Mumbai Famous Food: 10 Dishes that Define Mumbai's Lip-smacking Food Culture, Plus Best Places to Try Them!

Mumbai Famous Food: 10 Dishes that Define Mumbai's Lip-smacking Food Culture, Plus Best Places to Try Them!

The list of Indian street food dishes you must try in Mumbai is long and varied. The flavours, colours, and textures create dishes that pop in your mouth without burdening your pockets. If you are a foodie, then you are lucky to be in Mumbai because you have a plethora of the best places to eat street food in Mumbai. In this blog, we are going to share with you 10 of the best Mumbai street foods and also where to eat them.

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Best Places to Visit in Mumbai

The capital city of Maharashtra is a paradise made up of hopes, chaos, dreams, traditions, modernity, culture, and glamour. Mumbai has so much to offer, from delicious vada pav to glittery Marine Drive. Let's dig into some must-watch places in Mumbai.

  • Marine Drive, the glittery and glamorous landmark of Mumbai, is a must-visit place. It's 3.6Km long running along the South Mumbai coast, wrapping around the Arabian sea. People love watching the skyline, sound waves, and the glooming arc all along the coast from the ending point of the Marine Drive.
  • How can you forget to visit beautiful Juhu beach? Juhu beach is the most famous and longest beach in Mumbai. The place has a variety of Mumbai street food and sweets and is one of the high-class localities. Spotting a celebrity jogging here is not a rare thing.
  • Well, Mumbai also has a touch of nature, and Elephanta Caves is one of those examples. Elephanta cave is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is an example of natural beauty, rock-art culture, and medieval architecture. The place provides a spectacular view of Mumbai Skyline, soothing your eyes.
  • Gateway of India It is a popular tourist spot in Mumbai. The monument sits in Apollo Bunder and overlooks the beautiful Arabian sea.
  • Covering an area of 250 acres, Film City is a synonym for Bollywood. It got the best studios, world-class facilities, and well-equipped amenities.
  • If you love adventure and water parks, Essel World is a popular paradise. It is the best-themed park with thrilling adventures and swings for all age groups.

7 Mumbai Markets for Wondrous Shopping Experience

Shopping is an essentiality of trips, and what's more fun than shopping in one of the fashion capitals of India? Let’s work up the appetite before we skip to the good part!

  • Zaveri Bazaar All jeweller lovers are welcome in Zaveri Bazar. It's an ideal location for jewelry shopping, filled with historical kinds of stuff and shopaholics.
  • Linking Road Lies in the heart of Bandra, Linking road has got designer boutiques, malls, stores, and also a street vendor selling clothes and accessories. Here you can find anything within the range of Rs. 200 to 2,000.
  • Chor Bazar The thieves' market provides you with a unique shopping experience. Here you will find unique and rare antiques, mobile parts, automobile parts, street food, and old music records.
  • Fashion Street Located in South Mumbai, Fashion street is the ultimate shopping hub with 100 hundred shops of footwear, jewelry, clothes, and everything. You can find Indian and western outfits, and don't forget to try the delicious food stalls.
  • Crawford Market The famous Crawford market is home to spices, fabrics, shoes, and accessories. Everything and everything is a specialty of this market. Toys, party supplies, gifts, perfumes, and cosmetics products are available here.
  • Hindmata Cloth Market The paradise for Indian wear. Hindmata cloth market has elegant sarees, salwar, semi-stitched cloth material, designers' lehengas, and ethnic handloom sarees. Men can also get suits and sherwanis and can bargain without worries.
  • Lokhandwala Market If you want to buy clothes, accessories, household things, electronics, costumes, jewelry, or anything else coming to your mind, visit Lokhandwala Market.

5 Festivals that One Must Attend During Their Trip to Mumbai

There is no doubt that Mumbai festivals are thrilling, enjoyable, and enthusiastic. Let's have a look at some of them.

  • Ganesh Chaturthi It is the main festival of Mumbai, celebrated with joy. It's a one-week-long festival where families bring Lord Ganesha to their home, worship them and seek their blessings. The festival ends with the visarjan (immersing in the sea) of the idols of Lord Ganesha.
  • Krishna Janmashtami The celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna is known as Krishna Janmashtami and holds importance in Mumbai's festival. The ISKON temple gets lit up and gives the festival vibes. Dahi Handi (mimicking the stealing of butter) is a famous event of this festival.
  • Global Citizen festival The famous festival started in 2012, aiming to end global poverty. It's a huge event where many Bollywood and Hollywood artists participate. It is no doubt the best music event in Mumbai.
  • Mumbai International Film Festival The festival is one of the oldest and largest film festivals. It is the festival of non-featuring films like short fiction, documentaries, and an animated movie. It's a one-week festival with prize money for winning the best documentary movie of 1 million.
  • Oktoberfest Mumbai It's a festival of food, music, dance, and liquor. It's an international Mumbai festival running for 16 days and is an exhibition for party animals.

