9 Romantic And Thoughtful Gifts For Your Boyfriend From Malaysia That'll Warm His Heart And 5 Dating Tips for A Successful Relationship.

9 Romantic And Thoughtful Gifts For Your Boyfriend From Malaysia That'll Warm His Heart And 5 Dating Tips for A Successful Relationship.

Buying a gift for a special man in your life is very difficult. If it is for someone who is of a different ethnicity like a Malaysian, that brings a whole new set of problems altogether. We knew it'd be difficult for you; So we decided to help you out and curate a list of special gifts that are sure to melt his heart. Still not sure about your relationship; We have listed out 6 reasons why a Malaysian boyfriend is the best boyfriend ever.

What Makes A Malaysian Boyfriend Special?

Having a boyfriend from another country can be tricky. It is hard to know their likes and dislikes and can take a lot of time to learn their habits. If you are dating a Malaysian boy, there are a few telltale signs to show you that they are special. Keeping in mind the characteristics will help you to deal with them in a better way and strengthen your relationship. It will also give you a chance to get to know them better and allow you to understand why they behave the way they do. Surely your Malaysian boyfriend is one in a million, however here are a few things that characterizes every Malaysian boy.

They Love Food!

A way to a man’s heart is through his tummy. Every man loves a good meal and yummy food, Malaysian men are no exceptions. The difference is that they can eat at any time and on any given day. Offer them a good meal and you will never be turned down. They can enjoy kopi at ten in the morning, followed by rojak at four in the afternoon, a dim-sum at nine in the evening and even a roti-canai at 3- in the morning! For a Malaysian boy dinner time is any-time. Eating for them is a sport and they can eat all day long!

Everyone Is Family

They love to have close-acquaintances and every close acquaintance is family. A Malaysian boy will treat everyone like an aunt or uncle, cousin, grandfather or grandmother. They respect and love relationships and spend time savouring them. You can be sure that you will not be neglected as familial ties mean a lot.

Obsessed with Sports

Malaysian men love their sport. For them, if there is one man who can bring unity to Malaysia it is Dato Lee Chang Wei. The best example being, even when there is a rift between people caused by the political atmosphere when the Thomas Cup comes around, everything falls away as they will come together to cheer on their national heroes. Malaysian boys will do anything for their badminton heroes. Malaysia is a nation united by badminton but divided by the EPL.

Their Rules Are Their Own

They are not accustomed to abiding by rules and laws they do not agree with. The only rules that they will abide by are the ones that they create themselves.

No Fuss Lifestyle

Each ethnic group has its own underlying culture that separates them from the other. They are very respectful and courteous. They do not like to put anyone down or lose face which can be shameful to them. They are very simple and polite in nature and follow a no-fuss lifestyle.

Can Adjust to Any Situation

They are brought up in a very ethnic way and retain their individual traditions and lifestyles. They give a lot of importance to family values, as a result, they are very loyal and respectful and can adjust to any situation.

Things to Know While Dating A Malaysian Boyfriend

Malaysian Boys Are Traditional

Malaysian boys are very traditional and have their own unique and distinctive identity. They may not shake hands with women and may bow instead while placing their hand on their heart. Each ethnic group has its own underlying culture that separates them from the other. They are brought up in a very conservative way and hence they like to follow their customs and retain their religion and way of life which have been taught to them from childhood.

Public Displays of Affection Are Very Rare

They are very conservative and follow their traditions very strictly. They are very careful about their public life and will not like to lose face or be put to shame. They may not shake hands with women but will bow instead. And they may lower their eyes during greeting as a sign of respect.

If You Are Dating Then You Are in A Relationship

They take relationships very seriously. They will date a person only if they intend to take the relationship further or get married. Family values are very important to them.

Malaysian Boys Love Being at Home

They are very closely knit as a family and are educated in the same schools. They socialise within their own ethnic groups retaining their traditions and lifestyles and also marry within their own groups. The home is the place where the individual can get emotional and financial support.

They Love Company

They are very hospitable. During celebrations or religious holidays they host friends and neighbours to visit and eat holiday delicacies. The guest must at least sip the beverage and taste the food that is offered.

