Keeping Boredom Away is Easy: Top Things to Do in Bangalore on Weekends (2020)

Keeping Boredom Away is Easy: Top Things to Do in Bangalore on Weekends (2020)

If you are wondering how to spend the weekend having fun, then BP-Guide has the answer. Our list of options makes sure your free days are spent having fun whatever your taste - whether you are seeking adventure or cultural experiences, we have it all. So go and read on to find the top things to do in Bangalore in weekends.

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What Kind of a City is Bangalore?


Bangalore, also famously known as the Bengaluru, is located in the southeastern part of Karnataka. It adopted the nickname Garden City of India due to the vast vista of gardens that can be found in this beautiful city. Other names that the city adopted include Silicon Valley of India, Science City of India or the IT capital. Even though the greenery of the city is changing with each passing day, it still is one of the most natural lush green places that you can visit. It is classified as the third greenest city of India. The soothing sunlight coupled with the perfect amount of rain makes Bangalore highly sustainable for greenery. The first subheadings of this section highlight the preservation of nature and the climate of this beautiful city.



If you’re planning on visiting Bangalore for a weekend, you should have an idea about the region’s climate. Since Bangalore is situated at the Deccan plateau, the weather is a perfect combination of both wet and dry. The infrequent heat waves are cooled down by frequent thunderstorms. This combination sustains a beautiful climate that stimulates the growth of mini-forests and dense tree populations throughout.

Neralu Tree Festival


The garden city of India understands the significance of trees and their impact on both civilization and life in general. Neralu, that means shade in Kannada, was initiated by a group of Bangalore natives to sustain the greenery in the city back in 2017.

It is a very unique festival that takes place on any one day in India to celebrate trees and their history, ecosystem, aesthetics, and role. If you happen to visit Bangalore on this beautiful day, you’ll find yourself enchanted with the activities conducted, ranging from dancing and singing to planting numerous tresses, this festival is a beautiful occasion in itself.

The Green History of Bengaluru

"If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it.” Bangalore is the epitome of this quote. The city was a barren city yet it made its way to one of the greenest cities in the country. The struggle that the residents of this city went through to make it as green as it is now is appraisable.

The greenery that the city gets to enjoy is due to Hyder Ali and his regime. He initiated the Lal Bagh garden. His son Tipu Sultan also initiated a Tipu Sultan garden. The colonial interest in Bangalore started off with these exotic gardens. Trees, in turn, were planted to provide shade and comfort to travellers from across the globe. This slow activity led to the today’s city of gardens.

10 Fun Activities You Can Do In Bangalore?

Bangalore is known as the IT hub of India, but still, if you are in Bangalore or you are visiting Bangalore, there are many things and activities you can do. If you don't have an idea about what to do in Bangalore, here BP-Guide will suggest you 10 fun activity you can do in Bangalore and enjoy your visiting.

Go Kart Racing

From “dashing carts” to “go-karting” we all grew up. Go-karting is any kid’s favourite. Even if you’re an adult, we’d recommend you to go-kart racing to unleash that inner child in you! The thrill that comes from driving that mini car and steering to win from your friends can be compared to nothing else. It makes you feel like you’re driving a sports car, doesn’t it? You simply can’t say no to “go-karting” outing. So shouldn’t you plan on an outing such as this while you’re away for the weekend in the magnificent city of Bangalore?

If you’re confused about where to go for go-karting, we’d recommend Meco Kartopia. This Go-Karting track meets international standards. It’s situated in Hennu Bagalur, and fortunately, the venue is open on all days except Mondays. The timings are from 12 pm to 8 pm. The two separate tracks laid out at the venue include a 600 meters track for amateurs and a 1200 meters track for the professionals. The minimum cost of the track is Rs 335 per five laps.

Visit the ISKON Temple

This ISKCON temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Even if you’re not a believer, this is a must go.
It is recognized as one of the greatest ISKCON temples in the world which means you definitely owe this exotic temple a visit.

The temple consists of four towers that are linked to each other with a glazed glass canopy. The centre shrine is recognized for the magnificently ornamented idols of Sri Radha-Krishna. The ceilings, on the other hand, are decorated with beautiful paintings that highlight Lord Krishna’s pastimes. Holy rites and recitals are conducted in the temple from time to time and visitors are more than welcome to attend these.

The architecture of the temple leaves you speechless; it’s an impeccable amalgamation of both holiness and innovation. Balanced perfectly on the top of a hill, this 21st-century Indian temple radiates both ancient and modern vibes-all marble, extremely clean, well-designed and utterly peaceful. The temple includes shops, cafes, and even a film screening, The grand shrine, when lit up at night, soothes your heart to no limits.

