The Right Hairstyle Can Shave Years off Your Age! 10 Impressive Hairstyles for India Men That Stood the Test of Time.

The Right Hairstyle Can Shave Years off Your Age! 10 Impressive Hairstyles for India Men That Stood the Test of Time.

Hairstyles make a man! Choosing an appropriate hairstyle that suits you is half the journey. From the buzz cut to the ever famous quiff to the quirky man bun and fashionable spikes, we have curated a list of hairstyles that suit Indian men to perfection. We also added a section on facial shapes and structures to help you choose the right one.

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Importance of Sporting a Good Hairstyle

No other Shakespearean quote rings truer than the dialogue of his famous character Polonius, “Apparel oft proclaims a man.” Indeed, appearance plays a major role in our lives nowadays. Since our face is the most important aspect of our appearance, hairstyle inadvertently becomes the most critical element of our complete look. Be it on a professional front, during client meetings or for a job interview, both offline and online, our hairstyle plays a major role in ascertaining our success rate. The impact of a good hairstyle on our personal lives cannot be emphasized enough. A USA based menswear company conducted a survey in 2016, and it was found that the first thing women noticed in a man is his hairstyle above everything else.

Benefits of a Good Hairstyle

A hairstyle has the power to enhance a man’s personality and helps you create a great first impression. It can help you add a touch of sophistication and finesse, that your boss or date will appreciate. A good hairstyle dramatically improves your looks, increasing your confidence and the way you carry yourself. It makes getting ready efficient. Even a basic white T paired with black pants begins looking fabulous with a good hairstyle. A perfect hairstyle helps you bring out the real ‘You’ by emphasizing the natural beauty of your face.

Typical Indian Male Face Structure

The right hairstyle for your face structure not only enhances your best features but also minimizes the less attractive aspects. For example, while a fuller hairstyle can take attention away from a huge nose, a slimmer one can bring out your jawline.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Standing in front of a mirror, pull your hair back and study the outline of your face. Look for unique features like a pointed chin, a prominent jawline. Above all else, measure the following areas of your face to determine your face shape more accurately:

  • Forehead: Measure from the hairline till the line of your eyebrows.
  • Cheekbones: Measure from the highest point of your cheekbone, right below your eye, to the highest point on the opposite one.
  • Jawline: Measure from the tip of your chin right till the end of the jawline, right under your ear and multiply that number by two.
  • Face Length: Measure from the tip of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Common Face Structures

Owing to the unique geographical conditions, Indian men have been commonly known to have one of the following 5 different face structures.

  • Oblong: Your face length is the longest, and all the rest are equal.
  • Square: Your jawline is very sharp and not curved, while the rest of the measurements are almost equal
  • Oval: Your face is longer than it is wider. The face length is more than the cheekbones measurement. Your forehead is also longer than your jawline.
  • Round: To have a round face, the width of your face (cheekbones) and the length of your face (face length) will be similar. Also, your forehead and jawline will be almost equal.
  • Diamond: Your measurements begin ascending from forehead till cheekbone and then descend till the chin, ending in a very pointed chin.
  • Triangular: Your measurements in ascending order are forehead, cheekbones, jawline
  • Heart: Your forehead is your widest measurement and you have a pointed chin.

Other Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Hairstyle

This section will talk about which others factors should be considered when deciding on a particular hairstyle for Indian men.


Some hairstyle effects like bangs, layers can make you look younger, while short hairstyles can make you look more serious and older. Hence, your requirement for a hairstyle should be decided by your age and how you wish to portray it.

Hair Type

Hair type includes the properties of your hair like texture (fine, medium, coarse), density (thin, medium, thick) and elasticity (straight, wavy, curly). If the density of your hair is high and it has a thin texture, a long hairstyle will make it look flat and drab. Wavy hair adds a bouncy appeal to the hairstyle you opt for. Another less known attribute is porosity – the ability of your hair to absorb moisture and this impacts the way your hair reacts to colour, hair care products and styling agents.


Selecting an aspect of your look is all about communicating who you are, and your individualistic attributes. Several studies and surveys conducted in the past have revealed how short hairstyles like the fringe, pompadour, etc. are viewed as confident and smart, while long hairstyles have been viewed as amiable and intelligent. While deciding on the same, ask yourself questions like what do you want your personal style to say about you? Are you disciplinary? Are you experimental and open to challenges? What kind of a persona do you have? Are you the centre of attention and being regularly scrutinized? Do you want to come across as charismatic and amiable? Or are you the silent brains behind the success of a party?

Also, study your overall appearance. Do you wear glasses, or have a receding hairline?


