20 Brilliant Gifts for Your Muslim Husband on Eid or A Special Occasion + Tips on Gift Hunting for Even the Pickiest of Men (2019)

20 Brilliant Gifts for Your Muslim Husband on Eid or A Special Occasion + Tips on Gift Hunting for Even the Pickiest of Men (2019)

Whether your husband is a strict follower of Islam, you're looking for interesting gift ideas for his birthday, or you want to surprise him with an impressive gift on Eid, we have loads of fun gift ideas that will appeal to every kind of Muslim man. From religious and spiritual to cool, fun and quirky gifts, here's something for everyone, so dive right in!

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A Comprehensive Guide to an Ideal Gift for Your Muslim Husband

Whether you're a Muslim yourself or no, finding a good gift for your husband, who is, need not be a challenging task. There are certain dos and don'ts that Muslims follow, but if you're married to him, you already know how religious he is and where he stands on things, and which tenets of Islam he is especially careful about.

We will help you use your own insights into his preferences to find a gift that he will enjoy. If you're a Muslim yourself, you'd be well aware of what's permissible, his interests, perhaps things he needs for prayers, and what he will be delighted to receive.

Tips on Giving Your Husband a Gift He Will Enjoy

Every person is unique in his or her own way. If you want to make your efforts a success, you must be ready to put time and effort into it along with lots of love and emotions. Your bonding and dedication towards your relationship should be reflected in your gift.

Understand Him Well: Traditional vs Modern

In order to buy him a special gift, you must understand him well to get a good idea of what exactly he is interested in. Your emotions and efforts for finding him the perfect gift plays a major role in this process of choosing the one for him. This reflects your closeness and his priority in your life. This depends on whether he is modern in his ideas and will appreciate trendy products for men or if he is more traditional and will prefer things attached to the Islamic way of life.

He can be a bit of both, so dig deeper and find something that appeals to both these sides of his personality. Based on that, you can find him the most suitable gift which he would love and treasure.

Make the Gift Interesting

The gift you give him should draw his curiosity and attention in a way that he likes it in the first look and loves you for having gifted the one meant just for his persona. His religion aside, there will be lots of things he is interested in, products he would like to have, things that will amuse or be of use to him. Even everyday objects can make for interesting gifts provided you find one created in a unique way. Like a manly beard kit that can make a daily chore fun for him, a wonderful new wallet or an e-book reader downloaded with a copy of the Quran.

The other thing is to present it in an unusual way. Wrap the merchandise in a way that it becomes unforgettable for him.

Should Hold a Special Place in His Heart

The gift you offer to your sweetheart should be a moment to cherish forever in all the years to come in your life together. It should make him feel special in a way that he has never felt like before. It would mean a great deal to him, so you can definitely put in some effort to make the occasion and gift an exotic one.

18 Gifts That Will Make Your Muslim Husband Happy

Now that you have evaluated your husband well, it’s time to decide on the perfect gift for him. Depending on his personality and personal attributes, you can select the one you find most appropriate and pleasing to him. Here we have listed varied options for Muslim husbands of all kinds. So, let us look at some special gifts curated by us to make your moment an extravagant one.

A New Set of Kurta Pajama

A white embroidered kurta pajama. We know what you're thinking! But just because something is an obvious choice, it doesn't mean it is a bad gift! He needs a new kurta pajama for Eid prayers, it's something he may not wear all the time but for festive times, religious gatherings and family gatherings at home he does need one of these, and is unlikely to go buy one himself even the old one is rapidly turning grey.

This White Cotton Embroidered Kurta Pajama by Mirraw is made of good quality cotton that will keep him comfortable all day, even when he'd otherwise break into a sweat at the hefty eidy being demanded by the kids. The embroidery is also of fine workmanship, giving it the right balance between festive and subtle so he won't throw a fuss wearing it. Order it for Rs.2,600 from mirraw.com.

For evening wear when he still needs to wear a kurta pajama but you want him to look spiffy when you make the rounds of relatives homes to exchange pleasant Eid Mubaraks, pick up a slim fit kurta with churidar and a Nehru jacket. Because men don't wear these often enough these days, and when it's not on a politician, the ensemble makes them look absolutely dreamy!

Pick one from a different colour pallet if you prefer but this Peach and Mauve Jacquard Banarasi Kurta with Churidar and Nehru Jacket by Kisah is the perfect summer evening look, and will look gorgeous even by day. The peach, straight cut kurta is knee length with a Mandarin collar and full sleeves, paired with a cream churidar and completed by a mauve and purple jacquard woven Nehru jacket, also with a Mandarin collar, full button closure and three pockets. All three pieces are made from Banarasi cotton silk and must be dry cleaned. It's at a massive discount at the moment, priced at only Rs.2,474 on Myntra.

