10 Trendiest Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair: Make the Best of Your Gorgeous Mane (2020)

10 Trendiest Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair: Make the Best of Your Gorgeous Mane (2020)

Gentlemen, it’s time to embrace your thick hair. Of course, every single morning it makes an unexpected hairstyle, however, Guys with thick hair are always struggling for miracle remedies, as you’re already golden. In comparison with thick hair, your styling choices are practically infinite. If you’re thinking about changing your hairstyle look and need some ideas on the trendiest men’s thick hairstyles! Read on to find the best for yourself.

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Thick Hair Bring Many Hairstyle Choices but Need Proper Care

In terms of hairstyles, men with thick hair have lots of options. And, almost everyone is looking for the one adds fashion and style statements to outer appearance. Choosing the one that matches the lifestyle is deemed to be perfect. Though there’s a lot to consider for this such as whether you want to have long, medium, or short hair, how much time you have to style them daily.

The best haircut and hairstyle for men with thick hair include messy on the top and sides as well as textured style with a short cut like undercut or fade. The blessing of varied choices comes with a curse as well as it might not be as easy as said to maintain them. Looking for the best hairstyle options for your thick strands? You will get all information here.

How to Manage Thick Hair?


Use a natural ingredient shampoo comprising of amino acids, Vitamin E, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. Those gently clean your scalp as well as the hair. However, you should strictly avoid shampoos made with chemical ingredients. The former ones also include nourishing components that promote the thickness and strength of your hair.


Mere shampooing isn’t the key to making your hair look good. You must add up a natural conditioner for nourishment of the scalp. This makes your hair stronger while moisturizing them with shine. Most men use hair conditioner almost 3 times in a week but it depends on your hair condition and type.

Dry Carefully

Do you to rub your hair with a towel after a wash? Do you know that’s the most common mistake men do? Hair is more prone to damage when wet. They get caught in towel fibres, get stretched out, and hence, damaged. Dry your hair carefully with gentle patting using a towel rather than harsh rubbing.

Pick The Right Hairstyling Tools

You have to choose the right hair styling tools, especially for the thicker ones. This also helps protect your hair from damage. For instance, if you are using a product such as a pomade or wax, styling with a wide-tooth comb or fingers avoids damage. Avoid blow-drying as heat can reduce the strength of thick hair. And, ensure that your hair gets dry under normal air whenever possible.


Every hairstyle is made different in one way or the other. Similarly, not all of them suit perfectly to a man’s personality. Thus, it is essential to choose the hairstyle for men's thick hair that suits your face. Start with considering your face shape and finding the one that adds charm to your appearance. Have a look at the top 10 styles for thick strands to get the perfect feature-enhancing look.

10 Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

Here's a list of the top 10 hairstyles for men with thick or coarse hair as per the desired hair length and other factors. Go through the list to choose the best one for you.

Comb Over Fade

The comb over fade is a classic and timeless hairstyle for men and looks stylish on every guy with coarse hair. One of the best things about this haircut is that you can create it by yourself. Though you can create variations by changing the way you cut the hair and process the style. This style has gained more hype in terms of being stylish in recent years. The back and sides are cut into a long fade with a medium length on the left and swath on the top. Using hair products, you can get a textured style by pulling it from one side using fingers. Otherwise, you can also comb it for that extra polished finish.

If visiting a barber, do ask him to leave a minimum of 2 or 3 inches in length. With this, you will get short pompadour, spiky hair, or quiff. Further, add wax or pomade for the final touch to your comb over fade style. In case of undercut or long bald fade hair, use a comb to brush the strands to 1 side.

Faux Hawk Fade

The Faux Hawk fade aka the fohawk is quite similar to the Mohawk but is less extreme. People with coarse hair have the benefit of being able to style it with a huge height and this hairstyle contrasts full hair on short and topsides. However, the edgy cut hairstyle does not have shaved sides. Most of the men get this haircut done from the middle of the head, long hair down and tapered sides. The hairstyle is considered an ideal choice for men looking forward to medium or short length haircuts for thick hair. Also, it makes you look sexy and interesting. You can ask your hairstylist to leave some inches of length on the top while fading the head sides.

To create the style at home, spread a powerful holding pomade all over and push your hair on the top from a side towards the middle. Built a pointed centre having more volume as compared to the rest.


Source outsons.com

This one’s the most stylish haircut for a guy with thick hair. The cut gives you small hair on the sides and back with longer hair on the head top. And, this variation of texture looks great. On the head top, keeping a minimum of three inches of hair gives you sufficient strands to style an airy quiff. A plus point of this style is that you don’t have to spend long hours to get that perfect look.

The quiff haircut gives you a messy and textured look alongside a relaxed appearance that has low maintenance. For DIY, blow-dry the hair after using some products to get a classy style. You can also use matte products or pomades for textured and shiny look respectively. The quiff volume is very flattering and quite simple to style.

