Planning Something Exclusive for a Special Occasion? Consider these Amazing Gourmet Food Gifts for 2019

Planning Something Exclusive for a Special Occasion? Consider these Amazing Gourmet Food Gifts for 2019

Waiting for that special occasion to be with your loved ones? Want to surprise them by gifting something exclusive? Try out gourmet food gifts this year and make a lasting impression. Take a look at this article to know why gourmet food gifts are the best, and some choices of gourmet food gifts for your loved ones.

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Must Know Things about Gourmet Food

Gourmet Food Is Prepared with Precision


Before you have a look at the food gourmet gifts options, you should know about them a little bit. What makes a gourmet product so popular and in-demand is the ingredients used for making them. These food items are prepared with the highest precision and flavour and are also presented artfully. This includes both foods as well as the drinks.

The process of preparation also differs from the usual one and hence the food items are filled with unique flavours. You should try one of the gourmet products and regular products to see the difference on your own.

Exclusively Available at Select Locations

You don't need to be always going to find gourmet food at certain locations. You might not even find them in your locality. It can be called edible luxury because of the rareness of its availability. For example, you can’t always find the restaurant around you serving gourmet food or the store around you offering gourmet products.

Thankfully, India now has online stores where you can easily find gourmet products at reasonable pricing.

Made of Highest Quality Ingredients


Most of the times you are going to find the best gourmet food gifts to be more expensive. Whether it is chocolates or cookies or something else, they are always priced more than regular items. It is because of the use of high-quality ingredients in them. From cocoa to quality sugar, everything used is of top quality and it totally justifies their pricing too.

10 Best Gourmet Food Gifts for Your Loved Ones

The Gourmet Jar Mini Happiness Box


So, the first option we found is called Mini Happiness Box. This gourmet pack comprises of 5 mini jars containing different things. All of the products are handmade in small batches and hence perfect for gifting purpose to your loved ones.

The packaging itself is quite impressive which accommodates the 5 jars carefully in it and hence you won’t have to make any additional efforts. These gourmet condiments are made out of unique flavours and hence stand out among other food gifts.

The flavours available are Mango Jalapeno, Tomato Cranberry, Fig Almond Conserve, Classic Strawberry, Wholegrain mustard, Orange marmalade and many more. It depends upon the availability that which five flavours you receive in the packaging. Each of the jars contains 45gms of the product in it with great shelf life. You can buy this pack of 5 mini jars on Amazon for Rs. 400.

Gourmet Chocolates Pack


No food gift baskets are complete without some amazing and delicious chocolates. And we decided to pick some best quality gourmet chocolates for the same. Everything about this packaging is a big yes from our side and you will get to know why.

First of all the product is carefully packed in golden pouch with ribbons on IT. It looks quite impressive and makes a perfect gift too and the golden colour gives great aesthetics to the whole present. You get 5 pieces of different flavours of chocolates in the box/pouch. These flavours are strawberry, nutty butter, scotch chocolate and hazelnut. All the flavours are much loved and prepared using the best quality ingredients. This wholesome package of 20 chocolates inside is great for holidays and other special occasions. You can buy this pack on IGP for Rs. 450.

Gourmet Snacking Hamper

The urge of snacking can grow stronger at any time and for this, we have the perfect recommendation for you. This is a Snack Delight Hamper consisting of some of the best quality products to munch on, which are light-hearted and of course, quite delicious too.

All the products come packed in a nice box which gets full marks from us in terms of presentation and packaging. Talking about the contents of this box then it has some nice things to offer. These are waffle chips with chocolate dip, flavoured Jowar puffs snack pack, caramel stroopwaffle and almond rocks chocolates. These products are carefully kept in a box packed with a ribbon along with a personalized gift tag. You can also send a special request to pack these items in a basket rather than a box. You can buy this box on the official website of The Gourmet Box for Rs. 475

Light Hearted Munchies Combo

We have got one more food gifts gourmet option in terms of snacks and this time it is even bigger and better. The assortment of snacks is mixed with sweet and savoury items which are light-hearted and don’t affect your health badly.

Talking about the content of the box then it includes chips, salted cocktail nuts, cranberry and oats cookies, wafer biscuits, creamy crackers and some gift accessories. All these products come packed in a nice box which is sturdy enough to keep everything safe in it.

What you should know about this box is that the type of packaging may change and also the brand of the products, according to the availability. Moreover, you receive everything of the best quality. This package can be purchased on Nature's Basket for Rs. 1,397

Fit and Healthy Gourmet Hamper

It is time to consider something healthy as a gourmet food gift option for your loved ones. So, we picked a fitting gift in the form of this Fit and Healthy Hamper. Offered by the Gourmet Company, this hamper comes in form of an oval basket where the products are packed carefully in it.

