Seeking the Best Gift for Dad's Birthday from Son? 10 Fantastic Gifts for Men to Choose From (2018)

Seeking the Best Gift for Dad's Birthday from Son? 10 Fantastic Gifts for Men to Choose From (2018)

How can a gift encapsulate all the love, adoration, respect and hero worship a son has for his father? It cannot. But the birthday gifts for dads that BP Guide has come up with, come close. Personalised mugs, sleek watches, perfume, gift hampers and the gift of cherished memories - there are some wonderful options for you to choose from. Find here the best birthday gifts for father from son.

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The Father-Son Relationship is a Very Special One

The relationship between a father and son is a unique one. A son looks up to his dad as his hero, a leader, a friend, and a guide. They might share similar personality quirks, interests, or hobbies - but their feelings usually remain hidden behind a veil.

Fathers rarely are vocal, often preferring the spotlight to be on the kids. So spend some time to understand his favourite pastimes, his passions and interests. A thoughtful gift from his son on his birthday, something that shows you have thought deeply about him, can make the day even more special for him .

How to Find the Most Memorable Birthday Gift for Your Dad

Something with Emotional Value

Receiving a memorable and well-thought out gift is in a cherished experience for any parent. Your special gesture will create moments of happiness that will remain etched in your father's heart for forever.

But it can be quite an unnerving task to shortlist gifts for dads but a surefire way to touch his heart is something that has an emotional value. You could dig up a favourite photo of you two and memorialise it in some way. Or you could gift him a customised mug with a special message from you. Melt you dad's heart with a sentimental gift - he will surely feel loved.

The Precious Gift of Time

Has your dad has retired ? Typically this brings a lot of extra time. However, for you, time is something you are running out of what with your career, social commitments and day-to-day routine. More than a physical gift every parent appreciates the time their children spent with them. One of the fantastic gifts you can give him is something that will involve you spending time with him. It could be a surprise vacation trip, or to any event of his interest like a cricket match or even an outdoor activity like fishing.

List out His Likes and Dislikes

If you are struggling to finding something cool for your dad, then listing out things that your father likes or dislikes is fantastic first step. So think about what he enjoys in his free time - is he inclined towards gardening, or reading a book, or listening to music, or clicking pictures, or cooking or watching movies, or collecting gadgets - once you know who he his, finding the perfect will become a much more of an effortless affair.

10 Gifts for Dad on His Birthday from His Son

Customised Coffee Mugs for Dad


Let your father know he is your hero with a personalised mug. Today there are numerous services that offer customising mugs with your own images and messages. Imagine giving a personalised coffee mug that says "Thank You for Helping Me Build My Life" - he will see it every morning and be reminded by you. Isn't that a wonderful idea?

We suggest this HotMuggs "The Most Awesome Dad" Stainless Steel Mug, in silver. The double walled mug with a brushed finish on the inside and outside holds 350 ml, and the words will not fade over time. However, because it is made of metal, it not safe to use in the microwave. Buy it for Rs.470 from Amazon.

A Sleek Watch


Does your dad's eyes shine at the sight of a new watch while walking past a watch showroom? If he is someone who loves fluanting off his watch collection, then this birthday give him something that will be fantastic addition to his collection - a chronograph watch.

The exclusive Seiko Lord Chronograph Black Dial Men's Watch is a gorgeous model that will thrill him. While the black dial is made of stainless steel the band is of brown leather. This multifunction, water-resistant watch can be ordered for Rs. 27,625 on Amazon.

If you feel the Seiko is too expensive, then opt for a luxurious looking watches that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This Bernsuisse LIGE Luxury Brand Japanese Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch for Men LIGE 9836 is priced at only Rs.2,499. The waterproof wristwatch has an elegant mesh strap, a large, classic black dial with gold highlights. Suited for both work and leisure, surprise your dad with this thoughtful gift. Buy it from Amazon.

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Set of Picture Frames


Pictures speak a thousand words. Every single click which is captured in a frame captures millions of stories associated with each moment. Take your father down memory lane by gifting him a collage of priceless pictures from your childhood with him and let these pictures talk to your father every time he sees the frame. Why not dedicate a corner of your parent's room to your father with an extravagant display of photo frames which have captured some nostalgic moments of the father-son duo.

