Protect and Nourish Your Hair with Hair Serum - Your Guide to the 15 Best Hair Serums for Men and Everything You Need to Know About Hair Serums for Men (2020)

Protect and Nourish Your Hair with Hair Serum - Your Guide to the 15 Best Hair Serums for Men and Everything You Need to Know About Hair Serums for Men (2020)

In today's world, men's hair suffer a lot of damage due to heavy styling, excessive heat, dust, sunlight and exposure to different chemicals. It is imperative that men take care of their hair meticulously just like any other part or organ of the body. Using a shampoo and conditioner helps but men need to follow a more comprehensive hair care routine. This is where a hair serum comes in. This guide will help you understand what are hair serums, how they are beneficial for men's hair and which are the best hair serums for men.

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What is Hair Serum

People often confuse hair serum with hair gel or some kind of hair oil, but in reality a hair serum is a liquid-based treatment in which a silicon-based formula coats the surface of your hair. It doesn’t penetrate deep into the roots of the hair to the scalp to change the hair structure, but acts as a hair care solution which prevents tangling of hair by providing softness and simultaneously giving shine and glow to your frills. Hair serum creates a protective layer over the hair fibre helping in removing frizz, while protecting your hair from sunlight as it reflects the light. It also saves the hair from pollution due to its non-greasy finish.

Hair serums not only act as a shield for the hair, but also help you get rid of multiple problems like dullness in the hair, frizzes, tangling and damaged hair. A hair serum repairs broken hair, takes care of the split ends in between the haircuts and for some people, it reduces the use of hair straighteners as well.

How to Use a Hair Serum

A hair serum gives best results when applied on semi-wet or towel dried hair after shampooing and conditioning your hair. To apply hair serum on your hair, take a few drops of the liquid on your palm, gently rub the hands together and run down the fingers across the hair from the roots to the tips. Take adequate quantity if you have longer or thicker hair and then comb to remove any tangles in the hair and to evenly distribute the serum in the hair. And yes, hair serum can be used in naturally fine hair as well, as it will not make them weak or less shiny; instead the right hair serum will protect your hair from any damage from sunlight and pollutants and will keep them shiny and glowing. The hair serum acts as your styling tool while providing the finishing touch to your hair.

Benefits of Hair Serum for Men

Either you are in a white collar job, travelling to and fro between your office and home every single day or a marketing person fighting the pollution and sunlight in your daily routine, your hair is exposed to pollutants and sunlight as an unavoidable part of your everyday routine. Hair oils can provide nourishment and a shampoo can clean your hair, but they don’t provide any protection from the damage being caused due to these environmental factors. This is where a hair serum pitches in - to provide the required cover to your hair from dust, pollution and harmful UV rays which may cause irreparable damage to your hair. A hair serum for men not only protects the hair by forming a shield without entering into the natural hair fibre, but it also provides shiny and frizz-free hair. There are certain hair serums available for men with light and thin hair, which provide the required bounce and fullness to your tresses. So, choose the right hair serum depending on your hair type and give that shiny and silky look to your mane.

15 of the Best Hair Serums for Men in 2020

Hair serums are not limited to be used by women nowadays, as men are becoming increasingly conscious oft their looks; and shiny and frizz-free hair play a vital role for one’s overall personality and attractiveness. Choosing the hair serum which suits your hair is imperative to get the best benefit out of it. There are several brands available in the market, but make your pick carefully as using any cheap hair serum won’t give any results and would be a waste of your money and time. On the other hand, choosing a quality product can prevent damage to your hair and also provide the required shine and softness.

Further, products filled with chemicals can damage your hair and make them rough and dry, which results in further problems like hair fall, dandruff, etc. Carefully check the ingredients, oils, etc. used in the hair serum, read the reviews online about the product and if required, visit a hair expert and take advice regarding it. We have selected some of the most popular and premium quality hair serums for men, which are easily available and wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. So let’s check the ‘best hair serum for men’ in this article.

Beardo Hair Serum with Argan Oil

The Beardo Hair Serum with Argan Oil is useful for hair and can be applied on the beard as well. Apart from argan oil, the serum contains C14-22 alkane, ipm, polydimethylsiloxane, cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, dimethicone cross polymer, coco-caprylate / caprate, almond oil and fragrance. The hair serum is especially formulated for hair straightening, smoothening and bringing shine and gloss to your hair. The 50 ml bottle of Beardo Hair Serum with Argan Oil can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 266.00.

Streax Hair Serum

The Streax Hair Serum provides instant shine and smoothness to your hair and is especially useful for those with dry and rough hair. This hair serum is enriched with walnut oil for that glossy and shiny look and the frizz control formula makes it easier to style your hair effortlessly. The product complies with Indian BIS quality standards and FDA norms and the 100 ml pack is available on Amazon for Rs.189.00.

Garnier Fructis Long & Strong Serum with Fruit Oils

As the name suggests, Garnier Fructis Long & Strong Serum with Fruit Oils helps to provide shiny, tangle-free hair while giving strength to your hair. The avocado and grape seed oil gives healthy and lustrous hair as the grape seed oil penetrates into the roots and conditions your tresses without the greasy feel. This hair serum by Garnier can be purchased from Flipkart for Rs. 171.00.

Wella Professional Luminous Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil

A premium product by Wella, this smoothing oil has properties of camellia oil and white tea extract content which gives smooth and shiny hair in 30 seconds while locking the moisture inside the hair. The result is frizz-free hair for up to 72 hours and a light and bouncy mane. This 100 ml bottle of the product is available for Rs. 1,100.00 on Nykaa.

