Best Gifts for Boyfriend at Christmas and Great Ideas for Christmas Eve 2018

Best Gifts for Boyfriend at Christmas and Great Ideas for Christmas Eve 2018

Christmas seemed a long way off but suddenly it is right around the corner and you need to come up with a great gift for your boyfriend, Does this sound like a familiar experience? Most people keep putting off buying presents because it's so hard to come up with great ideas. But this year will be different because Best Present Guide India is here to help with super Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

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Need Inspiration for Your Christmas Shopping? Here's How to Pick Great Gifts

Choose Gifts According to the Occasion

Before selecting a gift, ask yourself a few questions like, is this a perfect gift for this occasion? Will it correlate my emotions with the function? You need to figure out the sentiments connected with different moments. Also, consider his personality and relate it with the occasion to select the best gift. For example, celebrating a birthday is different from Valentine's Day celebration. Your sensations of love are different in each moment. Therefore it is important to consider the occasion before selecting a gift you want to give him.

You must choose something which shows your love, trust and concern for him, gifts which shows that you think about them and care about their happiness. On the occasion of Christmas, if you want to give him flowers then select the flowers keeping in mind the Christmas theme. You can include Christmas cactus, holly or amaryllis. If he loves to travel or adventure then gift him something which he can use it there. Consider the occasion of Christmas to get the perfect gift for him.

Pay Attention to Your Boyfriend's Needs

As his girlfriend, you are likely to know the things that interest him. Start your planning one month prior to Christmas. Over this course of time talk to him and keep your ears peeled to know what he needs or wants. You can also take help from his friends as well. Talk to them to know if there is something he needs or wants to have. Also might be he wants to purchase something but is not able to. Surprise him with the well-planned gift for him. Such a present on Christmas will leave him in tears of joy.

If your guy is a tech lover then you can buy some technical gifts like gadgets and gizmos that interest him. Tech gifts can include a smartphone projector, fitness band or a VR box. For your guy, a gift must be something which suits his personality and needs as well.

Pick Gifts According to His Passions and Interests

Whenever you are giving gifts to anyone always keep in mind their hobbies, interest and passion. This will help you to pick a perfect gift which they would appreciate and love it. You are likely to be the closest person of your boyfriend, try to know about his passion, interest and hobbies. He might have different preferences in life, you must know what they are.

Notice his words, listen to him carefully and you will know how he chooses to live his life. After considering all these points select a gift that satisfies his interest. Doing this will make him considerate and sensible of your values. And this way you can show your love, affection and care for him. Christmas is a perfect moment to show your love for him.

Setting a Budget is Not Unromantic, Nor is Shopping During Sales

Love is like a religion which can never be bought with money, but you do need to deal with it's pesky implications when going gift shopping. Whenever you are giving gifts to anyone in your life, you are showing them that they matter to you. Giving gifts to your boyfriend shows your deep emotions and care for him. Money can never be an answer to how much you love him or how much you care for him? It's impossible to put a price on your boyfriend but you have to buy him gifts according to your funds.

Based on all the gift options we have gone through and selected, a range of Rs.1,000 to Rs.5,000 will cover most gifts, but you can even get a good gift for as less than Rs.500. The mid-range is about Rs.2,000. However, if you have an even lower budget, don't worry you can gift him something like a photo collage, engraved keychain, customised jar or a jar filled with love detailing all the things you adore in him. This will make him feel even more special rather than expensive gifts.

To shop for gifts for him at a lower price, visit any of the multitudes of stores offering Christmas sales. You can also take advantage of Christmas sales on Amazon and Flipkart where you could get maximum discount and cashback offers.

3 Unique Gifts for Boyfriend at Christmas

Tanming Leather Jacket

Christmas day falls on December 25 each year, and as it is chilling cold weather during this time in many parts of the country, you can gift him something which can be useful in that season. Gifting a leather jacket will work here. He can use that jacket to protect himself from the cold and it also symbolises that you care for him.

The Tanming Lightweight Leather Jacket will complete your requirements. This Jacket is made of polyurethane and is lined with polyester. The best feature of this jacket is that it has a colour block design and leather sleeves. You will get two hand pockets along with elastic cuffs. It has a classic stand collar design which is windproof and at shoulder and sleeve, you will get the leather design. The jacket is designed in a way that you could close front zip till your collar. It has a comfortable elastic rib hem which will keep him comfortable. He can wear it in winters and on chilly days during the day. You can buy this for Rs.2,679 on Amazon.

