Coffee Gift Hampers Could Be Fantastic Gift Options For Your Loved Ones, Here Are A Few Suggestions For You To Choose From

Coffee Gift Hampers Could Be Fantastic Gift Options For Your Loved Ones, Here Are A Few Suggestions For You To Choose From

For many, coffee is a fuel to give their day a proper and energized start. When it comes to gifts, one can't just choose anything callously, and getting a right gift makes it a difficult task. A coffee gift hamper is a great solution to such a dilemma. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the great suggestions of coffee gift hampers which would certainly lighten up the day of the person for whom they are intended.

Coffee and Us

Coffee is more than a beverage in our society. It is a culture in itself. Coffee acts a social lubricant wherein people come together and discuss, have a conversation, share ideas, propose a business prospect or have a romantic date, all over a cup of this dark liquid. The popularity of the coffee culture across the world is well assessed by the ubiquitous nature of coffeehouses or cafes in all the cities and towns in the world. What started in the 14th century in Turkey has become a global phenomenon, with participants of various backgrounds. Political discussions to analyzing a business module to pitching a movie script, all happens within the confines of a café or in a living room wafting with smell of freshly brewed coffee. That innocuous dark liquid has seen quite a few brainstorming and probably the world’s next big thing. Coming to a more personal level, coffee is almost always the beverage of choice in a conversation with friends. Nothing can beat the combination of a rainy day, friends, conversation, pakodas and steaming cups of coffee.

Why a Coffee Gift Hamper is the Best Birthday Gift for Your Friend?

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee? As we've said coffee is the most popular beverage across nations. It is the best fuel to start a social camaraderie and definitely one of the best gifts you can give to your friend on his/her birthday. Drinking coffee is usually associated with warmth and happiness. It is a drink you share while having a heartfelt conversation with your friends, family or your better half. Thus, it's a beverage of good times. So, it will allow your friend to remember you fondly every time he/she sits for a cuppa. Last but not the least a coffee gift hamper is what your friend deserves for he/she deserves nothing but the best.

It is a Relevant and Meaningful Gift

Coffee culture is an integral part of our society and presenting a coffee kit is a gift in the true sense of the term. The rich aroma and taste of gourmet coffee is a treat to both your taste buds and olfactory senses. By gifting a coffee gift hamper you are enabling your friend to experience this amazing culture anytime he/she prefers. It is an important gift and your friend will be very thankful to you for it.

It can be Utilised Daily

There is no time and occasion for coffee. Every time can be coffee time. Moreover, a gift, besides having personal meaning, must also have high utility value. And a coffee gift hamper ticks of all the above criteria. Coffee is drunk daily and is not a beverage of occasional consumption. One can drink coffee before embarking on a task to give oneself the necessary caffeine kick or drink it while spending some me time or with friends.

Your Friend will Remember You Everytime He/She Drinks Coffee

One of the purposes of giving gifts is that to make the recipient realize the affection you have for him/her. The gift must be such that it makes him/her remember you fondly. Thus, it must be something that most people like. Coffee is a highly popular beverage and it would make your friend remember you fondly every time he/she sits to enjoy the gourmet coffee hamper you have gifted him.

Your Friend Deserves the Best

All of us agree that out friends deserve nothing but the best. More so when it the question of gifts on their birthdays. Unless your friend is allergic to coffee, you are less likely to find any better gift than a coffee hamper. You will be gifting your friend much more than a beverage if you gift a coffee hamper. You will be gifting an experience. Few other gifts can live up to that.

10 Quirky Luxury Coffee Hampers to Gift Your Friend

Coffee hampers are of many kinds. Some contain utensils starting from grinding coffee to brewing and drinking. Some contains premium coffee and cookies to go with while some contains packs of choice coffees from around the world. When choosing a coffee gift hamper for your friend’s birthday, you must keep in mind that the hamper should be luxurious, branded and one of a kind. Follow this BP Guide to pick the best coffee hamper to gift your friend on his/her birthday.

A Shot of Caffeine Hamper

This coffee hamper is the best birthday gift for your friend if he/she is a coffee lover. Sometimes we need a hot steaming cup of coffee to be energized into doing great things or just to enjoy a moment of leisure and this box is a complete package to give your friend that caffeine kick. The contents of this box are Artisan flavoured coffee, Biodiversity coffee, coffee flavoured chocolate, coffee flavoured cookies and a mug. For someone who loves the flavour of coffee, this box is nothing but pure pleasure. The cookies are a great complement to the luxury coffee and chocolate can lift your friends' mood on gloomy days. The hamper comes at a cost of ₹2225.

Aromatic Brew Hamper

This coffee hamper will allow your friend to pamper him/herself in a luxurious fashion. The hamper consists of 100gm of Coffee Aroma, 340gm of berry preserve,150 gm of cranberry and oats cookies, 75 gm hazelnut cream and a French press. The warmth of fine roasted coffee topped with delicious hazelnut cream, a side of gourmet cookies and Scottish berry preserve is sure to make your friend get lost in an aromatic bliss. The hamper is priced at Rs.4093 and comes in a medium sized box with a circum bow.

Luxury Coffee Hamper

If your friend is a coffee fanatic then look no further than these pack of gourmet coffee for his/her birthday gift. There are 4 gift packs from Blue Tokai that can be given individually or together as a set. The first pack consists of 4 coffee packets of 75gm each, the second pack consists of 6 coffee packets of 75gm each, the third pack consists of 4 coffee packets of 75gm each and a ceramic pour over, and the 4th pack consists of 4 coffee packets of 75gm each and a french press. They are priced at Rs.800, Rs.1100, Rs.2770 and Rs.2770, respectively. The gift boxes come in 6 beautiful colours with folk print on them. Coffee pouches can come with the name of your friend printed on them and not just that, you can also print a personalized message on them.

