Conscious About Your Thin Hair? There are Plenty of Ways to Look Good Even with Fine Hair, Here are the 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair (2020)

Conscious About Your Thin Hair? There are Plenty of Ways to Look Good Even with Fine Hair, Here are the 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair (2020)

Thick luscious locks are coveted by both men and women but everyone isn't fortunate to have it. If you have fine or thin hair instead, there is no need to try every hair product in the market or feel sorry for yourself because there are lots of ways to style it and look good. Read on to learn about hairstyles for men that work really well with this hair as well as grooming tips to boost your confidence.

Factors to Determine Hairstyle

Consciously or unconsciously many people consider many factors before determining their hairstyles but it's advisable to get knowledge from wherever you can. Here will be discussing factors to determine hairstyle so you won't miss any detail and even if you don't have much idea about these just follow and you will find out the right thing for you.

Shape of the Face

Have you noticed pictures of hairstyles of different people attached in the barbershop? People are different in face shape. Some people have an oval face, and others have round, oblong, diamond and square face, among others. The shape of the face is an important factor which helps evaluate the sorts of the jawline the person has and depending on the shape, barbers make haircuts that their customers wish. So, if you visit the salon next time, ask the barber to make a haircut that best fits your face shape.

The Hair Texture

Another factor that determines your hairstyle is hair type and texture. Hair texture refers to the thickness of hair and texture’s types include fine, medium and coarse. Choose the hairstyle that goes well with your hair texture. Mainly, hair types based on texture are wavy-thick hair, curly hair, coarse hair and thin hair. So, make sure that the desired hairstyle suits your hair type, and for this, you can also get tips from the barber.

Hair Colour

Whether you have brown, black, or white hair, the colour of your hair has also to do with the desired hairstyle. Many people do not think this factor has an extended and long-term impact on a hairstyle. But if you notice in the barbershop, the natural hair is coloured based on the hairstyle and haircut. To be formal, it is fine with natural colour, and most people are happy with it. People who are artists find it inspiring to colour their hair in different colours.


What you want to also depend on your personality. Personality drives your look, your behaviour and habit, and it has a direct effect on your desired haircut. If you are sociable, you may try the casual hairstyle that helps you to express your freedom. But Shy persons do not like to express themselves, and they look moderate, average and formal and they wear the hairstyle accordingly.


The profession is the way of life that requires some norms to follow, and hairstyle also becomes part of it. The profession of a doctor, lawyer, teachers, engineers, and more differs, and so does the hairstyle. If you are military, then you cannot keep long hair, and if you belong to the corporate world, you can keep long, wavy hair and bouncy hair. And artists and sports persons have a versatile and casual look, and they wear this haircut to express their unique style.

Wave Pattern and Elasticity

The types of hairs based on wave patterns are straight, wavy and curly and they have different characteristics for the hairstyle. Plus, elasticity determines how well your hair resists breakage and absorbs substances. So, you can pick the hairstyle based on the wave pattern and elasticity of your hair.

10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

There are various hairstyles available in the market and if you go to a barbershop, he will show you hundreds more. But if you have thin hairs, here are some particular styles you can adopt for and any of these will be a perfect fit for you. And the best part, grooming these styles do not require much effort.

Short Quiff

The quiff hairstyle is something like an undercut that is longer on the top and shorter on the sides and back. The short quiff has a younger and casual look, and it is shorter on top at 2-4 inches and undercut on the sides and back. The short quiff is the most versatile hairstyle for men with thin hair, and it also suits those who want a clean-cut look with minimal hassle.

To style a short quiff, rake your fingers through the front of your hair and move on to the sides. Then, slick with hair oil or gel and comb forward from the back. Even you can use a hairdryer over the quiff and comb as much as you need for an extra volume.

Pompadour with Undercut

The undercut is a hairstyle or haircut that has long hairs on the top while sides and back are closely cut, faded or even completely buzzed. Unlike other undercuts, Pompadour with Undercut keeps long hair on the top and almost skin fades around the back and sides. This light and airy take perfectly suits the thin hair and becomes the choice of stylish gentlemen.

You can create pompadour with an undercut hairstyle by yourself, and for this, you need to follow the steps. Apply the quality shampoo before you style the hair. Then use pre-styling spray, and comb it. After that, move the hair-dryer backwards and forwards, and also you can use your hands to tousle your hair. Finally, apply wax and finish it off by combing for the desired style.

Short and Tousled

If you need to look formal, you can try Short and Tousled, which is wild on top and tidy on the back and sides. This hairstyle looks much shorter, but it fits for those with thin hair. For this, you need not have a special haircut but all you should have the right product.

Dry your hair and apply the volumising cream on the roots of the hair and massage it. Use your fingers to twirl the ends of your hair in haphazard directions and finish until your desired look comes and until your Short and Tousled hairstyle is ready.

Faux Hawk

If you are adventurous or want to experiment with your hair, you may like Faux Hawk. It is one of the trendy hairstyles that have frequently been observed in the saloon. Faux Hawk keeps the longer than usual hair on the top as a hawk and shorter on back and sides.

It is a bit chaotic, but thin hair has a good choice over it, and you can have it at home. Dry your hair, combing it upward after you have wet the hair with mousse and apply volumizing mousse through your roots. Use your fingers to comb upward and rub your hair using some pomade or wax. Then, set your style with hairspray, if desired.

