Step Out in Style with Perfectly Groomed Hair. Your Guide to the Best Hair Creams for Men and How to Use Them (2020)

Step Out in Style with Perfectly Groomed Hair. Your Guide to the Best Hair Creams for Men and How to Use Them (2020)

"Your hair is your crown and glory", irrespective of your gender. Healthy, well-groomed hair has assumed tremendous importance for men in today's life. Hair creams for men are one of the most critical hair grooming products needed by men not only to style but also nourish their hair properly. This guide will take you through the best hair creams available for men and how to use them.

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What to Look for in Men's Hair Cream?

#1. Holding Power

Hair creams are for your hair what moisturizers are for your body, in fact even more. They provide the right nourishment and shine to your hair, making your hair look sleek and stylish. But before you choose a hair cream, you ought to know about its holding power. There are basically three holding powers in hair creams - low, medium and maximum.

Hair creams with maximum holding power will keep your hair intact without any movement whereas a hair cream with low holding power will provide your hair with a natural flow and bounce. Earlier, hair creams used to come with low hold and men used hair gels to get the maximum hold to look, but times are changing and now you can easily find different hair creams with different types of holding power. Choose the one which matches your personal style the best.

#2. Wash Ability

Does your hair cream come off easily when you rinse your hair with water or do you need to shampoo it as well to get it off? The hair creams are known for their light composition, hence they should be able to wash off easily. A little heaviness is anticipated but the texture should mostly be that of a conditioner and the whole process of washing it off shouldn't feel like a chore.

#3. Shine

Shine implies the level of glossiness a particular hair cream will provide to your hair. While most of the hair creams provide medium shine giving your hair a natural look, there are hair creams in the market with high and low shine elements as well. These days you can also find matte hair creams. These creams provide no shine at all and give the most natural look when compared to other hair creams.

#4. Hair Type

Before you buy a hair cream, you need to understand your hair type. There are different hair creams made specifically for curly, frizzy, straight and wavy hair. You need to determine what hair type you have and then choose a hair cream that suits that type the best. It is important to note that when it comes to hair creams, one type doesn't suit every person's needs. For instance, men with thin hair shouldn't use a cream that further weighs down their hair while men with curly hair need some hold to make their hair look manageable and healthy.

6 Best Hair Creams for Men

#1. Parachute Advansed Men Hair Cream

Parachute Advansed Men Hair Cream is one of the most effective and affordable creams in the market currently. It is a non-sticky hair cream that doesn't look or feel greasy. Priced at Rs. 89.00 on Nykaa Man, this hair cream goes easy on your pocket as well. Parachute Advansed Men Hair Cream comes with the innovative Cocolipid formula which implies that you get the overall nourishment of coconut and almond oil, which not only hydrates and conditions your hair but can also reduce hair-fall by up to 95%. This hair cream has a light texture, lets your natural bounce come out and the best part? It has a pleasant fragrance that's too subtle and not overpowering at all.

#2. Brylcreem Aqua-Oxy Hair Styling Cream Original Nourishing

Why spend thousands in purchasing a sub-par men's hair cream when you can buy something very effective at half that price? The next hair cream on our list is by Brylcreem which is popular for providing high-quality hair products (waxes, gels, clays, creams - you just name it) at affordable prices. And the Brylcreem Aqua-Oxy Hair Styling Cream tends to uphold that banner quite well. It is a light cream that goes well with all hair types. The hair cream is priced at Rs. 395.00 on GCDL. Even though this hair cream is non-greasy it can perfectly hold your hair for up to 8 hours. Hence, if you are looking for the best hair product for men's comb-over, you know which product to pick.

#3. BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream

Men love their hair, they really do. But sometimes your hair goes awry and develops a mind of its own and it gets so tough to control it. If you are in a pickle because of your frizz stricken hair, our next recommendation would help you immensely. BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream is the solution to all the hair related mess you are experiencing, particularly if you are living in a hot and humid climate. Also, this leave-in cream is a must if you use any sort of heat treatment on your hair. The product is free from any harmful chemicals and does not contain SLS, paraben or sulphate. Powered with quinoa, Pro-vitamin B5 and hydrolysed keratin, it will smoothen your hair perfectly and make it look glossy, soft and manageable. You can get it on Flipkart for Rs. 350.00.

#4. L’Oreal Paris Studio Line 6 Style Rework Out of Bed Fibre-Cream Hair Styler

Our next pick is L'Oreal Paris Studio Line 6 Style Rework Out Of Bed Hairstyling Cream which is perfect for getting an out-of-bed look that gives your hair a natural and not overdone appearance. It doesn't matter what your hair type is, this hair-styling cream will suit all kinds of precious manes. L'Oreal is known for its highly effective hair products for women as well as men and its products are trusted by numerous customers all over the world. Out-of-bed hairstyle is in trend these days, thanks to the new generation of Bollywood male stars. No one wants their hair to look too greasy and slicked. If you are someone who is all in for the natural look, this hair cream is the right choice for you. You can get it on Paisa Wapas for Rs. 1,069.00.

#5. Ustraa Daily Use Hair Cream for Men

If you are tired of your dull and frizzy hair, our next hair cream by Ustraa would help you with your woes. This hair cream costs Rs. 199.00 making it one of the most affordable hair creams in the market currently that are worth using. This hair cream doesn't contain SLS or paraben making it safe for use. The Ustraa Daily Use Hair Cream for Men is all-natural containing the goodness of olive and almond oil, omega-3, flax-seeds and vitamin E.