Your lifestyle consists of how you spend your week in general and includes factors like workplace, routine, frequency of attending both formal and casual events and how you prefer to spend your free time.

Is your workplace traditional or conservative? If yes, choose a versatile enough hairstyle that blends in with your professional as well as personal interests. What are your clients like? In the era of open workspaces, despite fades and undercuts being common, you may not want to discourage a client with an edgy mohawk. In such a case, opt for a hairstyle that can be styled as clean and structured for work and pumped up for the offline hours.

How active are you, and how much time do you spend on your looks? Are you willing to spend time and effort on styling and maintaining the hairstyle, for a longer time than usual? Or would you rather prefer low maintenance and versatility? Do you actively participate in sports or are a member of the literary community? Your hairstyle has the power to both projects and downplays these traits.

Facial Hair

Facial hair can alter the way your face shape appears to be. A moustache can make your face look more triangular than it actually is and a beard can make a square face look rounder. Blending the hairstyle with your facial hair is a must to achieve that perfect look.

Top-10 Hairstyles for Indian Men

Basic Undercut

Undercut is considered one of the most professional hairstyles till date. The short hairstyle is characterised by short hair on the sides gradually growing higher in volume at the top. Versatility is one of the biggest attributes of this hairstyle as it gives you the flexibility to style it in numerous ways like slicked back, raised, combed back, etc. Be ready to sizzle the world with an undercut hairstyle. If you seek to adopt a subdued elegant look that balances well with the professional reserve of your tailoring, then this is the hairstyle for you.

The hairstyle is especially meant for men with thick textured hair. You can opt for an undercut with the hair on top, streaked with bronze or blood red streaks and highlights. Another way to carry this hairstyle would be to opt for the longer version of the same, in which the cutting technique would entail the longer hair to be parted to one side to give a dashing finish.

Buzz Cut

The safest yet one of the sharpest looks till date is the buzz cut. A traditional buzz cut is identifiable by very closely clipped hair with a razor. Since the hairstyle can be easily achieved by just running a set of clippers through your hair till the desired length is achieved, it is the easiest to maintain. With Ranveer Singh flaunting the basic buzz cut in Bajirao Mastani, the hairstyle has grown in popularity like no other. For the modern professional man, this hairstyle offers a solution to styling the otherwise difficult thick hair. It also fairs very well on an evenly shaped head.

The versatility of this hairstyle lies in the fact that it blends in with most professional and academic setups and can be paired up with all sorts of beards. Though the hairstyle is more suited for sharp jawlines and naturally sharp facial cuts, it does wonders equally for other face types too. Since the hairstyle is almost synonymous with a simplistic, dapper look, several Indian celebrities have been sporting the short haircut with slight variations like MS Dhoni after he won the world cup in 2011 and Shahid Kapoor in Haider.


This hairstyle is the answer to achieving the modern classic look with a personality-driven touch. Are you someone who prefers elegance with a hint of trend? Then this hairstyle can be your staple look. You can try a fade on the sides and back for a sharper look, while a less pronounced fade will give more of a relaxed vibe.

The quiff hairstyle can be fashioned in multiple ways and gives excellent results in both short and long hair. While the short quiff is well known for the typical business attire, combing over the top can make all the difference between business and casual.

Due to its low maintenance and massive impact on almost all facial structures, many celebrities like Ajay Devgan, Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan have been seen sporting variations of the quiff in publicity events.

To add a tinge of glamour to your quiff, you may consider getting a sun-kissed effect, by getting some of the strands on the top highlighted bronze. Another quiff style includes the messy quiff, which is all about short and choppy hair, held in place by gels and waxes. This style can make you look younger and teenage-naughty.


Ideal for men who have a penchant for long hair, it can be formed by just brushing your hair back and tying them into a small low ponytail. Sported by Bollywood’s Don Shahrukh Khan since 2016, it's the easiest way to highlight your badass side. The hairstyle is not just very manageable, but it also helps you flaunt that irresistible appeal of your personality and makes it almost impossible for your significant other to not notice you.

Man Bun

The man bun has proved to be one of the most suited hairstyles for Indian men, due to the way it complements their warm skin tone and dark hair. Though its overall wild and sexy nature may not be for everyone, if you know how to style it specific to your facial hair and physique, it's worth it. Depending on the occasion, the man bun can be styled to look silky clean or rough and messy. The advantage of a man bun is that it can make you look effortlessly trendy.