Slicked Back

The slicked back haircut gives you a classic look and works for all hair types and face shapes. Its best version is the slicked back undercut. And, with many variations available, you can get the best of style and looks even if you have curly or thick wavy hair. Also, this hairstyle easily fits all cut types including low, high, skin tapered cut, and undercut. You can direct your hairstylist to cut hair on the sides as per your preference while leaving a desired length on the top. Though, for this style, you need to use a strong pomade and then comb your hair towards the back. Add a matte wax to get a modern look or pomade for adding texture to the style. Besides, some guys also lightly brush their hair towards the back, allowing some height as well as volume.

Looking for a trick to add more unique flavour to this classic style? Sweep the hair from the front to the back and a little towards the side.

Side-Swept Fringe

Another style that is considered perfect for both casual, as well as formal looks, is the side-swept fringe. It is best for all types of hair and works well especially with thick hair. This style has been in trend for some decades now.

Besides, covering one side of the face with this style is completely and you can whisk your fringe into a cool style of a comb-over. Generally, in the short sides, keeping your hair flank a little bit longer makes you look like someone from the 2000s era. You can also undercut your hair for the edgy approach of the 80s. However, adding some pomade or wax to your comb further adds glossiness and texture to the appearance without making your hair look like an oily slick.

Angled Fringe

Another one of the popular hairstyles for men with thick hair is an angled fringe. This style covers almost half of the forehead and is generally shorter on the sides. The stylish and choppy haircut perfectly adds more texture and life to your hair. It is best suited for men with a sharp jawline. No matter what the hair length or texture is, getting this hairstyle is never going to be a problem. Some key features of this style include the famous textured crop with a fade and angled bangs alongside hair dropping down towards the back. Being a fresh entry on the list of hairstyles for men, the angled fringe offers a seamless hair arc.

Long Curly Top and Short Sides

If you want a hairstyle that works well with naturally wavy or curly hair for men, choose this style. A major characteristic of this style is the volume haircut at the top of the head. And, the top side is styled with long curls but short sides. Moreover, you can get numerous variations of this style for long hair.

Need to add some texture? Use a light clay or wax while styling and the natural long hair flow adds a worthy add-on to your appearance. It is always recommended to choose natural hair care products as they help increase the natural volume. And, don’t forget to ask your barber for a trim to the hair tips to avoid the problem of split ends.

Structural Thick Hair

The structured haircut is also quite popular among men with thick hair. To maintain the fade, you need to trim it frequently. And, with this structured style, you keep both the sides longer making the hair lie flat around your ears. Enhance the structure by cutting the top of the head a bit longer than the hair on the sides without going too tight around your head. You can blow dry this style with ease. All you need to do is run your fingers through the strands and when dried, use wax or pomade.

Classic Modern Buzz And Fade

The perfect haircut for thick hair, Classic modern fade and buzz give you shorter hair than many others out there. Besides, this one’s also an easy and simple way out for those having thick hair. The hairstyle is characterized with a buzz at the top and a well-marked hairline with the strands of short length. Do make sure that the edges are excellently razored with the beard while doing it yourself at home or getting a haircut from a hairstylist. Though simple to style, the haircut needs consistent maintenance to maintain an attractive appearance.

Wavy Fringe With Short Sides

Last, but not the least, on the list of best hairstyles suited to men with thick hair is the Wavy Fringe. To allow for the waving effect, the hair strands are left longer than normal on both sides. And, the plus point of this style is that you don’t need to try for that extra texture at it adds a range of texture automatically. Length on the front makes it a texture-heavy style and that also makes the hair shinier. However, you should be wary of one thing that the edge of the hairline, as well as that of the style, don’t look too unruly.

For this style, you need low or high grades on the backside. On the top, blend your hair keeping them lengthier at the front side and shorter to the crown. Start applying some amount of curl to get extra mousse. This follows slightly scrunching of the hair using fingers, which makes the strands go dry and make up relaxed waves. After drying the hair, you can use some type of hair wax or any other product to make the fringes style in one place.

Bonus Tip

A Healthy Diet Helps Ensure Better Hair Health

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Originating from fishes and various parts of plants like seeds and nuts, Omega-3 fatty acids are the best nutrients for the hair. In addition to the strands, they also add strength to nails and skin. If you have thick hair, consuming these fatty acids will make them shinier with less breakage, and stronger follicles of hair.

  • B Vitamins: Vitamin B6, B12, and Biotin are all important for maintaining healthy locks. Almonds, meat, whole grains, seafood, leafy greens, and fish are some strong sources of these vitamins. While these are essential foods that support the health of the hair, lacking these vitamins in your diet is a common reason for hair loss problems. For the healthy and strong hair, you can also add a biotin shake to your regular diet.
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Look for a Picture and Give it to Your Stylist!

Men’s hair keeps getting more creative and adventurous. Many men with thick hair sometimes see it as a curse, when in reality it’s a blessing. You have possibly learned that thick hair offers a varied range of styling choices, it just takes a knowledgeable to create batter haircut for thick hair. Look for a photograph of a hairstyle you like in a man's magazine and give it to your hairstylist and switch your thick hair to the trendiest look. We hope this article helped you to cut a fashionable hairstyle for your thick hair. Happy Hair Cutting!