Thinking About Styling Your Hair and Giving It a Makeover? Then You Surely Check Out These Hair Straightener and Dryer Combo for You

Thinking About Styling Your Hair and Giving It a Makeover? Then You Surely Check Out These Hair Straightener and Dryer Combo for You

Hairstyling is one of the ways to look different and it becomes trendy in today's generations. People are buying hair straighteners, different combs, spray and dryer. So BP-Guide thought to give proper knowledge and tips to readers before they go for any of these. We can always use some extra help before taking any decisions about our valuable hairs.

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Buying Guide for Hair Straightener and Dryer

If you are a first-time buyer and definitely this article is written for you because we have covered here from choosing the right hair straighter and dryer to how to use it. Even if you used a dryer or hair straightener before, and want to try some changes, we got something for you.

Know the Size of the Straightener

Before you decide on buying a hair straightener and dryer, you should know a few things that are going to help you with your purchase. One of the first things to check before buying a straightener is its size, especially if you're buying it online and cannot see the piece physically.

This factor largely depends upon your hair type and length. A straightener with a 1-inch plate is good for short hair, a 1.5-inch plate is good for medium hair length, and you need about 2 to 2.5 inches plate for it to work well with long and thick hair. Choosing the right size is going to save a lot of time for you too. Imagine struggling to finish working on your long hair with a tiny plate!

Temperature Setting

There are various hair straighteners that come with temperature settings and this way you can choose the desired heat too. For example, a high heat setting can straighten your hair in just one go but it will also cause maximum damage too.

And some straighteners have a single heat setting that cannot be changed, and it will be high heat. You should always opt for hair straighteners which have variable heat and temperature setting options so that you can save your hair from damage. That way you can opt for high heat when you want to style your hair quickly, and lower heat setting to prevent damage.

Weight and Size of the Dryer

Talking about the dryers then you need to take care of their weight and size too. Dryers are handheld and you would not want to go for something too bulky which can tire you too soon. The hairdryer that you use on a daily basis should be compact and foldable.

Foldable dryers are also great when you are travelling and as it is lightweight you can use it for a longer duration. This will come handy for you when you have long and thick hair.

Cool Air Setting

Whether we are buying hair straightener and dryer or any other hair styling device, we should know about it fully. Especially when it comes to the dryer, you should always look out for its cool shot setting.

You should always opt for such a hair dryer which has both cool and hot air settings. Once you are done drying your hair with hot air, you can use cool air to cool it down and this also helps in setting your hairstyle too.

All these features contribute towards the price but are worth considering. An inexpensive but basic straightener may seem like a tempting or even practical choice but it will cost in other ways mentioned above. If the price is very low, check the features thouroughly before deciding to buy. Hair is easier to damage than repair.

Hair Straightener and Dryer (Combo and Single Pieces)

Hair Dryer and Straighteners come separately and in a combo too. Here we are mentioning some of the best choices available in the online market with the highlighting features too to make a wise choice. As a guide, we always prefer to go for quality than price because it's related to your crown of body, your hairs.

Syska Hair Dryer and Straightener Combo

The first recommendation on our list is Syska CPF6800 hair straightener and hairdryer combo. Talking about the hair straightener's features first, it comes in pink colour with ceramic coated plates and a 1.8-meter long cord.

The hair straightener comes with heat balance technology which makes sure that your hair is getting just the right amount of heat it requires. The hair straightener also comes with a lock function which keeps the plates together when it is not in use.

Coming to the hair dryer's features, it comes in a blue colour and has two different speed settings. Unfortunately, you do not get a cool shot setting here. It operates on wave heating element technology and has an in-built concentrator too. Both products are great for styling your hair and you can buy this combo now on for Rs.1,189.

Philips Styling Kit


If you want to know about the much-coveted Philips hairdryer and straightener combo price then we have all the details for you. You should definitely get to know about this Philips dryer and straightener combo here available in pink and black colour respectively. Although the straightener doesn’t come with different temperature setting options you get the perfect setting of 210°C temperature in it.

Talking about the dryer then it comes with gentle 1000W drying power for the best and quick results. You get a narrow opening in the dryer for focused airflow so that your hair can get all dried out in no time. Both the dryer and straightener have 1.6m of cord each. This superb pair totally needs to be in your styling kit and you can buy it now on for Rs.1,841.

Havells Dryer and Straightener Combo Pack


The next one that we have is Havells combo pack of hairdryer and hair straightener in black and lime green colour combination. Both the items are of professional-grade and you get a lot of amazing perks with both these tools.

The dryer here has a foldable handle and it is compact in style. It has two air settings and when you switch to the faster one, you get more powerful airflow and higher temperature too.

Talking about the straightener, it can attain 210C ideal temperature in just 45 seconds thus saving a lot of your time. It comes with a 1.8 m long cord and convenient lock system too. Both the products come with 2 years of guarantee and you can buy them on for Rs.3,011.

Style Maniac Hair Styling Kit

A hair straightener and dryer combo that is quite under your budget and should be in your styling wardrobe is this Style Maniac styling kit. Here you get hair straightener, hairdryer, eyebrow hair remover, hairstyle book and an epilator too. This package truly seems like too good to be true but you indeed get all of this.

The straightener here has a temperature regulator through which you can set your desired temperature range. Moreover, you would be glad to know that the hairdryer comes with both hot and cold air shot options which saves your hair from damage.

The straightener has ceramic plates whereas the dryer has two-speed settings too. This is truly a perfect combo to style your hair in no time at all. You can buy this combo pack on Flipkart for Rs.1,775.

Vega Miss Versatile Styling Kit

Vega Miss Versatile Styling Kit is the next recommendation on this list and if you are one true styling freak then you should totally have this styling kit by your side. This personal care appliance combo includes hair straightener, hairdryer and hair curler too.

