Wondering How to Get Rid of Thin and Frizzy Hair? Don’t Worry! Here are the 10 Best Hair Spray for Men in India That will Give Your Thin and Frizzy Hair to Smelly, Crunchy and Shiny Look (2020)

Wondering How to Get Rid of Thin and Frizzy Hair? Don’t Worry! Here are the 10 Best Hair Spray for Men in India That will Give Your Thin and Frizzy Hair to Smelly, Crunchy and Shiny Look (2020)

Hair is a big part of Men’s Personality. Unruly and irritated hair is more than enough to send all the wrong signals about you. Hairspray is the most overlooked product for men in hair styling. When you see a man with no hair out of place looking beautifully put together, we are willing to bet that his secret is hairspray. Read on to find the best for yourself.

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Benefits of Hair Spray

Applying a Hair Spray can help you style your hair effectively and perfectly even on bad hair days. Hair Spray is an easy tool to create your hairstyles as per your choice and it allows you to have a firm hold on hair, thus you can experiment with different techniques. Either you are going to the office or getting ready for a late evening party, a hair spray gives your hair the shine and style almost instantly.

  • All-day Styling - Hair sprays also provide an effective and secure hold on your hair for almost the entire day and if required, a shot of spray in between does the job perfectly. Even if you are visiting the gym and are worried about your hairstyle being awry during the workout sessions, the styling done by hair spray keeps your hair sturdy. No matter whatever the weather conditions are – humid, dry or it’s raining, the stronghold of hairspray keeps your locks in position; you just need to choose the right one as per the nature of your hair (thick, straight, dry or oily).

  • Taming the Frizz – One of the reasons that hair spray is so popular a beauty product among people concerned about their looks is that it can give you frizz-free hair in seconds with ease. Whether you have to attend an office meeting, a wedding celebration or you are going for a date, frizzled hair can spoil you look. In these times, hair spray comes to the rescue and gives you shiny and untangled mane without any delay.

  • Fuller and Healthier Hair – People with thin hair and balding problems can use hairspray as it can make their hair appear fuller and adds volume to their locks. Though, hair sprays don’t supplement hair growth; but they give the appearance of thicker hair. Moreover, hair spray allows people with thin hair to don hairstyle which otherwise they couldn’t.

Hair Sprays made of natural ingredients can keep your hair soft and shiny and prevent hair problems like split ends or dull hair. Thus, using such hair sprays can help you to have healthier hair as they tend to contain nutrients which are effective in hair care.

How to Apply Hair Spray

If you have decided to try hair spray to enhance your looks, then it’s important to know about applying it correctly. The following tips would be helpful before you apply hair spray on your locks.

  • 1) Keep distance while you spray – People often think that spraying hair spray directly on the roots is going to benefit more. However, if you apply hair spray from too close; you risk the hair getting all greasy and soaked. This will not give you the shine and style you are looking for; instead, it would make the hair hard and sticky. So make sure to hold the spray bottle a minimum six inches away from your mane while applying hair spray.

  • 2) Spray between layers – If you are looking for super voluminous hair, then spray a volume-boosting hairspray in between the layers of your hair. You can use a comb or even your fingers to part layers, add one or two spritz and then seal the desired look.

  • 3) Use the comb – After you are done with the spraying part, use a soft comb or brush and run through the hair to smoothen them. Especially, if you are using a strong hold hair spray; then using a soft brush will reduce the chances of wear and tear of hair.

  • 4) For curly hair – Don’t spray on all the curls simultaneously as your curls may stick together and will lose the natural bounce. Instead, spray lightly on each curl and slowly press each section with your hands. This way you’ll get a nice texture and bounce in the curly hair.

  • 5) Apply with hands – If you want to apply hair spray to specific areas to get a particular style or style only a few curls from your mane; then spray a little amount of hair spray into your hands and pat onto the desired area. This method of applying hair spray can give a magical touch to your hair.

  • 6) Using a toothbrush – To use hair spray near the areas which directly touch your skin, like the backside of your ear, neck portion and the forehead area; you can use a soft toothbrush to apply the hair spray. As mentioned earlier, spraying from very close is not a very good idea; hence spritz little amount of hair spray on the toothbrush and apply to the small areas which may be left due to spraying the hair spray from a distance.

Best Hair Spray for Men

With different varieties of hair spray available in the market, sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right one for your hair. There are few hair spray products meant specifically for men and then there are hair spray’s which are unisex. Few products claim to get you rid of frizzy hair and others may claim for shiny and bouncy hair; then there are products available with natural ingredients which mention about getting healthy hair after using them. We have researched and picked a few of the best hair spray products available for men in this article. You can check these products and choose the one which deems fit as per your hair type and style.

Gatsby Set And Keep Spray Super Hard

Source www.amazon.in

The Level 4 super hard spray by Gatsby gives your hair firmness and style without coarseness even in humid weather. It provides a natural shine to your locks and is suitable for all hair types. For using this spray, hold the bottle about 30 cm away from the hair and spray it all over your mane uniformly using your fingers. Allow it to dry for a few minutes and you’re ready to rock your hairstyle. This Super Hard Hair Spray keeps your hairstyle in place for the entire day and is available on Amazon.

TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray

Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Spray is well suited for people who have to regularly travel for office-related tours as the small bottle is easy to carry and would provide massive hold and long-lasting styles. This hair spray gives shiny hair and dries instantly for providing great styling to hair of any length and texture. Hold the can about 12 inches from hair and spray over styled hair or you can also spot spray over particular areas to get the desired look.

The special formula has a hardcore fixative to create a stronghold for long-lasting style; the plasticizer in it helps the fixative to set more firmly extending the holding period and the low fixative neutralizer adds to the stability factor thus helping to rigidly put the hair in place. For a firmer hold, you can apply it in layers using a soft brush or your fingers. The Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray by TIGI is added with an attractive citrus berry fragrance and the 99 ml bottle is available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,350.

Man Arden Hair Spray

An economic hair styling product for men by Man Arden, the Man Arden Hair Spray provides long-lasting hold and is perfect for keeping your hairstyle in place. It also works perfectly for taming the flyaway hairs; control frizzes and provides a whole day styling with minimum hassles. The fast-drying formula adds shine to the hairs without any risk of hair damage as the tenderness of botanical extracts protect the hair strands and regulate hair damage.

The natural ingredients like Moroccan Argan Oil and Bhringraj extracts help to eliminate stiffness from the hair strands to make your hair feel and look natural and smooth. The Man Arden hair spray coats the hair evenly to provide a voluminous and shiny look. The product is free of harmful chemicals like paraben, sulphates, mineral oil etc. And is available on Manarden which is a PETA certified cruelty free brand.

Urbangabru Extreme Hold Hair Spray

Source urbangabru.in

The UrbanGabru Frozt hair spray provides extra strong hold to your hairs without stiffness and the natural aloe vera extract gives firmness to your hair while making them soft, smooth and shiny. The all-weather product keeps your hair in place in rainy, sunny or windy weather while the long-lasting hold smoothen hair strands and tames the flyways. The quick-dry, non-sticky and anti-frizz formula provides flexible hold with a soft touch and keeps the natural movement of the hair for the entire day. The vitamin C and vitamin E present in aloe vera gives natural care to your mane and the Frozt hair spray is free of any harmful chemicals. This efficient hair spray for men by UrbanGabru is available at Urbangabru for Rs. 315.

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis + Strong Hold Spray

Source www.nykaa.com

The Osis+ Session Label Strong Hold gives a long-lasting style to your hair as the fix drying formula keeps your locks in place and also protects your hair from external agents like pollution, dust, humidity etc. It has a protective formula that creates a cover against the harmful UV rays and the anti-frizz formula protects your hair in humid weather. Schwarzkopf is a world-renowned brand for beauty and hair care products and this Non-sticky hair spray is available at Nykaa for Rs. 675.

TRESemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray

Source www.amazon.in

This extra hold hair spray by TRESemme is not too stiff, yet effectively controls your flyway strands while keeping your hairstyle undisturbed for a long time. Now you can easily experiment with your hair and sport different hairstyles for different occasions. Be it a party or office meeting, now look your best without the fear of your hairs getting disturbed during the action-packed day. The Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray provides all day long shield from humidity and keeps your hair strands intact while retaining the natural bounce in them. The hair spray by TRESemme can be ordered from Amazon.

Schwarzkopf, Taft Power Hair Lacquer Hair Spray

Another unique and effective hair spray by Schwarzkopf, the Taft Power Hair Lacquer Hair Spray provides a firm grip to your hair for hours and you can confidently flaunt your hairdo even in late-night parties as it will keep your strands in place for the entire night. The mist formula offers a combo of super setting features along with the strength to your hair. The Non-sticky formula works best when individual strands are sprayed evenly from the roots. The 250 ml can of Schwarzkopf Taft Power Hair Lacquer Hair Spray is available at Flipkart for Rs. 243.

Beardo Strong Hold Hair Spray For Men

Source www.nykaa.com

One more hairspray specially formulated for men, the ‘Beardo Strong Hold Hair Spray for men’ makes your hair appear and feel better. Beardo doesn’t use any harmful chemicals in this Hair Spray and the product provides nourishment and moisture while styling your hair. The hair spray provides a healthy shine while giving stronghold to your hair for a long time. The hair spray by Beardo can be purchased from Nykaa for Rs. 450.

Wella Professionals Eimi Mistify Strong

Wella Professionals Eimi Mistify Strong is a stronghold hair spray which provides a natural finish to your hair, keeping your hair in place for up to 24 hours. The MICRO MIST technology induced in the product delivers lightweight and microparticles which spread evenly over the hair providing instant hold and silky shine to your locks. The Eimi Mistify Strong hair spray by Wella Professionals is infused with a nice fragrance which keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day and the sleek can of 75 ml is available on in.carethy.net for Rs. 279.

Nova Gold Hair Spray Super Firm Hold

Nova is a well-known name in the hair care segment and they strive to provide the best hair care products. The Nova Gold Hair Spray is a product which provides a super strong hold of your hair and also results in long-lasting shine without any stickiness. The 400 ml of hair spray can of Nova Gold Hair Spray Super Firm Hold is available on Snapdeal for Rs. 496.

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In Conclusion!

The good news is that you shouldn’t have much problem with finding a well-reviewed hairspray for men which fits your needs and hair type. With that in mind, our goal was to offer a range of sprays which worked well for many hair types and long lengths as well as various types of hold, shine, and even price. Where possible, we intended to provide a little less chemical-heavy products. We hope this article helped you in finding the best hairspray for your hair type.