Slick Back

Perfect for a matured look, this style is masculine, formal, classics redefined. The slick back works well for medium-textured hair and broad foreheads. The length of your hair will remain somewhat even throughout. Though the style is a little on the higher maintenance side, the efforts to achieve the perfect brushed back look are worth it. Make sure to comb your hair back with a fine comb to get the intricate parallel line effect. It suits the oblong head shape most beautifully while helping you highlight that sharp jawline if you are a square.

Though best fitted for the corporate formals, it can be carried equally well with tuxedos and in weddings. Don this look, paired with a light beard, to become the centre of attention at any gathering. The exceptional sharp appeal of the look is why it is the most opted for during corporate meetings and engagement ceremonies. In India, it is the style most celebrities opt for, for a sleek and handsome finish to their look.


Spikes is best suited for people with thick to medium textured hair and is known for its low maintenance property. You can opt for a spike style with a slight fade on the sides, with the average spikes being of less than an inch in height for a crisper and more formal look. The strength of the look lies in how the spikes have been made to look as random as possible, the subtler type of this style adding an almost serious and mature touch to your overall look.

If paired with a clean-shaven face, the look almost gives you a naughtier edge, a playboy with a good boy image. Organised spikes will give you a somewhat textured look. This hairstyle too is versatile and goes as well with casuals like a simple T and jogger pants, as it would go with a semi-formal ensemble. For Indian men, its compatibility with sherwanis and Indo-western clothing is an added bonus.


The most popular and stylish of all hairstyles, this style does wonders for an oval-shaped face. Currently observed in trend amongst young celebrities, the hair length is shorter beside the ears and longer in the front. Great for all sorts of occasions and professional events, it can vary depending upon your hair type and length. Do you prefer an uber-cool and lively look? Then, this is the one for you. While styling with longer hair, make sure to keep the sides tapered, with the top hair combed back. The goal in this hairstyle is to achieve a more voluminous look at the top and make the face look slightly longer.

Pompadour can be styled in different ways and in different sizes. For an everyday, low maintenance look, go for short-haired pompadours. For the casual, boyish manly, sexy look, experiment with the faded finish at the edges. Coupled with a light moustache, it will be just right.

Crew Cut

Crew cut is one of those timeless hairstyles that have been quite an in factor in Bollywood since 2002, and refuses to fade, nevertheless. In this style, the front part is the longest while the shortest is at the crown. Closely overlapping with its lookalike, the military cut, it has been inadvertently known to represent discipline. Suitable for all ages and all face shapes, it will help you construct a clean, clear and fresh vibe. Along with being low maintenance, this hairstyle has the versatility that few other hairstyles can match. It blends in as well with office attire as well as casual and traditional wear. Since it also makes you look younger, this hairstyle has been quite in trend amongst Indian teens. Bollywood celebrities, like the hunky John Abraham have even adopted this as their staple look.

Taper Cut

A taper hairstyle is what looking sleek and immaculately groomed is all about. Suitable for all ages and face structures, it has a lot to offer in the name of variations based on hair type. Even the level to which you want the taper to be extended can be adjusted and decided by you.

Though the typical taper look consists of long hair in the centre and shorter, almost cropped hair on the sides, a short taper will have the sides balancing the marginally long hair in the centre, which proves to be ideal for the square face. The idea is to achieve a full volume with minimal hair length, due to which it is also easy to maintain.

Fresh yet serious, this unique hairstyle allows you to style it in innumerable ways. With a little gel, this taper can be modified to a mohawk-like finish for parties, while it can be brushed back for a more formal look for corporate meetings.

Bonus Feature: Hair Care and Styling Tips for Indian Men

With a few tips and tricks, you can maintain a healthy head of hair even past your middle ages.

  • Always select your hair care products based on your hair type and hair texture. Usually, avoid heavy chemicals.
  • Try to avoid hair sprays. Instead, opt for natural serums and gels.
  • Maintain personal hygiene and protect your hair from excessive sunlight and exposure to pollution.
  • In order to further nourish your hair, massage them with coconut or almond oil at least once a fortnight.
  • You can also consider visiting a spa once a month to boost hair growth.
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Choose the Hairstyle Depending on Your Hair Texture!

As much as face shape and structure plays a part in your hairstyle, the hair texture matters too. While you can use heat styling to achieve your hairstyle it doesn't work all the time. For example, slick backs do not work on wavy and curly hair but go well with straight hair. Meanwhile, curly hair looks the best in undercut style with trendy fades. Straight hair is in a category altogether. It works with any hairstyle you choose. Also, keep in mind your profession when you choose a hairstyle. Not all professions look favourably on trendy hairstyles. Men in high positions should go for classic styles.