Never Satisfied with Your Haircut After Every Salon Visit? Fret Not, Get Ideas for Top Hairstyles for Men with Big Forehead Here! (2021)

Never Satisfied with Your Haircut After Every Salon Visit? Fret Not, Get Ideas for Top Hairstyles for Men with Big Forehead Here! (2021)

We are never satisfied with the haircut our dresser gives us every time we step out of the salon. Have you ever wondered why it happens? Have you ever put thoughts into what kind of haircut you want or which hairstyle would suit best on you? If not, we bring you the ten hairstyles for men with big forehead you can have a look at and decide for yourself which suits you best.

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3 Things to Remember Before You Get a Haircut

Prepare Beforehand

What we mean by this is that you should go through an internet search for the different types of hairstyles and save pictures of the ones you like most. The hairstyles that we’ve enumerated below will help accomplish this step. Then, choose the ones that you want to try out. Show the photos to your hairstylist and make him understand any modifications you want to the particular hairstyle. Give him details of the texture, the length, side shifts, or any other aspect. You should also ask for his suggestions for hairstylists go through different styles each day. They are aware of what hairstyle will suit you the best and most likely give you a piece of good advice.

Talk It Out

Between the noise of furiously whirring hairdryers and hair clippers on the greatest volume, it is quite natural that your demands go unheard. The second you get in a chair in the hairstylist’s shop, you must describe what you want from him and strengthen yourself for unbiased feedback as well.

Usually, a hairdresser is going to question you a set of indefinite inquiries to distinguish what it is that you are looking for. By discussing these details, you can help create an outline of a hairstyle that is going to befit your forehead and face shape. The hairdresser will also bear in mind aspects such as your hair type and your age.

Lastly, do not be enticed to use hair jargon like different discontinuities and graduation, except if you really understand what you are saying. The outcome could be a lousy fade, man roll comb-over, or something worse. It is best if you keep things simple and clear.

Don’t Stay Silent If Something Looks Odd

One of the most crucial ways to pull off a nice hairstyle is to speak up if you don’t like anything about your haircuts such as the length, or the texture, etc. If you do stay silent, the hairstylist will not be aware of what you are looking for and will cut the hair according to his views, which you may not be in line with. Some stylists even take their customers for granted and give them a messy cut to save time.

In case your hairstylist doesn’t like you putting your thoughts out, change your hairstylist because this one is not going to do your haircut correctly. Unprofessional hairstylists deserve neither your time nor your money. If he gets defensive, try to make him understand your perspective and start things over.

10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Big Forehead

The Caesar

The name Caesar was taken from the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. It is a traditional and classy hair cut for men. This lightly textured, short cut is characterised by a straight baby fringe at the front and short hair all around. Hair is then swept in the forward direction, and the bangs cover the forehead. This hair cut is handy enough to hide a prominent forehead.

It can also be used to conceal the receding hairline and cover-up bald spots. Thus, by bringing hairline down, it works with various face shapes in a natural-looking way. The Caesar cut is a classic men’s hairstyle. If you have light or thin hair, it will add texture and volume to the hair to achieve the ultimate look.

Buzz Cut

This military-style hair cut is created by using electric clippers. These clippers give a sharp and short hairstyle in a uniform length all around. The buzz cut enables you to achieve the hairline you want with the bonus of a short fringe. It is perfect for men with rectangular or oval face shapes. This comfortable and low maintenance haircut can even be executed at home. This buzz cut is simple to manage and maintain as it does not require any additional styling hair products.

Without doubt, transcendent, Asian, white, Hispanic, and black men with large foreheads can try this buzz haircut, and all can pull it off entirely. It suits all men with all kinds of face shapes.

French Crop

The French Crop is a popular style today, for it is very handy; you can modify it for every face shape and personality. With this hairstyle, your hair is lengthier in the forward direction, with bangs spreading over the forehead. The hair is kept short at the back and sides. Also, a long fringe is swept in the front. The lengthier hair at the frontline, coupled with a long fringe, hides your hairline, making this a reliable choice for men with more prominent foreheads. It is somewhat similar to the Caesar haircut and suits all the face shapes.

The textured crop top fade has been in fashion for many years now; this is probably because it is a flexible hairstyle.

Crew Cut

Elegant, minimalist, and timeless, the crew cut is the ideal cut for many reasons. It suits almost all face shapes and also adorns a stylish end. Electric clippers are utilised to hold the hair neat and shorter on the sides, giving your hair slightly more length on top and in the front. You can sweep up this hair or add a few styling products to provide some additional texture, but it is not usually required. The crew cut puts the focus on your face and takes it away from where your hairline falls.

This hair cut does not require a lot of products to maintain it. Thus, it is easy to achieve and simple to manage. This hair cut fits all men of every age bracket as well.

Clean Shave

Stop worrying about hairline that highlights your big forehead and simply shave off your hair to go with a clean head. Vin Diesel went for it, why can’t you? This clean shave works best for a big forehead as it eradicates the hairline. To pull off a clean shave, you can use either razor or balding clippers. Visually, there is no means to identify where your forehead finishes, and your hair starts.

The clean shave goes well with a beard or full mustache since this takes the attention off from the forehead and shifts it on the face. It is also a great look for men who wear glasses.