Buzz Cut

Akin to military cut, Buzz cut is something that you go to barbers and allow them to use the clippers across the entire head. It is entirely insane to claim Buzz Cut as the stylish hairstyle. This hairstyle has been pursued for hundreds of years without any controversy, but when Zayn Malik ripped off Buzz Cut, it got even more rage.

The simplest and easy haircut for thin hair is a buzz cut and to style it, nothing is needed but some products like light pomade. Also, you can apply a splash of coconut oil only to avoid dryness, and it is beneficial to keep your scalp healthy and smelling sweet.

Long and Flowing

Natural Wavy is an easy way to be stylish for a man with thin hair and long and flowing hairstyle addresses it. This hairstyle wears aside from a simple side parting and some brushing, and it does not need much care about style. The important factor for this hairstyle is the length of your hair that keeps your overall look. You need not have a beard for this hairstyle, but it will be a bonus if you keep at least a medium beard. Mostly, surfers, skateboarders, hockey players, baseball players, and hipsters keep this kind of hairstyle.

Keeping long hair, however, is a tough task and you need to put effort on growing your hair, choosing the best products and most importantly, your hair must have the proper care. Dry your hair after the shower and use a high-quality boar bristle brush to comb. Then, run your hands and fingers through your hair all day to have a long and flowing hairstyle.

Modern Side Parting

Side Parting hairstyle has dominated the fashion world since the century, and modern side parting comes to give the classic touch. You have a choice either you shave a part in the side of your head or create a natural part that will be the same, day after day. This hairstyle covers your thinning hair and boosts the confidence in you.

To style modern Side Parting, massage your styling agent into the hair and comb your hair forward in the area you’d like your side. Aim for a diagonal line that starts just under the Cowlick and separate hairline to create the desired parting.

Mid Part Brushed Back

Another thinning hairstyle is mid part brushed back which lets you have a windswept look. In this hairstyle, you can have a mild centre part through combing or finger brushing with a hair product. Tapered sides and flowing locks are the characteristics of mid part brushed back.

This hairstyle provides maturity and smartness with volume and movement. Trim your moustache and beard to balance the hairstyle.

Parted Central Combover

If you want to experiment with your hair in trendy fashion, try a parted central combover which is parted closer to the centre than the side. It allows you to keep hair over the hairline and to have a choice either be shaved in or naturally styled.

To style parted central combover, you will need high-quality pomade. Comb or brush your hair to one side after you finish drying your hair. Besides that, you can comb the top upward and backwards to create a small pompadour.

Stylish Side Swept

One of the prime factors stylish side-swept provides you are fringe and it offers you a laid-back look. What more this hairstyle gives you is the sense of fullness adding both vertical and horizontal depth to the head.

Apply a volumizing hair product to add volume and blow-dry it. Then, side-sweep your manes with a paddle brush and if you have curly hair, apply a hair styling product on it, and weep your curly hair to one side. Now your favourite stylish side-swept is ready, and you can showcase your confidence in public.

Tips on Grooming Hairstyle for Men with Thin Hair

If you are looking for grooming and styling your thin hairs here are some best tips for you. Thin hairs want some different kind of strategies for styling as well as different care too. You can use these tips you and it will improve your styling method.

Cut it Short

One problem with thin hair is that the surface of the head is visible through it, so people try to keep long hair to cover the baldness. But if you notice, you will find shorter hairstyles are way more flattering for thin and fine hair. Keep a bit longer on the top and shorter on the sides. Short hair is lightweight, and it makes thin areas less apparent. Thus, you can style better with short hair.

Grow Facial Hair

The shaved face is no doubt the tradition for the charming look, but the haired face is also the choice of a stylish look. So, grow facial hair which attracts the focus on the face rather than on the thin hair. And if you notice the trendy hairstyle, fashion is accompanied with a moustache and beard.

Focus on Microfiber Hair Stylers

Microfiber hair stylers are beneficial to health, helping you to avoid the thick creams or gels. Get microfibers like moulding paste or texture cream and these products can choke the hair follicle. Then, take a shower and massage the scalp with shampoo and conditioner, which can clear the scalp of any clogged follicles.

Put down the Comb

If you have thin hair, combing can be harmful to lose hair and it makes hair look more limp and flat. Use your fingers to add texture and volume and it will be much easier to manage your hair. You can style your hair according to your desire because thin hair is flexible enough.

Style It up for Added Height

Thin hair always is soft and flexible, and you can experiment with it to gain your desired hairstyle. To go trendy and more stylish, gather hair over the crown as a coax using little low-hold products. You can use your fingers to draw the hair inward toward the centre, and it can conceal bald spots and create the illusion of height and thickness.

Wash Your Hair Often

There is a myth that washing thin hair often makes it fall out, but the truth is different. To style your hair, people use many hair products and cream, which remain as dirt on the scalp of the head. Washing hair every day is not only beneficial to scalp and hair but also, it gives you an attractive look. For this, you need to care about the selection of shampoos and conditioners and the time you spend on washing your hair.

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Take Good Care of Your Hairs

There will be no styling without hairs. So always follow grooming methods and if you are getting too much loss then try meeting any consultant or start eating healthy food. Always keep your sculps clean and do not use many chemicals products. Always try to be simple because simple is best and it won't damage your hairs too. Choose the correct hairstyle for you which suites you perfect.