Best Steam Hair Straighteners in the Market and Look into the Goodness They Bring Along(2020).

Best Steam Hair Straighteners in the Market and Look into the Goodness They Bring Along(2020).

When a straight and smooth hairstyle is your preference but your hair is overly dry or damaged, you’ll desire something nourishing to heal it fast and make it look healthier. Well, a steam hair straightener can be such a nourishing solution to meet your desire. If you’re wondering about which steam hair straightener you should go for, we have an entire list for you!

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Tips on Hair Straightening

Hair Type

Irrespective of what hair type you have, a hair straightener is a pocket-friendly solution to style your hair in the comfort of your own space and you can either straighten it, curl it, enhance its volume or style it as you like. With regular use of a hair straightener, not only will your hair be protected from hair damage, breakage split ends or uneven texture, but the right choice can also help the product last longer. For instance, for fine and thin air, straighteners with ceramic plates are ideal, as they smoothen the hair and keep the hair frizz down to a bare minimum.

Titanium plated straighteners are good for thick hair, as they heat up quickly and maintain the temperature processing the hair straightening easily. Damaged hair requires straighteners with tourmaline plates owing to the production of negative ions which not only reduce the hair frizz but also seal the hair shaft. While for curly hair, tourmaline straighteners are ideal.

Regular vs. Steam Straightening


Regular and Steam Hair Straighteners function on the same properties more or less, however, in comparison to one, you can place dry hair between the two plates covered in ceramic bristles and pull it through the hair gently in the other. A regular straightener has flat plates, while a steam straightener has distinct bristles acting like a brush. Steam straighteners use a steam technology that comes from a water chamber and delivers heat and needs to be topped with water every 15-20 minutes as compared to a regular straightener.

As opposed to a regular straightener, where it is faster to pass each strand quickly, it takes longer to straighten with a steam straightener. In a steam straightener, it is best to keep it at a low heat setting for dry, coloured or damaged hair, as going through sections of hair administer heat to each region and thus ends up damaging them. It is also wise to use good heating protecting spray.

Damage Control


Hair Shaft is as delicate as is your skin. With an inner core and an outer coating, a healthy hair strand has a uniform structure with water & air filled medule, a hollow and smooth cuticle, which allows light to pass through, giving off an internal glow and a reflective shine on the outside. Excess heat on either of these layers can be damaging. Most heat styling tools deplete the hair of its natural moisture. Hence it is essential that before you use them, your hair’s dry to work properly and not end up being brittle or inelastic. Steam producing ions provide moisture to your hair, especially the Teflon coated irons. Before you use a steam hair straightener, wash your hair with a good quality shampoo and condition it well, towel dry it and apply a hair serum suited best for your hair type. Allow a naturally dry and then apply a heat protection spray and then begin straightening your hair.

Best Hair Straightener with Steamer

Professional Ceramic Vapor Steam Hair Straightener with Water & Oil Steam Function

The Professional Ceramic Vapor Steam Hair Straightener from mybebeg is a hair straightener with water, oil and steam functions and comes with a powerful feature of 40W-59W. Made of tourmaline thermal plate and ceramic bar it comes with digital temperature control with max. temperature capacity of 230°C. With 30 thermostat adjustment segments, it takes just a minute for optimal styling. Applicable for both wet and dry hair, the Professional Ceramic Vapor Steam Hair Straightener comes with a Euro plug and is priced at Rs.3,635.

Roots Hydra Silk Hair Straightener with Steamer


The Roots Hydra Silk Hair Straightener comes with a steamer that straightens the hair, increasing its shine and reducing dryness. Its steaming function improves blood circulation, promoting hair growth as well. The straightener’s special channel adds moisture to the hair with an ultrasonic micro mist and comes with a ceramic and tourmaline plating to combat rapid heating. Guarded with a 12 months manufacturer warranty, the Roots Hydra Silk Hair Straightener with a steamer is priced at Rs.2,000 and available on Amazon.

Stylehouse Wide Plate (Steam Iron) Salon Professional Hair Straightener

Adept with a salon-quality heating system which powers up the straightener in a matter of seconds, the Stylehouse Wide Plate Salon Professional Hair Straightener has been designed with a premium grade thermal plating with tourmaline and ceramic, giving you complete control over the way you’d like to style your hair. Inclusive of 5 varied heat settings that range from 140°C-220°C, you can easily achieve the style you’re aiming for. For thin hair, you can opt for a lower heat setting. It has a 3 cord length and heating time of 60 seconds. Priced at Rs. 904, the Stylehouse Wide Plate Salon Professional Hair Straightener comes with a digital display and is available on

Leoie 55W Professional Hair Salon Steam Styler, Ceramics Organosilicon

The Leoie 55W Professional Hair Salon Steam Styler comes with a ceramic organo-silicon ironing board, with a nano-ceramic plate, secured with corrosion resistance, fast heating mechanism, durable life span and stable performance features with uniform temperature settings to keep from damaging your hair. Its auto steam function comes with a unique water tank design that releases steam when in use, reducing hair dryness and nourishing it, making it silky and healthier. Dually services, it is ideal for styling both wet and dry hair and includes a seamless plate that ensures each strand is straightened well. Its anti-winding power line comes with a 360° rotation and is convenient to use. Priced at Rs.2,578, the Leonie 55W Professional Hair Salon Steam Styler is available on

