Before the Summer Season Starts, Check Out These Amazing Mini Hair Straighteners to Carry in Your Bag for Those Much Needed Hair Touch Ups!

Before the Summer Season Starts, Check Out These Amazing Mini Hair Straighteners to Carry in Your Bag for Those Much Needed Hair Touch Ups!

We all hate it when we have taken hours to achieve that impeccable look and then the minute we step out the summer heat turns our head into a humid mess of tangles locks! No need to worry. We have the perfect tool to give you that much-needed hair touches up right before you turn up for your meeting, or to give your bangs a perfect look.

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Must-Have Hairstyling Tools

A weekly blowout is something everyone loves. Unfortunately, it is just not possible. But with the right kind of tools, you can achieve the same results at home. From sleek, straight hair to beachy waves, pin curls and even voluminous curls, there’s a styling device for your every hair styling need. The choice of device depends on your hair texture and the look you are aiming for. With these in hand, you can seriously elevate your hairdo.

Below are some of the tools needed to achieve that shiny hair that looks straight out of a magazine. Most importantly, learn to work with these. Without proper instructions, you can even easily fry your hair. Do have a proper hair care routine complete with shampoo, conditioner, serum, heat protectant and hair spray every time you use heat on your hair.


If there’s just one piece of equipment you want to buy, go for the blow dryer. It saves you time by drying your hair faster and leaving it frizz-free, leaving you time for hitting that snooze button one more time. It is also the right tool for you if you need something long-lasting, lightweight with faster drying time. You don't want to feel as if you have finished a workout with your dryer. Depending on your need, choose between ceramic, tourmaline or titanium hairdryer. The same goes for the different attachments like the concentrator, diffusor, the pick, and the styler.

Hair Straightener or Flat Iron

If sleek hair is your dream then next in your arsenal should be the flat iron. Once you are done drying with the hairdryer, run your hair through with a flat iron to smooth out the frizz. This extra touch to that blow-dried hair gives you a shiny, smooth and elegant look. A good flat iron can give you an entirely new look. Be it wavy, curly, kinky hair, or coarse hair, a flat iron is just the thing you need to make them straight. Just as in the case of blow dryers, your flat iron can be ceramic, tourmaline or titanium. While most flat irons work on dry hair, there are wet to dry hair straighteners too, in case you want to save up on time.

Curling Iron

Sleek and straight hair just might not be your thing on an everyday basis. You might want to invest in a good curling iron for a change in hairstyle or to give your hair a voluminous look. The look you are going for depends on the barrel size of the curling iron. Barrels are available between 2”, 1 ½”, 1” and ¾”. Choose your barrels depending on how curly (beachy or tousled or corkscrew curls) you want your hair to be. Again your curling iron can be ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. In addition to that, you also have gold plated barrels for an evenly distributed heat.

Waving Iron

If a natural wavy look is your idea of perfect hair, stop struggling with your curling iron and get a waver iron. This is perfect for the modern generation who hate sleek hair and curly hair even more. Added to that, wavy hair takes years off your age. Few minutes with your waver iron and you are all set for the day. Your waver iron should be handy, not larger than the size of your palm. You want an enjoyable time styling your hair, not a struggle. Just like with the curling iron, choose between barrels 2”, 1 ½”, 1” and ¾”. Each has a unique wave pattern.

Round Brush

Paired with a blowdryer, the round brush delivers beautiful blowouts at home. The size of the brush and the bristles play an important part in creating those perfect waves. Always go for a combination of nylon and boar bristles for an even distribution of heat. Never ever, even in cases of emergency go for metal bristles. They hold on to the heat and increase damage. For a short head of hair go for a small barrel while a medium barrel gives a fullness at the base. A large barrel creates waves or even straight locks.

Paddle Brush

The paddle brush is another must-have in your arsenal. Be it a quick comb-over or a detangling, paddle brush works its magic well. You can also use it for volume when wrapping the hair before a blowout. Paddle brush has a cushioned base with nylon bristles. The wide surface of the brush is perfect for holding tension when using a hairdryer. Perfect for naturally straight hair or straight hairstyles, it helps to massage the scalp and smoothen your hair. But if you have naturally curly hair, don't reach out for a paddle brush.