Gifting Options for Your Malaysian Boyfriend

It is a good idea to select a modest gift for your Malaysian boyfriend. Pastries or good quality chocolates, quality pens or desk accessories can be given as a gift. Do not give alcohol as a gift. Also, do not wrap the gift in a white or yellow paper as it is considered inauspicious. Good choices include alcohol-free perfumes or colognes or fine cotton shirt. Present the gifts shortly before departing, not when arriving.

Urban Map Glass

A lovely accessory to complement that perfect bottle of bourbon. This glass etched with an urban map is just the drinking accessory that your Malaysian will love. Since gifting alcohol is not considered auspicious in Malaysian traditions, this is the next best thing. This glass is designed by Boston based designer Brian Johnson. You can get this glass on UncommonGoods for just Rs. 1120/-

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

These toothpicks give a subtle hint of fine single malt scotch with which they are infused. These toothpicks are available for Rs. 2534/- at UncommonGoods. Anyone would love to have these toothpicks as a part of their treasures. A lovely gift for your Malaysian boyfriend, it is made from sustainably forested wood and gives one a smoky flavour with a hint of caramel. This gift comes in a pack of 4 glass vials, packed with a dozen toothpicks each.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

All Asians love their sauces. Your Malaysian boyfriend will absolutely adore this DIY hot sauce kit, to go along with all his snacks such as nachos, pizzas, chilli, etc. This kit comes with a variety of spices like cayenne, ancho, curry, chilli and some other spice packs. It also comes with instructions on how to combine chillies, vinegar and brown sugar to create a hot sauce that will suit his tastes. Now available at UncommonGoods for just Rs. 2464/- this kit will allow your boyfriend to create and package his hot sauces in small batches to turn up the heat in his food.

New York Times Custom Birthday Book

A lovely keepsake, this New York Times birthday book, which costs just Rs. 7046/- at UncommonGoods includes the front pages of the New York Times. This book comprises of the front pages of the New York Times for each year since his birth. It can be personalised with names and birthdates and bound in a fancy encyclopaedia way. This birthday book will be a special present to commemorate and preserve his special day.

Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

Does your Malaysian boyfriend love building and assembling things? If so, this moving mechanical safe kit may be the perfect gift for him. Comprising of 179 laser-cut pieces, when assembled this becomes a fully functional safe with a customizable combination lock. This kit does not require tools, glues and saws, just good assembly skills. You can get it from UncommonGoods for Rs. 4229/-


Help your boyfriend organise his fridge with these super cool bottle hanging strips. Now all the bottles in his fridge can be organised for Rs. 2679/- on UncommonGoods. These strips contain super strong magnets which will secure the bottles to the ceiling of a refrigerator. These bottle hanging strips give easy access to bottles in the fridge also freeing up space in a fridge.

Travel Cord Roll

Every man needs a contraption to help keep his wires and cords organised. Since Malaysians are huge fans of technology, your boyfriend is sure to have a lot of cords and cables to go along with his gadgets. This Travel Cord Roll keeps all travel cords organised in style, so he doesn’t need to worry about untangling. It has space for storing up to 8 cords and also tucking in accessories like watches, etc. This product is produced in China and is available at Rs. 1410/- on UncommonGoods.


Make parties and gatherings even more fun with this unique adult board game. There are challenges placed on the board that every player must participate in. This board game that costs Rs. 2467/- on Uncommongoods invites everyone to play and have fun at a party. Challenges range from Singing to dancing and everything in between.

Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

This little bag is perfect for carrying out drinks and comes with a bottle opener too. Ideal for outdoor parties or trips and excursions, this caddy will up your Malaysian boyfriend's style quotient. This bag also helps to keep the beer ice cold and safe from breakage. If your boyfriend loves the outdoors this bottle bag can be just the gift for him. You can get it at UncommonGoods for Rs. 2115/-

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Get to Know Their Culture and Traditions

Dating a person of another ethnicity almost always brings in a culture shock. The main reason being though they are open enough to go outside their ethnicity to date you, they always try to keep their values alive. When you are dating such a person make sure you also spend time and effort in getting to know not only them but also their traditions and culture. Have an open mind and celebrate both your festivals with the same importance. Be honest with one another. Make sure you take the relationship forward only if you are ready for a commitment.