Worried about Frizzy and Unmanaged Hair? Get Gorgeous and Trendy Hair Style with These 10 Best Philips Hair Straightener (2020)

Worried about Frizzy and Unmanaged Hair? Get Gorgeous and Trendy Hair Style with These 10 Best Philips Hair Straightener (2020)

Women are never satisfied with the looks, one minute they want those bouncy curls, and the next they want poker-straight hair. Instead of permanently straightening the hair, it’s better to straighten the curls as and when we need them. Get a quality hair straightener, and straighten your hair for special occasions and look stunning. Now, if you are looking to buy one, then take a look at Philips hair straightener.

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Why Hair Straighteners Should Be in Your Hair Styling Kit

Frizzy and unmanaged hair is something we all would like to avoid regardless of the occasion be it formal or casual. Our hairstyle and the way it managed could be a deal maker or a breaker. Moreover, straight hair has its charm and go perfect with any style of clothing. Philips hair straightener brush or various other brands available in the market make hair straightener a breeze. Further, if you are running short of time but cannot appear with an unkempt hairstyle, then straighteners come up to your rescue. A silky, straight, and managed hair is something that goes with every style – modern or ethnic. Before buying a hair straightener; however, proper research is significant to buy the best product under your budget. We have come up with a few points that might help you make a more informed decision.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Philips Hair Straightener

Temperature Settings

The heat settings that you would require for your hair would depend on its condition. Of course, a high heat setting will give you a quick result and straighter hair, but it can also damage your hair. Not all hair types or condition are suitable for treatment under the max straightener temperature.

Your Hair Texture

Somewhat related to the first point, hair texture is quite essential when it comes to selecting the right hair straightener. For instance, if your hair texture is thick, then the straightener with high-temperature settings and titanium coatings should be preferable. For thin hair, Philips hair straightener online with ceramic plates would be a better option.

Width of the Plate

Indeed, the width of the plate positively correlated to the time taken to straighten the hair. Moreover, more full plates would also distribute the heat more widely, which would work in favour of thin and beautiful hair. However, you should also consider the size of the straightener and how often you require the device. For instance, if you travel a lot, then having a slightly smaller and narrower straightener would be preferable for the ease of carrying it.

The Shape of the Straightener

Now, this could be a tricky one as flat iron would be nothing but flat. However, you would need to see a hair straightener around the edges for a bit more detailing. For instance, the straighteners that rounded towards the corner could be used for curling hair more effectively compared to those edgy ones.

Top 10 Philips Hair Straighteners in 2020

Considering all these factors, we have rounded up the list of 10 best Philips Hair Straightener Online. Let us have to check out each one in detail for making the best decision.

Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener with Keratin Ceramic Coating

Specially designed for Indian hair, this hair straightener comes packed with the keratin ceramic coating for proper heat distribution. Further, the plates are vast taking care of the thick hair as well and offering least friction. Quick heating and easy maintenance of this kerashine hair straightener make the product worth a try. Moreover, the swivel cord technology with the length of 1.8m ensures that there are no tangles, and at the same time, the length is just fine to be used comfortably. You can buy this Philips Hair Straightener Online on Amazon for just INR 2,484.

Philips StyleCare Essential BHH880/10 Heated Hair Straightening Brush (Black)

This hair styler from Philips guarantees a smooth, shiny and salon-like straight hair in no time. Further, the tourmaline ceramic coating makes sure that the hair does not get burned accidentally. Also, the sizable paddle-shaped brush and the swivel cord make it further comfortable. Moreover, ThermoProtect technology and bristle design work are clubbed together for healthy and frizz-free hair. Further, the auto shut off option after 60 minutes ensures safety in case you forget. Moreover, the triple bristle design provides the perfectly smoothening of the hair quickly. You can buy this super functional and compact hair straightener for INR 3,099 only on reliancedigital.in.

Philips HP 8303/06 Hair Straightener (Black)

Uber compact and feature-loaded hair straightener from Philips is on our list for those who travel a lot. One of the best features of this straightener is the universal voltage support which makes it a perfect hair styling tool to carry. The infused ceramic plates with the smooth edges guarantee frizz-free and perfectly straight hair. This straightener heats up in just 60 seconds, and the temperature ranges between 120-210 degree Celsius. With swivel cord and quick heat-up time, this straightener available for just INR 1,049 on Flipkart is value for money.

KeraShineVivid Ends Straightener

This hair straightener from the Philips range of Kerashine is a product of a brilliant innovation from Philips. If you are looking for a straightening solution for fragile hair, then KeraShine Vivid Ends straightener is worth considering. The split spot technology and keratin infusion are apt for those who want to protect hair but do not compromise on the styling. Further, the Unitemp technology guarantees uniform distribution of heat throughout the plate for better results. As far as Philips hair straightener price is considered, buy this styling tool for just INR 3,695 on the official website philips.co.in.

StraightCare Straightener BHS386/00

Silky straight hair with less heat exposure is the perfect combination that anyone could want and this straightener from Philips provides you with that. The keratin ceramic plates glide through the hair giving shine and smoothness. Moreover, the ionic conditioning with the charged negative ions smoothens the hair cuticles leaving healthier and shinier hair. Features such as swivel cord, plate lock, storage lock and Ionic care make this straightener worth considering. You can buy this value for money hair straightening machine on the official website of philips.co.in for just INR 2,395.