10 Mini Hair Straighteners That Do the Trick


Imagine your sleek hair turn frizzy at the slightest appearance of humidity or sweat! You can not do much about it unless you want to load it with chemicals and such. But you can carry a mini straightener. Perfect for those touch-ups while travelling, the mini flat irons are a godsend. Here are the best mini hair straighteners that contain all the features of a flat iron but are small enough to fit in your handbag.

Wonder World ® 2-in-1 Mini Hair Style

Why go for a hair straightener when you have a 2-in-1 product complete with a curling iron too? With a 360° swivel cord, this mini flat iron comes with ceramic plates measuring 30 x 60 mm, which allows for even heat distribution. The attached curling iron has a ceramic barrel measuring 2 cm.

The ceramic technology also helps retain the natural moisture of the hair. The plates take up to 30 sec to reach the ideal temperature. Priced at Rs. 799, the Wonder World 2-in-1 Mini Hair Styler comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. It is available to buy at Flipkart.

Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener


A compact straightener for all your styling needs, the Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener from Nykaa is a perfect choice. Featuring ceramic plates measuring 22 x 86 mm, the mini hair straightener has a heat-up time of 30 seconds. The ceramic plates make for a uniform and precise hair styling. The 1.7m long 360° swivel cord eliminates tangling and makes for easy use. With a 2-year manufacturer warranty, the straightener is perfect for quick on-the-go hair straightening. Available in an interesting range of colours on Nykaa it is priced at Rs. 549.

Gorgio Professional Hair Straightener Brush Hb6000 With Ceramic Coating

What if straightening your hair is as simple as brushing your hair? The Giorgio Professional Hair Straightener Brush comes with tourmaline-infused ceramic coated bristles that make for consistent heating. This allows for 5x more convenience and a faster straightening time at about 4 minutes.

The hi-tech LED display has custom temperature setting capabilities within a range of 170°C to 450℃. It also saves your optimal settings for future use. The tourmaline-infused head imparts a silky-smooth shine so that you can even skip your serum. Take care that you use the product only on dry hair. Purchase your Gorgio Professional Hair Straightener from Purplle for Rs. 909.

Conair CS80 MiniPro Ceramic Straightener 0.5 Inch

From the brand known for its outstanding hairstyling products, we have the Conair CS80 MiniPro Ceramic Straightener. With ½ inch wide ceramic coated plates measuring 1.8 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches, the straightener is compact and perfect for your travels. The ceramic coated plates deliver a high 356℃ heat uniformly throughout the plates without any hotspots. The mini pro flat iron delivers results similar to a salon ironing session. The ½ inch plates help to get close to the roots for an instant lift. It comes with dual voltage which is perfect for international travel. However, it is advised to use step down voltage transformers. Purchase the Conair CS80 MiniPro Ceramic Straightener from Ubuy for Rs. 1519.

MHU Travel Size Mini Hair Straightener

The MHU Travel Size Mini Hair Straightener is quite a compact mini flat iron designed to fit in even your smallest of all handbags. Measuring at just 15 cm, the travel iron has tourmaline ceramic plates which account for fast heating up to 356℃. The plates allow for frizz-free smooth hair. Equipped with a PTC heater, the mini hair straightener doesn't allow for temperature change. It is lightweight with a non-slip grip, designed for professional comfort. Priced at $15.99 or Rs. 1210, the mini flat iron is available to buy from Amazon. It comes with a standard US plug with a 1.8m cord. Take care to use a step-down transformer when using the product.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

BaByliss, a trusted brand in professional hair styling tools, has come up with their next-generation travel size flat iron, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron. Costing Rs. 4,917, it features a titanium plate that delivers a fast yet uniform heat throughout. The negative ions produced by the plates give a smooth and shiny hair free of frizz. With a total length of just 6” and plate width is at .5”, the flat iron is small enough to fit your purse. It has a maximum temperature of about 440℉ which cannot be changed. It also has a built-in dual voltage converter, perfect for international travel. The nano titanium straightener is available to buy at iBhejo.

Singer Style HS03 Plastic Cordless and Rechargeable Hair Straightener with Digital Temperature Display


Singer Style, a rather new entry in the market has a rather dazzling cordless and rechargeable hair straightener straight off the bat. The mini hair straightener is equipped with ceramic plates with a locking feature. The product is cordless with about 30 minutes of use after 5 hours of charging. Also available is a digital temperature display with 3 different temperature settings. Priced at Rs. 1099, the hair straightener comes with a 2-year warranty. It is available to buy from Amazon India.