Trek at Nandi Hills

Nandi hills are an ancient hill fortress that you can reach from the Bangalore airport.

If you’re a photographer or merely looking to radiate your Instagram feed, the spots in the Nandi hills ought to be enough. The route to the apex of the Nandi hill, with zigzagging roads and sharp turns, is challenging on its own. However, reaching the peak to find you surrounded by striking views of nearby landscapes and rocky terrains will be worth it.

We’d recommend you try to go for the summit of the Nandi Hills during sunrise or sunset. The peaceful view of the sun emerging and dipping back into the horizon will bring you satisfaction like nothing else.

The Nandi Hills also has a Yoga Nandeeshwara temple at the apex for you to mediate and spend some time alone. It is guarded by a statue of Nandi. You should plan a day trip to the Nandi Hills to trek to Channagiri and Skandagiri. Apart from these spots, pay a visit to Amrita Sarovar and Tipu’s Drop. These spots will leave you calm yet awestruck. The exquisiteness and appeal of Nandi Hills can be observed fully with paragliding experience as well.

Wade through the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum


The Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is a science and technology museum situated just a few meters away from the Government Museum.

This museum is a fun spot for both adults and children. It’ll make you feel like you’re on a treasure hunt for machines and fun artefacts linked to science and technology. Its interactive exhibits make this museum the optimal spot for kids to learn and fall in love with science. You’ll find a plethora of exhibition halls on locomotives, electricity, planetary, biotechnology and electronics.

Not only has this but the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum housed life-size models of dinosaurs for you to explore, It also has models of the Wright Brothers’ flyers. You’ll find the perfect amalgamation of both ancient and modern technologies in this museum. If you’re more into learning from watching videos, fret not. Exciting shows such as “science on a sphere” are played here at regular intervals so there’s really no excuse for you to miss out on it. The “science for kids” gallery is a contemporary addition to the museum; it allows for kids to fully engage in science.

Shop at the KR Market

If you are a flower fanatic, you’ve probably heard about the KR market. It is one of the largest flower markets in Asia. It is also one of the city’s oldest markets since it started off as early as 1928. A visit here should definitely be on your bucket list for you to taste the local life, traditions and culture of a native market in Bangalore.

You’ll find yourself amid fresh copper goods, colourful spices, refreshing produces, unique utensils, exquisite food delicacies and of course a vast vista of flowers. The crowds may make this experience a bit overwhelming for you; therefore, tagging along with a tour guide will be a wise choice. The tour guide will not only help you get the best deals but also enlighten you with the rich history of the places around the KR market.

The best time to visit the KR market is in the early morning. The business is at the very peak since the shopkeepers stock up the products for the days. Furthermore, the spots aren’t nearly as crowded during the morning phase. The most exotic site at this market is when the huge piles of freshly cut flowers are displayed at the sidewalks of the streets.

Enjoy Rides at Wonderla

What exactly is Wonderla? It’s an amusement park that drives not the nationals but also the tourists from all across the globe to relish the joy the park radiates.

If you’re looking for a fun day with your friends or family, this should definitely be on your bucket list. It has a plethora of rides for not only kids but also adults. The high thrill coasters will pump your excitement levels to a point of no return. With more than fifty land and water-based rides, Wonderla really earns its name of a wonderland. You’ll also find yourself amid numerous musical spouts, laser illustrations, reality shows and whatnot.

The wonderla provides a perfect amalgamation of music and rides at its Rain Disco- the platform provides the visitors a chance to dance indoor with sprouts of warm water with vibrant lights all over the place. It delivers you a magical experience. The heated wave pools, on the other end, will allow you to absorb yourself in cosy warm water to take your mind off any worldly hassles. The park also hosts special evenings to make your Christmas utterly Christmassy. Get there as early as you can to make the best of your day.

Be Impressed by the National Gallery of Modern Art

The National Gallery of Modern Art is a treasure trove of contemporary art in an ancient setting. The gallery is spread over a gigantic area of 3.5 acres, this traditional mansion was initially a residence. It was soon transformed into a museum complemented by a new Gallery Block. The block includes a redecorated hall, an orientation library, a cafe, a museum shop as well as a facilitation section. These facilities were developed to ensure that the tourists have an utterly soothing and comfortable experience regardless of whether they are avid readers, painting observers or merely screen lovers.

It delivers a wide array of magnificent works ranging from paintings and sculptures to prints and drawings of the late eighteen century. The works displayed are that of famous Indian artists like Amrita Shergil, Raja Varma and Jamini Roy. however, the international works are also displayed at the gallery. The art exhibitions that the gallery hosts make it one of a kind. If you’re more of an audio fan, the gallery also houses exciting film screening and lectures that are the epitome of excellence.