An Exquisite Prayer Rug

We know prayer is about faith and the purity of the heart but if you are keen on upgrading his simple jaanemaz, you can't do better than this Classic Damascus mat by Qenza in Azure .

It is a luxurious rug, there's no doubt about it. After all, how often do these rugs come with a carry bag and a a natural finish beech wood hanger? This one does. But it's not the soft, smooth finish of the rug that makes it so appealing, it's the story behind it. It is named Damascus after one of the oldest cities of the Middle East. Of it's over hundred monuments built over centuries, the Great Mosque of the Umayyads built in the 8th century is perhaps the most worth mention.

The mat comes with an inscription bearing this history, and Surah At-Tin, which has inspired it's design of figs and olives:

By the fig and the olive
And by Mount Sinai
And by this secure city of Makkah
We have certainly created man in the best of stature;
Then We return him to the lowest of low,
Except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have reward uninterrupted.
So what yet causes you to deny the Recompense?
Is not Allah the most just of judges?

Available in two colours - azure and emerald, it is available for Rs.4,600 at qenza.co.

Azan Watch

One of the biggest annoyances faced by someone who travels a lot, or is constantly on the move even within the city, is losing track of time, or more importantly, losing track of prayer times. There may be mosques everywhere but that doesn't mean you can always hear the azan.

Give your husband a smart watch that shows not just azan times but also the direction of the Qibla. We picked this Silver Azan Watch for the simple reason that it is a smart and subtle watch that he can wear everyday, no matter where he's headed. It's a sleek watch that will look good on his wrist. It works in English and Arabic, includes Hijri and Gregorian calendars with days of the week, can be set to display time in the digital or analog format, and shows azan timings along with Qibla direction for most Indian cities.

The quartz watch also has an alarm, is waterproof and comes with a year long warranty. This could possibly be one of the most useful gifts for your man. Buy it for a discounted rate of Rs.5,350 from islamicshop.in.

Islamic Bookmark

Prayer and reading the Quran are important aspects of the holy month of Ramadan, help him keep track of his progress or favourite sura through this Islamic bookmark. The silver plated, metallic bookmark can be personalised in various ways - add a date and initial to the stem, another tile with a custom message and can even be shipped in a lovely gift box.

The price starts at about Rs.1000 for the basic bookmark with an initial, and increases with number of customisations. Adding a date or an extra tile will raise it to about Rs.1,370. A gift box comes at an additional Rs.100. This is a handmade item shipped from the UK and shipping charges to India are about Rs.830. Order it from Etsy.

Wooden Holy Book Stand

For a traditionally attached Muslim man, nothing can be more blissful than gifting this antique influenced book stand. It carries the ethnicity of Arabic architecture of wooden finish with it. The gift is Batra Handicraft Wooden Hand Carved Rehal Holy Books Stand Box Angoori Design costing Rs.1299. It has a size of 13 x 10 x 4 inches which makes it comfortable for keeping the holy book on top and read. Other times, the book can be safely stored inside the box. This wooden box is brown in colour, which is natural and absolutely soothing. Buy it from Amazon.


Quran is the holy book of Islam. There is no better way to express your love and gratitude to your better half than by gifting him the Quran. The Quran Paperback – 15 Jun 2013 is priced at Rs.120 in the size of 13.5 x 10.5 x 2 cm. If you are dedicated to your Muslim husband, then let it be witnessed by God, in the form of the Holy Quran. Buy it from Amazon.

Organic Beard Oil

Lime Mint Organic Beard Oil” is beautifully packaged in a 50ml bottle. This amazing blend of Pure, Organic Oils is priced Rs. 260 and will and will aid your husband to moisturize and hydrate his facial hair. With daily use, it will help him keep his beard & moustache naturally soft, healthy & manageable. It further supports to lessen itchiness and keeps it smelling great. A striking mix of Org Olive, Jojoba, Grapeseed & Sweet Almond oils moisturizes the skin beneath, promotes hair growth without greasiness. A special blend of tea-tree, peppermint, Cedarwood, lavender essential oils helps to keeps it dandruff free, nourished, fresh for a long time. It doesn’t contain any Hexane, SLS, synthetic perfume, Alcohol, Parabens or Mineral Oil. This irresistible oil will reach your home in time for your occasion. It only requires 3 to 4 days to deliver the product. Buy it from ecotokri.com.

