A Drop of Hair Gel, A Nice Flick to The Hair And You're All Set to Show Off Your Wavy Hair! Best Hair Wax Products for Men in 2020

A Drop of Hair Gel, A Nice Flick to The Hair And You're All Set to Show Off Your Wavy Hair! Best Hair Wax Products for Men in 2020

Waxes have been long in use, having grown more popular than gels or pomades, due to their apparent advantages. Favoured very strongly by professional young men, this grooming item is available in a variety of textures and forms suited for diverse needs. Listed below are the top five reasons why you should opt for wax over any other hair product, and the 10 best cheap and best hair wax products for men you can buy in India.

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Benefits of Hair Wax for Men

An Axe survey conducted in 2018 brought out how 3 in every 5 men had the habit of rearranging or running their fingers through their hair in moments of confusion or to express a certain emotion or reaction. The first most visible part of our personality is undoubtedly our hair. Needless to say, it happens to have the maximum impact over our overall presentation. An otherwise immaculately groomed man without a suitable hairstyle is like a perfume without fragrance.

We, as a part of our civic grooming, seem to be well aware of it. Even the busiest of us have been known to brush back our hair now and then or be carefully aware of a strand out of place. Considering its importance, understanding the impact of what is being used for its maintenance becomes a crucial part of grooming. Here are five reasons to convince you why you can start using hair wax or gels if you haven't started already!

1. Improves Texture and Overall Look

There are as many textures and properties of hair as there are men. Thin short hair, long curly hair, medium length hair with a thick wavy texture, no matter how difficult a texture it might be, hair wax has a solution for them all. Accepting and understanding your hair can help you choose the right wax with brilliant results. One of the key advantages of hair wax is that it can texturize by giving a direction along with adequate shine to areas where a strand won't stay in place. Hair wax has been known to tame the most difficult of hair, like frizzy, unruly and wild hair, by giving adequate hold. This provides more control over the styling process.

2. Nourishes, Protects and Hydrates

Hair wax is designed to add more nutrients and provide the scalp and hair with much-needed vitamins. Unlike gels, which have been reported to lead to damaged follicles in the long run, hair wax, despite not being as shiny, has been known to have almost no side effects. Wax is very beneficial to those who prefer to keep their hair soft and curly.

With even a light coating, hair wax can protect your hair from sunlight during those harsh summer days, wind, and pollution. Applying hair wax also locks in the moisture, keeping it hydrated which in turns prevents split ends and brittleness.

3. Enhances Your Hairstyle

Wax provides better control over your hairstyle and for a longer duration, compared to gels which make the hair look crusted. The impact of both the products on one's hair is very much visible after an hour of application. While gel dehydrates the hair, making it look messy and greasy, wax enhances the original style and keeps it in check. Wax has been frequently reported by famous grooming experts to smell better than other styling products. Hair is porous and can absorb scents from their environment like a sponge. Hair wax helps you address that, allowing for a sweeter, delicate scent or a stronger, bolder scent to overpower the senses with your presence.

4. Simplifies Styling

Of all the hair styling products till date, hair wax is the quickest and most hassle-free to apply. The simplicity of using wax lies in its composition. Unlike gel, which is made of water mixed with alcohol and dries faster, wax usually is based on natural ingredients. This attribute makes wax pliable, and hair styled with wax can be restyled and adjusted at any time, with minimum efforts. A high-quality wax will leave your hair supple, leaving it workable throughout the day.

So, if it is an early after-work party you have to rush to, wax styled hair will only need as little as a pinch and a twist to get back into shape. When it comes to formal looks, wax works the best, adding volume at just the required places. Wax due to these reasons is quite popular amongst low key regimen enthusiasts. If your lifestyle doesn't allow for careful manipulations and hairbrushes, the wax is the thing that will help you add that swift finishing touches on a bad hair day. It is also the easiest to wash off after a long day at work.

5. Versatile

You can also apply small amounts of hair wax for men on your facial hair, brows, and moustache. Hair wax can be used to style your moustache, tidy up your eyebrows or make them look thicker. It can also be used to add a hint of healthy shine to your beard.

Best Hair Wax for Men in India

1. Ustraa Hair Wax – Matte Look

Source ustraa.com

Best for short to medium length hair, Ustraa Hair Wax has an excellent hold to help control the final outcome for every style. Due to being water-based, it is non-greasy, which makes it easy to wash off, requiring no shampoo at all. Since it does not contain petroleum jelly, paraffin, or other harmful fixatives, and is infused with nourishing ingredients, it will not dry your hair even after long hours of application. Ustraa Hair Wax, all in all, offers a quick and easy solution to a dapper-looking matte finish, along with having a light, refreshing fragrance too. You can buy this fantastic product from Ustraa for ₹ 299.