Ikonic Mini Pro Iron Hair Straightener

An icon among mini hair straighteners is the Ikonic Mini Pro Iron Hair Straightener. Featuring ceramic plates, the hair straightener prevents your hair from breakage while also imparting shine. The ceramic plate emits fast infrared heat that gently straightens the hair and helps to seal the hair cuticles. It has a quick 60-sec heat up time with a temperature range of 110 - 180℃. The ¾ slim plates make it perfect to straighten bangs and short hair. Fitted with a 360° swivel cord measuring 3.6 m, the product also allows for 3 different temperature settings. Purchase the Ikonic Mini Hair Straightener from Flipkart for Rs. 1,799.

Corioliss Travel Hot Brush - Coral

Looking for a simple and easy to use hair straightener that is gentle on your hair? Then the Corioliss Travel Hot Brush is your perfect partner. The compact product features heat-protective bristles that effortlessly glide through your hair. The anti-static construction makes your hair frizz-free, leaving it smooth and silkier than ever before. Priced at Rs. 1,399, the hot brush has a fast heat-up time reaching the temperature of 180℃ in no time. It is available to buy at Nykaa. The dual circuitry and ergonomic design make it a perfect vacation companion.

HSI Professional Glider Mini 0.5" Flat Iron

HSI, the leader among all hair straighteners, has the holy grail with the HSI Professional Glider Mini 0.5" Flat Iron. It features high-quality ceramic tourmaline-infused plates equipped with eight heat balance micro-sensors that help retain heat better. This protects the hair from prolonged heat exposure by straightening the hair in a couple of passes. Designed with dual circuitry, you can use it anywhere in the world. Purchase the HSI Mini Flat Iron from Ubuy for Rs. 1,485.

Choose the Best Flat Iron for Your Hair

A flat iron is not just a tool for achieving straight hair, but also curly and wavy hair depending on how you use it. The right flat iron delivers the right amount of heat without damaging the hair. With the dearth of hair straighteners available in the market, which one should you go for? We have put together a few tips that would help you choose one that suits your hair texture and your needs the most.

What’s Best? Ceramic or Titanium or Tourmaline


Consider going for ceramic hair straightener if you have fine or thin hair. Ceramic holds the heat well allowing the flat iron to hold the temperature with even distribution throughout the plates. Tourmaline plated hair straighteners act the same way as the ceramic ones. Curly and frizzy hair benefits from tourmaline plates more, as they are effective even at lower temperatures. Titanium plated irons are perfect for thick coarse and damaged hair as they heat up much faster and retain the heat much as well. This allows for easy straightening along with minimal heat damage.

Keep an Eye on Temperature Setting

A straightener that maintains high heat is effective but not all hair types require the same heat setting. Thick, coarse hair requires high temperatures while the same would damage fine hair. Fine and damaged hair requires lower heat at around 180℃ while thick hair could do with 190℃ and above. Therefore, it is best that you go for straighteners that have different temperature adjustment settings.

Choose Your Plates Wisely

As a rule, wider plates allow for a faster ironing process but they can also damage your hair. So, your plate width also plays a part when it comes to choosing a flat iron. For curly, unruly hair you need wider plates of 2” width to tame them. The same goes for long, thick and coarse hair. But for wavy hair, 1” plates are enough. However, if you travel more then go for mini or cordless straighteners purely for convenience.

Don't Forget Your Heat Protectant

Heat always wreaks havoc on the hair. And this is where heat protectants come for your help. They reduce the damage to your hair when used before applying heat. They create a moisture screen for your hair and prevent frizz. Section your hair little at a time, apply a heat protectant, comb it through and then use any styling tool. Heat protectants usually contain humectants, silicones and water-based polymers that strengthen the hair and leave a protective film on them which then acts as a screen between the heat and your hair.

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Carrying Mini Straighteners On A Plane!

You should check with your airlines about their rules for carrying a straightener with you on a flight. Most airlines do not allow such heating tools inside your checked luggage to be placed in their cargo. You will be expected to carry them in your hand carried luggage, and that too with their safety covers on! Such tools can be a potential source of a fire hazard so the rules of the airlines are often strict regarding them.