4. 10 Must Try Famous Foods to Enjoy in MumbaI

1. Vada Pav of Ananda Vada Pav Stall in Juhu

What's the point of visiting Mumbai and not trying vada pav? Vada Pav is the most delicious and famous street food in Mumbai. The food portrays the local cuisine and tradition of Mumbai. The famous vada pav at Anand Vada Pav stall is the favourite stall of youngsters. It is opposite Mithibai College, Vile Parle west, and serves as a food spot for all the college students.

The outlet offers the best vada pav and varieties of dosas, Frankies, and sandwiches. Anand vada pav keeps the taste enriched among youth by experimenting with cheese, mayonnaise, and butter. He got the local Mumbai taste on his hand and is one of the most delicious vada pavs in Mumbai. Do try the tasty Vada pav on one and only Anand Vada Pav

2. Bhelpuri at Chowpatty Beach

What is another delicious and flavourful street food after Vada pav? Any guesses? Its Mumbai street style Bhel puri. Bhelpuri is a quick lightweight crunchy, delicious snack loved by people of every age -group. Roaming around Mumbai streets, you can find Bhelpuri on every street corner. One such famous corner for Bhel puri is Chaupati beach.

What can be more delightful than eating young-tickling chaat and enjoying the sea waves and sunset? It's an inimitable pleasure. Mumbai street style Bhelpuri has an unmatched mixture of masalas, crunchy veggies, chutneys, and flavourful garnishes. Many outlets in Chaupati beach serve the most delicious Bhel puri, making you aware of the flavors and taste of local cuisine in Mumbai. It's an all-time thing. People love spending time on the beach and enjoy eating the famous Bhelpuri.

3. Pav Bhaji at Sardar Pav Bhaji

Hearing the word and your temptations for this famous Mumbai street food increases. What's this famous favourite snack? Pav bhaji! Roadside pav bhaji is the most popular thing you will see after Vada pav and Bhelpuri. Everyone gets attracted to its authentic taste. It's a quick meal with bhaji made of vegetables, spices, flavourful garnishes, and toasted pav. From railway stations to offices, you will find this famous street food at every junction.

The authentic taste of hot bhaji with a load of butter, onions, and a slice of lemon is unmatchable.Pav bhaji at Sardar ji is a hub for topnotch pav bhaji .It lies on Tardeo junction and serves one of the best Pav bhajis with tasty buttery bhaji for just Rs 110. You can find varieties of Pav bhajis with incredible taste quenching your cravings and hunger.

4. Bombay Duck Fry at Gomantak Boarding House Restaurant in Dadar

Bombay duck is also known as bombil and is a lizardfish common in Mumbai. It is one of the most classical food items eaten here. Of course, Mumbaikars will love seafood as it's the best hub for all sorts of seafood. Here, the dish got many other names other than Bombay duck fry. The fish is cut into small pieces and deep-fried until it gets crunchy and crispy. The perfect combination of deep-fried crispy fish and spicy curry increases your hunger and cravings.

Gomantak Boarding Restaurant in Dadar is the best place to eat Bombay duck fry. You get the crispy, crunchy and delicious bombil with rice, roti, and durries. The restaurant also serves prawns and pomfret fry. It adds the exact flavour and taste to the dish and offers the best taste.

5. Kebabs at Sarvi Seekh Kababs in Mohammad Ali Road

Mumbai offers varieties of tastes in food, culture, fashion, and traditions. When we talk about food, Mumbai street food has an unmatchable record. The city never sleeps and offers a bigger platform for the best quality Kebabs. Kebabs are quite a famous appetizer among the Mumbaikars. It quenches the thirst for smoked meat in flavoured spices. Your hunt for the best quality Kebabs ends with Kebabs at Sarvi Seekh kababs on Mohammad Ali road. Lying opposite Nagpada police station, the kebab center is famous for its simplicity and beef lover's fantasy.

The crowd-pulling Kebab outlet has brilliant Kebabs, which are smooth and have no added colour, masala giving you only flavorful mushy kebabs. You also have Bombamy caramel custard as the dessert that adds an exotic flavour to the meal.