2. Urban Gabru Zero 2 Infinity

Source urbangabru.in

A thoughtful concoction of earth's clay, almond oil and vitamin E, Urban Gabru Zero Wax is one of the most readily available solutions for frizzy hair. Offering excellent value for money, the wax combines the properties of clay with those of hair waxes to bring you a profitable solution. While the earth's clay pulls out impurities from the scalp and promises a stronghold over thin to medium textured hair, it also helps attain a semi-matt texture and voluminous hair. Almond oil nourishes and smoothens out those frizzy strands. At the same time, vitamin E enhances the overall hair health, repairing any damaged hair. This hair styling wax is available on Urban Gabru for ₹ 335.

3. Beardo Hair Wax

Source beardo.in

Beardo Hair Wax, as the name suggests, can be used for both facial and head hair. Apart from its versatile features, its actual strength lies in its ingredients which include some of the most touted names in the hair care industry like aloe vera, glycerin and beeswax. If you are looking for an effortlessly polished and tamed look, this is the product for you.

While the aloe vera extracts will soothe the scalp, reduce dandruff, and condition your hair during those problematic winter days, glycerin and beeswax work together to stimulate hair growth and retain moisture. Infused with a rare Crystal Gel Technology, the hold and flexibility it offers is incomparable. All in all, Beardo Hair wax is the answer to all your wicked hair day problems the year-round. You can get this from beardo.in for ₹ 275.

4. Gatsby Leather Styling Wax – Mat & Hard

Source amazon.in

Gatsby Styling Wax is one of the most versatile options featured in this list, other than also being the lightest on the pocket. In under two hundred bucks, this product can help you effortlessly style your hair in different ways depending on the occasion. Due to its small, compact design, it weighs just about a hundred grams, which makes it an absolute delight to carry around. Needless to say, Gatsby Leather Styling Wax can prove to be a valuable asset in case you need a touch up immediately after long meeting hours or before an after-work party. Gatsby Leather Styling Wax is available on Amazon for ₹ 180.

5. Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax

Source nykaaman.com

Being a German brand, perfection is inbuilt in each of Schwarzkopf's products. Known for its vast and elaborate range of men's hairstyle products, the brand outdoes itself with this product, where they combine the advantages of a wax with the impact of a gel. Designed for men with an experimental temperament, it has a mouldable formulation for unlimited style possibilities.

If you like to play with different unique styles and experiment with the freshest of hairstyle trends, then this is the ideal styling companion for you. Schwarzkopf Osis Flexwax, with its creamy consistency of texture, allows you to fluctuate from funky to classic and back to smooth equally effortlessly. The non-greasy foundation of the wax also promises a natural shine finish, along with a light, bouncy touch. Due to these very attributes, it is also easy to wash out. You can buy this hair wax from nykaaman.com for ₹ 810

6. Brylcreem Bold Hold Hair Wax

Source paytmmall.com

Ideal for men with dense and thick textured hair, the wax combines the goodness of coconut and almond oil with the power of charged polymers, that lock your hair in place for long hours. Along with a stronghold, it also offers the refreshing touch of aloe vera, which helps nourish as well as cool the scalp.

With such a confluence of ingredients, the product proves itself safe for daily use. Its compact design, weighing a light 80 gm also makes it easier to carry with you during travel and otherwise. You can get this wax on Paytm Mall for ₹ 211.

7. Mountainor Hair Wax Stronghold

Source flipkart.com

Mountainor has been known for its men's hair styling products, and this one is no exception. Mountainor Hair Wax offers a medium to strong hold and is suitable for all hair textures and hair lengths. USDA certified organic, the wax is 100% natural, having nothing but the very best to offer in performance as much as quality.

The natural ingredients leave your hair feeling soft and smooth and nourish the scalp. The wax has been known to reduce severe scalp issues like dandruff, itchiness, and dryness. It is also easily washable. You can get the Mountainor Hair Wax for ₹ 499 from Flipkart.

8. Set Wet Studio X Styling Wax for Men

Source amazon.in

Co-created by celebrity stylist Aalim Hakim and Bollywood actor Arman Ralhan, the wax offers a freestyle matte look, along with several nourishing benefits. Known for its versatility, Set Wet Studio X Wax has been popular for the vast number of styles you can create with it, regardless of your hair density. The wax offers a medium hold for thick textured hair and works well for slick back hairstyles for thin hair. If you are looking for a neat yet a casual, carefree look, this is the one for you. Buy this styling wax from Amazon for ₹ 199.

9. TIGI Bed Head for Men Matte Separation

Of all the hair wax styling products, TIGI Bed Head for Men is undoubtedly the most popular one for a variety of reasons. Firstly, this is one of those very few products in the market that cater to men with short, thinning hair, and the unique combination of ingredients has also known to battle the receding hairline. Beeswax, Cera carnauba combine with a polymer infused solution to provide a pliable hold with a good matte definition. While beeswax will give your hair follicles an absolute fullness and structure, carnauba wax will soften them, which increases your hair's styling flexibility.