All Inclusive Beard Care Kit

Presenting the Beard Zeus Kit for the man whose beard is his pride and joy. While women usually spend a lot of time on their daily beauty regimen, men are often not as obsessed with personal grooming. Unless they have a beard that is a huge part of their personal identity. This is an excellent gift for the man who lavishes times and attention on his grooming, and a good way to encourage it in a man who isn't as keen on it.

A lot of effort has gone into putting together this kit, and the products are high quality formulations made using natural ingredients and backed by solid research.

The kit includes:

  • 50 ml GOB Beard Growth Oil for promoting beard health and strength
  • 100 ml GOB Beard Wash a fresh smell and deep conditioning
  • 100 ml GOB Beard Softening Lotion to soften beard and to remove itchiness and dryness
  • GOB Moustache Wax to tame the moustache
  • 60 capsules of GOB Beard Growth Supplements to improve the quality of beard growth.
  • GOB Bamboo Beard Comb
  • GOB 100% Boar Bristle Brush

The kit is usually priced at Rs.4000 but is currently available at a discount and can be bought for Rs.3,745 on Islamic Shop.

Cute Chopping Board

Is your husband a bit of a whiz in the kitchen and enjoys whipping up meals or special dishes once in a while? This Recipe for Love - Bamboo Cutting Board is perfect for the man with a culinary bent of mind.

The laser etched "recipe for love" on it calls for 2 cups of kindness, 1 cup of compassion, 3 tablespoons of joy and a mustard seed of faith. It then directs you to mix with 5 daily prayers, patience, grace and wisdom, and to serve daily.

It may seem too pretty to be used but is in fact dual sided, one with the recipe for display, and the other plain side for regular use. To ensure it is safe for food, it's made from a high grade of organically grown bamboo, is free from pestices, fertilizers and chemicals, has a food-safe lacquer coating and has even been tested for food safety and approved by US-FDA. It measures 11.5 inches from handle to base, and 5.5 inches across.

Order it from Etsy where it is priced at about Rs.1,400. Shipping from the USA to India will incur an additional charge of about Rs.600.

Japanese Stapleless Stapler

Kokuyo Harinacs Japanese Stapleless Stapler Black is a modern technologically advanced stapler that will help your Muslim husband in conducting his day to day activities. So, kiss your old stapler goodbye and say hello to the new Stapleless Staple, one of the most innovative discoveries of Japan. This genuine quality product, directly imported from Japan, is priced at only Rs.1818. It will help your hard working lover get work done conveniently without worrying about running out of staples during times when he needs it the most. Buy it from Amazon.

Philips Earphones White

This Philips On Ear Headphones priced at Rs. 1,172 is a prodigious gift for your lovely husband. When your hubby will put his earphones on, he will be in a different world altogether. It will help him increase productivity, thus enabling him to multitask without mismanagement. There are many benefits of using earphone for your Muslim husbands such as comfort, portability, ease of use and noise reduction. For example, if he has to read namaz and doesn't find a quiet place, he can play spiritual music and the earphones will ensure no other sound around him distracts his prayers.

Also, if he wishes to listen to religious music related to Khwaja or Allahu, he can comfortably do that, without disturbing others. It will especially come handy during Eid and Ramadan days. These fantastic earphones have a frequency range of 11 to 22,000 Hz and an impedance of 16 ohms. These miraculous earplugs of 50 grams come with a 1-year warranty. Buy this set of headphones from giftease.com.

Ajmer Sharif Pen Stand

If your husband is traditional and religious, then this Ajmer Sharif Miniature Kaaba in Water Crystal Table Home Office Decor Pen Stand will leave him speechless. This striking miniature is manufactured in Ajmer and blessed under the holy shadow of Ajmer Sharif Dargah. Priced at only Rs. 360, this Holy Shrine Kaaba miniature is perfectly placed in a crystal with water and glitters. It has space to keep two pen/ pencils. It's a picture-perfect gift for your better half’s office usage or home decoration without compromise. Buy it from ebay.in.

Allah Muhammad Car Hanging

This stunning and aesthetically soothing accessory is a flawlessly made car hanging – appropriate for your spiritual Muslim husband. The gorgeous dangler is priced at Rs. 1400. This handmade drop is made up of brass chain, coloured cotton tassel, gemstone beads, Arabic car accessories, rear window 18k gold hanger, Muhammad name calligraphy charm and Islamic brass car charm. It is custom made to order. You may opt in for a Gift wrap and personal message to add a touch of love and passion for your marvellous gift. Buy it from etsy.com.