Assorted Coffee Beans Pack


This is a selection of 4 packs of gourmet coffee from Tariero's Aromatique Infused Collection. Each pack consists of 75gm roasted medium grind coffee that is perfect to express your love for your friend. The coffee in this gift hamper is naturally flavoured Arabica Coffee and thus is a unique gift for your friend on his/her birthday. The hamper costs Rs.675.

Davidoff Coffee Hamper


This is the perfect coffee gift hamper for your friend's birthday as it is both elegant and luxurious. It consists of a 100ml bottle of Davidoff coffee, 2 white coloured ceramic coffee cups and 2 coasters with quirky messages on them. All of this comes on a wooden tray and is priced at Rs.1745.

Starbucks Coffee Hamper

Nachos is a very popular snack and if it comes with freshly brewed coffee, there are few combinations that can be better than that. So, gift this combination as a gift on your friend's birthday. People get bored with the traditional coupling of cookies and coffee and nachos provide a positive deviation from the custom. This nachos and coffee gift hamper consists of 250gm of Starbucks coffee blend , a coffee cup and 2 packs of flavoured nachos. They come in a bamboo basket and is priced at Rs. 1649.

Lavazza Coffee Hamper

This coffee gift hamper will allow your friend to make café style coffee at the comfort of his/her home. It consists of 200g of pure filter coffee, a filter coffee maker and a recipe booklet. The coffee powder is a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee and will give your friend a rich coffee experience. The aromatic coffee also has a hint of caramel in it. This amazing coffee gift hamper comes at a price of Rs.300.

Nescafe Classic Cold Coffee Kit


Nescafe is one of the most popular and loved coffee brands around the world and cold coffee is a delicacy. Put these two together and you would have the best cold coffee gift hamper to give your friend on his/her birthday. The hamper comes with 100gm of Nescafe coffee, a mason jar, a steel straw, a frother and 2 fridge magnets. The package comes at a cost of Rs.799.

The Coffee Break Hamper

Anytime is a great time for a coffee break. So gift a complete coffee break experience on his/her birthday with this all-in-one coffee gift hamper. It consists of coffee, cookies, cashew nuts, other assorted nuts, wafer rolls, sugar, chocolates and wafer cubes. This hamper is presented in a wooden basket and is priced at Rs.5950.

The Gourmet Coffee Kit

It is rightly said that coffee is for the soul. Its effect goes beyond the body and enriches overall experience. Thus, when you gift your friend a coffee hamper on his/her birthday make sure that it gives the above said experience to your friend. Among the many coffee hampers, this particular hamper is the appropriate candidate to do so. It consists of coffee, Demitasse sugar, dark chocolate and mocha cream cookies. The product is wrapped in cellophane paper and tied with a ribbon to give the package a classy look. It costs Rs.4000.

Bonus: Make Your Own Coffee Hamper

Sometimes while shopping for coffee gift hampers to give to your friend on his/her birthday, you do not find a hamper that is complete according to you. One might have a great selection of coffee but does not come with coffee accessories like coffee mug, coffee filters, frothers, cookies and other paraphernalia. One hamper might come with some of these but the coffee is not gourmet or the coffee snacks are not of good quality.

The smart thing to do then is for you to buy the best of coffee packs and paraphernalia and compile a hamper on your own. The perks of doing so would be that the gift hamper will be completely under your control and hence you can give a personal touch to it. You know your friend the best and so you can compile a better coffee gift hamper than any manufacturer any time of the day. Here is how you can make a coffee hamper to gift your friend on his/her birthday.

Wooden Tray


This will be used to arrange the items that will be a part of your gift hamper. This handcrafted wooden tray made of sheesham wood. It is elegant and classy and has enough space for the items you plan to put in the hamper. After arranging the items, you can cover the tray with a cellophane paper and decorate it with a bow. It will also double up as a serving tray for your friend, to serve the coffee you gifted. Buy it on Amazon for Rs. 999.

Designer Coffee Mug


Most coffee gift hampers come with a coffee mug that looks plain and ordinary. This is a set of hand painted ceramic mugs sporting tribal art. Adding this will render beauty to your hamper. The set contains 2 mugs each of green colour and tribal art of green and yellow on them. Get it for Rs.1180 on Amazon India.

Gourmet Coffee Packs


The most important item in your self-made coffee gift hamper is the coffee. You must not compromise on the quality of the coffee powder or beans and see to it that the best enter that hamper. This pack of instant coffee powder is the right choice in that aspect. It consists of 2 packs 120gms each. The coffee comes in two flavours, hazelnut and caramel, and is sure to give a gourmet experience.Get it for Rs.950 from Amazon.

Coffee Warmer


One coffee utensil missing from almost all coffee hamper is a coffee warmer. Yet it is one of the most useful and important utensils regarding brewing coffee. This coffee warmer is used to warm pre-brewed coffee and is very important in a social function that has been going on for hours. This warmer is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 800ml. Get it on Amazon for Rs.800.

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Getting a right gift for a certain person is an art to which many people remains unfamiliar. While you won't get it right just in a day because it takes a great deal of effort, there are certain shortcuts around this. Getting a gift which is a great option and almost everyone could appreciate is your way out or plausibly, relatively easier task. So while you learn the art of gifting, coffee gift hampers are among the best options.