Beard Catcher

Shaving or trimming is a regular job of any men. However, this may create a problem if he trims around the sink as hairs might block the pipe. Cleaning those clutter of hairs around the sink is somewhat irritating. He might be wasting his time cleaning up all the after a trim or shave. If he is a cleanliness freak guy then, it would be annoying to him. Give him something which could help him to get over this problem.

The Bib Beard Catcher from will do this job. This product is made of a durable nylon fabric. At the corners of cloth, there are two suction cups which itself attaches to the mirror. It prevents the faucet from choking. The built-in locks in suction cups help the cloth to stick to the glass surface which provides you with enough area to shave or trim without any hairs falling on the ground. Put the cups on the surface and pull the levers to apply the lock. You can get this gift for him for Rs.499 on Big Small.

Versace Eros Cologne

Colognes have a way of making a man seem more masculine. The pleasant smell makes him more attractive and confident. Choosing the right cologne will portray him as a sharp and confident person with awesome taste. You must make sure that your man smells the best all the time so, you must give him the right cologne keeping in mind their personality and your affection as well.

If your boyfriend has a strong personality with decisive character then Versace Eros Cologne is a perfect match for him. A heady fragrant mix of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple combined with tonka beans, amber, geranium flower and vanilla, it is also energized by cedarwood, vetiver and oak moss. Get him this cologne for Rs.3,295 on Amazon.

Unusual Christmas Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Surely Love

Fitbit Fitness Band


If your guy is a fitness freak then try to give him something which could serve a purpose in his workout and he could use it every minute. Giving him a fitness tracker shows that you care for his health. You can buy two bands, one for him and one for yourself to monitor your health as well.

Fitbit Flex 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband is a good product to buy for him. This fitness band has many features such as this tracker is waterproof and counts calories as well. Fitbit tracker will let him track distance, steps, and calories burned, it also notifies him of calls and texts with colour-coded LED lights and unique vibrations. Buy this fitness band for Rs.4,064 on Amazon for your boyfriend so he can keep track of his daily workouts, create daily goals and lead himself to a healthier life ahead.

Smartphone Projector

If your guy loves technology and prefers watching his favourite TV show or any movie on a bigger screen, then you could give him a smartphone projector which enlarges the picture 8 times. This way he can enjoy his TV series at home with his friends and you. It would keep your bond strong forever.

Smartphone projector from Prezzybox would be a perfect choice to buy for the same reason. It projects smartphone screen onto the wall and provides a much better viewing experience. It has an awesome retro feel with an amazing twist. Setup is extremely easy. This projector is made from cardboard so it is extremely easy to take it anywhere he wants. Place the smartphone in the back of the projector and 8 times magnifying glass fixed on cardboard will enlarge the picture and projects onto the wall. Sit back and enjoy home cinema. Buy this for Rs.1,924.

Wireless Touch Speaker

Everyone you know owns a smartphone and it is impossible that they don't listen to their favourite music on it. Your guy is one of them. Give him this amazing wireless touch speaker which he will love to have with him. Buy a wireless touch speaker for your boyfriend to eradicate the problem of being stuck in different wires that creates more pain than the soothing amalgamation of his favourite music.

This device uses Near Field Technology to pick up phone's frequency. Just place your smartphone over the speaker and play the song. It will automatically pick up the frequency emitted by phone and will play the song in the device itself. There is no need for any wire or any special connection to the phone. This device is powered by 3 AAA batteries and is a high-quality device which is also portable due to its small size. Get him this speaker for Rs.1,431 on

Immerse Plus - Virtual Reality Headset

If your boyfriend does not have a virtual reality headset then you can make him super happy this Christmas by giving him one. Know which brand of smartphone he uses and buy the VR headset compatible with the device. Everyone loves technology and, after getting that awesome headset he is not going to forget that moment ever.

The virtual reality device helps to explore media, watch movies and help to play games in an adventurous way. he can turn his head around 360-degrees to be completely immersed in the virtual world. Moving his head will allow enjoying the scenes as though in real life. It is equipped with a foam eye cushion to support the eyes. It also has adjustable lenses and head strap so that anyone can adjust it according to their comfort. This gadget is completely wireless and has a removable window for better-augmented reality play. Download the content from play store and then you are ready to roll. This device can be bought for Rs.2,385 on Prezzybox.