A long fringe is an ideal style for men with large foreheads, as it adequately covers the top third of the face. Layers help add dimension to this haircut, giving the fringe itself the focus. Also, it augments hair volume at the top and in the front of the head. These layers are very fashionable and trendy because they improve volume and flow. Perfect for those men who have more pointed features, this fringe can even out as sturdy features as a pointed chin. Also, angular fringes are more in trend now than ever!

A fringe can be styled straight, curled, or textured. This fringe hair cut is excellent for both informal and formal settings. It is also ideal for men with a broad forehead. They can either go for the fringe that falls at or below the eyebrows.

Military Cut

The best feature of the Military Cut hairstyle is the flexibility with which you can match it with other hairstyles. Mixing the traditional military haircut with a mid-fade gives a refined appearance along with an excellent appeal. It goes particularly well with straight hair. The hairdresser will trim your sides short with electric clippers while keeping the upper part long and clipping it with scissors. The hair is then slowly combined to form a seamless angle between the sides and top.

Traditionally, this hair cut is styled with gel to give a retro side part. This style is perfect for men with larger foreheads because it exquisitely hides the hairline. For example, the high yet sharp fade shifts focus to the hairstyle on top.

Long and Layered

Encouraged by the grunge bands of the 1990s, long layered hair cut looks classy and charming on men with big foreheads. Keeping short layers in the front will shape your face while the long hair all around for flow and movement will shift focus to the facial features and not your forehead.

Along with that, the more extensive layers will give your face a frame that makes a large face appear small. In this way, it is perfect for men with round face shapes. Also, this hair cut goes well on both long and short hair; however, to make the best out of this trendy and fashionable haircut, keep your hair long. Opt for this one if you have long, straight and thick hair.

Apply a matte styling hair products to achieve a textured look and natural finish.

Side Part

Nothing looks classier and sharper than this side part haircut. It is one of the fantastic business hair cut anyone can get. No matter what you choose, either a retro side part, a subtle modern hard cut, this hair cut will mix well with it. For men with a big forehead, a side part haircut is an ideal option as it shifts focus to the parting first, then moves across the head through the smooth flow of hair.

For an angular variation, go for the side part fade style. Then give a shaved line for a sharp end. This hair cut works perfectly for thick hair but works adequately for thin hair as well. Furthermore, this timeless and versatile hair cut requires low-maintenance.

Bowl Cut

A bowl cut is also known as a mushroom cut. This haircut was trendy in the 1970s and mid of 1980s. In this haircut, hair is cut short on sides and at the back. However, it is kept long at the front. This hair cut is cut off uniformly and bluntly all around the head. A bowl cut fringe is short, uniform, blunt, silky, and whatnot.

You can pair this bowl cut with an undercut or a taper fade for a fresher look. The bowl cut is known to give a modern, fashionable, clean, and trendy appearance. If this hair cut does not work best for you, go for an extended crop with a fringe to notch things up a bit.

Best Products for Hair Growth for Men

Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil

As most of us already know, onions are an excellent solution for hair fall and hair loss management. Onion contains vast amounts of sulfur that supports the stimulation of the micro blood circulation of one’s scalp. In this way, it supports the new hair follicles. Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil is enriched with onion extracts. It is known to combat other hair issues such as dandruff as well. It serves as multi-purpose hair oil, which is an amalgamation of onions, Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, and Hibiscus oil.

The natural components in the oil promote hair growth and provide your hair with a thicker texture. Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil is the perfect natural hair oil for you!
You can buy this for Rs. 399 from Flipkart.

Re’equil Hair Fall Control Serum

This water-based Re’equil Hair Fall Control Serum not only provides a perfect solution for hair loss control but also works best as an active DHT blocker by not clogging pores in the scalp. It strictly stops hair fall, helps improve hair texture, and unclogs the blocked pores.

Using Re’equil Hair Fall Control Serum has a plethora of benefits. It is a lightweight, water-based, and non-greasy serum that gives an excellent solution for hair loss control. It contains medically proven nutrients like watercress extracts, horse chestnut, biotin, aloe vera essence, and castor oil. These ingredients improve the blood circulation in the hair scalp. They also promote hair growth by increasing the hair life cycle. Your hair fibers will strengthen within no time!

You can buy this product from Indiamart for Rs. 695..

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil

The Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil is an organic hair serum that not only stops hair fall but also helps hair growth. Core ingredients like Bhringaraja and Amalaki make this possible.

There are numerous reasons to go for this oil! It comes with a non-greasy and straightforward to clean formulation. It is comprised of other useful ingredients such as neem, thistles, coconut, methi, bael, and proteins. It maintains the scalp moisturiser and keeps it healthy. It also nourishes and restores hair roots. This exquisite oil is also known to reduce split ends!

By enhancing the tensile strength of hair, it will strengthen your hair growth in no time. It plummets hair fall and damage to significant degrees. Himalaya Herbals Anti Fall Hair Oil also sustains the health of the hair after combating the hair damage issues. It keeps hair shiny, silky, and smooth. You can purchase this oil for Rs.170 from Amazon.

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Bear in Mind that All Styles Don't Suit Everyone!

Bear in mind that all styles do not suit everyone. Some people have a more prominent forehead, while others have an unnoticeable one. Some haircuts suit people with round face while others are suitable for a sharp face cut. Keep all the aspects mentioned in this post in mind before going for a hairstyle.