Keep With The Changing Trends: 10 Cool Tech Gadgets To Buy And Marvel At in 2019

Keep With The Changing Trends: 10 Cool Tech Gadgets To Buy And Marvel At in 2019

Do you remember, when you used a mobile phone the first time? Times have changed. Now technical gadgets are becoming an important part of human life as make everything very easy. Find out here some of the cool gadgets of this year that will help you discover new comforts. We also give tips related to choosing gadgets and their care.So read on for some gadgets that'll make you marvel!

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Helpful Tips For Gadget Buys and Maintenance

Did you know that your computer has an average life span of five years?

Ever ran out of ink on your printer? lost important files on your computer? Just how gadgets make our lives easy, they expect some extra care and maintenance too. Someday, they can get in you trouble too, you definitely know what we are talking about. So why not learn some pro tips handling your gadgets that can make your work a lot easier, save you from the additional expenses and help you out in a time of emergencies pertaining to your gadgets. Read along!

Make the most of Tech Gadget Sales

Acquiring a new gadget of good quality at a great price always take some effort! But if you do a bit of forwarding planning, you can make the most of any and every offer or deal that’s available on a gadget that you’ve been wanting to add to your kitty for ages. As long as you’re aware of the gadget’s MRP across different platforms, you’re in a better position to analyze if the discount prevalent on the product is actually worth its mettle, hence it’s also wise to do a quick recce on the different discounts and then compare them all. With almost every retailer leaning towards business, you can always haggle for a higher discount, discounted warranty for an extended period or free delivery.

Sales are just about the right time for the retailers to sell their wares that have either been discontinued or superseded with a newer version. While for some products like home utilities or refrigerators it may be easy, for gadgets like phones or computers, it may be slightly difficult to do away with given the compatibility or version-specific requirements. It’d be wise in that case to do your research to ensure that whichever gadget you’re interested in can be repaired easy, if and when essential. Do a proper review check too for the product both online and offline and then make your decision. You should also explore the extended warranty options for the gadget so you don’t have to deal with the woes of unexpected breakdowns or costly repairs for the same in future."

Learn How to Keep Your Gadgets Healthy

Some amount of basic upkeep and cleaning is essential on all your gadgets on a regular basis. If you desktop/laptop home screens are covered with an abundance of icons so much that the background is swamped with them, then it’d be best to uninstall app and programs that you haven’t used in long or don’t. Delete old media files and music and free the space on your hard drive for new downloads. Once you’ve deleted old files, run a defrag program to speed up your device and keep all your devices updated for protection against any latest virus threats.

Back up all your files on an external drive to protect important documents and files from loss in the event of virus attacks, theft/fire or a power surge. For pictures or home videos, you can also upload them to a cloud service and share it with your family. Use security software that can safeguard your device and prevent any data theft, while there are a number of free options available, it’d be wise to purchase a complete suite for more forceful protection. To keep your gadgets in a good shape, use proper cleaners to wipe your screen, keyboard and mouse, smartphones or tablets which are particularly for such devices and are disinfecting as well. When cleaning, it’d be better to put the cleaner on a cloth instead of spraying it directly on the device. Use a vacuum to clean the vents and fans in computers of all dust and debris, blowing out any crumbs. Same goes for your TV. Do this cleaning at least once a week.

Know Everyday Hacks When It Comes to Your Gadgets

It’s always good to be aware of some handy hacks when it comes to prolonging your gadgets shelf life. For instance, if your cell phone’s battery is about to die out, and you’re out where you don’t have a charger on you, you can get a little more time on the battery by detaching it and placing it in a freezer. Then allow it cool down to room temperature before using it again. The cold temperature keeps the battery from losing juice before you reuse it.

If you’re trying to get a printout and you run out of ink, take the cartridge out, blow some hot air into with a hair dryer. When the cartridge gets warm, reinsert it into the printer, the heat would loosen some ink stuck on the accessory’s sides, often letting out enough ink for you to finish your task! Then you have the electrical cords which after regular use, tend to fray and break off around their plug ends. To prevent this damage, dismantle a pen and get hold of the tiny metal spring inside it, then wrap the spring around the end of your cord, which will keep it straight and keep the wire from any further bending or breaking.

Cool Tech Gadgets to Buy

Every day there are tonnes of product entering the market. There is good competition but only those gadgets win which managed to understand people's need and also serve the purpose. Thus we introduce to you these gadgets, and which you will definitely want to own at some point in time in your life. But then the technology keeps changing, new products come into the market . Don't worry we will keep you updated. If we have got some really cool gadgets, why not buy them, if it fits in your budget. The gadgets below are totally worth the price you pay! Have a look!

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Lenovo Smart Clock is a device compatible with roughly 10,000 smart devices, and can enable controlling your locks, coffee machines, even lights from the comfort of your bedroom! It also comes with a mute button to safeguard your privacy. Equipped with Google Assistant that wakes up with you at a scheduled hour, the screen of this smart clock increases its brightness gently so as not to blind you with sudden brightness! You can also set the series of instructions you’d like pre-scheduled during your morning routine, like listening in to the news, mapping out the best route to work and more. With the clock, you can also use the Chromecast to cast your music/videos to your smart TV.