6. Misal Pav at Aaswad in Dadar

The Mumbai Misal Pav was named "The World's Tastiest Vegetarian Dish" by the Foodie Hub Global Awards, which were hosted in London and praised it for its "beautiful textural hues and contrasts." A local favourite when combined with Pav (bread), Misal, a curry of peas, potatoes, minced onion, tomatoes, and farsan. While there are variants around the state, the recipe from Aaswad restaurant in Mumbai's Dadar earned this award. Aaswad, on the other hand, is the heart of Misal for Mumbaikars.

The restaurant is a part of Mumbai's history; it was founded in 1986 by Bal Thackeray and presently serves 400 dishes of its signature dish for Rs. 48 a plate. Suryakant Sarjoshi, the founder of Aaswad, saw the utilisation of home-grown spices as the key to the company's success.

7. Pani Puri at Elco Pani Puri Centre in Bandra

Crisp, hollow puris (typically prepared with sooji or semolina flour) are stuffed with mashed potatoes; moong sprouts, or even boondi, spices, and flavorful chutneys, which include sour, puckeringly spicy water and a sweet version. The pani puri–also known as gol gappas in the north and puchkas in West Bengal–is a popular street meal in Mumbai, with numerous devotees. The pani puris at the Elco pani puri centre are the most well-known. The pani puri served here is famous all over the world. It is said to have its own distinct flavour.

Elco Panipuri is a casual dining establishment that serves a range of delectable recipes. It is a terrific establishment in Bandra West that is recognized for its elegant presentation and is a good spot to go if you want to satisfy your hunger with tasty, hygienic meals at reasonable costs.

8. Falooda at Badshah in Kalbadevi


Since the early 1900s, the famed Badshah has served its trademark Kulfi Falooda to every table as their grab order! Chocolate Falooda is another one that is a real treat. This place is well known for one drink: Falooda, which is typically created with milk, rose syrup, basil seeds, and topped with dry fruits and ice cream. There are many various flavours to choose from here.

The Falooda here is served for Rs. 200 onwards. A dry kulfi falooda with malai kulfi and sweetened cooked vermicelli and rabadi is also available. No other restaurant can compete with the quality of Badshah's Royal Falooda. Any veg lover who visits Crawford Market in Mumbai must pay a visit to Badshah. Perhaps only a handful of restaurant in Mumbai continues the custom.

9. Kheema Pav at Gulshan-e-Iran, Crawford Market

In comparison to its more dynamic or romantic cousins, particularly Kebabs, Koftas, and Biryanis, Kheema has been largely pushed aside as a staple. Gulshan e Iran is widely known for its exceptionally tasty Mughlai specialties at exorbitantly low costs. The greatest culinary items to try at Gulshan e Iran include their Kheema pav, chicken tikka masala, Garlic Naan, Rabdi Kulfi, and Firni for dessert. Even on an off day during the week, getting a seat here is challenging. The kheema is delicious with either pau or tandoori roti.

While here you can also try the other delights. Gulshan -E -Iran is exceptional with its chicken items. The average price is Rs 450 for two people. For two persons, the average cost is Rs 450. Chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, Firni, and Rabdi Kulfi are just a few of the amazing street food options.

10. Bun Maska and Mava Samosa of Mervan’s, Grant Road

Mumbai has been a melting pot of diverse civilizations from time immemorial. The city would be incomplete without its Irani cafes. These cafés are a significant cultural feature of Mumbai, with a history dating back more than a century. Since 1914, the cakes, buns, and biscuits at B.Merwan and Co., an old-school Parsi café have been enticing city residents.

Their freshly baked Mawa Cakes are undeniably excellent, but they rarely stay past lunchtime. This Irani café is a must-visit for anyone looking for a sense of ancient Bombay combined with great cuisine. Their chai goes well with their baked goods and is worth a try if you're searching for a caffeine fix. Everyone must dish include Mawa Cake, Mawa Samosa, and Bun Maska. The cost for two is Rs.200.

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Mumbai is a city that loves to eat and this list is proof. Take a walk through Mumbai and you’re bound to discover a near limitless amount of options when it comes to delicious foods to try. There are dozens of Mumbai street foods you could try, but this list of 10 is just a beginning, a start to the amazing street food possibilities that you’ll enjoy in Mumbai! Have we missed out on any of your favourite street food joints? Let us know in the comments below!