Both the straightener and curler come with ceramic coating in their plates which causes less damage to the hair. The curler has 19mm barrel diameter and 125mm barrel length and it comes with a clamp so that you can curl your hair nicely.

Talking about the dryer, it comes with 1000W power capacity and has 2 different heat and speed settings too. You would simply be blown away by the results. You can grab this super money-saving combo of 3 appliances right away on for Rs.1,999.

Philips Heated Straightening Brush


If you aren’t particularly looking for hair dryer straightener combo and want something different but better then you should check out Philips heated straightening brush which is totally life-changing.

Available in black colour, this brush comes with tourmaline ceramic coating which significantly reduces frizz and turns your hair smooth and shiny. Moreover, it comes with built-in Thermo protect technology which helps in maintaining even temperature throughout the brush.

You get two temperature settings here and the triple bristle design surely detangles and straighten your hair at the same time. Don’t worry as the heat doesn’t get to your scalp and it remains totally away from heat. Using this brush is a great time saver and you can buy it right away on for Rs.3,125.

Dafni Rose Gold Limited Edition Straightening Brush


If you aren’t really happy with the Philips straightening brush and looking for an alternative then you would surely love this Dafni Rose Gold Limited Edition straightening brush here. It comes with a technology which straightens and smoothens your hair in just one go. It gives a naturally straight look, unlike the poker straight effect of most hair straightening irons, and users have wonderful reviews for this product.

The curved surface of the brush helps you in covering more hair in one go and you would be simply amazed by the results here. This is definitely way better than using a traditional hair straightener.

The colour of the brush is truly a bonus here and you shouldn’t miss out on this product at all. It maintains an ideal temperature which ensures no damage is reached to your hair or scalp. It gets shut down in 15 minutes automatically thus saving power. You can buy it now on for Rs.15,999.

Nova Hair Dryer and Straightener Combo

If you are looking for a hair straightener and dryer combo which can totally fit into your budget and gives good performance too then you should try out this Nova hairdryer and straightener combo here.

These personal care appliances come in black colour and we totally loved the dryer here more than the straightener. This is because of the narrow ending which gives a professional blow out and its compact and lightweight structure. The dryer also got 2 heat settings too but no cool shot technology is available.

Talking about the straightener then it has ceramic coated plates and overheats protection technology. The straightener comes with a 360-degree swivel cord for swift movement. You can buy this useful dryer and straightener combo on for Rs.999.

Bentag Hair Dryer and Straightener

We have got one more hair straightener and dryer combination here on this list by a brand called Bentag. Available in black colour, the hairdryer has 1500W power capacity and it comes with a narrow end. This clearly means that you get focused drying and hence quick results.

You get 2 heat settings and 2-speed setting options in the dryer too. Interestingly, the dryer also got this cool air setting option too. Great, isn’t it? Well, to be honest, the main star of this combo is truly the dryer but the straightener isn’t that bad either. You get ceramic coated plates for medium hair length but with no temperature setting options. Thankfully both the appliances come with long cords for smooth functioning. This combo is available for purchase on for Rs. 609.

Philips Professional Thermo Protect Iconic Dryer

You would be well acquainted with all sorts of dryer-straightener combo prices in India by now. But it is time that we talk about a professional dryer which is truly a lifesaver when you are in a hurry. You can rely on this Philips Professional Thermo protect Ionic Hair Dryer for that urgent quick hair drying.

The dryer here comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments. You get 120 cm long cord here and the dryer works on ionic technology. It has 2200W power consumption and it even comes with cold air feature too which is simply amazing. You would be glad to know that you get 2-speed settings too with a complete temperature control option. Whether it is just hair drying or a quick blow dry for bouncy hair, you can achieve it all with this hairdryer. It even comes with a 2-year warranty too and you can buy it now on for Rs.3,195.

How to Perfectly Straighten Your hair?

Now that you know it all about the best hair dryer and straightener combo, you should know how to use it too. If you are using a hair straightener for the first time to straighten your hair then you will benefit from a few tips - you can learn by experimenting too, but why do that to your hair? This way you can cause minimum damage to your hair while also styling it perfectly.

Do Some Prepping

Prepping your hair well for the straightening process is important because you would not want to make it look as if your hair were electrocuted and not straightened. You should use a paddled brush to comb the conditioner well in your hair. This will lock the moisture in your hair and thus your hair will look much better after straightening. Make sure to rinse it gently and then pat dry instead of rubbing it vigorously with a towel.

Use the Right Kind of Brush

The right brush can make a huge difference in the way your hair looks even when you are not straightening it. Using plastic brushes are a big no-no as it causes static in hair. You can go for boar bristles and nylon mix brushes. Such brushes provide smooth texture to your hair and make it look polished and smooth.

The Perfect Hair Conditioner

When you are exposing your mane to hair straighteners and dryers, you are subjecting it to much more heat than is good for your hair. You need to make sure that your hair is in the right condition to go through this. This is why it should be completely dried out when you are using a hair straightener on it. Having bone dry hair leads to a perfectly straightened look.

Use Thermal Protectant

And the final and the most obvious tip is to use thermal protectant in your hair before you start treating it with high heat. Heat protectant forms a coating or layer on the hair that protects it and must be applied on hair while it is still damp. This not only reduces the frizzing of the hair but also makes it look extra shiny and beautiful after straightening.

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Always Keep Your Hair Healthy

Using everything and experimenting on hairs will not be a good idea. Once hairs got damage it will be really hard to make them like before. So we suggest you to do proper research before doing anything. If you are feeling some technique is damaging your hairs, stop it. Because today, hair fall and hair problems are also one of the reasons for depression and tension so it's always good to be on safer side and use some extra help, because as we earlier mentioned, hairs are easier to damage than repair.