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Lipidium Serum

The Absolut Repair Lipidium Serum by L’Oreal prevents split-ends and helps to smooth the hair. The non-greasy formula repairs the split-ends while providing shinier, smoother and silky tangle-free hair. It is quite useful for damaged hair and restores the shine while the lipidium complex protects the hair. This nourishing serum is enriched with lipids, ceramides, phyto-keratin and lactic acid and the 50 ml bottle of this product is available for Rs. 537.00 at

Streax Pro Hair Serum

The Streax Pro Hair Serum is suited for all types of hair and can be used to condition coloured and chemically treated hair. Enriched with the power of Vitamin E, the serum helps to smooth unruly hair and also in smoothening rough and damaged strands to make them frizz-free. It can be applied at any time of the day to get shiny and glossy hair, the 185 ml bottle is available for Rs. 185.00 on ShopClues.

OSHEA Hairfall Control Serum

The Hairfall Control Serum by OSHEA has active and natural ingredients like citric acid, aqua, ginseng extract, ashwagandha extract and basil extract. The hair serum helps to strengthen the roots, control hair fall and increases the fullness of hair. The herbal extracts help to revive and strengthen every hair strand right up to the roots, thus helping in natural hair growth. The 50 ml bottle of Hairfall Control Serum by OSHEA can be purchased for Rs. 319.00 from Amazon.

Ustraa Turban Pride - Hair Serum

A hair serum especially formulated for Sikh men who have turbaned hair and hence require special care for their mane. The Ustraa Turban Pride Hair Serum strengthens the hair and reduces dryness in the scalp. The avocado oil enriches hair conditioning and revitalises the scalp, thus making combing and detangling easier. For easy application, the Ustraa Turban Pride Hair Serum comes in a 100 ml spray can and can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 250.00.

Schwarzkopf Osis Magic Anti-Frizz Shine Serum

The Osis Magic Anti-Frizz Shine Serum by Schwarzkopf really works like magic on brittle and dry hair. The Schwarzkopf Bonacure Smooth Treatment provides softness due to the presence of ‘durasheen long chain silicon polymer’. The serum is also enriched with natural apricot oil which prevents any further damage and breakage of dull hair. It has intensive long lasting control formula which leaves the hair deeply conditioned and smooth along with a glossy finish. A 50 ml bottle of the hair serum is available for Rs. 770.00 on Amazon.

Urban Gabru Hair Serum With Almond Oil

The Urban Gabru Hair Serum with Almond Oil provides frizz-free soft hair even in 97% humidity and critical ingredients like camellia and biolage provide a protective and glossy layer to your hair, thus helping to shield your hair from dampness. The non-sticky nature of this serum keeps the hair light and bouncy while the Vitamin E provides the essential nourishment to the hair. A 100 ml bottle of Urban Gabru Hair Serum with Almond Oil is available for Rs. 262.00 on Myntra.

Hair Thickening Spray Bhringraj & Shikakai

Forest Essentials is well known for its premium quality Ayurvedic products and this Hair Thickening Spray with Bhringraj & Shikakai is no exception. The hair spray has enriched properties of Ayurvedic extracts and is a light serum like liquid which can be sprayed on the scalp to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles. The product also increases hair density and is free from sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, etc. In Ayurveda, Bhringraj & Shikakai are well known to act as a boon for hair growth and care. The 100 ml spray bottle is available for Rs. 1,350.00 on Forest Essentials.

The Body Shop Grapeseed Hair Serum

Another well known name for superior cosmetic products is ‘The Body Shop’ and the Grapeseed Glossing Hair Serum is a product which lives up to the expectations. The hair serum has natural ingredients like grape seed and trade sesame seed oil which acts wonderfully on dull and frizz prone hair by smoothing the traces and giving glossy hair. This product also helps prevent moisture loss and split-ends, a 75 ml bottle of Grapeseed Glossing Hair Serum is available for Rs. 990.00 on Amazon.

Tigi Bed Head Control Freak Anti-Beaded Straightening Serum

The Tigi Bed Head Control Anti-Beaded Straightening Serum has a unique formula which constitutes of essential oils (sunflower), jasmine, kiwi extract and silica and provides a moisturising, protective, anti-crimping and soothing impact. The hair serum keeps the hydration intact in the hair and protects against moisture and pollution. This serum is ideal for curly and wavy hair and provides naturally smooth hair with flexible curls. A 250 ml bottle of this hair serum is available for Rs. 832.68 on Cosmetis.

Set Wet Studio X Hair & Beard Serum For Men - Shine & Style

Set Wet is a well known brand in the men’s grooming arena and they have many products to suit different hair types. The Set Wet Studio X Hair & Beard Serum for Men is one such product which offers shine and style in a single product and can be applied both on the hair as well as the beard. In association with celeb stylists, the product has been created to bring the X factor in your daily styling and helps you to get the celeb look with those soft shiny curls and the thick and soft beard. The serum gives a natural shine to your mane in just a few seconds and provides a tangle-free, frizz-free and neat look. This amazing product is available for Rs. 224.00 for a 50 ml bottle on

L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum

One more amazing product by L'Oreal Paris, the L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum can be applied on washed or dried hair and would still give the same smooth, silky and glossy finish to your locks. The enriched argan oil in the serum gives deep nourishment that lasts for up to 48 hours and the silk protein gives the shiny look while protecting your hair from humid or dry weather. The L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum 100 ml bottle is available for Rs. 155.00 on Amazon.

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