Watch Dreams Come Alive at Ranga Shankara Theatre

Shankar Nag, an iconic Kannada actor, projected an amenable and reasonably priced spot where theatre entertainers, performers and lovers could come together in their joint pursuit of theatrical arts.

It hosts theatrical performances that will leave you awe-struck. You’ll find yourself amid some of the most innovative and thrilling performances and activities from both Indian and foreign artists. The staff at the Ranga Shankara theatre intends to develop creative theatre forms to entertain the audience that wants to relish this lost art.

If you’re visiting in the month of October, you should definitely keep tap of the annual theatre festival that is conducted only once a year. The festival displays extraordinary plays from all across the country. These plays are in different language and dialects yet the message gets conveyed to each member of the audience without a shred of doubt. The team gives away an award for young theatre worker each year to encourage theatre at its very peak.

The theatre not only offers top-notch theatrical performances but also various food delicacies, areas for kids to play in, and the perfect ambience. It serves as the perfect platform for youngers to try their hands at the theatre.

Take a Bicycle Road Trip to the Famous Sholay Village.

For many Bangalore natives, Ramanagaram is a regular spot to stop on the way to glamorous destinations such as Mysore. Nevertheless, if you only have a day left in Bangalore, Ramanagaram has a lot to offer. The small town claims its fame to the movie Sholay. If you are like millions out there who are a fan of the movie, this place will lighten up your heart. You can sign up for an adventure, peaceful picnic, or explore Gabbar Singh’s former lair! The rocky terrain that surrounds the village attracts tourists from across the country.

For an avid adventurer, this place is the epitome of perfection. Trekkers, hikers and rock climbers especially visit this village to explore the rocky hills that surround it. The terrains vary from very easy to highly tricky; therefore, it is for both amateurs and professionals. The night time hikes are very popular around this region. The Ramadevara Betta is a popular hilltop stop that attracts tourists. However, if you reach the very summit, you’ll find yourself amid a number of temples dedicated to the Holy Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.

Walk into the World of Meditations and Pyramids at Pyramid Valley

How will we describe the pyramid valley? It’s a gigantic pyramid, as huge as a ten-floors building, and as spacious as to accommodate five thousand people at its very centre. It was constructed with the aim to spread cognizance about the science of meditation, vegetarianism and pyramid power. Even those skeptics of these concepts appreciate the solace that the pyramid valley radiates. If you’re still not into mediation, this valley has a lot to offer due to its inspiring sculptures and philanthropic approaches.

The attractive and well-designed architecture of the Buddha Pyramid at Pyramid Valley summonses fanatics of photography who find themselves enchanted by each pyramid. The breathtaking beauty of the valley itself offers an exotic view for all. The cherry on the top in the pyramid valley is that the management serves day and evening meals to its visitors absolutely free of cost.

It is advised to not visit the pyramid valley during the rainy season i.e., from June to September due to the heavy rains. Apart from these months, the valley remains pleasant throughout the year.

Different Types of Wine Bangalore Has to Offer

A few years back home grown wine brands started their businesses in India. They discovered that the area around Bangalore was optimal for vineyards and winemaking. This is just the best news for all the travellers looking forward to spend their splendid weekends in Bangalore. Many of these vineyards also opened their gates for wine tours that offer directed vineyard stopovers, tastings and a glimpse into the entire process. Because Bangalore is popular for its wines, we’d suggest you try these out!

2012 Arros

It has a deep ruby core, including fading rims, as well as hints of sweet.

Attractive aromatic nose with sweetness and traces of toasted oak featuring a blend of American and French oak, red currants, sweet spices, blueberries, ripe plums, as well as soft red cherries, along with a fresh floral fragrance.

Dry, seasoned, and rich taste with sweet red fruits, cherries, plums, and dried red floral, candied oak, as well as toasted vanilla. Controlled fresh oak provides exceptional balance, delicate tannins, and chewiness. The wine renders freshness as well as stability. It offers long and firm aftertaste with a sweet floral taste and that of the raspberries.

2012 Charosa Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Opaque core with striking rims is how we describe the appearance of this one.

Dense aroma besides a spectrum of fragrances is offered by the wine. Fresh tones with amplifying tertiary aromas of mushroom, leather, and cedar wood are felt by the users. Well-selected and oak of good quality, yet it is incapable of concealing the under-ripe blends.

The palate is dry with a smooth and soft feeling that touches the mouth. It inculcates blends of dry bean seeds, baking spices, edamame, dark plums, blueberries, crushed florals, ground pink peppercorns, and concentrated cola. The fresh aftertaste leaves you awestruck.

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