Miniature Islamic Symbol

The Offering - Posters priced Rs. 199 is an art created by the Orientalist major Ludwig Deutsch. It is a fantastic depiction of the Eastern customs, costumes, and architecture. Details of four human figures nearing an entrance guarded by a Nubian sentinel to pay their honour are praiseworthy. It is created in a 220 GSM paper which is made acid-free. The artwork is developed using archival inks which ensures the quality and durability of the poster. It has ample white space around all four corners to ensure it can be comfortably framed without hiding any portion of the image. This small size poster is available in 17 x 12 inches. If you wish to receive a framed poster then it is available for only Rs. 999. This is the preferred option for most buyers as it’s ready for gifting. Buy it from tallengestore.com,

Couple Set Mug

If you have a romantic Muslim husband then there can be no better gift for him than this lovely “Half His Deen Half Her Deen / Couple Set Mug.” This handmade ceramic 12 fluid ounce mug is available for Rs. 1400. You may purchase it using card or previously owned gift card of Etsy. You may decide to insert a romantic personalized message for your Muslim husband to let him know how much he means to you. You can spend notable times sipping tea or coffee together and make beautiful remembrances together. As it is made on order, it may take up to two weeks in production. It is suggested to gently hand wash the mugs and not wash it in a dishwasher. Buy it from etsy.com.

Kaaba Scale Model

Kaaba Scale Model is the sacred gift for your loving husband worth Rs. 995. If he is religious then he is sure to get awestruck by this noteworthy model with dimensions of 12.9 X 12.9 X 12 cms. It is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene-Styrene and Poly Methyl Methacrylate. This marvellous model has been carefully packed in an air-tight transparent container to restore its beauty. It has been given five stars by its customers for its high quality and detailing which makes it very close in look and feel to the actual kaaba. They claim that the Arabic calligraphy is aesthetically soothing and appealing. Buy it from Amazon.

Dinner at a Mughlai restaurant

The food of nawabs is meticulously prepared and brings out the 'royalty' in your tehzeeb. Away from the hustle bustle of a casual dining, cherish the traditional delicacies of the Mughlai food. The flawlessly cooked Biryanis, Kebabs and Koftas will leave a lasting impact on your sweetheart. You can have a memorable night out of your busy schedules which will make a lovely serendipity down the memory lane. This doesn’t have to be a financial stress for you. You can make it reasonable so that you can relax and make the most out of your time together. Don’t forget to turn off your cell phone and live in the present. Enjoy every moment together with each bite of a sumptuous meal at your favourite Mughlai restaurant.

Bonus Ideas for the Best Gift Ever

The value of a perfect gift is appreciated when given in the right setting. You can choose any of the below-mentioned settings to add a hint of love and desire to the ambience.

Candlelight Dinner on a Sufi Night

Why can’t an inexpensive yet exotic dinner be hosted at home by you? It will be one of the most memorable gifts you will ever give him - the taste of your indelible cuisines which you make out of all your love for him. There cannot be a gift more special to him than the time you two get to spend together one fine evening. This is a lovely time which you can both cherish together. Don’t exert yourself while executing the plan. Keep it simple. The goal is to create the perfect ambience. You can simply decorate the house with candle lights all around the room, play soft romantic Sufi music and plug in one of your aromas in an electric diffuser to help you both relax. Make sure there is no tv or distraction. Just focus on each other. This will be the best gift for your husband who is a Muslim or any other religion.

Organise a Religious Trip to Mecca

Of course, if he is religious, he would be awestruck by the thought of visiting Mecca. It’s every Muslim’s dream. It will be religiously uplifting as well as once in a lifetime opportunity that you will gift him as the Haj pilgrimage. This can be a way of attaining the trending couple goals for you. A beautiful and memorable journey to embark upon cannot be taken back it gives you for a lifetime.

Love Works Miracles in Our Lives

These are some of the most poignant and soul-stirring ways you can reach out to his heart and attaching your strings for a lifetime, putting in the efforts of your life, love and goodwill for him. The gifts here, we have compiled for you are exceptionally unique to make you and your husband feel special for the occasion you want to celebrate with him. So, go ahead and shortlist the ones that you think will move the lover in him and start planning your ‘perfect’ gift for your Muslim husband. Let him know how much he means to you. You both are incomplete without each other and these are some of the great ways to remind yourselves of the same. It will improve the level of intimacy and affection in your relationship.

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Surprise your Muslim husband with gifts which are an infusion of modern and traditional elements

While picking gifts for your Muslim husband don't go overboard on traditional and ethnic elements. Your husband is a guy of today and religion though religion may be an important part of his life, there are other aspects to his personality. Pick gifts which he would enjoy and if you have to go traditional then pick something which puts a fun twist on the customs.