Painting Mantra Boulevard Polymer Photo Frame is a set of picture frames in different sizes that you can use for this. The 11-piece set has three frames measuring 8 x 10 inches and 8 pieces sized 6 x 8 inches. These are priced at Rs.1,310 at Amazon. Pick out the best 11 family pictures and add them to these photo frames to decorate the wall of your parents' room.

A Bonsai for Your Gardener Dad's Most Loved Space


The helter-skelter pace of life at an young age leaves hardly any room to connect with nature. That is why, many elderly folks love to spend their retired time closer to nature and start honing their gardening skills. If your father is an ardent gardener and loves spending majority of his time in a garden, why not plan a miniature but elegant Bonsai Plant on his birthday? You can find such ornamental plants on Amazon.

We suggest this 7 Years Old Carmona Bonsai in an Elegant Boat Shaped Ceramic Pot. It is a low maintenance plant so your dad will not have a tough time maintaining it is he isn't very knowledgeable about bonsai. It is priced at Rs.2,199.on Amazon. There are several other options available and you can select the plant species of your choice (or your father's choice) and see the plant bloom.

A Fitbit for Your Health Conscious Dad


Is your father health conscious and hates missing his morning or evening walks? Why not gift a gadget to keep a tab on his health and physical activity but also help him keep connected easily? the Fitbit Versa, is a top notch fitness tracker which can be a fantastic gift for your dad on his birthday.

You can find a whole range of Fitbit trackers including the latest launches on Amazon. Priced at Rs.17,981.00, this Versa model is a powerhouse - it can help track the heart rate, number of steps, as well as health metrics like sleep. A waterproof device, which comes in a great array of colors makes it a favorite gifting pick for dad birthday from son. Buy it from Amazon.

Spoil Your Urbane Father with a Fine Shaving Kit


Shaving remains a part and parcel of every man's life. Many dads don't like to spend on themselves and use the only basic shaving toiletries. So why not spoil your father with a premium shaving kit (that he would never buy for himself!) for a easy shaving experience and that smoother feel every morning? Grab this Complete Shaving Kit by Bombay Shaving Company that includes a razor, blades, brush, scrub, cream, balm and all other essentials for that sheeny look. It will cost you Rs.2,561 at Amazon.

A Signature Scent for Your Old Man

Does your old man love to smell good? If he is the kind who like luxury perfume, then this alluring fragrance from Davidoff is a great choice. Priced at Rs.1,549, this Cool Water Perfume from Davidoff Mint has a subtle yet strong aroma. The top notes is a complex collection of nuances from lavender, coriander and rosemary while the base notes are the traditionally masculine notes of cedarwood, musk, amber and tobacco. Buy it from Snapdeal for Rs. 590.

Tailor-Made Vacation with Dad

The monotony of dailylife can drag us down. And even dads welcome a chance to break-free from the routine.

Give him a chance to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience and send him on his dream vacation. Creating a travel plan for him is a breeze today thanks to the many travel packages offered by online platforms like or You can choose the location based on your dad's interests - whether a pilgrimage, international tourist spot, or a relaxing beach. However, be mindful of his health restrictions while finalising your plans. Visit for some interesting and reasonably priced holiday plans, or customise your own.

A Gift Basket

Career demands often leads to kids being unable to spend special days with their parents. However, parents understand and to them all that matters is the gesture. Send your love your dad by picking up a gift basket from Herman Hansen. Priced at Rs.5,199 this special gift hamper from Herman Hansen includes a belt and wallet set along with a perfume spray and a table-top message frame. Order this from There are other gift basket options also available on this site, so you can choose as per your dad's preferences.

An E-Reader


If your father cherishes chilling out with books, why not make his reading experience even better by gifting him the revolutionary Amazon Kindle? The compact, convenient and sleek Kindle makes reading a pleasure. Its touchscreen is easy-on-the-eye and feels like reading real paper. Very lightweight, Kindle is portable and the battery lasts for days. There are lot of versions of Kindle available in Amazon. You can book one of the basic versions of Kindle E-reader for Rs.5,999. Buy it here.

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Win him over with more than just gifts

A birthday gift, no matter how fabulous or expensive, is never enough when it comes to your father. He will be happy with most things you give him, but spending time with him, perhaps hosting a lovely birthday party or family dinner will mean a lot more. Pay attention to the details - his preferences, health concerns, food restrictions and habits. Don't push him to do things he isn't comfortable with. A day home with the family may not be your idea of celebrating a birthday but this day is all about him and you can indulge yourself another time.