and sugar. Don’t forget, they make a great cup of iced coffee!


Liberica beans are larger in size and are often irregular in shape unlike other coffee beans. Just like its appearance in shape, the taste is also unique and so is, its aroma. Liberica beans are only grown in the Philippines and was quite popular in the 1980’s. However, the arabica coffee beans stole the show and continue to reign the coffee world, while the Liberica coffee beans took a back seat. Liberica beans are said to possess a fruity and floral aroma and taste. They taste very different from the other kind of coffee beans. Some people find it to have a smoky and woody flavor. These beans are cultivated very less and hence are found very less in the commercial market.


Excelsa coffee beans are also cultivated very less. They constitute only 7% of the overall coffee consumption in the world. It has been recently re-classified as a member of the Liberica family. However, both the coffee beans taste entirely different. Excelsa beans are mostly grown in South East Asia and grow on tall trees. Excelsa beans are used in coffee blends to give that extra flavor and complexity. It is said to have a tart and fruity tasting note.

Coffee Beans in India

The above mentioned are the four types of main coffee beans from around the world. Being coffee lovers and being Indians too, its high time we appreciate our home-grown variety of coffee beans, isn’t it? Here we bring to you the different types of coffee beans in India in case you wish to know more about homegrown coffee varieties.

India has consistently produced and exported high quality coffee for over 150 years now! Indian coffee is well known for its shade grown mild coffee. These beans are typically mild in taste and not too acidic. Coffee plantations in India grow spice varieties like pepper and cardamom alongside the coffee plants. This factor also contributes to the extraordinary taste of Indian coffee as acclaimed. Regions with high elevations are suited for arabica coffee while the regions with humid conditions are best for the Robusta variety.

Coffee plantations in the south comprising of the regions of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the cradle of Indian coffee. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with intriguing subtlety and stimulating intensity are the highlight of this region. Coffee cultivation in the Eastern Ghats and the north eastern states is newly developed. These non-traditional areas comprising of Andra Pradesh and Odisha mostly grow Arabica coffee. Monsooned Malabar AA, Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold and Robusta Kaapi Royale are some of the specialty coffees from India.

Top 8 Coffee Bean Brands That You Should Try - Great for Giftng Too!

Urban Platter Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans


Urban Platter is an Indian brand with reputation in selling high quality coffee beans. These coffee beans are perfect to please a coffeeholic. It doesn’t taste too strong on the palate and doesn’t leave a bitter after taste. These arabica beans are grown in Coorg and roasted to perfection. The packaging has its own aroma locking system and is great to store the beans for long. It is advised to grind only the required quantity of beans. However, if stored properly, it will retain flavor even when grounded. It is relatively economical in price and is available on for Rs.275.

Darshan Coffee Roasted Robusta Coffee Beans


Darshan Coffee offers a variety of perfectly roasted Robusta coffee beans. This finest quality coffee beans are grown in the Nilgiris plantation in Travancore, Kerala. It produces a lovely, velvety coffee which is higher in caffeine content than arabica. Coffee lovers who are looking for that intense, strong and bitter kick from coffee, must try this variety for sure! You can also blend it with Arabica coffee beans, if you wish to reduce the bitterness. You can purchase Darshan Coffee’s Robusta Coffee Beans on for Rs.147.

Blue Tokai Coffee

Blue Tokai Coffee has made its mark in the Indian coffee world. They are specialised in coffee and have cafes and an online store to sell high quality and amazingly tasty coffee varieties. These coffee beans are cultivated in the Attapadi hills in Kerala. This light roast Arabica coffee has sweeter tasting notes with light acidity. It is best when consumed black and without milk. Blue Tokai Coffee is priced comparatively high at Rs.450, but the uniqueness of this blend is well worth the money!

Flying Squirrel 6-Pack Taster's Set

The Flying Squirrel brand is artisan coffee at its best. They have definitely established themselves in the gourmet coffee market recently. The coffee beans are uniquely cultivated and scientifically processed to retain all the goodness in the coffee. This Taster’s Set of 6 packs of the Flying Squirrel brand is a great gifting option for a coffee lover. Well, if want to self-pamper yourself and give a go at the different varieties of coffee, then get this one for yourself. This sampler pack contains the brand’s best coffees cultivated in Coorg.

Indian Bean Frowner's Coffee

This strong and flavorful coffee from the Indian Bean definitely brightens up any frowner’s day! The acidity and fruity tasting notes are perfectly balanced. This coffee is a fresh and aromatic treat on any day for a coffee lover. You can opt to get the beans roasted to your taste and can even get it grounded customised to size! Being gourmet stuff, this too is quite pricey though, at Rs.400 for 250gms.

Interested in Coffee Beans From Around the World? Here Are Some Suggestions

Imara African Coffee Beans

This Arabica coffee beans from Imara is cultivated in South Africa and is one of the best tasting coffee blends ever. This well rounded dark roast beans have a chocolatey undertone and are medium roasted to perfection. Get hold of this coffee from Indiamart for Rs.650 a packet.

Colombia Supremo Single Origin Coffee

Columbia is well known for its high-quality Arabica coffee beans. In fact, it is the second largest producer of these beans. Beans and Brews have Columbia coffee beans featured on their website for Rs.400. Columbia coffee beans are known for medium strength and sweet taste.

Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans are for the health conscious who don’t want to induce more caffeine into the daily diet. These are unroasted organic beans from organic cultivated farms. Green coffee beans are powerhouse of antioxidants and promotes overall body health and immunity. If you want to taste coffee that’s far different from your usual cuppa, then try these from Perennial Life Sciences for Rs. 299. Besides, it’s said to help in weight loss too! But, mind you the beans could make your coffee taste raw and “grassy”.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Coffee Beans

There are certain things to watch out for while purchasing coffee beans. They are:

Coffee Bean Variety - Arabica or Robusta?

Type of coffee beans available commercially is generally limited to these two varieties. Think of what kind of coffee you are longing for, and make a decision on the kind of beans to get.

Geographic Origin - Single Origin or Multiple Blend?

Coffee beans that are derived from only one farm/estate or the same region are known as single origin. They are generally subject to seasonal availability. If you want to taste coffee in it’s purest from, then we recommend you go for single origin beans.

When coffee beans from mixed geographical locations are mixed together, it is known as a coffee blend. Blended coffee bolsters the weaker areas of the base coffee and gives a balanced taste and acidity.

Processing Method - Washed, Sundried?

Coffee beans are processed to remove the seed (bean) from the skin and pulp of the fruit that they were present in. The natural or sundried process is the traditional method of drying the coffee cherries or fruits in the sun. The seeds are then removed. The beans taste more fruity, sweet and full-bodied.

In the wash processing method, the seeds are first removed from the fruit before drying. In this method, the bean doesn’t derive much of the taste from the fruit or the pulp. As a result, the flavors are more inherent to the bean itself and taste less fruity.

Roast Level - None, Medium, High?

When coffee beans are treated in heat, they bring out the aroma and flavor locked inside. As a result, your cup of coffee tastes just like it ought to be - 'coffee-like’! However, the roast level of the beans decides the unique characteristic taste in the coffee. As the roast level increases from medium to high, beans tend to get a bitter taste and acidic.

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What's Brewing?

A good cup of coffee is one that’s balanced in taste with satisfying amounts of acidity and flavor. Having said that, we also have to add that your coffee is your preference. It depends on the person as to how sweet or bitter you want your coffee. So, get the right beans and get that coffee brewing!