Bellemain Desktop Mug Warmer

One of the pleasures of drinking hot tea or coffee is that it be, well, hot. Does your boyfriend hate that his drink turns cool before he is even halfway done? You can't beat the laws of thermodynamics, but you can give your boyfriend something which helps him to keep his beverage hot. He will love it.

If your guy is in the corporate field then there could be a chance that he needs a mug warmer on his desk because the busy schedule in the office can cool down his beverage when he is busy in some sort of work. Spend some money and get him a mug warmer which will keep his beverage consistently warm for a long time. He doesn't need to worry about getting his coffee cold as he could now be able to warm it whenever he wants a sip. Buy this small and useful gadget for Rs.687 on Amazon. The surface of this warmer instantly heats up when turned on and quickly cools down when switched off. The body of the gadget is made of the silver plastic edge which makes it easier to wipe up any stain on the device.

DIY Gifts are Also a Good Choice for Christmas

Giving a gift doesn't always mean that you must spend copious amounts of money getting those popular expensive gifts for your boyfriend. You usually buy him presents so for a change why not present him with something different this time. It is easy to spend money on a nice present but when you spend some time crafting something for him, it is truly special. The most valuable gift you can ever give to someone is your time and effort. We came up with some DIY ideas that you can craft for him this Christmas.

Mason Jar Cocktails

Does your boyfriend love to drink on special occasions, then you can craft a special gift for him that will be highly appreciated. Ever heard of cocktails in a jar? Not the ones you'd order at a bar, but ready to mix ones that he can assemble within minutes whenever a craving hits him.

You will need some mason jars, straws, mini cans of soda, tiny bottles of alcohol, twine and scissors. Two mini jars with lid and straws will cost you around Rs.400. Buy the combinations he likes best; do note that this gift is best suited to simple cocktails with 2-3 ingredients. The cans and bottles should be small enough to fit inside the jar, or secured to it without the risk of falling off.

Place the drink inside and replace the lid. Cut enough length of twine to wrap around the neck of the jar and secure it with a knot. Place the straw next to the jar and tie another knot. Tie a bottle of alcohol next to the straw and secure with a double knot. Finish with a bow wrap; add ribbons or Christmas themed embellishments if you want.

Photo Collage


The photo collage is one of the most beautiful gifts you can gift to your boyfriend. It take you back to the past, making you relive how you met, how you fell in love with him, the moments you spent with him, and many beautiful memories. The first step in creating a beautiful collage is to select special pictures of you two that have meaning for both of you. It doesn't matter whether the picture is romantic or not. The romantic aspect can be seen from the memories that are captured in the image. Pick photos that are your favourites and make sure you use the best pictures in the collage. It can even include pictures of the first date or first Christmas together.

You can also add mementos of your relationship, such as the ticket stubs of the first movie you watched together. Decide a specific shape for your collage to appear and place photos on a poster to give an attractive look and paste it with the help of double-sided tape. After pasting all photos and trinkets, place the poster in a frame and close it. Wrap the frame and give it to your boyfriend on the eve of Christmas.

Fun Activities to Make the Most of Christmas Eve

Have a Candlelight Dinner

Take your boyfriend to his favourite place that he loves to visit and surprise him with a candlelight dinner. It is the most romantic thing to do on Christmas eve with your boyfriend. Don't feel like stepping out? Get cozy at home with take-out food or simple home cooked fare. Use Christmas decor, or pretty candles and soft lighting to create an intimate environment.

Go for Ice Skating

Do you live in a place where you get to witness a white Christmas? Or does your city have an ice skating rink? That's where you should go to spend a part of your Christmas eve! Skating together, holding hands can be incredibly romantic. It will induce the feeling of love and affection and will strengthen your bond forever. Take this opportunity and spend some time together being so close.

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Wrap the Present and Write a Note!

If there's one thing that everyone loves about Christmas is how everything is so pretty and festive. Well, that and the present, food, and good cheer. You don't want to give your boyfriend the shopping bag straight from the store, or even a gift with an impersonal wrapping done by a store attendant. Wrapping a gift is not that difficult and it really does make receiving a gift so much more exciting. And don't forget the handwritten note, he is your boyfriend after all and deserves something better than the unsigned gift card the present came with!