Have You Finally Decided to Grow Your Hair Up to Your Neck? Then You Need to Check These Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair (2020)

Have You Finally Decided to Grow Your Hair Up to Your Neck? Then You Need to Check These Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair (2020)

Whether pulled back, dramatically parted, or worn with texture, long hair can be styled in any way for any occasion. While a center parting works best with straight hair and symmetrical texture, a crisp parting can be incredibly appealing on a long mane. Read on to find out more tips like this in this post and the best hairstyles for men with long hair.

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Tips on Hair Upkeep for Men

Routine Cleansing

Even though the hair is dead with no muscles, nerves, or blood, it still requires a fair bit of attention and care to look its best! Just like a woman needs to maintain her style and personality with a lot of TLC, men, too, should devote time to their overall appeal. From considering their hairstyle to the length of the hair to the frequency of trims and the use of hair care products, it can be quite daunting to keep up!

When it comes to hair cleansing, don't wash it every day, as it just strips the hair of its natural oils that work to keep your scalp hydrated. Washing thrice a week is best for most hair types. Wash your hair in eggs at least once a month for a protein conditioning. If you have greasy hair, avoid using hot water or scrubbing/rubbing it crazy as it'll further activate the oil-producing sebaceous glands that are naturally overactive.

Hair Cut and Hair Styling

Timely trims are more than keeping the shape of your hair in check, it is also about your basic hygiene. Take care of your neck hair, eyebrows, or even ear hair! A clean neck makes your hair cut look fresh irrespective of your length. Rather than describing a style you'd be interested in, take pictures to help your barber understand your preferred style, this will not only eliminate any unnecessary risks of something getting lost in communication but also help your stylist guide you on whether the style would suit your face or not.

The addition of texture to a haircut will enable better styling and further its growth as well. Texture makes the haircut last longer. A haircut is quite different from a hairstyle, as the style would involve spending time in nurturing the cut and maintaining its upkeep. The alternative would be to go for something short and easy to keep up with else. It is best to shape your hair when it's still wet, either with your fingers or a comb. Once it starts drying, the shape will get locked in and enable you to style it better with the use of the relevant hair products.

Hair Care Products and Tools

Investing in the right kind of hair products and hair care tools is imperative. For instance, a cheaper shampoo may be suitable for short hair or buzz cuts, but the damage caused by its use can be curtailed if you have it trimmed in a few weeks. In the case of long hair, using a cheap shampoo will lead to split ends, frizziness, and lack of natural oils in your scalp. Similarly, a wide-tooth comb is good to have for hair care in addition to a hairbrush with natural bristles.

If you plan to have a ponytail, use a fabric band to hold the hair in place as it is gentle on the hair. Use a hair spray regularly, just like you'd use hair wax, gels, or pomades. It is useful for adding volume and also to make way for holding the hair. Use your hair products when your hair is damp and not too wet. Go for a towel dry or a blow dry before applying any product.

Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair

Slick Back

For men with medium long hair, the Slick Back look is not only suave but also easy to achieve! A rather unkempt option to a ponytail or a man bun, the Slick Back goes well with both streetwear apparel and a tailored suit. For someone who has fine hair, the glossy look is the best, which is best attained by applying a medium hold wet gel through clean hair, while men with textured or curly hair can get by brushing the front part of their hair back with a mousse for a better hold. For a more worn-in look, the curls can be broken up slightly or left as is.


A pony is an easy and quick way of styling long hair for the man at work. Whether you put out a statement pony with your hair swept back with a looped ponytail or don a double pony by dividing your hair into two sections with just your fingers, pulling each section into a ponytail, both looks are creative and fun at the same time. If you prefer an untamed look, then you'd leave a few strands loose near the front to fall by your face or can be tucked behind the ears. The sleek low pony is an elegant variant to long hairstyle for men, which works best with absolute straight hair and involves a little bit of gel to de-frizz and tame short unruly locks and also for a little bit of shine. All you need to do is tie your hair in a low ponytail at the nape.

Long Textured Waves

With a deconstructed pompadour and medium-textured waves, the down and out style of Long Textured Waves style is all about the smoothness and dimensions. Apt for most face shapes, it looks the best on those who have a layered cut and natural waves. To don this style, all you need to do is use a styling mousse on clean damp hair, wrinkle it liberally, and then leave it to dry naturally or with a diffuser directed on the front section of the hair backward. Once the hair is absolutely dry, take the front part and backcomb it lightly before setting with a flexible hair spray.

Man Bun

As versatile as it is, a modern classic, the man bun is universally flattering and can be changed or styled according to a man's face cut. While those with a defined bone structure can wear the look as slick as they like it, a looser bun usually is most appealing. The length of the hair ascertains actually how high or low you can wear the bun, but its best donned just below the crown of the head with some hair curling free at the nape. For a relaxed look and feel, comb the hair back with your fingers and secure them with a tie, leaving some strands to stick out. Alternatively, for a creative, messy man bun, slide the end of your comb underneath the top to loosen some sections of your hair around the face.