With a soft-touch cover, the smart clock can blend into the design of any room. Measuring 10.16cm the screen of the smart clock is grey in colour, requires 20V power and is compatible on Android OS, works well with brands like Wipro, Oakter, Anchor (Panasonic), T-Link, Orvibo and Philips. The Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant is priced at Rs.5,999 and available on Flipkart.

Smart Voice Translator

With an independent noise-cancelling microphone and the translating earbuds that feature a high-definition recording system, the Smart voice translator has the ability to input the language accurately even in a noisy environment and can maintain a clear sound at all time while facilitating repeated listening. If you’re in conversation with a foreign delegate, all you need to do is tap the translating headphones and start talking, the language interpreting earbuds will translate the conversations automatically. This pilot earpiece can support most brands like iPhone, Samsung, Android system phone, iPad, Bluetooth V4.2 and more, with a Bluetooth translator adept in nearly 16 languages. The enhanced Bluetooth version allows for fast and unwavering audio transmission with the wireless connectivity of the translator up to 10m and easy connection to Bluetooth enabled devices within seconds.

The device has a built-in 8mm moving coil speaker with HiFi audio effects enabled, is easy to wear without any messy wires and usable when you’re performing any other activity. The pilot translator comes with a built-in 90mAH rechargeable lithium battery for super endurance, 5-8 hours of support and 4.5 hours talk time. The Smart Voice Translator is priced at Rs.2,583 and is available on

Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser


A smart & stylish countertop aroma diffuser, the Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser is suitable for use in all your rooms at home and comes with a power cord with US/EU/UK enabled requirements, available on request. With a complimentary pack of 4 aroma capsules, Moodo has a factory-installed rechargeable battery that can operate for about 7 hours without being plugged to a power source and has a charge time of fewer than 4 hours. It can cover a room area of about 600 sqft. with a fragrance capsule that can last for 60 continuous hours. Measuring 4” in height, 4.9” in width, the Smart Aroma Diffuser’s compatible with all the leading smart home technologies like Siri Shortcuts, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more.

With the free Moodo app, you can control your home’s fragrance from anywhere and easily & instantly change the fragrance, experiment mixing different scents with the app or simple smart home automation. The device’s safe and clean technology of cold air diffusion, diffuse the fragrance from the capsules, without the risk of any heat, wax/oil or aerosol residues and is safe for children, pets and pregnant women as well. The high-quality fragrances are manufactures in France and comply with EU and US cosmetic & fragrance regulations. The Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser is priced at Rs.7,091 and is available on

Mi Band 3 Sleep Tracker


A sleep tracker’s gained popularity immensely and is apt for people who have difficulty in falling asleep or have irregular sleeping patterns that may affect their health adversely. The all new Mi Band 3 comes with an OLED touch display that allows you to read messages and notification without accessing your phone, measures your step count while walking, the distance covered, your heart rate and body temperature as also track your sleep quality and other relevant information with the touch of a finger.

Its smart technology responds to your movements and comes with a water resistance of up to 50m. The device’s auto heart rate uses advanced algorithms to measure your heart’s rate using the VO2 max heart rate, aerobic and anaerobic zones. With a full charge that can last up till 20 days normally, the sleep tracker can accurately record information on the quality of your sleep each night with data on the patterns of deep/light sleep to help you adjust your habits accordingly. The Mi Band 3 Sleep Tracker comes with a Mi Band, a strap, a charging cable and user guide and is available on Amazon at Rs.1,999.

Dophigo Smart Video Doorbell Camera With Chime

The Dophigo Smart Video Doorbell Camera with Chime comes with four core functions in a single device focused on complete home security with an HD image transmission, visitor recording, a wireless connection and instant communication. The Dophigo Smart Video Doorbell allows you to see, hear and speak to your visitors who ring the doorbells from your smartphone or tablet at anytime and anywhere, monitoring your home with a military level infrared night vision in HD video. With 960p HD resolution and 4:3 widescreen video angle, all the recordings from your device are uploaded automatically to the cloud and you can view/download the videos from the mobile app. The Dophigo Smart Video Doorbell camera with chime is priced at Rs.8,613 and available on

Anker PowerPort III Nano Compact Wall Charger

The Anker power port 3 Nano compact wall charger comes with a fast charging technology - the power port + 1 that guarantees the fastest possible charge to any smartphone or tablet, thanks to its power IQ Technology and the quick charge 3.0. Its enhanced compatibility with all versions of the Qualcomm quick charge Technology, allows the Anker power port wall charger to charge even the non-quick charge devices at up to 2.4A. The charger’s exclusive tech features provide for temperature control, advanced safety features and surge protection that keeps you and your devices safe. The Anker power port 3 Nano compact wall charger is available on Amazon at Rs.1,209. The online prices fluctuate, so it's always advisable to check the price.