Professional Steam Spray Hair Straightener Curler Tourmaline


The eMall Professional Steam Spray Hair Straightener in blue colour comes with a steam technology feature to enable professional styling and has a 5 temperature control setting that’s adjustable and is easy to read on an LED indicator. Catering to the requirements of most hair types, the straightener’s PTC heating elements prevent rapid heating, protecting your hair from any damage and its instant hydrating features release atomized water ions to complement your hair’s moisture levels making it healthier and glossier. With floating heating plates coated with tourmaline ceramic, the straightener glides through the hair without tearing or pulling on it and has the auto-switch off feature after an hour’s use. Priced at Rs. 2,065, the Professional Steam Spray Hair Straightener is available on

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener with Titanium Coated Plates (Golden)


Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener priced at Rs.2,396 and available on, comes with titanium coated plates and is a leading product in the range of hairstyling which transforms frizzy hair instantly into beautiful and shining locks. The LED digital display gives an accurate temperature reading and comes with an adjustable heat setting in the range of 155-230 AC for different hair types. The straightener is equipped with a quick heating feature that allows it to reach its optimum level of temperature in less than 30 seconds and has 25x120mm long plates. With an auto shut feature after 60 minutes’ use, it prevents unnecessary hazards and also includes a 2-year guarantee and home services assurance.

Steam Hair Straightener Huachi Flat Iron

The Huachi Flat Iron Hair Straightener results in smooth and silky hair quickly styling your hair most healthily. With a temperature of 200° C that can be reached in just 30 seconds, the straightener can style even the most damaged, thin or dry hair. With an auto-shut feature, the Huachi Flat Iron also comes with a Steaming Mechanism that not only moisturizes the hair effectively but also reduces dryness, resulting in a relaxed and healthy state of hair condition. Priced at Rs.2,758, the Huachi Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Steam is available on

Gorgio Professional Steam Hair Straightener HS-7800

The Gorgio Professional Steam Hair Straightener HS-7800 in black colour comes coated with ceramic and Teflon for minimum heat exposure to your hair, smooth gliding and movement with a heating mechanism of 15-20 seconds for quicker straightening. Ideal for short hair styling as well, the straightener comes with a 235° C temperature setting for a professional styling and a 2m heat safe cord. Priced at Rs.4,200, the Gorgio Professional Steam Hair Straightener HS-7800 comes with a 2-year professional warranty from the company and is available for purchase on

Babyliss Wet & Dry Hair Straightener


The Babyliss Wet & Dry Hair Straightener can help style your hair salon like with its wet and dry feature, equipped with a sublime touch plate, and offers the required coverage to every strand of hair. Inclusive of an I-temperature technology that assures intelligent temperature control and prevents hair from damage, the straightener also comes with a 10-temperature setting that ranges from 170°C-230°C and its retractable comb with a heat resistant mat and convenient swivel cord make the Babyliss Wet & Dry Hair Straightener fairly easy to manage and work with. It has an optional auto-steam function with 2 positions, professional ceramic intense plates measuring 30x110mm. Priced at Rs. 2,713, the Babyliss Wet & Dry Hair Straightener can be purchased on

Upscale 2 in 1 Hair Straightener Brush with Hair Steamer, Double Ionic Generator


A 2-in-1 steamer and straightener the Upscale Hair Straightener Brush comes with a double ionic generator apt for silky and healthy hair. Equipped with a micro pure brush the hair straightener gives your hair a healthy and smooth finish by sealing the hair cuticles, reducing split ends and knotting. With an auto-off and temperature control, it ensures optimum safety and performance at all times. Simple and portable, the straightener can be used easily anywhere with its 360° swivel power cord and its high-density nano comb brush can easily transform curly hair into straight hair in a matter of minutes. The Upscale 2 in 1 Hair Straightener Brush also comes with a steam function that gives your hair a perfect finish while retaining its moisture and is priced at Rs.2,499, available on

Bonus Tips:Tips on Straightening Hair without Heat

Transforming hair that’s wavy into a straight style usually involves a huge amount of chemicals, hair drying and flat ironing which can lead to follicle damage. However, you can continue to achieve straighter locks without inviting hair damage. Here’s how!

  • Basic Wash – It is best to clean your hair with a good quality hair cleanser and condition it well before styling it in any way.
  • Towel – Straightening works best on fine to medium hair texture that’s naturally straight or slightly wavy. You can jumpstart the process of drying your hair by using an absorbent towel which helps get the moisture out of your hair without drying it or causing any damage.
  • Brush – For medium to long hair to straighten easy, brush the wet hair down, pulling it tight with your hands every few minutes till it dries, while for naturally wavy hair, you can finish up applying oil on the ends to smoothen it. If in doubt, just start with a wet brush.
  • Hair Wrap – Wrap your hair around your head and securing it all with bobby pins and cardboard or similar material under the pin’s surface to prevent dents. For long hair, use approx. 6 jumbo rollers, section the towel-dried hair to the rollers’ width and then wrap the hair against the roller flat. You can end by securing a clip on each side of the roller.
  • Cold Dry – Blow dry your hair with a cold setting and no products with a brush and your fingers to straighten your hair. Once its dried completely, just use a natural product like coconut oil to help relax the hair cuticles and reduce hair frizz.
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Now you understand that the rocket science of Steam Flat Iron is extremely convenient for users. The users who want instant results on damp hair will love the idea of steam technology! Every Steam Hair Straightener discussed above is awesome regarding functionality! You won’t be disappointed with their performance!