Parted Long Hair

Whether pulled back, dramatically parted, or worn with texture, long hair can be styled in any way for any occasion. While a center parting works best with straight hair and symmetrical texture, a crisp parting can be incredibly appealing on a long mane. For a straight arrow parting, it's best to style freshly washed hair with a fine-tooth comb and draw a sharp line from the center of the hair to the back before running your fingers through the ends with a drop of the hair serum.

If you have softer features and more textured hair, then make an indistinct side parting, led by a natural cowlick. Sweep the larger part of the hair to one side and style it in place tucked behind the ear. For an extra grip, you can use a dry textured spray on the roots and style the part near your face with a loose hold wax.

Half Bun Style

The theatrics of loose hair looks pretty sleek in combination with a man bun. With a visible neck and jawline, the hair off your face, you'll have all the ladies swooning over your man bun! Thanks to Chris Hemsworth's long hairstyle as Thor, this style has become a mainstay for the long-haired man. When it comes to a half-up bun, all you need to do is pull the top third of your hair into a tie and loop it over in knot, allowing some movement with just a light secure. To make it even more appealing, try it with day-old hair and work some dry shampoo to the roots and misting the ends with a sea salt spray or plain water.

Long Braids

For men with long hair who prefer a bold style, braids make for an excellent choice. In addition to being stylish, braids are low maintenance also, as they can last for weeks with proper care. And vary from straight cornrows to long box braids. Uniquely stylish, versatile, and flexible enough to suit a variety of styles, from a subtle braid to an eye-catching option, there's no shortage of options for long braids. You can wear your hair in one loose and long plait at the back of your head or create several tight braids starting at the scalp, going down through the long mane, pair with a man bun or a ponytail, and combine two different styles into one!

Long & Straight

While short & straight hair often comes across as a little too plain, long and straight hair looks much more appealing and bold. From Viking braiding locks to skater styled centrally parted hair, there are multiple options to choose from. This particular style can highlight your hair's length without any distractions with just a little texture or shape. To begin with, it is important to maintain your hair cut and trim the ends neatly since the hair will be open and on display. It is essential to keep your hair healthy as well, as it will keep the hair from drying and also enhance its shine for a lustrous appeal. Thicker hair looks better when it long and is quite easy to maintain too.

Long and Curly

The glory of long and curly hair is meant to be displayed. Given their natural texture, tangles and volume, long curls look very attractive on men who have a relaxed sense of style. However, for this, the curls need to be in top condition as well with any excess frizz tamed. The hair should be regularly conditioned yet not washed too much. Investing in moisture-rich products is a wise move, and drying hair naturally is an essential requisite.
As an option, the shoulder-length curly hair is one that requires a considerable amount of patience and attention. And to maintain such a style, one needs to keep in mind the trimming frequency, the amount of time it takes to reach the desired hair length, efforts required to maintain the curls, and of course, the most critical factor – if it would suit your face structure. Confidence drives the hairstyle largely, the long and curly hairstyle would suit those who are fit and have a generous growth as opposed to men who are on the heavier side or are balding.


Dreadlocks come from a long line of impressive styles that make you look like a rock star! Albeit it isn't so apt for men, it can work wonders for those who are looking for something different and out of the ordinary. From braiding the hair to twisting it, dreadlocks can look quite trendy and uniquely stylish. They are a fashionable alternative to the otherwise mundane hairstyle. But one needs to be committed to maintaining the style as it takes a considerable amount of work.

A style that can be worn both short & vertical to long and loose, dreadlocks are usually the preferred option for most colored men. Low ponytail dreadlocks work in a more conservative setting, while dreadlocks with a twist entail the blending of a faded haircut into a bounty of dreadlocks. Then there are curly dreadlocks, criss-cross dreadlocks, dreadlocked rows, bold Mohawk with dreads, basketweave dreadlocks, and more!

Bonus Tips: Trending Hairstyles for Men in 2020

Gone are the days when fashion was only applicable to women! From stylish and trending haircuts to hairstyles, there's something fresh and unique for men with all kinds of face structures and preferences in 2020. Here are some options to explore.

  • High Fade Quiff – has become quite popular for men with a high fade and looks super cool when the cut emphasizes a messy texture and flow on top.
  • Longer Natural Flow & Short Sides – has been a hot favorite for years now. With shaved sides and long hair on top, it takes a blow dryer to get the long hair standing up, and looks best on thick hair.
  • Long Fringe & Undercut – is a casual version of the undercut with an asymmetrical look and a long fringe at the front. It is actually a modern version of the classic skater haircut.
  • Curly Flat Top – is flawlessly fashioned curls on the top with short sides and a mid-fade.
  • Cool Curly and Drop Fade – is a bald drop fade that makes the hair look cool at the back and on the sides, with curly hair on top that is left wild and a long fringe in the front. Quite easy to style and upkeep, you can just work with a simple towel dry and head out!
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Avoid Using "Too Much" of the Hair Products!

One last tip we would like to mention is that any hair that's over 2" long should be blow-dried as this can give extra volume to thin hair and needs additional shaping. And you must avoid using hair products more than is necessary, use only as much as you can run your fingers through your hair with.