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener (Black)

A perfect go-to hair straightener who want a hair straightening quick and easy but with the less exposure to the heat, this product from Philips is value for money. The SilkPro care technology and advanced ceramic coating plates ensure no harm to the hair but a perfect look. Moreover, the professional-grade temperature settings guarantee you a salon-like hair minus the cost. In addition to an ideal straight hair, maintenance of this straightener is also simple as you need a damp cloth to wipe off the plates when the straightener has cooled off. You can buy this feature-loaded straightener on Amazon for just INR 1,151. Moreover, the straightener is compact and therefore, can be carried along easily on trips as well.

Philips BHS385 Hair Straightener (Purple)

If compact yet powerful is your mantra, then this hair straightener from Philips should be on your list. Not only this straightener takes a few seconds to heat but also ensures that overheating does not damage the hair. Perfect distribution of temperature on the ceramic coated plates give a beautiful, lustrous hair at home or wherever you go. Along with the benefit of a trusted brand, you will also enjoy the 2 years warranty on the product. 360-degree swivel and tangle-free cord are enough to give a smooth experience without you having to make too much effort.

Among other features, the smooth edges are one of the most appealing as you do not need to worry about hair plucking or getting entangled toward the edges. Never again compromise on hairstyling wherever you go with this compact and very efficient hair straightener from Philips. You can buy this hair straightener on Flipkart for INR 1,549.

Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control Hair Straightener (Purple)

Straight and smooth hair would be just a few seconds away with this hair straightener from Philips. Other than the temperature control technology, the straightener is also loaded with ionic technology and keratin coating to speed up beautiful looking hair in no time. Moreover, more comprehensive than usual plates have been specifically designed for the thick and long hair texture. There are two temperature settings for professional-grade temperature control, and the maximum temperature setting reaches at 210 degree Celsius for that perfect smoothening. Other than these innovative features, the fast heating up time and swivel cord to resolve wire entangling problem are the other two useful features. You can buy this cool hair straightener on Reliance Digital for just INR 2,499 and enjoy 2 years manufacturing warranty on the same.

Philips Kerashine High-Performance Styler BHH777/20 Hair Straightener (Purple)

With the Philips Kerashine Tulip straightener, you can get quick straightening of hair and create loose waves. The unique shape of this straightener helps you in creating beautiful hairstyles in no time and just sitting at home. One of the best features of this styler is quick heating in only 20 seconds but no damage to the hair. Moreover, to get the salon-grade hair straightening in less time, there are two temperature settings. Swivel cord with the length of 1.8 meters is something also worth considering feature of this straightener. Full plates with ceramic coating help in even distribution of heat, therefore, taking care of all types of hair textures. On buying this hair straightener, you enjoy 2 years of worldwide guarantee from the manufacturer. Buy this hair straightener on Flipkart for INR just INR 1,895.

Philips BHH880/10 Hair Style

This paddled shaped hair straightening brush from Philips comes with tourmaline ceramic coating and prevent hair from getting damaged. Get naturally straight hair with this hairbrush along with the ThermoProtect technology and bristle design work that ensures frizz-free hair. On top of that, the triple bristle design is ideal for untangling and straightening the hair protecting your scalp from heat. For the convenience of setting and operating at the right temperature, there is an LED light indicator signalling when the brush is ready to use. On top of that, the swivel cord of straightener ensures worry-free hair straightening. Get value for money when you buy this Philips Hair Straightener online on reliancedigital.in for INR 3,099 only.

Four Trending Hair Styles Done Easily with Hair Straightener

Now that we have rounded up some of the best performing hair straightening brush and equipment, it is time to get some quick hairstyling tips too. We have come up with four trending hairstyles that are a breeze also with the Philips hair straightener brush and plate.

Loosen up Curls

Although curls and straightener might sound like two extreme ends, it is possible to curl up your hair with the straighteners. Before that, make sure that you have a straightener with rounded edges. After that, divide your hair into sections of 1 inch and start wrapping your hair on the lower plate. Once, the curls are done, just run your finger through the curls to soften them and loosen up.

Faux Bangs

Getting ready for a corporate meet set up in a casual environment – you would need a hairstyle which looks every bit of professional sans annoying. Faux bangs are one such hairstyle where you can up-do all your hair by leaving the curls out of the bun. Use Philips Hair straightener to straighten your curls, and there is your faux bangs hairstyle complete.

Hair Crimp Ons

If you want to break from the monotonous hairstyle and do something exciting and appealing with your hair, go for the crimps. Crimps can be done at home also with the help of a comb, rubber bands and Philips hair straightener. Start with making braids in your hair and depending on the thickness of hair, and you can make the number of twists with an equal volume of hair. Now, run the hair straightener on each of the braids from top to bottom in a slow movement. Once done with all the twists, open them and run your finger through them.

Side Swept Hairstyle

If you are confused on the hairstyle for a perfect dinner date, then look no further because the side-swept romantic hairstyle is all you need. Start with parting the blow-dried hair on one side and keep then in place with bobby pins. After that, place the part of the hair in the straightener, twisting it till the end. Repeat the process with all the hair on one side, finishing the look with hair spray.

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