Straightening Your Hair is Possible, Even at Home, All Natural! 5 Homemade Straightening Masks for the Health Conscious and 5 Store-Bought Masks for Trying!

Straightening Your Hair is Possible, Even at Home, All Natural! 5 Homemade Straightening Masks for the Health Conscious and 5 Store-Bought Masks for Trying!

It's a well-acknowledged fact that sleek and straight hair can elevate your appearance. But heat styling is not always feasible. Heat styling can make the dull and result in split ends as well. How great would it be if you could straighten your hair at home? Our haircare experts have put together a list of home remedies with which you can straighten your hair naturally. We also listed a few products for the busy!

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Getting the Best Hair Right at Your Home

How many of you wish to have straight hair right at home, the natural way? It is always advisable to avoid any heat for your hair as it weakens your hair and causes hair fall. Additionally, natural treatments at home will ensure your hair is nourished as well as give you silky smooth hair without any kind of damage. This article will provide you with the best tips and tricks that will help you get naturally straight hair. Read on to know more.

Excess Heat Can Cause Damage to Your Hair

There is no surprise here that, heat is known to weaken and damage your hair. External heat is known to remove the surface moisture. This makes your hair rigid, dry, and brittle. Hair straighteners, when used on a regular basis, deteriorate the quality of your hair. You may also experience a higher amount of hair fall when you use too much heat for your hair. Curlers, straighteners, flat irons, blow dryers all have an extremely high temperature which imposes thermal stress on your hair. While each one may experience varied results, the point here is that any kind of external or artificial heat does no good for your hair.

Ironing devices or hair straighteners cause different kinds of damage to your hair which depends on whether you iron hair while wet or dry. Straightening dry hair causes cracks along the edges of the cuticles. This can lead to chipping. On the other hand, when you iron wet hair, it causes the moisture to burst into little explosions. Both of these types can lead to hair fall and breakage. It may also lose its shine and quality over a period of time. Let's have a look at why you should avoid heat to straighten hair.

Prepare Natural Hair Straightener at Home & Save Thousands

Though you can use iron or hair straighteners on special occasions, switch to natural home remedies to sport straight hair on a daily basis. Before hair straighteners came into the picture, ladies used to resort to home remedies to achieve naturally looking straight and sleek hair. Natural ways are the best ones to use when it comes to your hair woes. The natural the better as the saying goes. Frequent use of heat on hair can lead to dryness, loss of moisture, and result in split ends. It destroys your quality of hair and results in hair loss. In addition, regular use of heat can lead to a lack of shine and luster. Hair could lose its natural texture and glossy finish. However, today, you can use multiple home remedies to easily get that straight hair look without having to damage your hair in the process.

Whole Milk and Eggs


Eggs have always been hair's best friend. They have been used for decades for a natural glow and shine to your hair. In addition, it also nourishes your hair and helps them grow at a faster rate. For this method, use 2 eggs and 1 cup of milk. Whip this together for close to a minute. Next, you need to dip your hair in this mixture for about 10-15 mins. Remember that this mixture will be smelly, but simply remind yourself of its benefits to your hair. Squeeze the extra mixture from your hair and tie it in a bun. Cover your head for close to an hour and secure it with a head cap. After an hour or so, wash your hair with a shampoo and notice the results for yourself. You can do this technique once a week or once every two weeks to naturally straighten your hair and to boost hair growth.

Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth)

Everyone knows the benefits of Fuller's Earth and how it is great for hair and skin. Though we are aware of its benefits for the skin, a majority of them do not know its benefits for the hair. This is one technique that you should try out for yourself. Take a bowl and add multani mitti to it. Pour a little bit of water to make a paste. Slowly rub this mixture onto your hair. Leave the mixture on for close to an hour. You can later wash the hair with lukewarm water. You will notice instant results in your hair and see a great texture. Do this not more than once or twice a week to get naturally straight hair.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is known to promote hair growth, reduces dandruff, prevents itching, and also conditions your hair. Regular use of aloe vera has proven to have amazing results in the texture of your hair. Besides, it also repairs your damaged hair and prevents hair fall. Boil a cup of water. Add close to 3 teaspoons of flaxseeds to it. Leave it to boil on a low flame and let it cool down. Next, take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, 2 teaspoons of honey, and 2 teaspoons of castor oil. Mix these well and stir firmly. Apply this mixture to your hair. Let it rest until the mixture dries up. Later, wash your hair with lukewarm water and you are all set to flaunt your stunning straight hair.

Lime Juice and Coconut Milk

It is a known fact that coconut milk is extremely great and nourishing for the hair. It helps in restoring brittle and damaged hair. In addition, it also prevents split ends. Coconut milk is one such ingredient that has all the essential nutrients required for healthy, smooth, and sleek hair. Take a cup of coconut milk and add juice from half a lemon, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. Heat this mixture for some time and keep it aside to cool down. Once cooled, add this mixture to your hair. Leave the mixture for close to an hour and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Banana and Honey Pack

Bananas have properties that are great for your scalp and hair. They not only moisturize the scalp but also control and prevent dandruff. Bananas are rich in natural oils, potassium, vitamins, and carbohydrates that work wonders for your hair. They protect the elasticity of your hair and smoother it too. On the other hand, honey has humectant and emollient properties which makes it an excellent choice for hair moisturizer. Honey makes your hair smooth, silky, and shiny. Now for the technique, take a banana and mash it. Add honey to it with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1/2 cup of yogurt. Put this mixture on your hair and cover it with a towel. Let it rest for an hour. Wash your hair later and let it dry.