The contents of the basket are Organic Green Tea, Nuts, Flavored Honey, Quinoa, Omega Seeds and Flex Seeds. All of these items are extremely healthy for your body and perfect for some munching too.
If you want to add some custom gifts and other personalization in this product, then you can contact the company for the same. The basket is also decorated well with some ribbons and confetti and it looks such a great hamper altogether. If you want to buy it then you can purchase it on the official website of Gourmet Company for Rs. 3,500

Set of 4 Assorted Coffees

The next we have is the hamper of four different types of coffee jars. Unlike the regular ones, these are the premium quality gourmet coffee jars which comes in different flavours and types. The set of four makes a perfect gourmet gift for someone who loves and adores coffee and gifts related to coffee. These four jars have the capacity to make about 120 cups which is a great deal considering the reasonable price of the whole package.

The flavours used for the making of these coffees are Choco Orange, Hazelnut, Berry and Caramel. Unfortunately, they do not come packed in some sort of basket or hamper and you would have to do that on your own. These coffees are a blend of Arabia and Robusta so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds in them. This pack is available for purchase on the official website of Country Bean for Rs. 1,300

Gulkand and Honey Gift Pack


It is hard to imagine that you can find interesting packs like Gulkand and Honey in the food gifts gourmet options. And if you want to stand out in terms of your food gifts, then you should try this superb pack as a present.

You get 9 small jars of the products assorted in a box nicely where each one of them contains 50gms of the product. You get 7 mini jars of honey and 2 jars of gulkand in this pack and each of them is flavoured differently with natural additives.

The kind of flavours you get in Honey are Ajwain, Eucalyptus, Sunflower, Neem, Litchi, Jamun and Multiflora. The jars of gulkand remains the same with no additional flavours in them. You get filtered products adhering to all safety standards. This special gourmet pack is available for purchase on Snapdeal for Rs. 600.

Bikanerwala Chikki Mewa Pack

It is time to consider something more Desi and more Indian to give out as a food gift on special occasions like Diwali, Holi and other festivals. This is called Bikanerwala Chikki Mewa Uphaar especially curated for the people who just can’t make it without sweets for a single day.

This is such a carefully curated gift pack consisting of the premium quality dry fruits and other interesting sweets in it. The best thing about the whole gift is that it comes in a beautiful box and arranged so well that you can’t take your eyes off it.

So, the box here contains 200gms Rose Chikki, 200gms Til Chikki, 200gms Peanut Chikki, 200gms Badaam Chikki and cashews, almonds, raisins and pistachios (100gms each) in the center. This gourmet gift is perfect for special occasions and available for purchase on Gift Cart for Rs. 1,780.

Special Berry Gourmet Hamper

We searched well and managed to find some unique gourmet gift baskets India based online stores has to offer to you. So, we came across this really special Berry Gourmet Hamper. What makes it unique is the use of berries in it in an amazing way.

All of the items are packed gorgeously in a box of berry theme and you can even personalize this product. You can add a personal message in this box which adds a nice touch to the whole gift. The berry hamper mentioned here contains fresh berries fruit preserve, white raspberry tea, biscuit berry chocolate bar, yogurt berry-flavoured health bar etc. You can further customize the content of the box according to your requirements by getting in touch with the manufacturers. This beautiful berry hamper can be purchased on the official website of The Gourmet Box for Rs.1,660

Cookies Mini Jars


Cookies might be seen as one of the most common forms of food gift but you would have to agree that you just can’t live without them. So, we laid our eyes on a premium blue box that contains 5 mini jars of cookies where each jar contains different flavours in it.

These are Mo’s Gourmet cookies where you get to choose the flavour of the cookies on your own as per your customization requirements.

The available flavours are Ginger snaps, Carrot Chia, Raspberry Jam, Lemons and Beetroot & Dark Chocolate. The packaging is simply outstanding and you need not make any efforts from your side. You can buy this Blue box of cookies on the official site of Mo's Bakery for Rs. 750

Bonus: Try These Interesting Food Gifts Options


Apart from the best gourmet gift baskets mentioned above, there are some other things you can give. Especially when you are looking for gourmet food gifts or simply food gifts only, then these options would come handy for you.

A Food Gift Card


A food gift card is a better option than many many food gifts. The recipient can purchase the required food items on their own according to their requirements. Also, such kind of food gift cards can be used for buying grocery items and other pantry stuff online too. The fact that they can be used in future make them more useful for the people you love and care about.

Something Homemade


While considering the food gifts, you should also know about the harmful additives and other ingredients used by the manufacturers. You can rather consider something homemade too. A pack of homemade brownies or cookies can be a far better option than buying a bunch of chocolates online for someone. And you can easily find simple recipes online with or without eggs.

Healthy Options


Buying food gifts gourmet options is a good thing because of the use of high quality ingredients in them. But owing to the current trend of fitness and healthy living, it would be great to go for healthier options. You can either prepare something on your own or rather simply buy healthy food gifts baskets online as you can find multiple options out there.

Monthly Subscriptions


When you are buying single products online (related to food), you always feel a little confused that whether it would be okay to give only a single item as a gift. To sort this out, you can buy the subscription of that product for your loved ones. For example, buying 3 months subscription of a pack of cookies would deliver the cookies to your loved ones every month.

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Pamper Your Loved Ones with the Best Gourmet Gift Options in 2019

When you decide to gift your loved ones, nothing matches the well-crafted and delicious Gourmet gifts. So, pick the one that suits you and get ready to pamper your loved ones.