Best for people who want a smooth, natural finish to their hairstyle, the wax's attribute to thicken hair and also provide a certain bounce to the hair strands, thus making it ideal for the summers too. TIGI Bed Head for Men is available on lookfantastic.co.in for ₹ 909.

10. Set Wet Matte Magic Restylable Hair Wax

Source flipkart.com

If you are looking for non-shiny hair wax, that has all the benefits of a glossy gel and nourishing clay, then Set Wet Matte Magic is just the thing for you. Ideal for professional young men, the product boasts of high restyling abilities. Despite not being a very good choice for men with dry hair, still, being water-based, it is suitable for those with a sensitive scalp.

Apart from offering seamless hair movement, the wax can make your hair look voluminous and healthier. Suitable for almost all hair types and lengths, the product will give you a look that is basic and natural and yet trendy. Set Wet Matte Magic is available on Flipkart for ₹ 225.

Bonus Tips: How to Apply & Use Hair Wax Properly

  • Applying wax is the last step in your grooming exercise. Be fully dressed before styling your hair
    Depending upon the complexity of your hairstyle, you may want to keep it as the last thing to consider in your grooming regime. Styling your hair in the very last has its own advantages. It can save you the time of having to restyle it again and again. Also, it gives your hair time to dry out and settle down if you have just bathed. This is very beneficial in the long run as the wax tends to perform better on dry hair. Applying on wet hair might result in losing out volume once the hair dries up.

  • Use a minimal amount, usually pea-sized for most hairstyles
    No matter how long your hair may be, start with small quantities usually pea-sized droplets. Often, that amount is sufficient for styling your hair. The amount of wax you need is also dependent on the complexity of your hairstyle and whether your hair texture supports it. In such a case, start with a small amount, and then add more if required. Using everything at once might make it messier, forcing you to start from scratch and spend more time on restyling.

  • Keep the wax away from the scalp
    One of the most important precautions to be borne while using wax is to make sure that the wax doesn't touch the scalp. Too much wax on the scalp is painful to wash off and becomes a magnet for dirt and other impurities.

  • Apply the wax evenly
    Even application of any hairstyling product is very important as it helps you get better hold on the final result. Uneven application can lead to the product getting clumped at places, leading to a messy look. Waxes are generally more natural to apply when they are soft, and since most hair waxes have a hard consistency, you will have to soften them up. To do so, take a small amount in your palm and rub your hands till you cannot feel any lumps. Spread it evenly and thinly till it becomes colourless. To avoid repeating the same area, start from the underside of the hair, and then move towards the tips.
  • Try to understand the natural movement of your hair and apply the wax accordingly
    The amount of wax and the style of application may vary from person to person depending upon the hair type. Is your hair smooth and soft to the touch, or blunt and hard? Does your hair curl, or is it immaculately straight? Try to understand the texture and general movement of your hair. Observe how it reacts to your styling, and adjust accordingly, by either increasing or decreasing pressure and quantity. Instead of using a comb, use your fingers to style your hair.

  • Use different methods to apply wax for different styles
    When it comes to hairstyling, there is no one technique-fits-all solution or one formula that will guarantee success in all hairstyles. Some hairstyles will require you to play with volume, like a pompadour. Some, on the other hand, will require you to apply wax evenly to individual strands like in the case of curls. For sleeker looks, you may have to use a comb to spread the wax evenly. Experiment. Observe. And probably, consult your barber.

  • Maintain the product as much as your hair
    If appropriately maintained, a hair styling product will usually serve you way beyond its intended lifespan. Wax, like any other product, will require some maintenance tips for it to last longer. Keep it away from heat, to maintain the integrity of its texture. On a sweltering hot summer day, it is advisable to store it away in a cool, dark place.

    Make sure to use your wax with clean fingertips. The cleaner the wax stays, the longer it can be reused. One way of ensuring this is to wash your hands before and after styling.
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Maintain Proper Hygiene and Make Sure to Remove the wax

When using hair styling products, hygiene is of paramount importance in sustaining your hair health. Different types of waxes will call for different cleaning techniques. In case of wax with a firm hold, consider using clarifying shampoos, which are designed to remove product buildup from the scalp. Clarifying shampoos are also handy if you are using wax daily.

Though most waxes come with nourishing benefits and are not harmful in the long run, daily use of any hair styling products is not encouraged, as washing your hair every day may lead to dryness. Also, your hair will need intermittent breaks to remain healthy. Never underestimate the value of removing wax after a long day. But, if you do happen to sleep with your wax on, make sure to change the pillow cover the very next day to avoid breakouts.