Some Ready Made Hair Straightening Products to Save Your Time

Streax Pro Hair Straightener Cream Mild (Rs. 250)

Give your hair a glossy shine with the Streax Pro Hair Straightener Cream. It gives you a new look and straightens your hair well. It consists of organic silicone solvents which strengthens your hair from the roots to the tips. The cream has water-resistant properties, hence you need not worry about it coming off soon. It is available to buy from Flipkart for Rs. 250.

Schwarzkopf Glatt Professional Hair Straightener ( Rs. 1,234)


This professional hair straightener is a must-have if you wish to have long and smooth straight hair. This cream has wheat-based care that leaves your hair all shiny and smooth. This product is suitable for all hair types. If you have frizzy or wavy hair, this product is one of the most recommended ones. Buy it from Amazon for Rs. 1,234.

OGX Ever Straightening Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo (Rs. 688)


This therapy shampoo is infused with all the goodness that is essential for your hair. It is made using keratin proteins, coconut oil, cocoa butter and avocado oil. Use this Ever Straightening Shampoo to get silky smooth and straight hair. Buy it from Foxy for Rs. 688.

Matrix DIY Unisex Straight Resistant Permanent Straightening Cream (Rs. 440)

This straightening cream is everything you ever wanted. It straightens and smoothes your hair without any damage whatsoever. The best part about this product is that you can straighten your hair permanently. Pamper your hair with this amazing product and notice the change yourself. Buy it from Flipkart for Rs. 440.

Bed Head Straighten Out Crema (Rs. 857)

This amazing product comprises polymers which makes your hair smooth for 48 hours. It has multiple conditioning agents that help reduce frizz. Additionally, it also has glycerin that keeps it shiny and hydrated from within. Buy it from Care Thy for Rs. 857.

Some After Straightening Tips to Care for Your Hair

Your hair needs the right amount of love and care to maintain it. If you have straightened your hair, then it is very important that you provide the right nourishment for the same. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you take better care of your tresses.

Condition Daily

When you have straightened your hair, it is extremely important to condition your hair daily. On the other hand, keep those expensive shampoos away for a while. You can shampoo your hair once or twice a week. However, there are a lot of divas out there who swear by the 'No Shampoo' philosophy. If you feel that you need to shampoo, you can reduce the number. But make sure that you condition your hair daily to provide the right nourishment. You can also use hot oil to keep that shiny and lustrous look to your hair.

Keep Your Hair Away from Pollution and Sun

The harsh sun rays do no good for your hair and skin. The sun can be quite damaging to your hair. The same is the case with pollution. The sun rays, when mixed with dusty air, can damage your hair to quite an extent. If you have straightened your hair, it is best to stay away from the harsh sun. Or the next best option is to invest in buying a fancy scarf or a stylish hat or an umbrella to save you from the pollution and the sun. It is pretty simple to accessorize a hat or a scarf along with the outfit that you plan on wearing.

Invest in the Right Products

Make sure not to use the products that you used earlier than straightening your hair. Your tresses need different kinds of products since they have been straightened. When you are out shopping, make sure to look out for shampoo and conditioners that are meant for treated hair. It becomes all the more necessary to look after your hair and nourish it with the right products.

Oil Your Hair Regularly

There is a misconception that you should not oil straightened hair. As a matter of fact, you should avoid oil only during the first week after the treatment. This is when the chemical takes full effect. After this duration, the oil should be your hair's best friend. It proves to be a great moisturizer for the hair. A hot oil massage may work wonders for your hair. It can save you from bad hair days, stimulate follicles, and get rid of dry scalp.

Use Natural Hair Masks

Avoid using hair sprays, hair styling products like gels, and other chemicals that do no good to your hair. On the other hand, try using natural hair masks that prove beneficial with absolutely no side effects. Make a hydrating mask right at home. There are several recipes online that you can check out to make a hair mask. All of them include easy ingredients that are available right at home. A majority of them can be easily prepared and have astounding results on your hair.

Use Good Quality Hair Accessories

Do not use any clips or bands on your hair for the first three days. Later you should use good quality hair accessories for your hair. Avoid using cheap rubber bands, sharp bob pins, or plastic clips. This will result in a breakage of the hair and will cause hair to fall.

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Go the Latin American Way!

Hope you have your answer in our article for naturally straight hair. If you are running short on time and still like straight hair, you should go the Latin American way. Women in Latin America have their own way of straightening their hair. After washing their hair, they dry their hair on a cool setting until almost dry. Then, they section their hair and wrap the hair around the head and secure with hairpins. Leave it overnight and remove the next morning for pin-straight hair.

Above all, do not forget to care for your newly straightened hair!