This hair cream not only styles your hair but also nourishes it deeply. It is, in fact, a good replacement for hair oil as it provides the same nutriment to your hair minus the unwanted stickiness. To say that this hair cream by Ustraa is one of our top picks would not be false, thanks to it being an absolutely value for money and such a great product for your hair. You can get it on Ustraa for Rs. 199.00.

#6. Men Deserve Strong Hold Keratin Restore Hair Styling Cream

Are you tired of getting dandruff frequently which just doesn't seem to go away? Dandruff has a bad habit of recurring and most of the time the hair styling products we use are the root cause of this problem. For instance, hair creams are greasy and can worsen the dandruff problem. The Men Deserve Strong Hold Keratin Restore Hair Styling Cream not only helps you to attain a stylish look but also prevents dandruff from forming. This cream is priced at Rs. 341.00 on Nykaa Man which makes it an incredible steal and a deal you shouldn't miss!

It is a cream with medium holding power which gives you a " get-up-and-go" look. The cream does not contain paraben, any mineral oils or petroleum jelly making it a healthy product for your hair. It also has a light texture and is non-greasy, providing a natural look that holds up easily for an entire day. The cream contains nurturing natural ingredients such as rosemary oil, tea tree, olive and coconut oil and climbazole. While tea tree and rosemary oil prevents dry scalp and dandruff, olive and coconut oil nourishes your hair and strengthens it.

Best 2 Hair Creams for Men - Curly Hair

#1. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Although the next hair cream on our list, by Shea Moisture, is priced a bit higher at Rs. 1,400.00, this one is an all-rounder. It is called a curl enhancing smoothie, so all the men out there who are looking to tame their frizzy curls, this hair cream is definitely the right pick for you. Some of the natural ingredients this hair cream contains are neem and coconut oil, hydrolyzed silk, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, avocado oil, and hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower extract. All the mentioned products are extremely good for your hair and will control your frizzy curls immensely, providing a sleek and smooth look. What we also really liked about this hair cream was its fragrance, the smell is natural and pleasant without being too overwhelming. You can get this wonderful product from Cart 2 India for Rs. 1,400.00

#2. Arata Hair Cream with Flax Seed Extracts


Not many would know about this brand, but Arata's hair cream products are great enough to bag a spot on our list. This hair cream is sulphate-free, paraben-free, all natural and does not contain any artificial colours. The main ingredient of this hair cream is flax seeds which many of you might be aware, are extremely good and healthy for your hair. Flax seeds not only promote hair growth but also bring shine and make your hair healthy. Coconut and olive oil present in this cream help in replenishing the lost hair protein and strengthening your hair.

This bottle of goodness is priced at Rs. 599.00 on Arata Zero Chemicals which is a great deal. It gives your hair a medium hold, a matte look and brings volume and shine to it. Arata hair cream is one of the best hair products for men's curls and if you want to manage your coarse, frizzy hair without using artificial styling products on it, try this healthy and natural product.

Best 2 Hair Creams for Men - Frizzy Hair

#1. Marc Anthony True Professional Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream


Frizzy hair is a nightmare which unfortunately many men are a victim too. For some men, there are days when their hair listen, while for others it is a perpetual nightmare. If you too suffer from frizzy and unmanageable hair, Marc Anthony True Professional Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream will help you control them. This is a dual-purpose cream, providing your hair with a perfect blowout look while also smoothing and taming your frizzy curls. The product is a bit expensive and priced at Rs. 1,249.00 on Amazon, but normally Mark Anthony products are expensive but very effective. This cream is free from harmful chemicals like paraben, sulphates and phthalates. It locks in the essential moisture giving a shiny look to your hair.

#2. Man Arden Hair Styling Cream


Are you suffering from one of those days where your hair would just not listen to you, no matter what you do or try? We have all gone through those terrible days but what really helped was using the right hair products. If frizzy hair is giving you nightmares, you should try the Man Arden Hair Styling Cream. The cream is priced at Rs. 349.00 on Paytm Mall and is free of any harmful chemicals. The cream is loaded with natural ingredients that do wonders for your hair such as shea butter, beeswax, aloe-vera and bhringraj extracts. It provides your hair with a soft hold and a beautiful shine that will instil you with confidence. Hydrated hair that's supple to touch without looking greasy is what this product promises and delivers.

How to Apply Hair Cream Correctly

The best part about hair creams is that they are not just another styling product. You can use them after as well as before shampooing your hair. While applying a hair cream after shampoo gives a hold, natural bounce and shine to your hair, applying hair creams before shampoo nourishes your hair and strengthens it:

  • For applying the hair cream before shampoo, use it just like any other cream or oil. Take a small amount of the cream in your hands and slowly massage it onto the roots as well as the ends of your hair. Leave it for half an hour or overnight and then shampoo your hair.

  • For applying the hair cream after shampoo, towel dry your hair and take a pea-sized amount of the hair cream on your hand. Rub your hands together and apply it across your damp hair. Cover all parts of your hair evenly and scrunch your hair for a curly look or smooth it down for a straight look.
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Take Good Care of Your Hair with the Best Hair Creams

It is important to take good care of your hair so that you can eliminate or delay the hair problems normally faced by men like hair-fall, dandruff, limp hair, premature ageing, etc. To achieve this, you should do meticulous product research and only use the hair products which suit your requirements, the best. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you to decide which hair cream would be the best for you.