Jelly Comb folding Bluetooth Keyboard

The Jelly Comb folding Bluetooth keyboard comes with a touchpad function, with which you can control your device without a mouse and it is extremely convenient and compact. Exceptionally thin and with a folding capability the keyboard can be ideal for gifting for your loved ones who’re often away on business travel, allowing them to operate their mobiles on the go, writing fast and error free! Its exquisite workmanship is highly durable and can resist bumps, is sturdy and very handy as well. Compatible with 3 major operating systems: Android/iOS and Windows, the Jelly Comb folding Bluetooth keyboard allows you to switch between the 3 systems easily and its fold size measures 5.98" x3.82" x0.71." With a built in rechargeable battery that’s energy efficient & eco-friendly with a charge time of just 2 hours and standby time of nearly 560 hours, the Jelly Comb folding Bluetooth keyboard is priced at Rs.2,759 and available on

Tawcal Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

With a 3-step cleaning system that features lifting and suctioning dirt/dust/hair from hard floors/rugs/carpets and dual surface brushes that work together to suction dust/dirt and large debris, the Tawcal Robotic Vacuum Cleaner’s auto adjust cleaning head, adapts it's height automatically to effectively clean under the carpet and hard floors and comes with a complete suite of intelligent sensors that navigate the device under and around objects for a thorough cleaning experience. Extremely lightweight and portable, the auto sweeping robot is just 23x23x7cm and its weight doesn’t exceed even 1kg. Easy to operate, its 1 touch power up enables hands-free cleaning and a charge time of an hour for nearly 80 minutes of use. With combined functions of sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, the Tawcal Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is energy efficient. It is available at convenient price of Rs.3,288 at Amazon.

Kids GPS Tracker Smartwatch

The Themoemoe Kids GPS Tracker Watch is a waterproof smart watch for Kids equipped with a GPS and LBS which allows parents to keep a track of their children in real time through the set tracker 2 app. With a pre-activated SOS function key, a child can send out the distress call for 3 seconds by a call to the entire family that can include 3 SOS numbers in an emergency. The kids can wear this smart watch even while taking a bath or in the swimming pool thanks to its water proof feature. The watch can be set with 3 period time ‘DND mode’ which disallows all calls, games, camera features but keeps the SOS feature alive at all times. All you need is an activated SIM Card, downloads the SE tracker app, register with the ID on the watch’s back cover, login and have the app running on your Kid’s GPS tracker Smart Watch. Available on, The Themoemoe Kids GPS Tracker Watch is priced at Rs.3,606.

Hedgehog Windproof Umbrella

An innovative umbrella that comes with lifetime durability, the Hedgehog Windproof Umbrella features an interchangeable canopy, shielded tips, dual carbon fibre ribs, rib suspension system, ballistic grade, polycarbonate joints, embedded enclosure and an aircraft-grade aluminium shaft to offer the strongest strength to weight ratio structure assembled to an umbrella ever! Developed with a wind-resistant technology with a patented Umbrella Rib Suspension System, the gadget can withstand wind speeds of over 70MPH without inverting and the suspension system enhances the flexibility of the canopy while maintaining a constant hemispherical shape. The Hedgehog Windproof Umbrella’s canopy can transform depending on your perspective of the day ahead, mood or dress with quick and secure connections along the ribs that enable endless selections of canopy colors and patterns and come with a cavity designed in the handle assembly with a flexible hand strap as a retaining mechanism to store the umbrella enclosure. Get this rough tough and unique umbrella from Amazon priced at Rs.9,432,

Bonus Tip: Tech Tips To Get The Best Out of Your Gadgets

It is always easier and a welcoming break when you have tech hacks or tips to help you live and work smarter, allowing you to do more in less time and free up space for doing things you really enjoy! So here are a few tips to help your favorite gadgets be more productive in every sense of the word.

  • VOICE DICTATES – There are ways in which you can use your voice to do everything in speed, with built in dictation tools both in windows and macOS, with voice recognition and dictation in Google Docs too that allow you to speak out your documents faster than you can type! Then there are SIRI or Google Assistant to run stuff on your smartphone, again saving you time.

  • NOTIFICATIONS – You can cut down on the number of notifications you get not only from your phone but also from your computers and other gadgets with the new DND features in iOS and Android Plus. The notification tools in the setting of these mobile operating systems makes it is easier to control the frequency of notifications you get. You can even check the notifications in your Gmail for Android and IOS with for notifications activated only for your emails in your inbox or primary folder, while in the FB messenger and WhatsApp, you can mute conversations for number of hours until you’re ready to read them.

  • PURGE – Another way of making life easier for you technologically is to cut down on the number of people you follow on social media, which can be quite taxing and time consuming. For instance, if you’d like to do away with the news feeds from people who don’t connect with closely, you can edit your preferences on FB and activate updates from only your close connections.
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Always carefully read User Manuals

User Manuals are not a waste, don't throw them away. It tells you what amperes of current the device needs, how long you can use and important things that you need to know about your gadget. It tells you about all the precautions. It keeps you aware of what to do in time of gadget emergencies. No matter what your friends tell you, do not do it until the user manual directs you to. Let us show some responsibility, as these gadgets make our lives a lot easier. For making our life easier, they always expect a good care from our side too.